Ae-Ah - Featuring Gerardo - The Outhere Brothers - The Other Side (Cassette, Album)

Masterboy 21 fans. Alice DJ 17 fans. Ice MC 24 fans. Corona 43 fans. Vengaboys 47 fans. Alex Party fans. I Love 90s Ministry of Sound 60 tracks - fans. Your favorite B-Sides tracks - fans. Featured in. Originale radicale musicale by MolellaThe Outhere Brothers. Ladies Aerobics by Various Artists. City Jogging by Various Artists. For every mood. Boom Boom Boom. The Outhere Brothers. Don't Stop Wiggle Wiggle. One World is clearly a filler before the punchline we have been waiting for in the song that gave the album it's name.

So I don't rate it? I love it. Brothers In Arms is, for me, an album that defines an era. It transports me back to a time and a place, more than stimulating memory, it makes me feel like I am a teenager again, picking up my guitar, wanting to play the Money For Nothing riff.

Yes Dire Straits recorded better songs and arguably better albums but none ever had the impact of this one. Perhaps disposal as some of the tunes maybe, the title track still stands up today as a truly beautiful, powerful piece of music.

As a collection Brothers In Arms is proof that music, and more specifically albums, are a piece of people's lives. A snapshot of a period of time every bit as clear as a photograph. So how about the rest of the album? So Far Away is an ok song, but an album opener? No way. The sound choices that subdue my enthusiasm Album) primarily that horrible keyboard sound on Walk of Lifeand the schmaltzy sax on Your Latest Trick. The latter was particularly frustrating because the muted trumpet sound that comes before it is so much better, along with the echoed guitar lines in the background.

I am a rock fan and this album and Dire Straits is better than a lot of US rock anyday! In fact I never liked DS at all. Of course, I'm not an expert but as a casual listener and big rock fan I always though them as a mixed bag.

They got good songs and boring FM singles, but always saw them as some kind of yuppy music without attitude. Franklin Tummescheit : In my opinion the best Dire Straits album ever. One of my first CDs I bought and enjoyed. The title song Brothers in Arms was and is simply amazing - but at that time I loved all the songs. A must have and must know for every serious collector of rock music. Ken Dunckley : Lets be frank. Knopfler is a terrific guitar stylist but his vocals are pedestrian at best.

Some might argue the Bob Dylan defence that his voice is an acquired taste but I've heard Money for Nuthin and Sultans of Swing for 30 years and it hasn't grown on me one whit. A cynic would argue that Sting's backing vocal on Money propelled the album and single more than it merited, but theres no denying that Knoplfer is a great songwriter and composer. The most commendable and most damning aspect of this Album) is that it defines a precise time and place musically and culturally. Take that as you will.

Marc Rider : It was a breath of fresh air at the time of its release and although Money for Nothing seems Album) bit contrived the album holds up to the test of time. Excellent songwriting.

Killer musicianship. Great production. Fun record! Warren Bubb : Difficult to be objective about this one. It's been played to death since it came out. Trying to think about the first time I heard it and I didn't like it as much as Making Movies though it didn't contain any tracks as bad as the execrable Les Boys. Kenny Lucas : I Ae-Ah - Featuring Gerardo - The Outhere Brothers - The Other Side (Cassette a big Dire Straits fan before brothers and it took a bit for me to catch on to this album but the more and more I listened the more appreciative I became of the wizard Mark Knopfler.

Ed Brown : This album came out at a time where this was the type of album that I was blindly opposed to. Now with what feels like many many lifetimes later I find myself listening to everything I despised in my youth. Do I still despise it? No not really. Will I ever listen to it willingly again?

Most certainly not. Wasn't my style then and it's not my style now. Michael Piwowarski : Well, to Ae-Ah - Featuring Gerardo - The Outhere Brothers - The Other Side (Cassette up my thoughts on Brothers in Arms in one sentence: the first three tracks are the highlights. Especially Walk of Lifea cheerful, upbeat, old fashioned rock and roll tune that is impossible to hate. Money for Nothing is of course an undeniable classic, having come out during MTV's heyday.

The rest of the album, well, it's alright but kind of sleepy. Most of the other tracks feel like filler material to me, but of course it mostly depends on my taste. I would definitely say Making Movies is Dire Straits' best album, hands down.

It serves as a better showcase of Mark Knopfler's musical and songwriting talents, and it just feels more upbeat and exciting all the way through. That being said, Brothers in Arms is still a classic, no doubt.

Rudy Talavera : Not really a Dire Straits fan but it's alright. He became a born-again Christian at the age of seven. He credits his study in the Word as a teenager in being instrumental in strengthening his relationship with the Lord. He continued to play drums throughout junior high and high school, winning trophies and being awarded a jazz scholarship to college upon his graduation from high school. Singing came late for Michael compared to his brother, Ronnie.

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