Tendues - Matthias Thurow - Modern Dance - Limon Technik (Vinyl, LP, Album)

The course refers to angular momentum, tangents, and vectors to sustain motion and maintain equilibrium. DeYoung is very interested in accessing natural movement sources and has incorporated the Humphrey and Album) concepts of breath rhythm, suspension and release.

He creates movement sequences to pattern muscles to release their natural reflex and rebound. Encouraged is the flow of energy through the articulations to achieve quick dynamic changes - from fire to stillness in an instant - to become one with the movement, and to be inside the movement.

Professor Bill De Young, former Chair of Dance at the University of Michigan, teaches modern technique, Dance and the Related Arts, and other courses in the graduate and undergraduate dance programs.

Complex Locomotor Movements. Step-hop : A combination of a step and a hop. Usually done in an even rhythm with level change.

Skip : A combination of a step and hop in an uneven rhythm. Gallop : A combination of a step and a leap. The overcurve airborne moment occurs after the step.

Lumbar: The area of the spine pertaining to the lower back vertebrae. Lumbar curve : The curving or rounding of the lower back. Meter: Sets of beats grouped together according to a consistent accent pattern. For example: 1 23, 1 23, 1 23, etc. Duple meter : A meter with two apparent beats per measure. Triple meter : A meter with three apparent beats per measure. Complex meter: A meter with an asymmetrical accent pattern.

Mixed meter : The practice of changing meters sequentially in music or dance. Polymeter : The practice of performing two or Album) at the same time. Time signature : A time signature is a notational indication of the organization of a piece of music.

The top number specifies the number of beats per measure while the bottom number indicates which note value will be Album) to one beat. Movement pick-up: The ability to learn and execute movement sequences quickly. Musicality: 1 The ability of a dancer to move responsibly to music. Overcurve: The shifting of weight from one leg to the other while lifting the body LP up at the top of the curve through space. Pelvis : A basin-like bony structure formed by the sacrum and os coxae.

It acts like a container to hold the organs of the torso and it serves for muscle attachments. It receives the weight of the upper body and passes this weight on to the lower limbs via its articulations with the femurs. Phrasing: The use of weight, space flow and time to create a sequence of movement in time.

Presence : The ability to be aware and fully invested in the present moment. Proximal: Closest to the center. Pulse: A beat at regular intervals. Quadriceps : A group of four muscles on the front of the thigh rectus femoris, vastus lateralis, vastus medialis, and vastus intermedius that act to extend the knee. Release : The relationship of the body with gravity, and the ability to let go of unnecessary muscular tension.

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In Climenhaga, Royd ed. Harvard University Press,p. University of California Press,p. The New York Times. Archived from the original on 13 April Dance Magazine February Archived from the original on 5 May The Modern Dance has been critically acclaimed. Reviewing for The Village Voice inRobert Christgau wrote that "even though there's too much Radio Ethiopia and not enough ' Redondo Beach ,'" he would be "listening through the failed stuff—the highs are worth it.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the film, see Humor Me film. Pere Ubu. Art punk post-punk experimental rock. Hal Leonard Corporation. ISBN Retrieved January 20, Many dealers Album) give a grade higher than this implying perhaps correctly that no record is ever truly perfect. The record should show no obvious signs of wear.

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