Magical Dream (Instrumental)

Duncan, thinking his kinsman was out for revenge, and with himself in grief for the loss of his "niece", returned to Paris. Arriving in Paris, he was met by Hugh Fritzcairnwho was teaching cookery at the Cordon Bleu, and had a new girlfriend, Naomi.

However, the vengeful Kalas was back, and framed Fitzcairn for the murder of Naomi's jealous ex-boyfriend. Fitz furiously engaged Kalas in combat, but ultimately Kalas defeated and killed him. With Fitz dead, Duncan searched Paris for Kalas. He received a call from Dawson whom he informed about Fritz's death. Dawson told him Magical Dream (Instrumental) that Kalas was last seen coming out of a jazz club in St Germaine, "Nosferatu", but that his Watcher has vanished.

Duncan 'pursuades' the barkeep to tell him where Kalas had gone: an English language bookstore, Shakespeare and Co. Duncan found the shop door open and seemingly empty. A noise from the back lead him to a dying Watcher, who traced the letters M E in his blood before he died.

Duncan called Joe to say his watcher is dead. Joe was deeply concerned because the man at the bookstore is Don Salzeran historian working on the Methos Chronicle. Duncan was incredulous; having always believed Methos, the Oldest Immortal, to be a myth, but Joe said he was real. The Watchers' expert on Methos is Methos. Methos was seemingly unconcerned about Kalas, even though he hasn't faced another Immortal for years. He refused to let Duncan fight his battle for him and left the Highlander in pensive mood.

That night, while returning to the barge, Duncan was surprised by a disheveled Methos, who attacked him, but is defeated - by his own design or MacLeod's skill is unclear. Methos told Duncan that Kalas was waiting for him, and he could not beat him. He offered his head to Duncan so that he will be powerful enough to defeat Kalas, but Duncan refused. The following day, Duncan went to Methos' apartment, where he found Kalas waiting. Kalas readily jumped to the conclusion that MacLeod had been after Methos, as well, and has taken his head.

The two Immortals fought, but the police arrive inturrpting the battle, and arrest Kalas for murder. Methos appeared and told MacLeod that he wasn't prepared to take the chance on Kalas winning. When MacLeod returned to the ancient's apartment, he found that Methos had vanished, taking the Chronicles with him.

He rang an understandably frustrated Dawson, who could not believe that Methos fooled them all. Father Bernard had then learned Duncan's secret, but kept it all his life. Now, however, he needed Duncan's help - the Nazi Major whom Bernard had killed was back, and not one day older. MacLeod spoke to Daimler, who claimed he just wanted peace. Daimler ha started killing the surviving Resistance group members who left him at the bottom of the Seine wrapped in chains for forty years.

Knowing what life with him would be like and unable to accept that she must want people to die for him to survive, Anne left him and went back to the States. Kalas again reared his head, and Don Salzer's widow, and a newspaper editor, both died.

Amanda and MacLeod returned to the barge to find Methos, who informed them that Christine was dead and the disk gone.

Kalas then threatened to expose the secret of Immortality unless MacLeod agreed to lose his head to him. Both Amanda and Methos, however, encouraged Mac to fight his best fight. Duncan arranged to fight Kalas at the Eiffel Tower. With both men wounded, Kalas' sword broke. That's the fat lady singing. Duncan hesitated, "The Eiffel Tower. The world's biggest lightning rod. The quickening of such and old and powerful Immortal enhanced by an incoming storm, shorted out electronics all over Paris, one strike overloaded the system in Kalas's hideout, and his computer went up in a shower of sparks.

Amanda ran to meet Duncan, throwing her arms around him and kissing him. The foursome walked off together, Duncan saying, "That was a big one, wasn't it? Duncan offered a toast to Fitz and Paul; to old friends and new ones.

In an antiques shop in Paris, Duncan found an old Celtic bracelet which he recognised as the one he gave to Debra Campbell and buried in her grave. Determined to return it, he returned to Scotland, followed by Joe, who was intrigued that it was the first time Duncan had returned home in years.

Duncan explained that he intended to find Debra's grave and rebury the bracelet. He clashed with Rachel MacLeoda distant cousin who suspected him of grave robbing and of a series of murders which bore the mark of Kanwulf. She softened when she realised what he had really been doing. Duncan then encountered Kanwulf, who had murdered and replaced the new priest and who was digging up graves searching for the axe Duncan had taken from him.

Duncan retrieved the axe and also his father's old Claymore. This was witnessed by Rachel, who sensed he was the MacLeod who legend predicted would come back from the dead to kill Kanwulf. Duncan met with his old enemy and returned the axe, then challenged him.

As they fought, Duncan managed to both destroy the axe and behead Kanwulf with one blow of the claymore, taking his quickening. He then returned the claymore to Rachel's inn, concluding that it belonged there.

Returning to Seacouver with Joe, Duncan sensed an Immortal. Andrew Cord was also at the airport, but before the men could talk, Cord was shot by a sniper. Mac caught and unmasked the sniper to find Charlie DeSalvo. Charlie claimed that Cord was a murderer, and had to be stopped. He had no regret about killing him; Cord was a murderer, a gunrunner, a liar, and he had killed Mara.

Meanwhile Cord was reuinited with Joe, who had been in his platoon in Vietnam where Cord had saved his life. Duncan defeated Cord and told him to leave Charlie be.

Cord agreed, but he proved himself the lyer Charlie called him when he later confronted Charlie and mortally wounded him. Duncan found Charlie and revealed his immortality as promised before he died.

Angry, Duncan found Cord and challenged him, defeating him. His friendship with Joe, severely damaged. Richie returned to the dojo with an Immortal in tow, Mikey Bellowa child in the body of an adult.

He was alone in the world except for the man hunting him; another Immortal, Tyler King. Duncan and Richie tried to look after him, but eventually decided that he had to be taken to sanctuary on Holy Ground. Before they could get there, the were stopped by police and Mikey in a panic killed one and ran. Duncan dealt with Tyler, while Richie was forced to face the prospect of Mikey being imprisoned. The two friends realized that Mikey was too dangerous to himself, Immortals and mortal to be allowed his freedom, that one Magical Dream (Instrumental) them must kill him.

Richie decided that it was his responsibility, but in a lucid moment Mikey commits suicide by lying on a train track and allowing the train to take his head and Richie received his Quickening. Duncan helped out a friend by taking a position as a guest lecturer at a local university. His first day as a teacher is spoilt by the arrival of Peter Kaniswho had a score to settle with Duncan.

Kanis saw himself as "Leader Of The Pack" and was infuriated anew by Duncan killing one of his dogs when they attacked him. After Duncan frustrated his attempts to find a bitch to breed his next generation of dogs, Kanis came for Duncan, but Duncan had a distraction prepared for the dogs and, with them out of the way, took Kanis' head. Meanwhile, Richie was arrested when he attacked a man, Mark Roszcawho was the mugger who shot both he and Tessa two years previously.

Duncan was furious when he found out who the man was but was helpless when the police refused to press charges. He went to confront him at his flat but decided he could not kill the man.

When Amanda also hit town, Duncan was driven to distraction trying to keep the two of them apart. Only when he proved to Amanda that Kit didn't burn the saloon were the two of them prepared to call it quits. When Anne Lindsay reappeared in Duncan's life, it was to tell him that his 'cousin' was in her E. It was Kennyon the run from Terence Kincaidwho has his own reasons for wanting Duncan dead, but Duncan agrees to help Anne and take Kenny off her hands.

When he took him back to the dojo, Kenny sensed Amanda and accused Duncan of double-crossing him, but they were both in for a surprise. When Amanda saw Kenny, she was overjoyed at their "Reunion"as it was her who found Kenny shortly after his first death, and taught him to survive as an Immortal.

Kenny, however, betrayed her and joined forces with Kincaid in an effort to kill MacLeod. Duncan was able to overcome Kincaid, but Kenny was only stopped from taking his head by Amanda. While his friendship with Dawson was still struggling, MacLeod was captured by a former WW1 Colonel, Simon Killian, whom he had been instrumental in seeing imprisoned 70 years previously, after the colonel lead his troops in a charge after an armistace had been declared, hundreds of British and German were soldiers.

Killian wanted to return the favour for what Duncan had done to him and locked him in a cell in an abandoned military base. Duncan's imprisonment was short-lived, though. Amanda was able to free him with help from Dawson, whom the latter would break his oath of non-interference in doing so. There he challenged Killian and overpowered him and took the colonel's head. After leaving a cinema, Duncan and Richie witnessed a shooting at a small grocery, saving the target from death.

They sensed an immortal was the shooter, and took off after him. They cornered him and blades were drawn. Mac knew him, Paul Kinmanand had been waiting for centuries to pay him back for killing a mortal friend at the court of Queen Anne. Authorities arrived, and while Mac and Richie stayed out of sight, Kinman was arrested for murder.

The police do not understand why the two will not testify, nor does the store owner, David Markumwho was grieving because his wife, Alice, was Magical Dream (Instrumental) instead of him. When Kinman escaped from FBI custody, MacLeod took the opportunity to hunt him down and located him at a warehouse where Kinman killed the mobster, Vince Petrovicwho had hired him in the first place.

Kinman then fought Duncan who beat him, and took his head. The next day, Duncan visited the store owner whom he assured that although Kinman vanished, he did not get away. The University where Duncan worked as a guest lecturer had purchased a fine example of Indian statuary. The statue, of the goddess Kali, was on display at the University, but the Immortal, Kamir, a priest of Kali, wanted it back.

Whilst Kamir entranced Richie, Duncan persuaded the University to let him repatriate the statue. But when Kamir judged the head of the History Department was a traitor to her heritage and decided to kill her, he and MacLeod confronted each other, Duncan defended his friend by taking Kamir's head.

Methos showed up unannounced at MacLeod's place to warn him that Kristin Gilles was in Seacouver to open a branch of her modeling agency. Whilst Methos urged Duncan set aside his chivalric Magical Dream (Instrumental) and take Kristen's head, Duncan was more concerned about Richie who was Kristin's new paramour. Richie would not listen to Duncan's warnings about his former lover, until Kristin tried to kill him. Knowing Kristin would be true to form, Methos and Duncan went to her home in time to stop her from murdering Richie's foster-sister, Maria.

Duncan fought Kristin, but could not bring himself to kill her. The practical Methos, however, then challenged her, assuring her he was a man born long before the age of chivalry, he took her head; "Someone had to. MacLeod knew that Claudia was a latent Immortal, and when she came to town, he discovered that someone wanted her dead.

The would-be killer was immortal, Walter Grahamwho wanted to preserve Claudia at the height of her youth and talent. Walter had nurtured artists for centuries, but was horrified that when he triggered Claudia's Immortality, her talent had deserted her. Distraught, she fled from him, but found that her fear of dying restored a measure of her talent.

Duncan told Claudia that he would start training her, but she refused, preferring to live with her knowledge of mortality so as to draw inspiration to make music. Duncan asked Joe to find her a watcher and he assured Duncan that he would soon. While making their final touches to the house MacLeod was restoring, Duncan and Richie heard of a subway explosion. They then heard that Anne and a medical team had become trapped when a gas man exploded. The two to raced to the scene, and after being denied entry by the firemen, Duncan and Richie slipped in anyway.

When Duncan found Anne, she was already going into labor. Duncan stayed with Anne, while Richie lead a fire crew to the rescue.

Anne successfully gave birth to a girl, and told Duncan that she was going to name her daughter Mary, after Duncan's mother. Some time later, Duncan gave the house, fully furnished, to Anne and Mary. Duncan received a phone call from Jim Coltec, who told him he would be in Seacouver for a visit. Taking Richie with him, Duncan soon met up with Coltec who, without warning tried to kill them, but Duncan stopped him and threw him into the river. Back at home, Duncan and Richie saw the news, which identified Coltec as having robbed a store and killed the owner earlier that day.

It soon lead Duncan to suspect that Coltec had finally been taken over by a Dark Quickening having absorbed too many Quickenings of evil men. After going to Joe's for answers, Joe told them that Coltec had just taken the head of Harry Kanta sadistic and evil Immortal who had killed many. Duncan soon met up with Coltec in an alleyway and confronted him. Coltec began fighting him, forcing Duncan to knock him out.

After taking him to Holy Ground outside the city, Duncan tried to force the evil outside of Coltec, just as Coltec had done for him over a century ago. It proved to be too difficult, and Coltec escaped, vowing to take Duncan's head. It became evident that it wasn't just Korland or Kant, but all evil Immortals whom Coltec had slain over the years that had overwhelmed him. Duncan tracked Coltec to a club and led him outside where they fought.

Duncan defeated him, but hesitated to take his head, but was finally forced to take his friend's head. The resulting Dark Quickening changed Duncan's personality.

When she did not appreciate his advances and slapped him, Duncan punched her, and then punched Joe. Returning to the dojo, Duncan pursued Richie, but before he could take Richie's head, he was shot and temporarily killed by Joe. After Richie left, at the behest of Joe, Joe tied up Duncan and took his sword. After Duncan revived, Joe tried to reach the decent core in Duncan. When it didn't work, Joe threatened to take his head, but instead let him loose.

Duncan left the Magical Dream (Instrumental), and boarded a freighter sailing out of Seacouver. In town, Duncan phoned his old friend Sean Burns, then caught and beat up Davis, knocking him out and rifling through his wallet. After going to Davis's house, Duncan used his charms to seduce Davis's wife, Dominique Davisand lied about Davis seeing another woman.

When Davis finally returned home, he threatened Duncan with a knife. Dominique then threw boiling water on Duncan's face as Davis attacked him. Not being able to match Duncan's martial skills, Davis was easily defeated, but Dominique was able to grab Davis' gun and shoot him. After running out of the house, Duncan was met by Methos, who was waiting for him in his car.

Methos quickly got him into the car and the two drove off, Duncan temporarily dying from the wounds. After reviving in a church, Duncan was confronted by Methos, who tried to reach out for whatever good that was left inside Duncan. Duncan pulled a sword on Methos, but because they were on Holy Ground, Duncan did nothing but walk out. Duncan then stole a car and tried to run down Methos, who successfully dodged.

Duncan then met with Sean Burns outside Sean's house, part of him wanting help, asking Sean about his Dark Quickening. Sean offered a helping hand, literally, and Duncan took his hand, but only to pull forward and take his head. Methos, watching in anguish from close by, took Duncan's katana while he was vulnerable, and and said he thought he might have to kill him. Duncan charged at Methos, tknocked him over a wall, and drove off in the stolen car. Duncan returned to his barge in Paris, but only found it lifeless, empty, and meaningless.

After trashing the barge, he went to Darius' chapel, and was finally able to admit his pain and cry out for help. Methos arrived, and told him that, even if others like Bryce Korland were inside of him, Sean Burns was now with him to. Taking Duncan's katana as a precaution, Methos drove him to an ancient healing well. Duncan immersed himself in the pool.

Inside his mind, Duncan fought his evil side, armed with only Ian MacLeod's sword to defend himself. Methos, a sword at the ready if things had gone badly, realized the darkness had been defeated. He helped Mac out of the well, both relieved it was finally over. At the barge, Duncan was surprised to find Rachel MacLeod tidying up, learning that it was Rachel who had given Methos the sword. Methos said his farewells, with Duncan giving his thanks. Rachel spent two weeks in Paris with MacLeod as his lover.

MacLeod witnessed an attempt to assassinate a visiting president, Hamadand saved the man's life, in the process encountering his old Immortal acquaintance Kassimwho was a member of Hamad's security detail. Duncan quickly discovered that Kassim had been behind the assassination attempt: He had sworn an oath to restore his old master's bloodline to rule and saw the last of the line, Nasir Al Denebas under threat from Hamad.

Reminding MacLeod of his promise to him, Kassim told him to assassinate Hamad. MacLeod took a gun and went to the vantage point but was unable to pull the trigger, and Kassim was "killed" attempting to kill Hamad himself. He angrily confronted Duncan, saying Hamad would now blame Nasir and have him killed. MacLeod tried to save Nasir on his own terms, trying to convince Nasir to flee and then reminding Hamad he was in his debt and telling him to spare Nasir as a favour, but he failed and Nasir was killed.

In order to draw MacLeod into a confrontation, Kassim set fire to his barge and kidnapped Rachel. Duncan fought and defeated Kassim but refused to kill him, sending him on his way. Rachel returned to Scotland, unwilling to be used against Duncan again, while Duncan went back to the embassy and killed Hamad in the same way he had killed Nasir, by throwing him out of a window.

While repairing the barge, Duncan was approached by Amanda, who was on the run from couple of mortals had tried to kill her. Duncan spoke with Joe, who doubted it to be the work of renegade Watchers. They quickly caught a man who had spying on Amanda. He identified himself as Daniel GeigerAmanda's Watcher. He was less than helpful at identifying her attackers. Amanda determined they had been after the crystal Rebecca had left her, a fragment of the Methuselah Stone.

After went after the rest of the stone at Watcher HQ, she later told Duncan that she had seen Methos try to steal it. Duncan doubted Methos was behind the attempted murder. In order to confirm Methos's innocence, however, Duncan met with him. Methos told him that Alexa didn't have long, she was in hospital in Geneva, and he wanted the stone for her.

After some discussion, Amanda chose to meet with Methos and talk, and after an angry fight, she began to understand Methos was not out to get her Unbeknownst to Duncan, Methos and Amanda broke into the Watchers' European Headquarters, and successfully stole the Stone, however, Methos was killed by Nathan Sternhead of the Western Europe Watchers, having taken a bullet for Amanda.

When he recovered in front of his fellow watchers, Stern and Geiger, he was outed as an immortal to them. Stern contacted Duncan and negotiated a trade, the stone for Methos' life. Before the transaction was complete, Geiger killed Stern, revealing himself to be the leader of the plot to steal the Stone, wanting its promise of immortality for himself. Duncan tossed Geiger the last piece of the stone, but at his order to kill the immortals, they fought back.

Geiger was killed by Amanda and the stone broke apart once more, and fell into the river. As they left the cemetery, they felt another Immortal close by, who Duncan discovered to be Warren Cochrane.

Cochrane had lost his memory, and was suffering from severe paranoia. Share on facebook. Share on twitter. Share on pinterest. Share on reddit. Share on linkedin. Share on tumblr. Share on mix. Share on email. Share on whatsapp. Disney's first animated feature to be based on historical fact, and also the lowest rated film of the Renaissance, according to Rotten Tomatoes.

Both films feature songs by lyricist Stephen Schwartz. Although it gained more positive criticism than Pocahontasit was still vulnerable to competition from companies such as DreamWorks and Pixar. All three films feature music composed by Alan Menken. The film considered to revive Disney from the moderate failure of Hercules. The third highest-grossing feature of the era and, currently, the fourth highest-grossing traditionally animated feature of all time.

The success of the Disney Renaissance attracted the attention of other animation studios, many of whom tried to replicate Disney's success by turning their movies into Disney-styled musicals or various traditional animated films. However, most attempts met with mixed to negative reviews from critics. Some of the most infamous examples include Quest for Camelot and Freddie as F. However, a few films did come close in terms of matching the critical and financial success.

Animation in which the latter overtook Tarzan as a classic today due to having more real-life lessons and themes. Even as Disney's animated films from the 90s had these copycats which included The Swan PrincessAnastasiaand more some of these directed by former Disney animators other animated movies emerged that departed from the Disney formula. As the Disney Renaissance started to develop faster inthe anime genre rose on the same year.

Ghost in the Shellwhich was released on the same year as Pocahontas, had changed the landscape of anime and animation as a whole. This proved that animation can teach real-life lessons and morals without having to stick to the family-friendly filter as the adult animation genre was changed since then. Due to this, more and more people abandoned Disney and flocked to the anime and adult animation genre for their ability to go beyond the family-friendly filter as many believed that the family-friendly filter was what began the downfall of traditional animation.

InDisney partnered with Pixar to create Toy Storythe first fully computer-animated feature. Piano in U. Epilogue [advanced]. La La Land Suite. Jacob Koller. The Theorist. Epilogue excerpt. Jacob's Piano. Audition The Fools Who Dream. Kyle Landry. Leiki Ueda. Engagement Party. March 25, [25]. October 12, [13]. Fierce Battle Part Mission Resurrection Part 1.

September 25, [26]. Resurrection Part Mission Breakthrough to Utopia. April 24, [27]. Climax Part Mission Last Mission. Finally, smile. Confidential File No. January 12, Asuka Otori, aka Magical Girl Rapture Asuka, is a magical girl who fought in a brutal war against the evil Disas race three years ago and was instrumental in their defeat.

As Asuka tries to live a normal life at a new school, JGSDF member Yoshiaki Iizuka asks her to resume her duties as a magical girl as part of a special operations squad, but Asuka refuses due to the trauma from the war. While Asuka befriends her classmates, Nozomi Makino and Sayako Hata, a group of terrorists free their comrade, Kim Kanth, from a police truck, attacking innocent bystanders as they make their escape. When Sayako gets caught up in the danger, Asuka once again becomes a magical girl to protect her and stop the terrorists.

January 19, Following the incident, Kanth is taken in by the Metropolitan Police, who interrogate him for information, while Asuka continues to reject Iizuka's offer. Sayako struggles with trauma from nearly being killed. Asuka learns of a nearby Disas attack and rushes to the aid of her fellow magical girl, Kurumi Mugen aka War Nurse.

After rekindling their friendship, Kurumi transfers into Asuka's class. January 26, In Tijuana, Mexico, as Mia Cyrus aka Just Cause Mia heads up a renegade squad to take down a drug cartel, she comes across a tied up man who mentions "The Babel Brigade" before he is crushed to death by a magical force. Back in Japan, Nozomi's father, who works for the Metropolitan Police's Public Safety Division, gets similar information out of Kanth, who warns the magical girls are prey.

Later, Nozomi invites everyone to the pool, where Sayako jumps off the high dive to overcome her trauma. They then buy movie tickets with the promise to meet up the next day to watch the movie together. Later that night, however, Nozomi is kidnapped by the illegal magical girl Abigail.

February 2, Public Safety learns about Nozomi's kidnapping, but refuses to act since they are not equipped to handle magical threats. Rather than request assistance from the JSDF, they believe Nozomi's death can be used as a political tool to secure additional funding. Iizuka informs Asuka of the situation, and she and Kurumi decide to rescue Nozomi on their own. The pair soon confront Abigail, who had kidnapped and tortured Nozomi to lure them out and capture them for her queen. While Abigail pursues Kurumi as she escapes with Nozomi, Asuka prepares to face off against the two Russian magical mercenaries, Stroghil and Pobur.

February 9, After getting Nozomi to safety, Kurumi fights Abigail, who summons a pair of Disas to aid her. Meanwhile, Asuka defeats Stroghil and Pobur while her fairy, Sachuu, captures an enemy fairy reporting to their leader, Queen.

However, the Queen appears and escapes with Abigail. After Kurumi uses her magic to remove the past week of Nozomi's memories to spare her the trauma of her ordeal, Asuka agrees to join M Squad. With the higher-ups deciding that Nozomi would be safer in the company of magical girls than with a new identity, Asuka is relieved to find Nozomi's lost memories haven't affected their friendship.

February 16, Asuka and her friends go to a Tanabata festival, where they come across the rest of the M Squad as they enjoy their day off. Meanwhile, Mia's squad investigates the residence of Jerome, the son of the victim they found in Mexico who was killed in the same way.

Upon finding a motto written in lipstick, Mia is confronted Magical Dream (Instrumental) magical mercenary Crescent Moon Sandino, who seeks vengeance against the US for killing her family in bombings against the Disas. She even has Disas working with her. After killing Sandino, Mia suspects Jerome's death has something to do with the Magical Five - the motto she found was theirs.

February 23, M Squad holds a party welcoming Asuka and Iizuka then gives them a mission. The Russian mafia has found a random bridge in Japan, which will temporarily link Earth to other worlds, and plan to use it to buy illegal magical items.

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