Reign Carrion - Vader - The Ultimate Incantation (CD, Album)

You know, of course, I'll be back from the dead, Blessing the blackness in glory, Of billions of years, On collapsed stars, In rituals of the ancient race! Vicious Circle Necromancer, the rites of dementia, See what the death looks like, Souls from the limbo, coming with eternal flames, Arrive in circles of trembling hands. No inferno but also no heavens, No god on his golden throne, Promised Eden turned into Reign Carrion - Vader - The Ultimate Incantation (CD, Empty space and dead remains.

Spectral mouth tells hopeless truth, In unknown words massacring the mind, There is nothing after life, What we can imagine now and here. Nocturnal stagnancy as I burn my candles, Sanity now dozes and waits for a day, Nightmares in their real dimensions, No hope now Soon I will die The Crucified Ones Mortal crosses standing in the row, Seem to reach up to the burning sky, Damned souls grouping on the dark, Going round the stretched arms.

Bodies, faces, Unnaturally bended in pain, Lifeless eyes staring at the space, Persecution of the dying has begun. Here's the place of alteration, Where life turns into other form, Dark ritual Reign Carrion - Vader - The Ultimate Incantation (CD demons procreation, Hear the cries - of the crucified ones. Throbbing fleshes in the rhythm of thunder, Blasphemy in light of raving bolts, Nailed hands greeting angry gods, Coming fourth to feast in blood. Bodies, faces, Unnaturally changed in lust, Purple fluids streams on the wood, Like tears of dying cross Here's the place of the alteration, Where gods turn into temporal form, Dark ritual of demons procreation, Come on!

Leave your life and join Album) dead in hell. Masters of forgotten arts, Deign to look at your servant, Acceptance my greatest sacrifice, Send revenge on bastard's seed!

O come to me! I beg thee, open wide the gates, All fiends of fiends, From the deep sleep of dark abyss arrive! Pazuzu, the evil one, Lord, who feeds on angels Album) Bless the damned, curse the blessed, crucify them. Circling in the sky the demons now descend, To raise their slaughter of mankind till its end, The final massacre of people on the earth, Pain cracks their minds, everywhere is Death. False Gods in their temples tremble with fear, They know the death is now so near, Unearthly Armageddon burns with flames of doom, Poisoned seed flung into virgin's womb.

Merciless angels fly over head, It's no time for your imploring pleads, Commit suicide with horror in your eyes, Bleeding with scars, pride world now dies. Different Armageddon came true under our eyes, Dust comes down when the time came for sunrise, The final massacre, winds destroy the earth, Impaled heads notify, that winner is the Death. Testimony Dark shadows at the end of the night, Mesmerized by the silvery eye, Gray stone with the carved seals, I've found the forbidden gates!

One can question the reasoning behind these re-recording efforts, including the inclusion of keyboards on songs that never had them in the first place, but few could argue that "XXV" is a well-done effort and a grand way to celebrate 25 years of VADER.

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That's because, what's included Total time of the album or better: double album in regular version is 96 minutes of total massacre!!!! There will be also special edition with additional 16 minutes, which gives total time minutes!!! The other bonus is DVD yes!!!! The third record!! Words of wreck, Rest in your head, Triumpher of you, The self cremation. Death - the door, Reign Carrion - Vader - The Ultimate Incantation (CD near with every day to, The way shall save your soul.

Close the past of life, Cross the still of fear! You shall be free. Anxious eyes, Opened in fear, Pulsation of blood, Inside the bowels, Something cold, Touching twisted veins, Never ending bloody stream Scarlet waves carry you away, Across the Styx into resting place, Hear my voice, my words of your destiny, Nick your shell and fly towards me!

Rest - under my wings, Look - at my face, Come - in my arms, Give me your life - set free your lunatic soul, Frosty edge, Penetrate again, Cuts in rage, You choose the only way, Approach my son, Give me your hand, Forget yourself, Leave all behind! You're mine! Demon's Wind Burnt hill abandoned by life, Sealed with thousands curses, Haunted by the shadows, Unholy place where the dead materialize, In their phantom form, To penetrate the minds of the living ones.

So I call to thee, Reading words of the unholy conjuration, I have to know, I have to see, Let the blaze be free! Fifty names, Of the watchin' at the gates, All the human fear, In its physical appearance, Open the gates, For the chariots in a blaze, Call the wind from the burning deeps of space. Look at the blood, Coming into sight, The day's gonna die, and will never be born again! Shapeless flashes in silvery glow, Smell the breath, From the open throats of graves, Darkness grows, Clammy frog descends, Demons wind, the stars answer your desire, Join the undead, That's the place you'll never leave, You wanna die Eternal call lurking in a mind, Awaiting the time to wake the madness up.

For everyone forgotten from the ace of men, Let my words be warning. Decapitated Saints Black rotting blood invades my ailing flesh, Destroys and burns me down alive, Ulcerated lips stinking of death, Excommunicated creators of mine, Blasphemous words and eyes that bleed, In horrible never ending torments, Waiting for hell my dead body looks ahead, That will be soon the end. Prepare you to die, That comes unexpectedly, Ask nobody "why? Still existing mind being in deadly fear, Soon will be only heap of musty rot, Tongue, heart and all my guts shall be digested by the necrophagic grubs.

No hope I must die and turn to ashen dust, My soul will fly away to realms of dead, Absurd resistance, I feel, Darkness takes my soul, I'm only, after all, the slave of hell.

Raise from this grave, Is fear in your eyes? You have to leave your flesh, Still wait for you - decapitated saints. I've died to live in everlasting world, Where reigns death and holy law of hate, Omnipotent lords feeding the groans, Of turn souls imploring for mercy, I'm, in the place, where sin is all around, And blood flows from every clipped head, A billion dirty souls decay in ones own blood, Awaiting beneficial touch of force, that let 'em die!

I'm raising up above eternal mists, Heavens lie at feet of mine, Wandering the sky I see transformed Christ, Whose head I'm holding in my hand.

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