Doctor Rain - Whats Your Name (CD)

News The Doctor Strange 2 director talks returning to the superhero genre. News The actor is still set to star in Disney's upcoming Tower of Terror movie. Amazon Prime Having a night in? Then kick back with one of the best movies on Amazon Prime. Underline the stressedsyllable. Practise the sentences. I Iello. IJarry'st lotel. Oh no! The phone! Are you Molly? No, sorry, I'm not. Do part A. Yes l am. No l'm not. Y V Niceto meetyou.

Y Y Niceto meetyou. Y Niceto meetyou. Nice to meetyou. Am I late? B He'sfrom I. A ls she from 2 - too? B No, she isn't. She'sfrom 3 A ls it a goodfilm? B Yes,it is. A Whereareyoufrom? B l'm from England. A Wherein England? B l'm fromLondon. Readthe rulesanddo the exercises.

Can you hear the difference? I a Is he from ltaly? Guessthe countries. Ask your teacher. It'sfrom China. Copy the stress. Italy I'. L r-erpool is in F,ngland. I'm from China. Nice to meet you. Where are you from? I m from Russia. Where inRussia?. I'm from Moscow. Where is it? Is it a good film? Yes,it's fantastic. Yes, They're Theyaren'tSpanish.

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That'smy bag. B No, it isn't. B What are their names? A Her name'sLucyand his name'sEric. B Hello. And who's this? C It's my parrot. B Whafs its name? B Hello Polly. B Sorry? A Whereare our coats? B Yourcoats- they'reover there on the chair.

A Thankyou. Good night. Thencomplete men and women I the chart with a highlighted word. Readtherulesfor brother husband son mother possessive Do exercisea. Talk to a partner. Point at peoplein the classroom. What'sher name? I can'tremember. The woman over there is my mother. I Doctor Rain - Whats Your Name (CD) one brother and three sons. My husband and my father are teachers. Marianne b Complete the sentenceswith a name. Readthe rulesfor possessive s.

Do exercise b. Corerb andpractisewith photosA-E. Ask andanswer. Myfather's name isMafi, andmymother'snameisAmy. I havea brother anda sister. Wehavea dog. That's my bag. Who's this?

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My car is a Peugeot2Ol. Write about your dream' car. Three dbe topfivewomen's carsaresportscars butnotvery qensivesports cars.

Women prefercarsthataresmall easy to park andsafe. Mark the sentencesT true or F false. A What'syour phonenumber? B- A Sorry? I 2 3 0r3r r In pairs, practise the dialogue in a. Use your phone number or an invented number. Then practisesaylngall the numbers. How old are the people in your famil b Listen again and read. Complete the dialogues.

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What's your phone number? And you? What's your ernail address? I'm OK, thanks. How old are you? This is Helen.

I' m Seeyou soon. Are you married? We're in a hurry. B It's email from my boyfriend. B- in my bag. I expensive a Is b It's 2 big A What arethey? Where areyoufurn? B Nice to meetyou. B I think she's B - thanks. B 25 King Street.

Ghost of the Former Self. Mid Summer Night's Dream. Histories' Greatest Bandits. Shooting Down Ravens. White Lightining Cider.

Wine and Cheap Perfume. When Hell Freezes Over. Corporate Downpour. Make it look llike an Accident. Seven Steps to Peace.

Attendant Lieutenant. Speak When Spoken To. Only Best Father Figures. The Lion Sleeps Tonight. Bandit Starter Course. Perks of being a Wallflower. Long Range Shooters. Distance Doesn't Matter. Bullet for my Valentine. Pride and Prejudice and Kitties. Practice Makes Perfect. What does the Fox Say. MC Paul Barman Small World Memory Man Remix Scarface Ghetto Prisoners Memory Man Remix Aaliyah Knockboots Memory Man Remix DMX Big Things Memory Man Remix Kissing Memory Man Remix AZ 10 - Classic feat.

Rakim 03 - Get Down 04 - Got yourself a Gun ft. AZ 09 - Fast Life ft. Pharrell Coprod. Last Real Nigga Alive, Pt. Jay Electronica 13 Fall in Love feat.

Estelle 14 Heartbeat Remix feat. Damian Marley 16 As We Enter feat. Damian Marley 17 Nah Mean feat. Damian Marley 18 Patience feat. Damian Marley 19 Ancient People feat. Period Dubplate feat. Nneka 21 This Is the Way Clean feat. Purple — Produced by Jony Fraze 5.

Fast Life — Produced by Geng Grizzly 6. Hey Nas — Produced by Shinobi Ninja 8. Zone Out — Produced by Mondee Mastermind — Produced by Steel Nas Is Like — Produced by Dr. Rewind — Produced by Face Valyou Thiefs Theme — Produced by Tes Uno Affirmative Action — Produced by Kon Last Real Nigga Alive Pt. The Second Coming On The Real One On One Courthouse Foul Breeze The World I Already Know Tick Tock feat.

Prodigy Sometimes I Wonder feat. Nature My Worst Enemy Amongst Kings Who Are You? Xin Xin Film Good Morning Intro Stay Chiseled Original Version Top Down Street Dreams Pt. II feat. Across The Tracks feat.

Silent Murder The Rise And Fall Star Wars I Have To Don't Body Yaself I Want It ft. Life's Gone Low Hustler And A Killer My Will Intro Soundtrack To The Streets Snitch Alibi In Too Deep Triple Threat feat. Gangsta Tears Everyday Thang feat. Dre Talk Of New York Like Me Victory feat. John Legend Never Gonna Give Up Time feat. High Legendary Mike Tyson Theme Ancient People feat. We March As Millions Association feat.

Stic Man of Dead Prez The Blackness a. Darkness Be Right Escobar Sinful Living feat. Billy Lawrence Less Than An Hour feat. Secret Agent Man More Than I Can Say feat. Keyshia Cole Fear Of Mandingo Middle Finger feat. David Banner Tales From The Hood Street's Disciple Original Version Queensfinest War Is Necessary Wanna Play Rough The Foulness Pts. Understanding Too Late feat. Bravehearts Tags Cormega One Never Knows Cookout feat.

Nature Tags Livin It Tags Live From the Bridge Take It In Blood Pt. Jungle Jay feat. Olu Dara Outro CD 2: Keep It Raw Intro Source Freestyle feat. Kid Capri U Wanna Be Me The Flyest Angels feat. Pharrell Come Take A Ride 2 Seater Anybody Test When Thugs Die True Dialect Tags The N The Foulness Pt.

Thugz Mirror Outro Queens Day feat. Run DMC and Prodigy Cassidy and Quan In Between Us feat. Calm Down feat. Noreaga and Tragedy Khadafi Verbal Intercourse feat. Raekwon Fast Life Buckwild Remix feat. Kool G Rap Live at The Barbeque feat. Main Source Success feat. Stay Chiseled feat. Large Professor John Blaze feat.

Eye For Doctor Rain - Whats Your Name (CD) Eye feat. Mobb Deep and Raekwon Music for Life feat. Rough Around The Edges feat. Heartbeat feat. Nneka Road to Zion feat. Damian Marley Bring It To You Hardest feat. Slick Rick CD 2 Rich And Black feat. The Essence feat. Grand Finale ft. Dog Shit ft.

Holla Back ft. Jay-Z and Ludacris Mobb Deep and Jadakiss Letter to the King feat. Game Analyze This No Love Lost feat. Jay-Z and Lord Tariq Classic feat. Finer Things feat. Jon B Daz and Kurupt Why Remix feat. Ice Cube and Scarface Usual Suspects feat. Rick Ross Give It Up Fast feat. Help Somebody Remix feat. Maxwell CD 3 Mo Money, Mo Murder Homicide ft.

Win or Lose feat. Mobb Deep, Jadakiss and Jay-Z The Saints feat. Killah Priest We Major feat. Kanye West Yacht Music feat. Must Be Nice Remix feat. Lyfe Jennings What If feat. Aiight Then Original version feat. Desperados II feat.

The Firm and Canibus Streets Of NY feat. Alicia Keys and Rakim Let My Niggas Doctor Rain - Whats Your Name (CD) feat. Wu-Tang Clan Devin The Dude and Xzibit Level 7 feat. Ice King feat. Res One Plus One feat. Freedom Jazz Dance Remix feat. Miles Davis Joe and Mariah Carey CD 4 Who U Rep With feat. Gun 4 Gun feat. Doctor Rain - Whats Your Name (CD) feat. Joss Stone Get To Know Me feat. Joe Be Ez feat. Capone-N-Noreaga Show Discipline feat. The Ultimate High feat. With Me feat. Why You Hate The Game feat.

Good Life feat. Nate Dogg Topless feat. Eminem and Dr. Popular Thug feat. Hot Boyz feat. Sincerity feat. DMX and Mary J. Good Morning Surviving the Times One on One Talk of New York II Feat. It Wasnt You Feat. Wanna Play Sometimes I Wonder Feat. Soundtrack To The Streets Feat. Im A Villian Amy Winehouse 14 Bye Baby Nasty The Black Bond Roses The Message I Gave You Power I Can Explicit Version Find Ya Wealth The Set Doctor Rain - Whats Your Name (CD) Street Dreams Drunk by Myself Loco-Motive feat.

Halftime CD 2: Bridging the Gap feat. Just a Moment feat. Quan Oochie Wally Remix One Love The World Is Yours Intro 2.

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