I Want Her So Bad - Psycotic Pineapple - I Want Her So Bad (Vinyl)

Not related but i started reading this when Africa by Toto started and finished all of it when it ended. Im questioning the world in at least 3 or 4 plains of existence rn. Carol ohthatcarols. Much smooth! So Shibe! Taken form Vine. You should check out africabytotobot. Jesse Mac JessetheMac. Want to see something really wild? Sandra Barron sandrajapandra. My folks were right in the middle of it.

The article is a pretty fair assessment. UltimaLeft JlnFrancisco. Ping twitofalili. I'm not kidding. Siddi - Panda siddichan. Graham Perich grahamperich. Jessica Price Delafina Rob Nelson rnelson0. Lydia joyofnapping. This thread is one of the only acceptable uses so far of the character limit. Marty dramarty. Pawel Martinka polskapawel. Erica Del erricatt. And to think I avoided the Cheesecake Factory on every one of my 4 trips to the US as I assumed that it was all about over-manufactured cheesecake.

Now on my to-do list for next time. Vix Maren VixMaren. G chefgrace. David Atkins DavidOAtkins. Cheesecake Factory's Grand Lux Cafe is even crazier. Over the top art deco. Evan Seyler evanlseyler. Autumn's Hauntings tyrsalvia. I wrote a paper in college, which turned into a competition speech, on the fucked up semiotics of The Cheesecake Factory. Our thoughts align!

Alexandra Kenway yawnekxela. Suzanne Leibrick inannamute. Important thing I've always wondered - do you still wear white pants, and how the hell do you even cope with that as a server? Dee Best Deingirl. All you servers go through a lot with little pay.

I have much more respect for you than before now l got to read first hand what employees go through in restaurants. That is the opinion of his attorney, I Want Her So Bad - Psycotic Pineapple - I Want Her So Bad (Vinyl) least, who while not confirming that his client is broke just confirmed that his Valentina Voluptua ValentinaTexas.

Duncan Pinderhughes RealCashew. Adam Levenberg StarterScript. That's horribly unfair. The quality standards at TCF are high and the food is good--some of the dishes are great. The NY Times had great article on how we can use their approach to improve our healthcare system. Applebees is essentially McDonalds meets Fridays. The food is better, tableware etc.

Sounds like a disdain for her job. Triggerhappy Triggerhappy I could do with an entire blog of deconstructing the design of American food chains. You said everything I've thought about that place. It's almost unbelievable that Trump didn't develop it. Cynical Girl mcarberry. Your Trusted Wizard Choplogik. I wound up at one of these when tripping once I was not disappointed. Eric M. J Duck jduckling. Kari Shrode karishrode. Hot shit. I honestly love the Cheesecake Factory and I love this thread so much it only makes me love this establishment more tbh and now I'm hungry for some chicken bellagio.

I get it every fucking time I go. I want it so bad right now. Tashara Mundell Basquiatcase. Mimi Lloyd MimiLloyd2u. Just Gina hurryprimaries. Nat Lopez taishrox. Via yelp, Everyone seems to be so so or hate the food, but consistently love the decor. Bad and Bootsie badandbootsie.

Dimly lit, dark browns and golds, expensive looking, ambiance music, roomy stalls. Hornblende On Main binjabreel. For some reason this gives the impression that you have a lot of experience reviewing bathrooms.

Kirsten R. Thank you, Baby Jeebus Nicole Singleton nicolesingleton. Brenner BrennerGerry. Small Trismegistus AlexanderBlum0. Enjoyed this, probably the only long twitter thread I've ever enjoyed. V good content right here. Jared Freid jtrain Liza Treyger GlitterCheese. This was a joy to read and I want to save this forever. Who is this man, this hero.

Lmao alyssamarcella read this whole thread. Isaac Rabinovitch isaac You'll be pleased to hear that the website is as weirdly misdesigned as everything else about the restaurant. There is, strangely, no Cheesecake Factory in Portland. I guess hipsters could go to it ironically, much in the same way they hate-drink Pabst? Molly Garris mollygarris. Tyler Austin TylerRochwerg.

That was a beautiful essay. Is it bad I recognized where some of those photos were taken? Emily emilyyyylime. Head Writer on Young Sheldon okcumputer. I had a waiter there once who told me it was inspired by Scientology? Erik Andrew ErikAndrewM. If that's not trippy enough, here's the view from patio of our local TCF Mall of Qatar, Doha. Pauline Nina BroodBlossom. Pocket pocketsfluff. Disneyland would at least split its design styles between separate venues.

This looks like it was built out of the stuff they had left over. Radio Free Rachel tellmegreyseal. Cc: meganamram just in case. I grew up on the stuff. I literally tweeted corporate yesterday Ring14Terri. Blaire BlaireBitchproj. Archikvetch archikvetch. Also the music? It should be like, classical or Celine Dion or something.

I was in one not long ago to spend a gift card and had to interrupt someone to go "I'm sorry, am I hearing Nick Cave in the Cheesecake Factory right now? I feel like those gift cards really keep them going.

Basically the only reason I've been is I keep getting the cards. Lacy tueslay. Ryan Vincent Jaeger rvjaeger. They know how to make a burger medium, every time. The servers have always been friendly and do their job without feeling over the top. In Houston at least The menus are quite ridiculous, indeed. More menu items than a Texas Mexican restaurant [not Tex-Mex].

Sconesy Cider GisEloquent. Haven't been to that one, but the Baybrook one has always been a good experience.

Octavian0 OctavianZilch. Been to Memorial City? I actually worked there a while. Good people. Insane menu, though. To top it off, the food portions are monstrous. It's nauseating. As a child my family ate there and the entire experience was so overwhelming that we never came back. And I never fully understood why.

Now I do. Thank you so much. It's like the McMansion but worse. Conor Kelley ByConorKelley. Human Shaped Cat grayandrainbows. The acoustics in these places need work too. Way too loud, even with all the partitioning.

FunknJunk schticknic. What a great thread. I live in Seattle. No reason on Earth to eat in this place when there are likely 20 different better restaurants a block away. In any location. In any direction. Katelyn Beshears katsliketherain. KLO korrgardener. Grant Bess, Fan of old Taylor. The ones who's dead ZGrantBess. CJ Baldwin 2ndclarence. Man I wish white people deep dove on their supremacy and racism in America just once. Might actually change something.

Paul 'Ban all the Nazis' Birchenough Akheloios. Anya Bayerle anyabayerle. Truman Capps trumancapps. Ryan Dixon ryanbdixon. How to feel about this brilliant thread deconstructing the aesthetics of the Cheesecake Factory, JerseyJoe50!? Sam Espensen SamEspensen. I would suggest deleting your tweets as someone is bound I Want Her So Bad - Psycotic Pineapple - I Want Her So Bad (Vinyl) pass it on. If these places somehow manage to become the only architectural remains of our society, future anthropologists will be fucking confused.

Brian Lis filmlis. Ellyn Shapiro Ellyn I love their salads. Who gives a crap about the decor and the big menu. If you can't handle all those choices, that's your issue. Back off the Cheesecake Factory and no one gets hurt.

We got to eat there last week when we visited Arizona Midgetsnowman midgetsnowman. I meanthey didnt slag the food, just said its architecture is fucking bizarre so not sure why you're mad?

Pikeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee pikewilliamshne. Soulimar Soulimar. Lucy Moye lucymoye. This is a must read for caityweaver. Jeff Leardini JLeardini. Nightowls, Inc nightowlsinc. I did a little reading into both Grand Lux and RockSugar and I have to say I'm glad this absurd vision continues to blossom. I guess I question the existence of Grand Lux. Grand lux is kind of amazing when you need happy hour on your lunch break. SBTanner sbtan.

Gil Hernandez gilhz Empty plastic grandness. Here's Johnny!!! Footnote Supershow 3 - Youtube Party Tonight! Apr 10 mins. Head to patron. Apr 08 68 mins. Apr 01 75 mins. Mar 24 mins. Mar 21 94 mins. The odd couple of punk podcasting are back! Before getting to that that, they discuss Johnny Rotten vs. Mar 16 97 mins. Episode - Greg Attonito Bouncing Souls. Mar 07 64 mins. Feb 27 mins. Listen in as Jonah forces Damian to answer the question: "How did you get into punk?

Footnotes Supershow 1. Feb 22 mins. This is the start of the new era for Turned Out A Punk! Feb 09 mins. Cheree Cheree, Oh Nerdy. This week on the show Chris and Damian catch up about Damian's tour, get lost in a magazine and discuss Phoebe, Conor and Tony. What a great time?!?! Jan 27 70 mins. So sit back as Damian gets two different perspectives on a punk journey that ultimately led to the recording of this record.

Can You Believe it? Cursive Signs To Crank! Jan 24 mins. What was your favourite record from last year? So get ready as the two old friends dive into the wonderland that is Bay Area Punk and Hardcore. The hot takes are a flying!

This may very well be the longest and funnest episode yet! Footnote - Julien Baker. Jan 19 88 mins. Nerds run the streets tonight! Episode - Julien Baker boygenius. Jan 15 84 mins. Listen in as the two discuss using christian punk as a way to escape, the similarities between punk vs. Also Touched On: Punk still runs deep The burden of punk Taking a stand against hotels Betraying your genre Romanticizing punk Memphis is a unique Seeing Green Day on TV Someones playing guitar on tv and he looks vaguely effeminate and he disagrees with the president!

Footnote - Danger Ehren Jackass, Photographer. Jan 14 81 mins. Yes, yes Nerds are here again, but they didn't come to see your band! Also, grapple with the argument: What is art?

Jan 06 mins. Also Touched On: Ehren who? Dec 31 mins. Dec 21 mins. Are you hanging up the nerds on your wall? Are you hoping that the snow will start to fall? They also lay out the plans for the Footnotes holiday take over.

Dec 18 mins. Alright, Alright, Alright! Listen in as the two discuss Barry going from being a four year old seeing the Grateful Dead on their first tour, to being part of the first wave of hardcore punk in the godly NECROS.

Dec 04 80 mins. Dec 01 90 mins. Nov 27 mins. Listen in as the two discuss how a band that never really fit in anywhere would go on to become one of punk's most influential bands. Nov 24 96 mins. Nov 18 96 mins. Nov 17 72 mins. And Nerds looking for a Future, worlds their aim. Nov 09 mins. Episode - Jesse Brown Journalist, Canadaland. Oct 31 66 mins. When your fearless host, Damian was young his counter cultural imagination was ignited by a small, short-lived, rebel, Toronto punk student newspaper called, Punch.

Sit back as Damian hears all about the journey that brought Jesse from being a teenage journalist wunderkind, burnt out by success to fulfilling the promise of Punch all these years later. Oct 28 mins. Listen Nerds! Never Again! Episode - Jerry A Part 2.

Oct 21 89 mins. Oct 16 mins. Yes, it finally happened! This is one they'll be talking about around the water cooler tomorrow! Oct 10 99 mins. It's what these guys do. Oct 07 75 mins. Two people who couldn't have had more different paths that led them to the same band.

Oct 02 91 mins. Sep 26 mins. Sep 24 82 mins. Support can be a selfish thing. Also, I Want Her So Bad - Psycotic Pineapple - I Want Her So Bad (Vinyl) importance of drummers.

Sep 18 86 mins. On anyone's list of all-time greatest front people in music, they would have to include this week's guest. Sep 17 61 mins. Sep 12 84 mins. Get ready everyone! Shawna discusses going from being signed to a crooked indie label at age 16 to touring with Black Flag!

Sep 09 73 mins. Sep 04 64 mins. Killing it all, get the fuck out of our bingo halls! Aug 28 mins. Also, please visit www. Aug 27 77 mins. Aug 19 87 mins. Listen in as Damian gets to sit down with, not just one of his favourite frontmen, but one of his favourite authors' as well! Aug 19 80 mins. Aug 07 89 mins. Join him along with special guest co-host Zach Blair Making his fourth appearance on the show!

Aug 06 mins. Nerds are going to bring you back up, yeah one thing I can depend on! Aug 01 71 mins. Also, how to get dropped from your label while still recording your first record. Jul 25 80 mins. Jul 20 mins. Nerds are not capitalist industrialists, Nerds are not communists. Nerds are the one! For some season? Episode - Dwid Hellion Integrity.

Jul 16 mins. Jul 09 74 mins. Jul 07 92 mins. Don't care what nerds may say. We got that attitude! Also, discussed for some reason: d.

Jul 03 mins. Jun 30 98 mins. We are nerds in our lab, looking through the microscope. Jun 25 70 mins. Jun 24 86 mins. Do you still keep nerd pictures in your frame? Cause nerds still shut down at the sound of your name! Jun 18 80 mins. Get ready!!! This week's episode is one of the best yet!

Jun 18 72 mins. Back again! Here Nerds come! Jun 15 96 mins. They got him down. Ten nerds show, guess who won? The week on the show it is a two part epic! Jun 13 mins. Oh, what wonderful places you will go! Damian… Well, Damian smokes a lot of weed these days.

RIP Anthony Bourdain. Jun 09 75 mins. He was also someone that, for some unknown reason, championed the work that I do as well. When I told him about this podcast, he was super excited to get the chance to just talk about punk rock, the music he loved.

Here is the conversation we had that day as well as my eulogy for one of my personal heroes. RIP Tony. Thank you for everything. Jun 09 82 mins. Jun 03 64 mins. This week on the show we have not one, but TWO Part 2's! Jun 02 85 mins. Some Mailbags were hurt in the making of this episode.

May 28 75 mins. How often do you get to thank someone for the kindness they showed you that helped shape your life? Kick back, this is a good one! May 26 mins. Hardcore, We live it. We breath it. May 21 55 mins. Listen in as Sam tells of his journey from humble skateboarder to indie rock superhero. May 18 99 mins. Yesterday I needed Punk, today I need some hate, but I know who was always there, now baby it's too late! May 16 89 mins. May 14 mins. Indie sucks, Hardline sucks, Emo sucks, Nerds sucks!

May 06 86 mins. May 04 85 mins. Cramping styles is the plan, Nerds got up in the palm of their baby hands. Apr 30 64 mins. This episode also marks the first appearance by a sibling on TOAP! Apr 27 mins. Apr 22 74 mins. Apr 21 mins. Took Nerds sometime to understand the man.

He is a fist in the back of my brain! Apr 15 81 mins. Apr 13 mins. And the Nerds better watchout for the razors in the night! Apr 08 81 mins.

And you will know us by the trail of our good time, cause this week on the show Damian is joined by his friend and basslord Autry Fulbright. Sit back and enjoy as Autry and Damian discuss growing up in a religious family that supported a punk rebellion and how it led him to play with one of his favourite bands as well as far reaching conversations about music, art and the power of punk. Apr 06 mins. This week Chris and Damian talk about the Abdullah episode from two completely different perspectives on the issue of cannabis but shared love for the Abdullah.

Also talked about: greatest hardcore love songs of all time. Apr 02 68 mins. Mar 30 mins. Early to finish, nerds were late to start! Mar 25 69 mins. Never make the mistake of trying to hide your punk rock past from Turned Out A Punk.

Eight years ago while their band's were touring Australia, Jack Black made the error in judgement of denying his punk past to your humble host, Damian Abraham. Now, all these years later, that lie caught up with him. Mar 23 mins. This week on the show, Chris and Damian sit down and discuss the Peter Perrett episode as well as memorializing 7 Seconds on the announcement of their retirement. Mar 18 75 mins. Who are the greatest ever British songwriters? Mar 16 96 mins. Mar 11 86 mins.

What Was Wrong With Chicago? Mar 09 93 mins. Mar 04 50 mins. Mar 01 80 mins. Positive hardcore is what nerd claim. Open minded music is our game. Feb 26 48 mins. Join Damian as he sits down with Chaka to find out about the path that took him to becoming one of the genres all time greatest front people.

Feb 23 mins. Feb 18 70 mins. What An Episode!!! So sit down and enjoy as Damian gets to talk to one of his favourite wrestler's and a secret punk kid about the journey to training with Antonio Anoki and becoming a star in Japan. Feb 04 55 mins. A few days ago my brother and I lost our mother. She was an amazing person that tried to help the people around her and brought joy to all that knew her.

This episode is dedicated to her. I love you forever mom. Feb 03 mins. Nerds not against you, nerds not against me, nerd only want reality! This week on the show Damian is out of commission so Chris springs into action and calls on the two Daves to step in and make sure your hearing people talk about punk quota is filled. And what a hell of a show they giving you!!! Warning: The Daves audio sounds a little weird and well… punk but we are working for it for next week.

Jan 28 59 mins. Jim has a fantastic new album called Constellation In stores now! Jan 21 71 mins. Footnote - Brody King. Jan 19 mins. This week on the show Chris and Damian settle back into the normal format for the first time in months!!!! And what a week to do so?!?! Jan 15 95 mins. So listen up as the two talk beat down hardcore to beating dudes down in the ring. Jan 13 77 mins. Screaming Nerds! What a better way to celebrate than by talking about how awesome Jamie Stewart is?

Well, how about also talking about how awesome Drew Carolan is too!!! Jan 07 70 mins. Jan 04 81 mins. Continued from Side A The nerds are back in town! This week on the return of Footnotes, Damian and Chris get together to reflect on the last bunch of episodes. Jan 04 78 mins. Continued on Side B Episode - Drew Carolan Photographer. Dec 30 55 mins. Join Damian as he and Drew chat about finding punk before the term was coined in mid 70's Long Island.

Dec 22 mins. Several years in the making and now just in time for the holidays!!! It is a post Hanukkah Miracle!!! Have One. Dec 16 68 mins. This is a monster episode for all the fans of PUNK history and cultural studies!

Dec 09 mins. Dec 01 64 mins. Get ready for a fun one!!! Episode - Tony Rettman Part 2 Author. Nov 27 86 mins. That's right, this week we are joined by punk rock author force of nature, Tony Rettman! Tony can nerd out with the best of em and that's just what these two get up to. At 30 years of age I have nothing to show but prescription bottles for psychiatric medications and an anxiety level high enough to give an elephant a heart attack.

Usually I keep myself in check, usually I remain calm or continuing going about my business. But ever so often, my lack of patience gets the better of me. But at 30 I should have something to show for it right? HIM — Complete and utter waste of oxygen, not even worth the flesh that covers his cowardly maneuvers.

He was there for a whole 5 months. See we tried getting back together. So I walked… especially when it came to finding out that he 1.

Had something. And 2. But regardless, I will admit… yes I will sometimes raise my voice or yell at her. Phil to check into a psychiatric ward. Oprah too maybe. This blog is proof that everyone goes through hell as a parent or single parent. And it also gives proof that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Started out as a hordeolum, then…. She said it could take up to 6 months to go away. So, it is surgery, very minor… but all the same.

They will put her under, and as mom, I feel my baby should wake up to me next to her. Btw… it is really HOT out. So I moved out. Thought I had found a great group of friends to live with… and consequently hang our with. I was told I belong…. I became an associate. I thought things were great. So I did what I felt was best. Thought things were fine… I was back on the job hunt and shortly after found a job.

I was kind of excited about the job. I mean yeah. I was upset. The only reason I was allowed there was because I was a candidate. But it was onward and upward. I assumed that I would get the typical 30 days to move on….

So after a rather intense conversation I decided to head to bed. She was taking over the bedroom the kids slept it…. Friday, 29 November Mother: Oh Dear! But first, let's have a listen to something truly horrific and completely non-Christmas related: a pair of tracks from Danny La Rue's album To Mother, With Love. At the age of nine he moved to London with his four siblings and his widowed mother Mary, however he was evacuated during the Blitz and spent the next few years in the Devon village of Kennford, near Exeter.

He became interested in performing while serving in the Royal I Want Her So Bad - Psycotic Pineapple - I Want Her So Bad (Vinyl), appearing in regular concert party reviews and, when he left the service, he spent years in repertory and in variety shows, touring Britain and honing his craft. He opened his own nightclub in London in TV and film fame soon followed. In a career which spanned over 60 years, Danny always known as Dan to is friends established himself as one of the most popular performers in Britain.

In many ways Dan was Britain's Liberace : like Liberace, Dan kept his sexuality a secret for most of his life even though he lived with his partner and personal manager Jack Hanson for 40 years until Hanson's death in and, like Liberace, he was a horrible, horrible singer - as is amply proved by the brace of tracks I present for you today.

His version of On Mother Kelly's Doorstep reached number 33 in the UK singles chart inbut this would be his only chart appearance. He may have been a fabulous entertainer, but he could not carry a tune in a sequined, fur lined bucket, as these two tracks prove. To Mother With Lovepenned specifically for this set, is a fright, but the last track on the collection - Say it With Flowers - is simply horrific. His last years were blighted by illness: he suffered a stroke in and then revealed to fans that he had been battling prostate cancer for several years.

Further strokes and a bout of cancer of the throat followed before he finally passed in at the age of 81 - shortly after making his last live apearance in Spain. He was buried next to Hanson in Kensal Green, London. I bet the estate of Walter Lanz I Want Her So Bad - Psycotic Pineapple - I Want Her So Bad (Vinyl) a field day suing them for stealing the Woody Woodpecker laugh originally voiced, incidentally, by Mel Blanc who, as we all know, got in to trouble when he paired up with Pat Boone for his huge hit Speedy Gonzales.

And seriously, what is that thing on the front cover supposed to be? Clearly the designer had never seen an actual woodpecker. Anyway, have a listen for yourself and see what you think. Saturday, 16 November The Partridge Calamity. A couple of weeks ago the Squire invited me to contribute to his upcoming Christmas podcast.

We spent a great afternoon chatting about some of my favourite bad Christmas records and he introduced me to some of his. It was hideous. It still stinks. And why is the little urchin rising out of a giant egg on the front cover? The two tracks I present for you today tell you pretty much everything you need to know about this project.

You decide.

Musta Jumala - Terveet Kädet - Pissaa Ja Paskaa (CD, Album), Sarcastic Existence - Sepultura - Live In El Paso, Texas (DVDr), Money Boy - Swagger Rap 1.5 (File, MP3), Human Sausage - The Cosmic Dead - Rainbowhead (Vinyl, LP, Album), Jazz Holiday - Chris Barber - Jazz Holiday (CD, Album), My Shrouded Heart - Alètheia - Anxiety And Desire (Cassette), El Viento - Various - Metro Dance Club (Technical Sessions 2002) (CD), Summer Rain - Johnny Rivers - Johnny Rivers (CD), If I Stay Too Long - Big Wheel - If I Stay Too Long / Little Woman (Vinyl), Souvenir - Kel Murray And His Orchestra - Candlelight Music (Vinyl), Dont Stop - Various - Quadrant Park Classics (CDr), Angel - Gato Barbieri - Apasionado (CD, Album), Aeroplane - Björk - Vessel (Laserdisc), Jigolo Har Megiddo - Ghost (32) - Homebound (Vinyl, LP)