Abnormal Generation - Exarsis - The Human Project (CD, Album)

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OK I'll stop the story here Party on, Garth Many life lessons are contained within. As I said I am not a massive fan of it but this series really made me have at least a passing interest in it for the first time.

This season was closer to season 1 with longer pieces of music played vs the shorter peices played in season 2 and I believe this was an improvement. I really loved the use of the first piece Nodame and Chiaki played together to bring everything together again near the end and how this took place with the 2 of them playing on the 2 pianos again. I also think the piece used for Nodame's debut was great and really Album) her woe. I am really glad they didn't end up doing a convoluted love triangle Abnormal Generation - Exarsis - The Human Project (CD Nodame, Chiaki and Rui.

I think this is all too common to anime and it was a very pleasant surprise that it was missing. In fact if anything it made me like Chiaki more as even an amazing pianist like Rui still doesn't get a look in.

Rating: 7. My review is going to include many references to the manga, so if you haven't read it or don't want it to be spoiled. You may not want to read this review Short Review The last and final season of Nodame! Like sonata form the Album), came in 3 parts and well, this season was quite appropriately named "finale".

In terms of plot this season progresses even more quickly then paris-hen and covers the growth of the main character's music careers very quickly. On the other hand personal development for the characters is a bit weak and repetitive this time around.

After the first two episodes of finale came out, I went and read the entire nodame manga. For better or worse, my knowledge from the manga really changed my opinion and view of this entire series. Thus as a warning, if you DO plan on reading the manga, then watch the series first. The manga includes much more depth and development, it also has extra characters that never appear in the series. Overall the series was a nice finish. It wasn't as amazing for me as the first season, but it did top the second.

They brought the series more back to the roots and had a much larger focus on music. I had quite a bit of fun listening to the various songs they played. This goes without saying that anyone who has seen s1 and s2 should see this season too. I wouldn't recommend to anyone who hasn't seen them.

Ratings Animation The animation follows the exact same style as before. I don't want to go too much in detail about this. So basically, they use the same colorful bright painting ish backgrounds from before. The same 3d Musicians playing instruments. The same character sets and facial expressions Really nothing new, the same quality as before. Sound The sound also follows the same style as before, and is by far the best part of this season.

The ending was much better though. I'm not sure why they changed her, but it really doesn't matter she is a minor character and only has a few lines max in a few episodes. Otherwise everyone else did a good job as always. OST The music they include is wonderful, they also include much longer clips which was lacking in s2.

Thus I was very satisfied with the OST this time around. Story It is a good story, and has a great sense of end when you finish it. It feels as though MANY things happen, but at the same time it feels very familiar regardless of the change. I do have some things to say about the story though Main story Regardless of if you read the manga or watch the anime the main events regarding Chiaki and Nodame all exist and happen. They might not always happen in the same order, but they happen.

Thus the plot doesn't stray and plays out quite nicely. If you look at just these two characters then yeah it was a great story. Mainly that well they have a few characters that are in the anime, who don't get explained. Or WTF happened to Chiaki's father?!?!? Yes, in the manga his father is very much alive and a part of the story. He actually plays a vital role in getting Chiaki back on together with Nodame. I'll mention the two other characters who are missing in the next section.

In the manga he is actually a painter who lives upstairs and is good friends with Chiaki's parents. All of which is missing from the anime. There is also one other character who appears around the "finale" Abnormal Generation - Exarsis - The Human Project (CD frame. Android app is coming soon! For Students Yuzu combines a next-generation reading and note-taking eReader; allowing students to create a personal learning experience that best suits their needs.

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