Jan Kaczmarek, Marek Motas - 60 Minut Na Godzinę - 60 Minut Na Godzinę - C.D.N (CD)

Flowering plants and pteridophytes of Poland — a checklist. Biodiversity of Poland 1 Szafer W. Pteridophytes and floweringplantsWyd. Iris L. Alismataceae to Orchidaceae Monocotyledoness. Rod iris — Iris L. A Guide to Species Irises. Cambridge Mathew B. The iris, Timber Press. Iris, Ulmer, Stuttgart Walters S. The European Garden Flora 1: Pteridophyta, Gymnospermae, Angiospermae — Monocotyledons 1: A manual for the identification of plants cultivated in Europe, both out-of-doors and under glass, Cambridge Univ.

Press, Cambridge Weber S. Kopij G. Jermaczek M. Gorzelak P. Stawowczyk K. Mirek Z. Danielewicz W. Cuber P. Zarzycki K. Kostrakiewicz K. Matuszkiewicz W. PWN, Warszawa Denisiuk Z. Komarnicki L. Irysy, str. Pogroszewska E. AR Szczec. Sibiricae oraz do sekcji Irissect. Through Index Kawensis we knowmorethan species of which 30 occur in Europe and three in Poland. Iris is divided into subgenera, sections and seriesthatareverydifferent from eachother.

Siberian iris Iris sibirica L. Sibirica series Irischeese. Sibirica esection and Irissect. Thisperennialhas a lowgerminationcapacity, which to a largeextentiscaused by the destructive activities of the we evil Mononychus punctumalbum Herbst, Protection of siberian Iris is extremely important not only because of its a esthetic value but also the value of utility.

Ease of crossingand wind-pollinationallows for more and more new varieties. Kolejnym etapem jest faza wzrostu nekrotroficzna. W kolejnych etapach mieszanina reakcyjna jest cyklicznie ogrzewana do temperatury charakterystycznej dla fazy cyklu reakcji. The Jan Kaczmarek of Mycosphaerellagraminicola and its anamorthSeptoriatritici in winter wheat during the growing season, European Journal of Plant Pathology,s.

The wheat-Septoria conflict: a new front opening up? Cell biology of Zymoseptoriatritici: Pathogen cell organization and wheat infection, Fungal Genetics and Biology 79s.

Identifying traits leading to tolerance of wheat to Septoriatritici blotch, Field Crops Researchs. Mohini J. Polymerase chain reaction: methods, principles and application, International Journal of Botany and Research 1, 5s. Raszka A. Knoll S. This results primarily from favorable climate and soil conditions, relatively low labor intensity and simple production technology. In the domestic production of cereals wheat is the dominant species.

The situation on the cereals market has a significant impact on the food economy of the country. Cereals sector provides the basic stock used in the production of animal feed. Yields of cereals is largely limited by fungal diseases. Especially winter wheat throughout the vegetation period is under attack by many species of pathogens. An important disease entity in the cultivation of wheat is Septoriatritici blotch caused by Septoria tritici species.

The study covers the characteristics of the species Septoriatritici, description of symptoms observed in wheat and genetic methods to identify the pathogen. Taki typ chondriokinezy opisano u Tropaeolum peregrinum [27], Ginkgo biloba [28], Psilotum nudum [29, 30] oraz Arabidopsis thaliana [31]. Rysunek 5. Rozmieszczenie organelli w chondriokinezie typu biegunowego. Obserwowano go u Malva sylvestris i Lavatera trimestris [37], Lavatera thuringiaca [38, 39] oraz u Gossypium arboreum i Alcea rosea [39].

Schemat chondriokinezy typu otoczkowego obserwowanej podczas mikrosporogenezy przedstawia Rysunek 6. Rozmieszczenie organelli w chondriokinezie typu otoczkowego. Opisano go u Nephrodium molle [40] oraz Chondrilla juncea [41]. Rysunek 7. Rysunek 8. Villeneuve A. Whence meiosis? Problemy Nauk Biologicznych. Meiosis in flowering plants and other greenorganisms, Journal of Experimental Botany.

Control of the meiotic cell division program in plants, Plant Reproduction. The cytoskleleton. An introductory survey, Cell Biology Monographs, 13s. Cytoplasmic connexions between angiosperm meiocytes, Annals of Botany, 30s. Aggregations of organelles in meiotic cells of higher plants, Acta Societatis Botanicorum Poloniae, 57 4s. Regular arrangements of mitochondria and plastids during sporogenesis in Equisetum, Protoplasma.

Organelle aggregations during microsporogenesis in Nymphea, Flora,s. Rodkiewicz B. Organelles and cell walls of microsporocytes in a cycad Stangeria during meiosis I, Phytomorphology, 38 2,3s. Audran J. Bednara J. Lewitsky G. Die chondriosomen in der Gonogenese bei Equisetum palustre L. Jungers V. Lenoir M. Distribution of plastids and mitochondria during sporogenesis in Equisetum hyemale, [W]: Sexual reproduction in seed plants, ferns and mosses, Willemse M. Pudoc, Wageningen,s.

Lehmann H. Ultrastructural investigations on sporogenesis in Equisetum fluviatile, Protoplasma,s. Brown R. Nuclear cytoplasmic domains, microtubules and organelles in microsporocytes in slipper orchid Cypripedium californicum A.

Gray dividing by simultaneous cytokinesis, Sexual Plant Reproduction, 9s. Siwicka-Tarwidowa H. Sugiura T. Cytological studies on Tropaeolum. Wolniak S. Organelle distribution and apportionment during meiosis in the microsporocyte of Ginkgo biloba, Acta Societatis Botanicorum Poloniae, 63s.

Plastids and mitochondria comportment in dividing meiocytes of Psilotum nudum, Acta Societatis Botanicorum Poloniae, 65s. The dynamics of the actin cytoskeleton during sporogenesis in Psilotum nudum L. Brownfield L. Organelles maintain spindle position in plant meiosis, Nature Communications, 6s. Patterns of amyloplast distribution during microsporogenesis in Tradescantia, Impatiens and Larix, Acta Societatis Botanicorum Poloniae, 53s.

Allen Ch. Motte J. Annales des Sciences Naturelles, Botanique 10th. Kudlicka K. Organelle coatings of meiotic nuclei during microsporogenesis in Malvaceae, Phytomorphology, 40s. A new type of microtubular cytoskeleton in microsporogenesis of Lavatera thuringiaca L. Senjaninova M.

Microtubule patterns and organelles during microsporogenesis in apomictic Chondrilla juncea L. Pollen development in orchids 1. Cytoskeleton at the control of division plane in irregular patterns of cytokinesis, Protoplasma,s. Pollen development in orchids 2. The cytokinetic apparatus in simultaneous cytokinesis, Protoplasma,s. Cytoplasmic domain: A model for spatial control of cytokinesis in reproductive cells of plants, Electron Microscopy Society of America Bulletin, 22s. Davis G. Sheffield E.

Current studies of the Pteridophyte life cycle, The Botanical Review, 53s. Sporogenesis in Bryophytes, Advances in Bryology, 3s. Kapil R. Verma D. Vesicle diynamics during cell-plate formation in plants, Trends in Plant Science, 6 5s.

Furness C. Stoudt H. De Storme N. Lopez-Lavalle L. Occurrence and cytological mechanism of 2n pollen formation in a tetraploid accession of Ipomoea batatas sweet potatoJournal of Heredity, 93s. Pecrix Y. Le Bris M. Polyploidization mechanisms: temperature environment can induce diploid gamete formation in Rosa sp. Tang Z. The Impact of environmental stress on male reproductive development in plants: biological processes and molecular mechanisms, Plant, Cell and Environment, 37s.

Clapham D. Immunocytochemistry of tubulin at meiosis in Tradescantia by a protein-A gold method, Hereditas,s. Organization of the actin cytoskeleton during pollen development in Gasteria verrucosa Mill.

Sheldon J. Pollen wall formation in Lilium: the effect of chaotropic agents, and the organization of the microtubular cytoskeleton during pattern development, Planta,s. Minispindles and cytoplasmic domains in microsporogenesis of orchids, Protoplasma,s.

Tanaka I. Microtubule-determined plastid distribution during microsporogenesis in Lilium longiflorum, Journal of Cell Science, 99s. Hogan C. Microtubule patterns during meiosis in two higher plant species, Protoplasma,s. The actin cytoskeleton during male meiosis in Lilium, Cell Biology International Reports, 12s. Dickinson H. A radial system of microtubules extending between the nuclear envelope and the plasma membrane during early male haplophase in flowering plants, Planta, 1s.

Terasaka O. Unequal cell division and chromatin differentiation in pollen grain cells. II: microtubule dynamics associated with the unequal cell division, Journal of Plant Research,s. Pollen development in orchids. A novel generative pole microtubule system predicts unequal pollen mitosis, Journal of Cell Science, 99s.

Verkhovsky A. Traas J. The organization of the cytoskeleton during meiosis in eggplant Solanum melongena L. The cytoskeleton, organelles and rudimentary cytokinesis I in the sporogenesis of simultaneous type in Equisetum, Nymphaea and Delphinium, Advances in plant reproductive biology,s. In angiosperms Angiospermaemale reproductive cells microspores develop in anthers from sporogeneous cells referred to as parental microspore cells PMC.

They emerge through meiotic division during a complex multi-step process called microsporogenesis. Meiosis that takes place in PMC consists of Marek Motas - 60 Minut Na Godzinę - 60 Minut Na Godzinę - C.D.N (CD) only karyokinesis but also chondriokinesis and cytokinesis.

Four main types of chondriokinesis, i. Cell organelles clustered in the characteristic manner during meiosis separate spaces where karyokinesis takes place, thereby determining a normal course of the process. Moreover, precise distribution of organelles into daughter cells is possible thanks to the clustering. This is extremely important mainly for autonomous organelles such as plastids and mitochondria, which are involved in cytoplasmic inheritance and determine formation of viable microspores.

Cytokinesis is the division of the cytoplasm. In relation to the meiosis phase in which the cell wall is formed, successive and simultaneous cytokinesis are distinguished. In each meiosis stage, the cell cytoplasmic skeleton mainly composed of microtubules and microfilaments plays an important role.

It forms a dynamic system undergoing transformations and determining the normal course of karyokinesis, chondriokinesis, and cytokinesis. Jak podaje Da Silva Venancio i in.

Dymek i in. Podobne rezultaty autorzy uzyskali dla nasion krokoszu Carthamus tinctorius L. W przypadku nasion soczewicy Lens culinaris Med.

Yaldagard i in. Machikowa i in. Goussous i in. W badaniach Sedighi i in. W badaniach Moona i in. W badaniach Mahajan i Pandey [32] nasiona ciecierzycy Cicer arietinum L. Marcos-Filho J. Seed vigor testing: an overview of the past, present and future perspective, Scienta Agricola, 7 4s.

Magnetoreception in plants, Journal of Plant Research, 6s. Laser in agriculture, International Agrophysics, 24 4s. Telewski F. A unified hypothesis of mechanoperception in plants, American Journal of Botany, 93 10s.

Yaldagard M. Da Silva Venancio R. Samuelsson A. Bioelectromagnetics for improved crop productivity — An introductory review with pilot study of pre-sowing treatment of tomato,s. Dymek K. Songnuan W. Early growth effects on Arabidopsis thaliana by seed exposure of nanosecond pulsed electric field, Journal of Electrostatics, 70s. Pietrzyk W. Aladjadjiyan A.

Increasing carrot seeds Daucus carota L. Nantes viability through ultrasound treatment, Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science, 8s. Ultrasonic stimulation of the development of lentils and wheat seedlings, Romanian Journal of Biophysics, 21 3s. Pietruszewski S. Sedighi N. Effect of electric field intensity and exposing time on some physiological properties of maize seed, European Journal of Experimental Biology, 3 3s.

Moon J. Acceleration of germination of tomato seed by applying AC electric and magnetic fields, Journal of Electrostatics, 48s. Patwardhan M. High voltage electric field effects on the germination rate of tomato seeds, Acta Agrophysica, 20 2, s. Mahajan T. Effect of electric field at different temperatures on germination of chickpea seed, African Journal of Biotechnology, 13 1s.

Prokop M. The factor that has a major impact on the profitability of the crop is the quality of the seed. Seed germination is a very important stage in the life cycle of each plant, which determines proper development of plant.

The article presents an overview of the results of research carried out by many researchers about the effects of the electric field and ultrasound on the germination and growth of selected plant species. Based on the analysis of the data collected from literature can be concluded the positive impact of these physical factors on the improvement of seed germination.

Pre-sowing biostimulation of seeds with the following physical factors — the electric field and ultrasound in many cases contributed to an increase in the capacity and energy of germination. An increase in seed vigor was also observed. The effects were dependent on the parameters used as well as of the species and quality of the plant material subjected to stimulation. Tabela 1. Developmental biology of flowering plants, Springer, New Yorks.

Female gametophyte development, The Plant Cell, 16 1s. Wilson K. The classification of the Commelinaceae, Taxon 40s. Flowering plant families of the world, Ontario, Firely Books,s. Systematic embryology of the angiosperms, J. Comperative embryology of flowering plants, Leningrad, Tharp B.

Commelinaceae, [W] Kubitzki K. Embryology of some members of the family Commelinaceae; Commelina subulata Roth, Phytomorphology, 13s.

Studies of variation in embryo sac development: second part, Botaniska Notiser,s. Development of the anther and ovule in Capsicum L. Cytotaxonomy of Commelinaceae: chromosome numbers of some African and Asiatic species, Botanical Journal of Linnean Society, 81s. Development of the gametophytes, flower, and floral vasculature in Cochliostema odoratissimum CommelinaceaeBotanical Journal of Linnaean Society,s.

Development of the flower, gametophytes, and floral vasculature in Dichorisandra thyrsiflora CommelinaceaeAmerican Journal of Botany, 87s. Embryo sacs produce female gametes egg cell and central cellwhich participate in double fertilization.

Embryo sac development is a two-step process. In first stage haploid, functional megaspore is formed. In second stage this megaspore divide Jan Kaczmarek and produce gametes. In angiosperms described several types of embryo sac development. The development of female gametophyte is characteristic to the species. The large family Commelinaceae is very diverse in terms of embryo sac development.

The most common type of female gametophytes development of the family is monosporic Polygonum type, that produces the 7-cell and 8- nucleate embryo sac. In the family Commelinaceae 7-cell and 8-nucleate embryo sacs develop also according to the bisporic Allium type and tetrasporic Adoxa type. The unique embryo sac development occurs in the species Tinantia anomala. In this species a 4-cell and 4nucleate female gametophyte were observed.

Wykres 2. Wykres 4. Charophyta — ramienice. Coops H. Ecology of charophytes: an introduction, Aquatic Botany, 72s. Wydanie 1.

Krause W. The role of characean algae in the management of eutrophic shallow lakes, Journal of Phycology, 34s. Casanova M. Clayton J. Do charophytes clear turbid water? Kufel L. Chara beds acting as nutrient sinks in shallow lakes — a review, Aquatic Botany, 72s.

Impact of submerged macrophytes including charophytes on phyto- and zooplankton communities: allelopathy versus other mechanisms, Aquatic Botany, 72s.

Blindow I. Reasons for the decline of Charophytes in eutrophicated lakes in Scania Sweden. How many more thieves hidden behind immunity? This litany we 'll keep singing in loud voice. And when in misery purring it quietly under breath. Because this is the Polish litany and all we know. There is no end to it, unfortunately, as long as we remain!

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Memories Of Machines. Warm Winter. Memphis Minnie. Futures Market. Merry Christmas Jazz Vol. MFTM Music for the minority. Calm dawn. Wtorek 1 Czerwiec Czwartek 3 Czerwiec Marek Motas - 60 Minut Na Godzinę - 60 Minut Na Godzinę - C.D.N (CD) Sobota 5 Czerwiec Niedziela 6 Czerwiec Wtorek 8 Czerwiec Marek Motas - 60 Minut Na Godzinę - 60 Minut Na Godzinę - C.D.N (CD) 10 Czerwiec Sobota 12 Czerwiec Niedziela 13 Czerwiec Wtorek 15 Czerwiec Czwartek 17 Czerwiec Sobota 19 Czerwiec Niedziela 20 Czerwiec Wtorek 22 Czerwiec Czwartek 24 Czerwiec Sobota 26 Czerwiec Niedziela 27 Czerwiec

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