Various - Рэп Территория (Cassette)

What time do you start school? What time do they start school in Australia? P Listen and repeat. Complete the table about Russia. School in the USA Start school: 8. B: They start school at ten past eight. A: What time do you start school? B: I start school at half past eight.

Do you agree with it? Do you follow these rules? Early to bed, early to rise Makes people healthy, wealthy and wise Match the pictures and the sentences. They get up after 7 a. She finishes school at 3.

Grammar fio] Read the table and answer the questions. Example: A: What does your mother do at 7. B: She teaches students. My mother is a teacher. A: What does Anya do at 1. B: She sleeps in her bed. Daily routines Reading and speaking 12 Have you read J. Have you seen the films about Harry Potter?

What do you know about Hogwarts — the school Harry Potter went to? Read the text and answer the questions: Do you agree that Hogwarts is not an ordinary schooi? What makes Hogwarts different from ordinary schoois?

What makes it similar to ordinary schools? Life in Hogwarts Hogwarts is not an ordinary school. It is a school of MagicI But as in many other schools in many countries, the school year there begins on September 1. It is a real railway station in London and hundreds of trains leave from its platforms every day.

There are no platforms Various - Рэп Территория (Cassette) such numbers in any railway station. Every Hogwarts student belongs to one of four Houses. You will have classes with the rest of your House, sleep in your House dormitory, and spend free time in your House common room. There are no exams. There are no tests. The hat does all the work! The hat thinks and talks and sorts out. All a student has to do is sit on a stool and put on a hat.

The academic year starts with a celebration. Students and teachers sit at a long table and enjoy lots of nice food and drinks. Classes begin on September 2 and go on until June. There are two terms in the academic year with two week holiday breaks in between. Like many schools in real life! Exams are held the first week of June.

Results come out the second week of June. There are celebrations at Halloween, Christmas, Easter and at the end of the academic year. At Christmas and Easter holidays most of the students and some of the teachers go home for a break.

All teachers and students leave Hogwarts during the summer. Vocabulary knowledge personality ability to scan to cheat dormitory 18 13 Read the paragraphs and put events of the daily routine in the correct order. In the afternoon students have one or two classes. During breakfast the morning mail arrives.

Hundreds of owls bring it. A bell signals the start of the first class at 9 a. C Supper is served in the Great Hall early in the evening, after which the students go to the common rooms in their Houses for studying.

D There are two morning classes with a break between them signalled by a bellfollowed by lunch and a break. Is it similar to the daily routine at your school? What subjects are important for future magicians and why?

Classes at Hogwarts The students at Hogwarts study many subjects which you study, too. But what makes this school special is magic classes. The first year starts with flying classes.

Each student has a magic broom. But they have to learn how to do it properly. Magic happens only if a student works hard and believes in his success. Astronomy and history of magic develop their minds — they learn a lot about the Universe and their place in it.

Knowledge of history gives them a key to their success today and tomorrow. I usually go home at quarter to four. We have lunch at quarter past one. They often finish school at half past four. He goes out on Friday at 7 p. My mum usually wakes me up. I always have breakfast usually at half past eight. I go to school at quarter to nine. I have lunch at school at half past twelve. Lessons start again at 1. We finish school at 3.

I usually come home at quarter to four. My brain works best after dinner. We usually have dinner at 6 p. I often watch TV after school. My favourite sport programme starts at twenty past four. Example: Trevor usually gets up after 8 a. His mum wakes him up. Use only short answers when replying to general questions. B: Yes, he does. B: He usually gets up at 8 in the morning. I love reading. Example: Trevor loves sleeping, I love sleeping, too.

Which word is pronounced in two different ways? CED Listen and repeat. Listen and sing the rap. Hello, Trevor. Hello, Robert. Are you from London? Where are you from?

Not from London. I always walk to school. I often get up early. I usually eat eggs for breakfast. I always come on time for classes. Grammar and writing 27 Look at the underlined words and complete the triangle with adverbs sometimes, often, always.

Speak about yourself. Example: What do you never do? What do you often do? English children never go to school on Saturday.

Russian children sometimes have lunch at school. English children often watch television in the evening. English children usually have lunch at school. English children always finish school at half past three. What does she do to stay fit? Vocabulary once twice once a week twice a week three times a week four times a week every day go to the cinema Project idea 30 In pairs, make your survey about staying fit for The RAP.

What do your classmates do to stay fit? Ask your friends using the pictures. Make a table to show their answers. Staying fit How many times a week do you? What is the most surprising fact for you? What will the 21st century bring? Speak about life in the USA years ago, using the words never, sometimes, often, always.

Then answer the question: How many brothers and sisters has Nevita got? And he is your grandfather? Is this their house in Bombay? Yes, it is. Are you in this photo? Are they your parents? This is my mother and father in this photo. Are you in the photo? And this is our house. And this girl here — is she your sister?

Are they your brothers? Yes, they are. Are you all still at school? Yes, we are. CrJ Listen and repeat. My name is Maxim. In Russian it is common to address adults by their first name and patronymic. My grandpa turned 65 yesterday and we had a big family celebration. He was so happy! My grandma was very happy, too. It was a day when all our big family got together. My grandpa has two sons — Nikolai and Mikhail, and one daughter — Maria. In Russian we have special words for each of these, like zyaf and nevestka My grandparents love us, their grandchildren — we all get presents from them when they visit us on holidays!

All my cousins say that my mother, their auntie, is the best aunt in the world. But my grandfather is the luckiest of all, he has 3 children and 4 grandchildren! Nikolai is Maxim is Mikhail is Olga is Maria is Victor is Natalya is Igor is Fm not from Bristol. Fm from Bath. Which of them is about countries and nationalities and which is about cities and their inhabitants? What does it mean? November 7, 8. Many cities have special names for their inhabitants.

Liverpudlians are people who live in Liverpool or who come from Liverpool. Mind the pronunciation! I live in Moscow. The people of London are known as Londoners. People who live in the city of Bristol are called Bristolians. From Edinburgh — Edinburghers my nickname! Start with the most surprising name. What are the names of their inhabitants? Reply to topic Nickname Discussion Guest November 8, 9.

The names of the countries are Iceland and Ireland. N evit a-theR AP November 8, 9. The name of a nationality in English sometimes has nothing to do with the name of the country in English. They are called Americans. Dasha6 November 8, 9. I can think of another example — the word Dutch for people from the Netherlands.

Using a dictionary helps, of course. Try to make it interesting. Affirmative Negative Yes, I have. Yes, you have. Yes, we have. Yes, they have. Yes, she has. Yes, it has. What time does she have breakfast? My name is Tony. I a mother and a father, their names are Pamela and Michael. We all live together in a house in East Sheen, near London.

He likes to dance. His wife Patricia thinks it is good for Liz because she likes talking to people and working with them. My grandmother Susan and grandfather William are Londoners. I enjoy just looking at all the family together, and I like birthday cakes! Would you like to write to me?

Send letters to my e-mail address at the top of this letter. Find the full versions of each name in the letter. Mind the trap! One is the short form of two names. They found a nest with five eggs in it. Each took one and left four in it. Vocabulary [20] Which of these words are used when speaking about men and which about women?

Which words can be used for both men and women? Which words cannot? Two mothers and two daughters went shopping. How can that be? Reading 23 Work in pairs. Read the quiz and try to answer as many questions as you can. Their mother is Queen Elizabeth. Has he got a sister? What is the surname of her grandsons?

Quiz Princess Margaret Charles. Prince of Wales pjana. Princess of Wales Read the article about the Royal Family on p. This means it has a king or a queen as its Head of State.

At present this is Queen Elizabeth II. However, the monarch has very little power and can only reign with the support of Parliament. Members of the Royal Family are known both by the name of the Royal House, and by a surname. Queen Elizabeth II was born in She is a great-great-granddaughter of Queen Victoria Now he is called Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. Charles, the Prince of Wales, is the eldest son in the Royal Family.

In he married Lady Diana Spencer. They have two sons. Prince William and Prince Henry. Prince William, married Miss Catherine Middleton. Now they have the title Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Speaking 27 Choose a person from the Royal Family tree. B: Yes, they are. A: Is he Peter Phillips?

A group of schoolchildren from all over the UK were going on a tour to Moscow. Where did they come from? Project idea 29 In groups, do some research about the family of the last Russian tsar. Write some quiz questions. For example, you could ask about their great-grandparents or their children: Who was the grandfather of Tsar Nikolai II? A Three daughters and one son.

Then answer the question: Who likes the Naomi Campbell poster? Rachel: Whose Slam CD is this? He likes Slam. Rachel: I like Slam, too. Whose poster is this, Robert? Rachel: Whose photos are these? Nevita: Thanks. Trevor: Hello, Rachel. Hi, Nevita. Cor, Naomi Campbell! Nevita: Huh! Nevita: Trevor! Trevor and Robert: Hahaha! Read the sentences and say if they are true or false. Whose poster is this? Whose photos are these? CZD Listen and repeat. The others will have to guess what it is.

You can eat it play with it, read it, listen to it. I like it because Talk to your friend about the pictures. The first letter of each name is the first letter of the Various - Рэп Территория (Cassette).

Example: A: Whose favourite things are these? Example: A: What is Robert like? B: He likes sports. Listen to their conversation and say whose photo album it is and whose car it was. Whose pen is this? Whose house is this? Whose car is this? Was it yours? It was theirs. What things would she like to have on a desert island? How is she going to spend time on a desert island? Can you say what kind of person she is? What do her favourite things tell you about her? What would Barry, Colin and Philip like to take to a desert island?

Read their posts and check your guesses. Friday is here again. I love the weekends. Which has got me thinking: if I were on a desert island, what little pleasures would I like to have with me? Yes, the old desert island question. Okay, since this is my fantasy. Perhaps, a burger and a giant pizza This is a must-have for a life spent on an island. A big library would be wonderful, right? What would you like to take to your desert island?

What things could you not live without? Oooh I like this post! And I need my teddy bear, Barney. Lots of books, and music would be nice — to help pass the time! Just imagine what fantastic photos I can take on a desert island! As for food, I can live on pizza and chocolate What would you like to take there, and why?

What will you do there? Do you think you will enjoy staying on a desert island? How to invite agreement in English Most languages have one general phrase for a speaker to invite agreement with the comment he is making. In my opinion, It seems to me that. As far as I can see, I believe that. Complete these sentences with expressions from the Language focus. Make them true for you. Writing plan T Plan to write your opinion about an advert.

Find a picture in a magazine and answer these questions about it. Where are they? Are the models famous? What kind of company is the advert for? Where can you see this advert? Do you like the advert? Write your composition. Use your notes and the model text to help you. Describe what you can see in the advert. Give some information about the company and the places where you can see the advert. Check your writing.

Dialogue builder Making a complaint Look at the problems with these clothes and accessories. Match phrases with pictures a-d. Why does Ruth want a refund?

Shop assistant Ruth r Hello, can 1 help you? Here on the back, look. Have you got the receipt? Yes, here it is. Do you want to change it for No, thanks. Did you pay by cash or card? There you go. J 3 SH Listen again and repeat. Prepare a new dialogue. Apparently, these can create enough energy to cool your drinks. Remember to dry your bikini completely before you plug in your music!

Where was he born? Which four can you see in the pictures? Which four are irregular? Please me the truth - did you take my handbag or not? My little sister always A person who lies is called a liar. British people are very polite. Give an example. Was it the right decision? Why is Chesley B. Sulienberger a hero? A plane was flying incredibly low over the river. Flight was taking off from LaGuardia airport when it hit a flock of birds.

In a terrible coincidence, both engines failed. Less than five minutes later, the plane was in the water. Miraculously, all passengers and crew survived.

A passenger who was sitting near the left engine told reporters that flames were coming out of it. The parents of a three-year-old girl and a nine-month-old baby held their children tight while the plane was going down. Sullenberger, had only two choices: to land on water, or crash.

A true hero, Sullenberger was the last to leave the sinking plane. One grateful survivor said he spoke to him while they were standing on a rescue raft. Sullenberger was very calm.

Can you think of any other people who were involved? Did both engines fail? Yes, they did. Were people screaming? Yes, they were. The plane was taking off when it hit a flock of birds.

One survivor spoke to the pilot while they were standing on a rescue raft. I Complete the text. Use the past simple or past continuous form of the verbs in brackets. What a Hero! Captain Chesley B.

Sullenberger clearly never loses his calm. After landing successfully in the Hudson River, the pilot While Sullenberger Kate, 16, and Kelly, 14, Meanwhile, their father received an interesting phone call from the owner of Virgin Atlantic, Sir Richard Branson.

While he Write questions for these answers. Use the past simpie or past continuous. I went to the USA last summer. What time. Pronunciation: [d] [t] [id] a Listening A narrative about a fire 1 3j1] Listen to a narrative about a fire. Which headline best describes the story? Correct the false sentences. Vocabulary 2 Fact and fiction 4 Listen and repeat.

Which two can you see in the pictures? Copy and complete the diagram. Ask and answer. Do you ever play role-playing games? Do you like science fiction films? Which books are bestsellers at the moment where you live?

Which comics did you read when you were younger? What is your favourite textbook this year? Fortunately, of course, the blood I can see is all make-up, and this battle is not for real. Role play enthusiast Simon Lowe has agreed to be my guide for the day.

We certainly look like characters in a film. Which one is regular? They are very popular in Britain. If you visit a castle, you can sometimes watch medieval Jousting or look around a medieval market. When the time comes for me to say goodbye and step Various - Рэп Территория (Cassette) into the modern world, I feel quite sad.

Are these sentences true or false? Find evidence in the text. Your voice Discuss these questions. Have you ever watched a reenactment? Yes, I have. Has Max learnt a lot about history?

Yes, he has. Complete the text with the present perfect form of the verbs in brackets. Role-playing history is something which 1 become increasingly popular over recent years.

Thousands of people 2 join many different groups since the first re-enactment society began in the s. Rob Smith He 4 always. Groups like this 6 bring English history to life for school students around the country Write questions. Use the present perfect and ever. Have you ever played a role-playing game?

Ask and answer the questions in exercise 3. Use short answers. It's a greatstory. It's abouta man called Edmond Dantes who goes to prison for a crime which he 3 wasn't committing I didn't commit. They became good friends, and one day Abbe Faria said: 'If you ever escape from here, go and find my fortune.

Keep it - it's yours! Why did Tom read this book? Who was Harry Houdini? Would Tom recommend the book? Book review The last book that I read was called 'Escape! The Story of the Great Houdini. I got this book out of the school library because we were doing a project about escapology and magic. It also describes his famous acts in detail, and considers his success in both Europe and the USA. There are lots of great photos in the book too.

This book was useful for my project, but it was very enjoyable too. The author is a magician as well as a writer, and he really brought Houdini to life for me. I'd definitely recommend this book to anyone who is interested in learning more aboutthe history of the 'Great Houdini'. Tom Hutchinson Translate the example sentences in the Language focus. Is the word order the same or different in your language?

It was useful for my project. There are lots of great photos. It was very enjoyable. Writing pian T Plan to write a book review. Answer these questions. Follow this pian. Dialogue builder Agreeing and disagreeing Look at the list of Top Five books and answer the questions. Which is the most popular book? Have you read any of these books? Do you know if there are films based on any of these books? Ruth is choosing a book at the library.

Which book does she choose? What did you think of them? Yes, so did I. It took me ages, though. I read quite slowly. This one looks good. V No, neither do I. But it looks quite good. They were good. I really enjoyed them. Yes, so do I. The Invisible Man?

Then, prepare a new dialogue. Use expressions for agreeing and disagreeing. What kind of book are you looking for? I really enjoyed So do I. So did I.

Neither do I. Neither did I. They agree to go and see a n a action b science fiction c romantic They want to go to the a 5. For irregular past participles, see Irregular verbs list, pi We often use ever to ask questions about experiences in the past. Have you ever been to a historical re-enactment? We often use never with the present perfect to talk about experiences we have not had.

He's never felt so afraid. Fact and fiction 2 Complete the words with vowels. Past simple and past continuous 3 Complete the text with the past simple form of the verbs in brackets. The prisoners However, many of those men Two men Another man In this film Use the past simple once and the past continuous once in each sentence.

The Great Escape. What about you? Yes, she. Cumulative grammar 8 Choose the correct words. Unit contents: Vocabulary Body language; British and American English Grammar Present perfect with for and since; just, yet and already, present perfect and past simple; past perfect Skills Read about an international summer school Listen to a phone conversation Write about your language learning experiences Prepare for an English speaking test Across the curriculum History Culture today Could You Become a British Citizen?

Which ones are not part of the face? Make a list of the different activities that you can do at the summer school. Then check in the text. It was amazing! Ail the teachers were wearing disguises and we had to find them in the town. We all made food from our countries. While the international students are learning English in the morning, I have Spanish classes. Look at the timetable. Ask and answer about what you were doing yesterday.

What were you doing at half past eight? A typical day at Summer School 8. How do you say for and since in your language? Do you use the present perfect with these expressions? We use since to talk about a point in time. Ian has only learnt German Ian has also learnt a bit of Chinese Write full sentences with for or since.

Then complete sentences with just, yet or already. Has your English improved yet? Use the present perfect and the words in brackets. Use the past simple and present perfect in each one. My parents.

Use the present perfect and past simple. Have you ever been to England? I went to Brighton. Which ones can you see in the pictures? Pay attention to the American accent. The Skyride is an To find us, just take the All in just half an hour! Read the email. Where does Brad live? Hi Mum and Dad! Which three people do you hear? I read it about a hundred times! Tm so happy. How many of the questions in the text can you answer?

Test yourself! Do you know the answer to these questions? Do men and women have equal political rights? Your voice Answer the questions. Imana had been in a refugee camp. Had Dariusz prepared for the test? Yes, he had. Complete the sentences with the past simple or past perfect form of the verbs in brackets. Which other books you use before you bought this one? Before you started this school year, you already. Where had your parents lived before they Pronunciation: [h] a Sm Listen and repeat.

Book Various - Рэп Территория (Cassette) Unit grammar check 1 Choose the correct answers. It's about an American girl called Daisy who travels to Europe in the s. I 2 the bookyet - l Daisy was having a great time in Europe. She 4. When Daisy was in Switzerland, she met a young man called winterbourne, in those days, everything was more formal So Daisy shocked people when she agreed to go sightseeing with Winterbourne, because they had only In this book, Henry James 7 about the cultural differences between Europeans and Americans.

More than a century has passed 8 Henry James wrote the story, but I think that there are still a lot of misunderstandings between people from different countries! I remember my first Russian teacher - his name was Mr Carr. He was English but he spoke Russian fluently because he Last year I My teacher organised an exchange trip to Saint Petersburg. My penfriend's name was Yura Granin. I had never met a real Russian before!

Now I'm We usually have three hours of Russian every week, including one hour of speaking practice. Look at the Language focus and translate the bold time expressions in sentences Then match the sentences to tenses a-f. Then complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

What tense are they? I was learning French when I started to learn German 1 Our teacher Writing plan X Plan to write about your experiences of learning English. Foiiow this pian, and use the modei to heip you. What kind of questions do you think they will ask in part one? Write as many as possible with these words. Part two The examiner will give you a card with some instructions. You have one minute to prepare a task, then you have to talk for about one minute.

Which places In England has Vera visited? Teacher Vera Hello! First of all,-could you introduce yourself? Whereabouts in Russia are you from? Yes, where are you from exactly? And how long have you studied English? How long are you staying here in Liverpool?

I see. Tell me a bit about your family. Thanks, Vera. This is my second time in England - I went to Brighton last year. For two weeks. Do you mean my family in Russia? Imagine you are doing a speaking test at a language school in Britain. Prepare answers to the questions in the dialogue. Which card did she have? Practise your dialogue. Could you introduce yourself? Yes, my name's A Describe an important decision that you have made in your life.

Whereabouts in are you from? How long have you studied. Tell me a bit about Do you mean? How long are you staying here in Describe your first experiences of staying away from home. Whereabouts in Where are you from exactly?

How long have you studied.? How long are you staying here in Tell me a bit about Do you mean? I've spent every summer here since l was How long have you been in England? How long has your teacher taught at this school? I've just spoken to my parents on the phone. The lesson hasn't finished yet. Have you done your homework yet? I've already beeri to London. Last weekend we went on a day trip to London. We use the past perfect for actions in the past which happened before another action.

Danil had studied very hard to pass the exam. You if you agree with something. You with one eye. You usually People in England often when they meet someone. I was The UK has been in the EU.

Present perfect and past simple Complete the questions. Use the preser perfect or past simple. How long Past perfect 7 Complete the text with the past simple c past perfect form of the verbs In bracke Emma 1 not go abroad before she vi on a school exchange to France.

In fact, s 2 not spend more than a weekend away from home before. At first, she was ocial care, or performing arts. I'm not fhe most hard-working sfudenf but I hope I'll pass my exams in fhe end! I wanf a well-paid job. I know I won'f be fhe only girl on fhe course because fwo of my friends are doing if foo.

I'll have fhe chance fo do some work experience af a recording sfudio. Thaf'll be greaf because I love music! How many A-Levels do most people take? Can you take a Vocational Certificate in performing arts?

Do apprentices study full-time? How much do apprentices earn? How much is the minimum wage for year-olds? What is an e2e course? Is there a minimum wage for year-olds ir your country?

What are you going to do when you finish your compulsory education? Across the curriculum Geography-» pi36 Grammar 1 will, be going to and present continuous for future 1 Read the examples and complete sentences with will, be going to or present continuous. Will he travel in the future? Yes, he will. Is he going to do work experience? Yes, he is. Are her friends staying at school? I Complete the dialogue with will or won't and the verbs in brackets. Anna What job Maybe I What job do you think you Anna I think I Maybe I 6.

Use I don't think I'll. Listen and repeat. Are the sentences normal or fast? Write sentences with be going to. Write sentences with I'm not going to. Then add three new resolutions. Red Various - Рэп Территория (Cassette) - Hawthorne's Most Wanted 1. Deep Thoughts 2. Welcome All 3. Boulevard Knights 5. Tapatio Feat. Pigeon John 7. Hawthorne's Most Wanted Feat. Kurupt of Tha Dogg Pound 8. The Boombox Saints 9. Krylon Teardrops The Time Has Come Battle Of Little Bighorn Feat.

Def Shepard My People Songs They Sang Death Of A Salesman Feat. Cause and Effect Ment To Be Ft. Class A Not Givin Up Inspiration Ft. Austin

Josephine - Bill Blacks Combo - Greatest Hits & Bill Blacks Combo Play Tunes By Chuck Berry (CD), My Valley, American Patrol - Glenn Miller - Anvil Chorus (CD), (Im Not Your) Steppin Stone - The Raticals - Rock Tonight (Vinyl), King Of Mars - Neil Merryweather - Space Rangers (CD, Album), Think Twice - Various - Yabba-Dabba-Dance! 7 (CD), 20 Aniversario - Patxi Andión - Érase Una Vez (Vinyl, LP), Central Memory - Antonio Riccardo Luciani*, Federico Rapagnetta, Enrico Cosimi, Giuliano Sorgini - S, ¡Pum-Pum! ¡Bang-Bang! - Los Esquizitos - Los Esquizitos (CD, Album), G,O.O.D. Times - Various - Abouttime Presents Sould Together Vol. 3, The Soul Of Black America (CD)