Excuse Me Baby - Various - Water Coast Blues (Vinyl, LP)

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Intake and throttle. The Serpent In Quicksilver 3. Give Me Your Hand 4. Excuse Me Baby - Various - Water Coast Blues (Vinyl Twins 5. The Kiss. Side C: 1. Yellow 2. Three Rivers 4. Side D: 1. Dead Horse Alive With Flies 2. Balthus Bemused By Color 3. Agnes Martin 4. Widows Charm. Legendary album from the band which is long out of print, and limited on the second-hand market.

Released inLiving The Blues was one of the first double albums to place well on album charts. This deluxe package released as part of RSD Drops will include an OBI strip on the gatefold album jacket with two pockets, featuring the original US printed inner sleeves, orginal record labels, and one yellow and one pink translucent LPs. His inventions include the Wah-Wah pedal and the Ecco-Fonic, influencing the development of electric guitar playing.

With a series of tunes written, he gathered some of the top studio players in Hollywood including Billy Preston, Stan Worth, and members of Johnny Carson's Tonight Show band.

The soundtrack for Italian Stallion stands on its own as a musical masterpiece. Italian Stallion will make its long overdue debut with a vinyl pressing, exclusively for RSD SIDE A 1.

Italian Stallion Theme 2. Three Girls In A Whirl 3. Flexing 4. Outside Walk 5. Shower Her With Love 6. Magic Mirror 2. Leaving For The Party 3. Dance Alone 4. Living The Highlife 5. Circle Dance 6. Cocktails For Two. If Music Could Talk features the band talking about and introducing tracks, along with those tracks themselves using the latest band-approved remasters. Strictly Limited to 10, copies worldwide. Double A-sided 7" picture disc featuring live performance audio from a special session they did together in the Leimert Park neighborhood of Los Angeles in the Fall of Czarface delivers a fresh action adventure in the form of an all new Czarface comic, Czar Noir, packaged with an exclusive vinyl soundtrack.

The set will be available exclusively as part of RSD Drops Dark Side: 1. Czarface Theme 2. Winged Fingers 3. Voyage Dans Le Temps 4. Rise Of Czar Noir. Light Side: 1. Avant-Czar 2. Czarbot 1 Theme 3. Gas Trick 4. Pedestrians Run 5. Fights Are Like That 6. As it is, the younger Davies brother has accomplished much more. His first studio album in over 20 years finds Ray's frequently overshadowed sibling reviving that rather charming '70s device, the concept album--the plot here revolving around extraterrestrial visitation and brain implantation.

Davies brings the idea of benign aliens a little closer in a collection that recalls some of the best trends of the '60s and '70s. The songs are engaging and show Davies to be a writer of considerable skill and wit, but they're somewhat stuck in the way-back machine. Who's Foolin' Who 2. It Ain't over, 'Till Its Done! The Lie! Let Me Be 5.

Displaced Person 6. Rock You, Rock Me 7. Flowers in the Rain 8. Fortis Green 9. True Phenomenon Bug De-Bug Life After Life Transformation. Featuring a sterling line-up of musicians Wayne Shorter, John McLaughlin, Dave Holland, Keith Jarrett, Herbie Hancock, Jack DeJohnette, Billy Cobham and a legendary cover photo of Miles in the ring captured by Jim Marshall, the release finds this music issued on vinyl in brilliant yellowfor general release, for the first time ever.

The science fiction masterpiece has captured the imagination of another generation with news of a new Matrix film. Trinity Infinity 3. Neo Con Brio 4. Follow The White Rabbit 5. Neo On The Edge 6. Through The Surveillance Monitor 7. Unable To Speak 8. Bait And Switch Side B: 1. Switched For Life 2. Switched At Birth 3. Switches Brew 4. Cold Hearted Switch 5. Nascent Nauseous Neo 6. A Morpheus Movement 7. Bow Whisk Orchestra Domo Showdown 2. Switch Or Break Show 3. Shake, Borrow, Switch 4.

Switch Works Her Boa 5. Bring Me Dinner 6. The System 7. Freeze Face 8. Switch Woks Her Boar 9. Cypher Cybernetic See Who? Switch Out Side D: 1 Boon Spoy 3. Oracle Cookies 4. Threat Mix 5. Exit Mr. Hat 6. On Your Knees, Switch Side E: 1. Mix The Art 2. Whoa, Switch Brokers 3. The Cure 4. The Lobby 6. No More Spoons 7. Dodge This 8. Fast Learning 9. Ontological Shock Originally released inAni DiFranco's first album is so revolutionary that the purveyors of status quo install women's music sections in the dusty corner of their stores in order to hide it.

Dorm rooms coast to coast transform into audio dub houses where young women with aching arms scratch out hand-written labels and personal letters like "you have to hear this. Folk and poetry prevail. Vulnerable stories arm themselves as powerful songs on Ani DiFranco's self-titled first solo record. Ani's voice is rich and eloquent.

Her guitar moves like an appendage. From cockroach pus to abortion rights the record doesn't flinch. Thematically this record gives a face to feminism that is both beautiful and accessible to anyone. The stories focus on relationships and humanity. We sit in the waiting room of an abortion clinic after facing an angry crowd in "Lost Woman Song. The love songs examine relationships with the same discernment as the political ones. Both Hands 2.

Talk to Me Now 3. The Slant 4. Work Your Way Out 5. Dog Coffee 6. Lost Woman Song 7. Pale Purple 8. Rush Hour 9. Fire Door The Story Every Angle Out of Habit Letting the Telephone Ring. With fourteen Grammy nominations between the group, Dinner Party utilizes the strengths of each musician seamlessly, blending their styles to create something soulful for these trying times.

Following the highly acclaimed release of the self-titled album, Dinner Party releases the followup, Dinner Party: Dessert. Sleepless Nights feat. LP) Responders feat. The Mighty Tree feat. LUV U feat. SIDE A: 1. This Is Your Life 2. Hunter Of The Heart Live. Pressed on teal vinyl.

Down In The Dumps 2. Dream Of San Pedro 3. Imagine That 4. Intese Song For Madonna 5. Til The Blood Ran 6. Sidemouse Advice 7. Excerpts From A Captain's Log 8. To Each His Dulcinea 9. Powerful Hankerin' Little Doll Willow Weep For Me Even The Pain Has Changed Formal Introduction Number Seven Number Five. Deluxe and limited 50th anniversary edition of Dr. Three LP expanded release with deluxe packaging and new liner notes featuring over 70 minutes of previously unreleased material on two discs, recorded during the album sessions and making a physical debut for RSD Drops.

Only one track from the bonus material was previously available on the limited Run Out Groove vinyl release: Dr. Black John The Conqueror 2. Where Ya At Mule 3. Craney Crow 4.

Familiar Reality-Opening 5. Zu Zu Mamou 7. Familiar Reality-Reprise 8. Featuring the hit song "Missed Calls. And on the 8th Day 2. Momma Told Me feat. Ain't No Take-Backs feat. Sheeda 4. Missed Calls 5. Diamonds 6. Liquor Sto' feat. Marian Mereba 7. Masturpiece 8. New Negro Spiritual 9. Lady Nectarine feat. Marian Mereba Nigga Wake Up feat. Solar Lilly Punchanella Sweet Sacrifice 2. Call Me When You're Sober 3. Weight Of The World 4.

Lithium Side B: 1. Cloud Nine 2. Snow White Queen 3. Lacrymosa Side C: 1. Like You 2. Lose Control 3. The Only One Side D: 1. Your Star 2. All That I'm Living For 3. Good Enough. Remastered from the original tape reels housed at the Nederlands Jazz Archief, and in cooperation with the Bill Evans Estate, this limited-edition 3-LP, gram set includes an extensive booklet with never-before-published photos; essay by Dutch jazz scholar Bert Vuijsje, plus co-producers Zev Feldman and Frank Jochemsen; and new interviews with Dutch pianist Jan Huydts, Eddie Gomez, Marty Morell and more.

EMILY 3. The debut that set the benchmark for the new emerging wave of Technical Death Metal. Alpha Incipient Ritual Of Godflesh Become One. Cerebral Hybridization Prison Of The Mind. The Flame Surreal. Enslaved Eternal Phenomenon. The Harvest Wombs. Assemblage Of Wolves. The Christmas single has been out of print since original release in Package will also include a cardboard art-stencil of the band logo from the cover art. All tracks previously released. Beef Boloney 3. Camarillo 4.

Gimmie Some Action 7. Foreign Policy 8. We Destroy The Family 9. Disconnected Fresh Flesh Getting The Brush No More Nothing. First time anywhere for a release of these two songs from a December livestream performance by Robin Pecknold with the Resistance Revival Chorus. Jambalaya On The Bayou 2. Hearts Of Stone 2. Somewhere Listening For My Name.

Limited to 10, copies worldwide. A collection of demos, home recordings, and lost songs circa from Ruthann's personal archive. Includes detailed song notes by Ruthann, unseen photos, and the original version of "Windy. Hurried Life 2. That's Alright Silver Bird 3. Sky Is Moving South 4. Looking Glass 5. Between The Lines 6. I'm Askin' 7. Windy 8. Typical Sunday 9. Southern Comfortable Alone At Last Boy Took A Ticket Method Madness To Treat A Friend. Before she arrived at Muscle Shoals to work her magic with the late great Rick Hall, Bobbie cut a laid back album of classic and contemporary jazz tunes that was abandoned before it had chance to see the light of day.

This was a shame, as Bobbie proves herself as adept in this genre as in any other. This self-produced collection first saw the light of day on the Bobbie Gentry boxset, but this lost album deserves to have its own separate release and what better format than vinyl? The set exudes a sophisticated and intimate late-night vibe mostly featuring Bobbie alone with her guitar accompanied by a bass player; occasionally there is a whisper of strings from Jimmie Haskell who famously composed the cello and violin arrangement on Ode to Billie Joe.

In celebration of the album's 20th anniversary, M-Theory Audio presents the first-ever vinyl release of Determination, from God Forbid. In addition to an appearance on Ozzfest, the group logged many miles on the road touring alongside legacy acts such as Slayer and Anthrax, as well as scene contemporaries such as Lamb of God, Killswitch Engage, and Hatebreed.

God Forbid disbanded several years ago, but guitarist Doc Coyle has also remained a prominent member of the heavy metal community through his involvement in the band, Bad Wolves. This new issue of the record will also include an expanded layout with new liner notes from Doc Coyle, and rare photos and memorabilia. Dawn of the Millenia 2.

Nothing 3. Broken Promise 4. Divide My Destiny 5. Network 6. Wicked 7. Determination Part 1 8. Determination Part 2 9. Go Your Own Way God's Last Gift A Reflection of the Past Dead Words on Deaf Ears Mind Eraser. This vinyl box set contains six Gorillaz studio albums from -including their current release "Song Machine, Season 1. This album was nominated for a Grammy in and went on to sellcopies that year which at the time was seen as surprisingly unfavorable. A rare Gun Club album, released in in the UK only and out of print for decades.

Kid Congo would rejoin The Gun Club in Released inthis album spent weeks on the Billboard Top It is the first time the whole show has been available on double vinyl.

This Is Your Captain Speaking, 4. You Shouldn't Do That, 5. The Awakening. Mayer Hawthorne had been talking for a while about releasing a free collection of cover songs for the web, and on May 11, he did just that via his Twitter account. Blue Sky 2. Fantasy Girl 5. Little Person 6. Work To Do. Best of Suburban Noize Years, taking the best performing songs from their Suburban Noize Records releases to mark their 15 year anniversary on the label. HED P. Aliens - Original Soundtrack 35th Anniversary Edition.

One of the great science fiction franchises of all-time. Surprise vinyl color: Yellow or Blue. The Infamous Stringdusters are releasing a compilation of cover songs never-before released on vinyl for RSD Drops These songs have been played live in many instances, and were at once point released individually, so this will be a treat to band fans and vinyl collectors alike.

In"Magic No. Just Like Heaven 2. Golden 3. Jessica 4. What's Going On 5. Get Lucky 6. Big River 7. Highwayman 8. Don't Think Twice, It's Alright 9. Fearless American Girl. Country Soul 2. Back Porch 3. Bachelorettes On Broadway 4. Down for It 5. American Dream 6. Right Now 7. Trainwreck 8. Drank Too Much 9. Whole Lotta Love Actions Back To The Old School may have seemed like a crazy title for a hip-hop album released in The release serves as a punctuation mark at the end of the old school of hip-hop with production by none other than Kurtis Mantronik of acclaimed electronic hip-hop group Mantronix.

Long out of print on vinyl, Get On Down marks the 35th anniversary of this landmark with a deluxe splatter color vinyl edition of the LP available only for RSD Drops A Side: 1. Cold Gettin' Dumb 2. Love Story 3. Back To The Old School 4. Latoya B Side: 1. Gangster Of Hip Hop 2. Little Bad Johnny 3. Put the Record Back On 4. Turbo Charged. Self-Esteem Offspring Cover 2. Brain Stew Green Day Cover. This deluxe Vol. The record itself is clear vinyl with five-color splatter.

Dirt 2. Nothing To So Demo Demo. His appetite for ripping up the rulebook has brought kudos and admirers from all sides, giving him a status and respect that ensures an unearthed, never before released recording such as this added importance.

In the 30 years since Mr. To commemorate its Excuse Me Baby - Various - Water Coast Blues (Vinyl year, Get On Down presents Mr. Hood in a never to be repeated tri-color pressing of the double LP. Who Me? With An Answer From Dr. Bert 3. Boogie Man! Hood Meets Onyx 5. C Side: 1.

Boy You Owe Me (Demo), Robert Shakespear* & The Agrovators* - Aggrovating Instrumental (Vinyl), Sounds - Phil Keaggy - Time 2 (CD), Yebo - The Art Of Noise - Electronic Collection (Best Trips) (CD), I Love Playin With Fire - The Runaways - The Runaways (Cassette), Natty Past Through Rome - Prince Jazzbo - Ital Corner (CD, Album), Increased Acidity (Bonus Track) - Mortal Invasion - Infernal Paradise (File, MP3, Album), Part Nineteen - Cory Strand - Fright Night: A Reinterpretation, Volume Two (CDr, Album), Hungry For Love - Patsy Cline - 18 Greatest (CD), We Are Without Words - Cindytalk - Up Here In The Clouds (CDr, Album), Steel Moog Shuffle - Deepchild - Chocolate Dubs (CD, Album), From Monday On