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No Sacajaweas have been minted for circulation sincein any case. And while America burns, the evil orange clown in the white house seems more determined than ever to provoke China. Being that he has no meaningful political opposition, it seems our only hope now is the McBurger with the help of fries and a diet coke. Time is running out. Will the lowly McBurger be able to do what nothing else in the world can? But remember the lunatic left moved to a solid Democrat Scandinavian socialist town that already had a statute of Lenin.

Another big big problem is that it has film theater programs in the many local and colleges all over the state. Seattle has dozens of government and donation funded community theaters, where the never will be entertainment puts on live theater. The shows run about 2 weekends for maybe 50 people. How can the company stay in business you ask? Government and foundation grants.

The companies have numerous redundant middleaged employees living on 30K a year with 3 roommates. Seattle has an even more aggressive gay community than any city in the country. I speak with a relative who lives there at least once a week. Far, far worse than San Francisco ever was. The fact that you still think this has anything to do with Trump, or that he is even relevant at all, takes credibility away from anything else you say. Though, to be fair, much of the rest of your comment is also asinine.

You have no grasp on what is actually taking place, or the magnitude of what is at stake. You are still caught up in this kosher dialectic where everything that transpires somehow has to go back to Trump, who definitely is not just a huge buttgoy or anything, and is totally, for sure, seriously fighting the dEeP sTaTe in the background! You are living in a fantasy world inside another fantasy world. So you believe what the anti White media claims about Trump?

That he eats fast food hamburgers? Everybody else in the country eats hamburgers including fast food ones. Who do you think works for every government job at city county state and federal level? Affirmative action White hating minorities and hard left anti White Whites.

Gore all the way back 60 years. Even 54 years ago when Regean was elected governor of California, most state county and city employees, even the older ones were leftist democrats who undermined him in every way. But our judges do.

I will bet several thousand dollars that if Trump wins the election, the democrats will file law suits to overturn the election. What with the liberal indoctrination of every judge in the country from grade school through law school, the judiciary might rule the democrat won and order Trump to leave the White House.

And our women and minority White hating Whites military will be glad to do it. Muttmerica is just reaping the rewards of Muh grandpa, muh greatest gen. Stupid mutts. Come on, be fair here, in my metro area they are all fully stocked. Ammo is harder to get but who is surprised by that? Hell, clorox wipes are even back on the shelves. Educate yourself on how commercial supply chains work and how they can be adversely affected. Plus prices have risen. Parking meters use credit debit cards not coins.

That means no need for coins. Covid paranoia again. No one is in charge. I know for a fact that in the U. And pro bono social workers arrange everything for them and see to it all costs are covered.

All they have to do is show up to appoints and follow treatment protocol. Linked down below is a clip Jailhouse Rock & Ass Banditry - Eugene S.

Robinson* - Fight (CD) Lara shoots her prestigious abuser in the arm and is apprehended. Immediately, bethrothed Dr. Thanks for the article, Dr.

That said, best of luck. More than you ever wanted to know, right? Just another fine point of the language, since you asked. This article is why we need to decommission and destroy the nuclear and biological weapons. Unfortunately the government is in on this civil destruction. Probably due to their subservience to the finance and multi national corporations, both of which want this war on both white and normalcy.

Apparently they plan on retaining the low IQ types and pasty skinned freaks. Good times ahead. As for the former USA, the world will leave it to stew in its own juices and go on to bigger better things.

Russians and Romanians too, after a long period of recovery and US predation. The peoples of Turkmenistan, not so much. It will work the same way here. Same with the most downtrodden and authoritarian regions. The thing to do is sit with friends and neighbors and decide what kind of place you want to live in. When underdeveloped African nations fall apart, their reconstruction involves NGOs who teach people their rights, and offer to resolve everyday disputes with the same principles.

With its fake democracy the USA has un-developed to post-colonial African levels of health, education, livelihoods, social security, and political rights. The outside world will help you. America went black.

Embraced the parasitic black criminal race. Started with forced integration and desegregation. Taken seriously, it fits the present situation pretty closely. I live in virginia and have not seen the sort of dire situation described in this article.

Neither black or white, or any other color, people are attacking me for being white. There is no lack of cops, but instead, an overabundance of them. Especially sitting off the side of roads waiting to prey upon citizens by collecting random taxes. Not tried buying a gun, but see them being sold just about everywhere. No shortage of alcohol, except rubbing alcohol, still hard to find. I drink beer, though. Except for most people wearing a face mask of some sort inside stores, it all looks pretty normal here.

And be it further enacted, That if any of the gold or silver coins which shall be struck or coined at the said Mint shall be debased or made worse as to the proportion of fine gold or fine silver therein contained, or shall be of less weight or value than the same ought to be pursuant to connivance of any of the officers or persons who shall be employed at the said Mint, for the purpose of profit or gain, officers or persons shall embezzle any of the metals which shall at any time be committed to their charge for the purpose of being coined at the said Mint, every such officer or person who shall commit any or either of the said offences, shall be deemed guilty of felony, and shall suffer death.

That was interesting but here is how it really is. If you live in a state or city where you needed to defend yourself with a firearm in the first place, upon completion of a successful defense you are going to jail. In some type of SHTF situation, even if you do drive back the attackers they will torch your house with you and your family in it. Agree with your comment but I still favor the shotgun for home defense. Even double barrel non-repeaters are usually sufficient.

But practice is the key! Both of you are frickin hillarious. Yes, we are going into a new dark age, where superstition and plagues rule the world. Bring out your dead …. My feeling is that she is reaching out to the world to do that right now.

China is an easier target to get the thing rolling. If Amerika is the new Weimar Germany, just a few years away from the hyperinflation, then when the middle class is completely destroyed and starving and homeless they will look to a strong national leader.

Thus Amerika is ripe for a new Hitler or a new paradigm, like minimal government. It would be fantastic if Amerika elected someone that put Israel in the bombing scope. Bombs away on Tel Aviv would be a good first step in solving the Israeli lobby problem. You are maybe behind the times. Be afraid USA — be very afraid. Unlike the Russians who have a defensive doctrine — the Chinese will not mess around. Each has the ability to keep the USA well in check.

The combination of both would leave the USA as blackened toast. It is reported that people are dying at home from heart attacks, untreated cancers, etc. How many, I wonder, in an alcoholic haze, turn their guns on themselves? There is no nation falling apart, there is an illusion falling apart. The illusion replaced the nation long ago, to thunderous applause and self congratulation. Anyone who actually loves animals would never eat a burger.

Meanwhile, White Resistance is nowhere to be found. Not even at AmRen. Where every other commenter is a non-White anti-White. And those that are White are in their 60s 70s. AmRen is an insufferable anti-White site. FALSE opposition. But yeah. So what do we do now? Often people will shoot and miss from only a few feet away, BUT, yes, purchase yourself a handgun, a rifle and damn sure purchase a shotgun for added measure.

Even a small dog can let you know when prowlers are lurking about in the middle of the night. I have 2 dachshunds and 1 dachshund mix and they can smell a gnat fart from across the street, these are excellent watchdogs with a loud bark despite their small size. Now, these are for the alarm system, I have a lb American bulldog for when the shit gets real.

Good for you Mr and Mrs Giraldi. Europe and Britain face a similar fate. Occupation by an estimated 50, plus, plus, plus islamics, who intend a European Caliphate. We fought them back at Tours, Lepanto and the Gates of Vienna. Liberated south east Europe. The Serbs were bombed back to the stoneage by NATO as they tried to hold their historic nation together and deny the fundamentalist wahhabi aligned KLA from taking Kosovo. You need to clean out the total corruption of the USA justice system You need to cleanout women like this….

These two stood up to the mob with guns to protect their home — and they now face prison. At least you have a means of defense. And its coming. Oops sorry…. Truth picks up the pieces, reveals the whole that can not be shattered, Thus a recent quote from William Binney formerly of the NSA.

And the judges would not let my testimony in. Especially having previous military training. It was totally radical and counter-cultural for its time. You can see the before and after in the timeline. Last Friday night in Chicago. More like a nation being subverted, attacked and fast tracked even faster to hardcore fascism.

The merging of corporate and political. Militarily, China is but a paper tiger. Aside from minor border skirmishes, they have never fought a war outside their country. Militarily, China is no match for the US. Chinese emigrants have practically blanketed the US from coast to coast in the past two decades — they have basically invaded us without firing a single bullet, while our greedy fifth columnists — the politicians, businesses and universities are still happily inviting them in.

India is invading the West the same way. Casual looters will be the least of your problems. Just leave them the heck alone. And no matter your age, stay in the best physical shape possible. IF you are too old and decrepit, take a martial arts class, or better yet, go to a boxing gym.

You learn to take a punch and not be afraid of being hit, IMO, much more realistic than martial arts. Just take a look at those specimens of degeneracy, most are drug addicted, either pathetically malnourished or fat slobs, who would be winded after 30 seconds of tussling.

IF you are a young man in the prime of life, go to an MMA gym for the real deal. Wrestling is the most exhausting thing I have ever tried. The average person on the street has no idea how to fight no matter how intimidating he or she may look, always remember that.

Same here in the stores. Naturally, there will be administrative charge and a monthly fee to keep your money in cyber space. It will have been stolen by the same ruthless thugs we bailed out inand now, with untold trillions being given to those TBTF Casinos. First, the St.

Louis DA sent the police to confiscate their self-defense weapons and has now arrested them for defending their home from gangsters. My suggestion is to get several good hunting rifles in win and win mag as well as a couple 12 gauge shotguns. Ammo is a problem and it can take weeks and even months to get what you want. But you have internet skill and that is where you have to purchase everything. Your local gun dealer will have almost nothing. I definitely prefer the 12 gauge 3 inch magnum with 4 buckshot 40 cal and 41 pellets per shell.

With 5 rounds in a pump gun you can persuade those jigaboos to go down the street. A cull? Brain transplants? Science fictional brain implants? One of the many problems with democracy is that average intelligence is not that impressive and by definition half of them are not even that bright When you combine that with a dumbed down education system that no longer teaches critical thinking skills and a media which deliberately misinforms, you have the recipe for the current disastrous state of much of the western world.

Smoloko was a handle for Scotty Spencer who got arrested for anti-semitic memes written with chalk in a neighborhood park. He disappeared at the beginning of this year, no one knows what happened to him. His website smoloko. What you see now at that address is his domain been sold off to some shmucks.

If your home is being invaded, the best defense is a shotgun. Once the perps hear that 12 ga. Check this out…. Sister, I pray we fly soon, because this world is just getting out of control. Shift to tequila, Jose Cuervo Gold, nectar of the Gods. One thing the Mexicans got right. Lots of good screeching as well, for effect.

Hopefully, black gangs doing home invasions will knock off some of that stupidity. One can hope. And of course, jews are provoking the blacks to attack every step of the way. Get a grip. If a negro invades your home, rapes your mother, kills your father, stabs your brother, and then sodomizes your sister, how is that the fault of the surviving by hiding littlest son? The money supply is in the hands of the Federal Reserve Bank you moron! Yes, they are openly buying stocks via BlackRock.

These are the satanic scum that rule much of this planet. Increasingly, many countries refuse to trade in US Dollars. I believe it is now up to 2 dozen. No, not even close. The black population has remained fairly steady for years now. Hispanics are increasing, but we are getting more and more of the docile midgets from Southern Mexico and Central America. Asians are 5. Hispanics and blacks do not get along.

Blacks might control some major cities, as long as Whites allow them to. They do not have near the numbers needed to control any of the country side. And lots of us have jars of coins on top of our dressers where we put what little change we get. With the current inactivity it just seems like going out of our way to swap them in. This has been going on for decades. The corruption from the inside is Judaic.

It is why Aipac and Bibi will fail. They are just too corrupt not to pillage America. When it is a husk next 5 years if that they will move on. America will, infortunately, be nearly destroyed before it is returned to its people. That is when everyone finds out that the real value in anything is labor and innovation. America could easily repudiate its debts and re-constitute itself sans parasites. It would have a booming economy in 5 years. Naturally, they kept the bad news to themselves and immediately sent some useful idiot messengers MSM to the bottom of the ship to get word to the peasants and workers POCs, etc that their evil White captain and crew needed to be replaced.

So they raised the standard of revolt, began the attack and during the ensuing confusion made a beeline for the life boats when no one was looking. If I was an alien that just arrived from outer space, I would assume that George Soros or someone like him was the Leader Of America, and not the clowns we have in Washington. When was the last time these useless welfare recipients served the public?

Are they even investigating that possibility? What a joke. Well said. State governments and incompetent, partisan Democrat governors share a lot of the blame and New York and NJ increased the death rate by putting COVID infected patients into nursing homes.

No, not everything. The legal teaching of evolution in the public schools was the work of Zionists, too, but nobody here is willing to touch it. Epperson v. State of Arkansas. Perfectly true, and a demonstration that laws favoring self defense will greatly reduce the need for self defense. Being Asian, especially East Asian, in California was for a time and still may be an invitation to a home invasion.

Bad laws on self defense. Your basic point, that living in Fort Apache on your own metaphor for a fortified outpost in generally hostile territory, maybe Fort Zinderneuf would have been a better one is suicidal.

The defense outlined succeeds only in a generally cool security area your neighbors are on your side with sporadic home invasion attempts. Even then, the outline defense is not seriously proposed as a way to spend your life. Long term manning of such an outpost would require at least three combatants to stand watch 6, a fire team, would be betterplus medical support and of course logistics.

It is unfortunate that the US is in the position of having sporadic home invasion attempts, and that the hazard of such attempt appears to be increasing as time goes on. His case is well presented and persuasive — you might want to take a look at it. The cops are apparently afraid to walk into what would make a very efficient trap with those apartments on either side of a walkway. Much safer to tell the perp to walk backwards to them.

Blacks are a riot problem, not a revolution problem. Riots are a nuisance, but they cannot overturn a society. As a kid in grammar school I cannot remember being told we had to stay home during the Hong Kong Flu pandemic. Covid my ass, ask Professor Lieber and a couple of Chinese nationalists their opinion on this virus. I am no medical expert. Then that is something to thank the Zionist for. There is evidence for evolution…and none for creationism. Whites allowed the Jews to have the contr0l they have.

You are saying deny the facts…I would never do that. Well, I should know since I live in the area. It's mostly taken over by China transplants, while Redmond, home of Microsoft, is taken over by Indians. The Chinese are loud, rude and annoying to be around, but at least they aren't power hungry like the Indians, who are the biggest KoolAid drinkers.

Indian women esp. We can thank Bill Gates for saving all their babies then actively lobbying to bring in their low-skill con artist surplus population as "best and brightest", "highly skilled".

Trump did absolutely nothing on the H1b visa for the past 4 years. The 6 month hold is temporary and more posturing. The tech plantation owners managed to convince him these invaders are good for America. In no time they will turn us into another shit hole country like India. Seattle is looking more like Mumbai by the day, with slums, trash and crimes everywhere. They have much to teach us about how to live when surrounded by corruption, stupidity and predators—i.

Do not show any signs of wealth. Do not do any cosmetic repairs on your home, only hidden and necessary infrastructure. In Nigeria that even includes high end food, liquor, etc. Get to know them well. Build a strong bond with them. Barter with them, etc. Treat them like neighbors. You know your immediate area well—you do not want to go to unfamiliar places—you do not know what awaits you there.

What is interesting if that once those rules are internalized and passed on through generations, life is fine.

The average family that follows these rules is likely to left alone. There may be headline-grabbing exceptions, but you want to play the odds. Add Oregon to that list. They used to have a proud history of gun ownership and now a couple counties of emotional California ex-pats want to ban everything.

Part of the problem is that California Whites can sell their house in California and buy a mcmansion in these areas and have money leftover.

Just relax and disconnect your television and cable and satelite is more like it, at least for me. The TV and evening news is guaranteed to invoke anger, outrage, helplessness, and frustration, and it is just a waste of money that elevates partisan pathological liars and propagandists that habe been perpetrating the crime spree and returns the narrative to them that they have been desperately attempting to regain control of.

What is in it for any viewer? Not an opinion you see expressed here much. Why support it for any reason? So a teacher is fined. Big deal. She should obey the law. Just to be pedantic, the 12th century was a reasonably harmonious, developed society where everyone was on the same page. Our rulers will be ignorant louts we can only regard with contempt. Huns, Avars, successively more brutish and ignorant Germanic tribes, Magyars, Slavs. Libbies, who used to be more apprehensive about US militarism during the Cold War, are now the biggest warmongers and loudest voices against any effort on Trump to scale down some of these overseas ventures.

Libbies reminded us of the evils of vigilante justice, especially as exemplified by Southern rough justice of lynching blacks, be they innocent or guilty. Libbies have been saying Rule of Law and Due Process are of the utmost importance. But now, they are saying rioting, arson, looting, pillaging, and attacking people in the streets for being white or conservatives is a righteous way of protesting.

So, never mind due process and rule of law. Just take the law into your own hands and act like vandals for progress. Never mind it was the federal government who targeted all those Japanese in US. Just blame small town folks instead.

But then, is the anti-lynching rhetoric really in support of Rule of Law? Or is it really about precious blacks? There was a time when lynching in US culture was mostly associated with people wrongfully killed in movie Westerns. And most victims were white.

With blackness rising in sacro-valuation, lynching must be made a black thing. In contrast, Jewish radicals targeted by McCarthyism were genuine communist agents or fellow traveling subversives. And it affected far fewer thanBut, the Narrative was about paranoid McCarthyism and its angelic victims than how the Liberal Administration of FDR, with full support of the Progressive community, targeted an entire population. Maybe, maybe not. Jewish Livelihoods Mattered more. For all the talk of reform and progress, the US is totally for Jewish supremacism while turning a blind eye to the horrors experienced by Palestinians, Arabs, Iranians, Yemenese.

Blacks can rob, rape, murder, and etc. Just shhhhhhhhh and forget about it. Pretend they are innocent angels being killed by KKKops. But those who support the police are also stupid because cops, as the enforcement of the power, will do the bidding of the vile ruling class. We saw what cops did at Charlottesville. They shut down the rally that was protected by the Constitution and let Antifa and BLM thugs attack white nationalists. And over the weekend, Michelle Malkin joined a rally in support of cops.

So, F— the Pigs as well. They value their alliance with blacks, and so, blacks get to act like cossacks carrying out pogroms. Do you think the Russian families during the Bolshevik Revolution would have benefited from following these rules?

I would say that one of the main problems with democracy is the intelligence of the electorate. When you allow idiots to vote…bad things happen. I am not an advocate for democracy…at least without restrictions and not in a racially diverse country. But that requires voting. How about politicians lying to us…they are at least as big of a problem as the media. Russia is way ahead on that development too it appears.

Britain just looks daft. Come on — Russian military designs and equipment are almost universally a generation ahead now. You are just kidding yourself. So: your point is? You can read many of them here at Unz. If you trust them including all your IKAGOs to have your back when the mob comes, you deserve your fate. All White community organizations that used to provide the social trust and care for the commons have been systematically infiltrated and destroyed Elks, hobby groups, churches, etc.

For anything. You will be forced to choose sides. Its about time. The government is useless. Nothing more than a street gang dressed in suits with US flag lapels. There Jailhouse Rock & Ass Banditry - Eugene S. Robinson* - Fight (CD) a great deal of waste in the MIC. I will grant you that. Yes, Russia has great missile tech. The u. They just have no idea how to win a peace. The idea that Russia and China are developing amazing tech independently is laughable.

Both countries have senior citizens on pensions hoarding nickels to buy bread and butter. America is a giant milk cow, run by demented Jews where everything is for sale and a million scammers are running a myriad of cons.

It is a miracle the country is still standing. My underlying point is that the local sovereign is of necessity responsible for providing security.

When everything else fails — the coined money is inflated to nothing, trade stops, plague Jailhouse Rock & Ass Banditry - Eugene S. Robinson* - Fight (CD) the cities so the cities are deserted, education is so far out of reach that only a few specialists can read, when people live in flight towns selected only for their defensibility — protection from foreigners and raiders remains.

Except for us, it seems. We should demand protection from foreigners and raiders, and will, in the due course of things. In the meantime, the barrier method should suffice to hold off sporadic raids. It can help withstand other crimes as well, even those committed by foreigners. Mos Def dj spooky feat. In The Dynamite Jet Saloon. Woman L. Dre Dr. Octagonecologyst Dr. Octagonecologyst The Return Of Dr. Octagon Dr.

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