Glen McCabe - My Dusty Walkin Shoes (Vinyl, LP)

He posted these videos on YouTube under the account glennspam1, which has now been suspended. Various mirrors have been uploaded, each being removed by Youtube. It shows Kenny "Christopher" under the pseudonym Timmy and his brother abusing their cat. A number of internet communities managed to identify the perpetrator. The Anonymous community was able to track down the creator of the videos, a fourteen-year-old from Lawton, Oklahoma, and passed his details to his local police department.

As a result of this, a suspect was arrested and the cat was treated by a veterinarian and taken to a safe place. Show Comments. Photographs of Canadian singer Grimes doing some light reading with a copy of "The Communist Manifesto" in hands went viral, but did not exactly appeal to leftists on social media.

The LP) was posted back in June as part of Touchdown's "Rid the Mid" campaign and has now blown up in lip dubs across TikTok. Know Your Meme is an advertising supported site and we noticed that you're using an ad-blocking solution. Read Edit History. The Anonymous reaction The Anonymous community was able to track down the creator of the videos, a fourteen-year-old from Lawton, Oklahoma, and passed his details to his local police department.

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Ben Tavera King "La musica de los 'Border Crossings' es una mezcla de influencias Indigenas, Mestizas y Europeas que brotan con una sonoridad multicultural, que vibra con la emotiva improvisacion del jazz Labels: Ben Tavera King. Roberts and Barrand are accompanied by Fred Breunig and Steve Woodruff, both of whom play fiddle and button accordion.

As one might imagine, the resulting sound is stark and, it must be said, haunting; the subject matter of the songs, all of which deal with such topics as magical flora, woodland enchanters, and the ghosts of dead children and lovers, only adds to the eerie tone of the proceedings.

These two really are remarkable singers; tenor Barrand has a sound that cuts like a reed whizzing through the air, while baritone Roberts moans with a plaintive, almost nasal sound. Description doesn't work, obviously these two must be heard to be appreciated.

Labels: John RobertsTony Barrand. It is widely regarded as one of Travis's finest musical achievements. Labels: Merle Travis. October 15, John Hartford: Aereo-Plain. The album sold so poorly that Warner Bros. Nevertheless, Aereo-Plain has been called the forerunner of the genre now known as "Newgrass". Hartford subsequently asked to be released from his contract and later signed with Flying Fish Records.

The sessions were controlled but relaxed, as Taylor commented, "John let us play what we wanted to play. That approach kind of became, after awhile, newgrass. Tracks were all recorded in one "take," with no overdubs, making the outstanding musicianship particularly noteworthy. Atheists beware: there's a lot of gospel. When Seeger passed away later that same year, the project took on the added importance of paying tribute to this renowned musician, folklorist, and documentarian of the people.

It'll be country 'cause you're writing what's happening. And that's all a good song is. This deluxe 5CD set includes 68 pages of liner notes and rarely seen archival photos, documents and memorabilia. September 20, Mountain Music Played on the Autoharp.

Bywhile that fad had passed, the autoharp found an enduring home in the southern mountains. This compilation features a variety of performers, as well as extensive biographical notes about each contributor. Labels: Ernest V. Guitar, banjo, autoharp and dulcimer weave a delicate majesty on a great selection of traditional material.

This stunning collection, recorded in London in by Bill Leader, is a powerful example of their musical accuity and has been an influence on many younger performers. Originally a Topic Record 12Tpublished in England in Labels: Peggy SeegerTom Paley. It includes highlights of her career through All tracks are taken from her Elektra studio albums with one exception, the single version of Collins' biggest hit "Both Sides Now", which peaked at No.

Labels: Judy Collins. Originally released on Takoma init was out of print for years before an overwhelming fan petition prompted a reissue of the album in The sound is marvelous and, as one would expect, there's a ton of fine flatpicking here, as well as a rare chance to hear Blake live and in his prime.

Joined by then-wife Nancy on three cuts, Blake switches to fiddle LP) a few tunes, including the lovely "Border Widow. Some of these tunes turned up on previous and later studio albums; some he would never record again.

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