Angus & Julia Stone - Down The Way (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Whith my smartphone, these are what you said, but with a good amp like a shanling UA2 it is a different story, really! As many earphones, they need a good powered source and good recordings. DarkeyeH Krucoz Hi! Thanks your reply!

They are not bad IEMs by any means, they just lack treble and upper treble response for my taste. There's an annoying peak at 2k, that I think also contributes to cloak the treble and its already premature roll-off. And unfortunately, the mid-bass bleed just helps to veil the sound spectrum for good.

Cons : Mid bass hump Bass bleed Some lack of detail in mids and treble Problematic fit, short nozzles Poor cable; tips not fit for purpose. Back in August last year I received the original BL gunmetal for review. I appreciated its natural tonality and overall balance but was unable to obtain a secure fit. The unusual shaped tips and short nozzles proved problematic and the supplied cable with its angled connectors tended to pull the IEMs out of my ears.

In addition, the very smooth and shiny finish afforded no grip and the uneven weight distribution added to the problem. Some of these issues were solved by using a replacement cable and changing the tips.

However, some instability remained which impacted my ability to fully appreciate the potential of these earphones and I did not join the legion of fans singing its praises. I have now received the Album) version of the BL clothed in an attractive dark purple colour.

I found the new paint finish afforded more grip than the shiny metal did, and I obtained a very stable and acceptable fit and consequently an improved performance from the BL The earpieces are teardrop-shaped and finished in a highly-polished zinc alloy called "Kersite" and are finished in a dark purple colour with gold speckled accents.

The build quality is impressive with a high-quality smooth finish. This box contains a linen-finish pouch with a blue BLON logo and the spare eartips plus some documentation. The BL features a detachable 4-core braided cable which has tightly curved ear guides and angled, shielded 2-pin connectors.

I found this to be tangly and uncomfortable to wear and it tended to make the earpieces unstable. In addition, the short nozzles and unusual cone-shaped tips failed to provide a secure fit. I therefore changed the cable for a Hifi Hear 16 core cable with straight connectors and the Angus & Julia Stone - Down The Way (Vinyl were replaced by JVC Spiral Dots, large size.

The fit was now snug, secure and comfortable. The earphones were left burning in for over hours before testing. The overall profile was well-balanced with a robust bass output centred on the mid bass but still possessing good sub bass depth.

There was some bass bleed but the transition to the mids was generally smooth. Timbre was very attractive and natural. The treble was nicely contoured and gently rolled off. Transient response was very good and texture was well-rendered. Layering in electronic music was especially notable. The balanced nature of this presentation suited most types of music. Bass The bass was on the warm side of neutral with an emphasis in the mid bass which endowed this region with a "cuddly" quality which was attractive but did dominate on some material and slightly blunted the resolution and texture.

The sub bass had good impact and with a good sense of weight. The Greek keyboard master's characteristic synth patches came over with impact and the drums and bass synthesiser parts in the climax possessed satisfying weight and power, but the leading edges were occasionally just a little soft.

In the version by the Eos Orchestra conducted by Jonathan Schaffer, the bass drum showed impressive depth with the rebound of the skin being easy to discern although the initial strike could have been crisper. Timpani had excellent timbre and air which resulted in an exhilarating performance. Mids The midrange displayed a very natural timbre with an overall warm cast which reproduced acoustic instruments very well.

There was a good deal of space which allowed directional cues to be heard clearly. Soundstage was very impressive with the stereo imaging also of high quality. In addition, the layering was very good.

The detail retrieval could have been greater, however. This midrange profile has been described by some as "vintage" or "analogue" and I would agree with this description. The complex percussive elements danced across the soundstage with the synth layering and accompaniment all combining to provide a perfect backdrop for the lead melody.

The whole piece displayed great coherence, no doubt the result of good single-driver implementation. Vocal performance was impressive, too. The lyrics were clear and well-enunciated and the natural timbre of the acoustic guitar and sax solos provided a perfect foil for the vocal line. The principal melody line and lively counterpoint were clear and crisp and layering was beautifully portrayed. The climaxes had great immediacy with the timbre of the various string sections reproduced accurately and possessing an attractive warmth or glow.

Treble The BL produced a solid treble performance. Tonality was excellent in the lower region and remained smooth throughout.

It was just a little polite with a gentle roll-off in the upper treble but even so the extension appeared very good and there were no harsh peaks. In the upper region a mild lift imparted this region with clarity and a pleasant depiction of 'air'. At no time did the treble become too dominant, but the overall tonality was just a little softer than neutral. The timbre of the harp was very realistic. If a secure and comfortable fit can be obtained, it is capable of an excellent musical performance unexpected at this price level.

It is well-made, has a notable natural tonality in the midrange and an expansive, three-dimensional soundstage. It is not perfect; there is a mid bass hump and some bass bleed. There is also an occasional veiling in the mids and a roll-off in the treble which rob it of some detail.

In addition, for most, the cost of a good cable and replacement tips must be factored in. However its warm, inviting tonality still marks it out as an outstanding performer in its price range and it has, quite rightly, achieved almost legendary status.

Highly recommended. View previous replies…. Nimweth It is very powerful and is slightly warmer than neutral. It is very well made and has a good battery life. F I second the statement about the A5, nice little amp with warm yet engaging sound and good battery life. Distortion is kept to the minimum in my experience. Beware the pairing due to the coloration, though. Pros : Decent sound for its price Breaks down bass lines well Good quality bass Good build quality.

It has been rated very highly by many earphone reviewers for having incredible LP to performance ratio. I have also only heard of this earphone this year and seeing the ton of positive reviews, I had to hear what the hype was all about. FastAndClean Blob. Dr Rez Great review. But why is the graph showing highs in the left and lows on the right? Pros : Balanced sound. Cons : Bad fit, little bit to much bass. First impression was bad. Changed cable to Dunnu Hulk had it layin around. New headphones Pros : - Lively, exacting sound - clean edges - bass control.

Cons : - elevated bass - slightly depleted lower mid-range. From these few days, I spend with them build looks nice and sturdy, so does the cable which doesn't tangle much, unlike KZ cables and Tin Audio cables that are quite annoying.

I heard a lot of complaints about the fit but I didn't notice any. In fact, BLs don't seem picky when it comes to ear-tips and frequency response stays fairly similar no matter which ones I choose, unlike some LP models TinAudio T2 for example.

They're also much less bulky than most of the KZs, so points for that too. Frequency response is slightly V-shaped with emphasis on the bass much more than on the highs so it's not really a compliantly symmetrical V. That said the bass is fast, precise and punchy most of the time, showing it's unnaturally high presence mostly with acoustic bass notes. Up the frequency range we have nice, detailed mids and vocals with plenty of textures and nice leading edges. They do lack some body because of the lower mid-range depletion.

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Morrison Media. Retrieved 10 December Triple J. EMI Music. Retrieved 11 December Letter from Angus Stone: 'I wanted to introduce you to Lady of the Sunshine, some songs i have been working on Every emotion in my head has its own voice and this record is what came of them.

Last year the old man gave me his old telecaster which gave me the chance to move into a heavier sound. We layed [ sic ] down the tracks in about 6 weeks throughoutrecording in an old water tank Smooth Biquette had fixed up. I guess the idea of this album was that there would be no idea of how it would come together as a whole. I enjoyed watching how the songs took on their own ride, most from the simplest of ideas. I wanted to work on the artwork as we did the music.

Lady of the Sunshine peace' Angus Stone. Music Feeds. Australian Charts Portal. Hung Medien Steffen Hung. Alloy Digital Smooth Biquette. Archived from the original on 27 July Australian Recording Industry Association. Archived from the original on 27 April Retrieved 1 May Retrieved 9 November Archived from the original on 5 LP Retrieved 15 May Rolling Stone Australia.

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