I Refuse - The Cars - MP3 (CD)

I love you Lu I LOVE you! My [email protected] I had been watching football with your participation! Eugene 17l. Not going to write high-sounding words. Just want to say. Now I'm just delirious im. Hochu wish you a great career in football. I remember that you did. And in my heart will always live love for football and for you! Dmitry know how to do what is best to play and score, do not lose self-confidence in yourself and everything will be as you want.

We cheer for the locomotive and for you Good luck. Judging by letters. Wake up Although you do not understand. His energetically promoting. Look at him at the age of 17 years!?? Usual, the average Russian man I Refuse - The Cars - MP3 (CD) become victims of I Refuse - The Cars - MP3 (CD) inspires you SMI. I agree with those girls who is written. I am sure that your love somewhere ryadom. A Sychev certainly not at all enough! I followed his example! Now, even when Loko proigravalo I am still rooting for you!

Dima, I adore you I know not surprised! So, guys, today is not your day. And anyway Be ill for CSKA! Dima, you are so sexy, you have such a beautiful body. I read, and wonder! Well devchenki write to him, but the boys! Enough to ask Dima to leave your phone! Well clearly the case will not leave! Give it a rest! He is also a man whose own personal life! We have it pulled up! I also love it. In general, be ill for Sychev, for Loko Blonde in chocolate for Dmitri Sychev.

Dechenki, but he did not leave your phone does not come to Tula Even if he does not read, let others know that he is the luchshiy. Zhelayu Dime success in football and in his personal life. All greetings! Accidentally looked into this chat and there so many records of course thanks and I am very happy but I can not sit and answer you! I love hm! I Refuse - The Cars - MP3 (CD) the most beautiful!

I'm your best fonatka I love you you're the best footballer in the world. I try to watch all the matches between working and studying excellent igraesh. No you do not have to turn up I Refuse - The Cars - MP3 (CD) noses, just deloy that you know how to perfectly. Sorry for that remark. Always say what I think though I understand that life sometimes interferes.

I hope that you letter prochtesh. Dima, you're super! Dovno am following your game and yes Dmitry playing Lokomativa too, and can not stop marveling at your best driblengu in Russia! Dima certainly a good and talented player, but it should not be overestimated. Listen, well, LOL, reading your endless correspondence. You'd better case some useful took up. Olga Parish for Dmitri Sychev. I would place Sychev home afraid to go after these comments here you still my " horror some interests.

And good luck in the new season. Very cool! My mother and your mother worked together! In SU Bank on Mayakovsky can you remember? But my mom remembers you very well! And says. And what about your mom. Your father is still the coach work?? Can answer me??! Write on ICQ or on the box [email protected]! Mom and dad a big hello pass it! Girls, do you really think that he was then reads from these stupid messages! Dimul, we would have scored more beautiful!

Oh try! Rejoice devchenok! A realist, I agree with toboy. Nu owl really beautiful, but it does not mean you need to forget about all the kids in the world and think only about syche! This is very stupid, all these Alinki, Maruska, etc. Ostavlyayut descended from their rooms and think about Dima and waiting for him zvonka. Oh wait, and pomrete. A we poklonitsy owl, he does not need! Let with their 63 lights boyfriend!

Dimochka you can write your email if you have either your address or teleofn, and where you can find your songs? I know that you do not answer it in full course!

But still you're the best player Good luck! Dmytro you a great football player, handsome, cleverCDI think you are very good people, good I'd love to chat. If Sychev will leave football, football will benefit! Just make space for a really talented guy!

The best team - it is our locomotive! I love Loko! Dmitry, I want to wish you all the very best! Tam not only Dima, but Zhirkov for those who do not know. Dimochka you super! I taschyus from you! Hello Dima I like you you are! Keep it up Dima hello! I am writing you from Irkutsk. I like you very much.

It would like to meet you but I know that it is not possible. Dmitry, write to me at least something on my Asya please I feel sorry for you XD you really have nothing to do? Life goes by. Although a pancake Th-then put into the field. Let him back in Sraptak pussy. And the beautiful and talented Dmitri Sychev play as well as in the past you super from Shemetova Jury. You than all the patients that there????????? Every garbage pishite. Divchenki, then try! I want to please their friends from the class.

Dimka, you super sun, but the game is better! Do you have a girlfriend? Dima you just Forever. Dimachka you're just super, I was 1 time for tvaey game Kuban and me on you crazy. I thought the fans Kuban enya for you kill. Dimochka, and yet we're countrymen! Let's chat? I'd like! Hello Dimochka! You play just super!

And anyway you're just a good man! My dream is to see you, although I know that it's just unreal! I Altai. Write to me, very much hope. Rem Chechen woman for Dmitri Sychev. Hello, I Dimon watching football for 7 years and sick of the locomotive you are the best, but in somehow did not play as well ranshe.

I will always be rooting for you! You're super Dimon please call me We're fellow countrymen, let's talk! When you play for the national team??????????????? Dim, collect, why are you so relaxed? I hope your career is going uphill, I believe in it, because of you might have become a great footballer, but at the moment, I'm sorry, you're not so happy That's interesting, and Dima at least somebody here replied?

Hi Dima, I just learned that the man whom I madly in love marries another I crawled on your site, I saw you and decided to share. I just do not understand why one does not stop the tears and in my head sounds a question "what am I doing wrong?

But someone already tried to write to him at the soap? Man who loved for Dmitri Sychev. You ever think. Explain to me. Suddenly Sychev will narcissistic balvanom if it is read Dmitry. Suddenly he turns babnikov again, sorry. Activities Or are you willing to have sex with a perfect stranger if only it was Sychev. Then you can be called a prostitute. Now I obrayusch to you if. You'll read this. I do not think. This fanaticism! And in the pogubnom its manifestation If you like. I admit!

I sincerely wish you success in your career and I ask you only one thing - not zaznovaytes. With best wishes. I wish you good Dmitry zvorovya, and you'll get the rest of himself. You poooooolnye. That fools! What are you naive fools Ms. Now appeal to you personally. Dmitry if. You'll read it. I do not think! You like. That's all so delightfully written! Just want to admire his game. You do not even know it! And sorry for all players. They also breathe do not give these young profursetki!

Another phone and ask! So you and he wrote! Hey Alina, have a rest ointment, he never yours will not, he's mine. Kirill Danilov for Dmitri Sychev. Hello Dmitry! I'm your fan, I am 12 years old, I want to chat with his idol! Please write me in ICQ! My yin You're a real honey, I love thee.

The question of life and death! What a Sycheva wheelbarrow, body????? Toning is?????? I'm not the most devoted fan of yours so is your mother.

Ya wish you luck and success in life. I want to get on 30 September at his day rozhdeniya. U me two answers: either the children. I if the children and family, I will. I'm waiting for it since. A fan of yours. I wish more faith in you and support our team. Dima as you and I can contact? I am the youngest probably your poklonitsa. Dima, we love you so love watching I Refuse - The Cars - MP3 (CD) matches with your participation we wish you quickly voiti Russia's national team.

Hands off! Oksana Bilyaletdinov for Dmitri Sychev. Writing to you Oksana Bilyaletdinov Hands off my friend Dimas! Dimka generally with Olga meets long! Come away from it ALL! He was my friend actually found something! They are each other's love. Incidentally, I also heard that Dima has a new girl, and her name is Olga!

I don't have any accesory audio inputs on the front of my receiver. I don't have a cassette player in the receiver. Here are some of the options so far. Build a computer and wire it up. There are some first-gen harddrive players that somehow hook up directly into the receiver. I don't want an mp3 format CD player. A remote would be nice as well as easy to use directory navigaiton. I don't want to be swerving all over the road trying to change songs.

I don't really have a set budget for the project right now, but cheaper is definitely better. Any input or ideas? View Public Profile. Find More Posts by Xanager. Received 1 Like on 1 Post. Visit Aghama's homepage!

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