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The menu changes frequently, but the double smashburger is a constant you might just have to ask for it off-menu. Home Cities Pick the perfect spot for every situation. Travel Guides Plan your trip and eat like locals.

Send Us Feedback Enter your email. Add a short message. NYC Guide. The 23 Best Restaurants The Big Dish - Prospect Street (Vinyl) Greenpoint From tasting menus to incredible takeout-only spots, here are 23 restaurants where you should be eating in Greenpoint now. Written by Katherine Lewin. Updated June 30th, Noah Devereaux. AmericanEuropean in Greenpoint. Vietnamese in Greenpoint. Katherine Lewin. AmericanBar Food in Greenpoint. Kate Previte. American in Greenpoint. Dane Isaac.

Chinese in Greenpoint. Mexican in Greenpoint. MexicanVegetarianVegan in Greenpoint. Thai in Greenpoint. Pizza in Greenpoint. AmericanDeli in GreenpointWilliamsburg. AmericanBar Food in BrooklynGreenpoint. AmericanVegetarianWine Bar in Greenpoint. Japanese in BrooklynGreenpoint. Pizza in BrooklynGreenpoint. Nitzan Rubin. Her adventures always end happily with loud snorts of laughter.

Created by Katja Blichfeld and Ben Sinclair, this web series that inspired the HBO series explores the intriguing, often eccentric private lives of dozens of New Yorkers with one connection: their weed dealer.

Grab your toilet-paper sword and follow best friends Craig, JP, and Kelsey as they explore their neighbourhood creek — a boundless, kid-run world full of colourful characters that fosters new imaginative adventures every day. Each episode finds Dane and his pals at a new destination, as they travel to 20 college campuses from Seattle to Boston and perform their show in front of fervent audiences. In addition to performance clips, the series focuses on intimate, often-hysterical scenes of the quartet as they overcome cramped quarters, frequent misunderstandings, and a plethora of porno stories and fart jokes to deepen their ties and celebrate a once-in-a-lifetime journey none will forget.

Black Monday takes us back to October 19, — aka Black Monday, the worst stock market crash in the history of Wall Street. To this day, no one knows who caused it… until now. Less than ten weeks remain before the general election when Annika Nilsson, a local politician in Uddevalla, is murdered on her way home from a town rally.

What appears to be a simple issue — violence towards elected politicians — is complicated by her party affiliation and as the far-right political party Trygghetspartiet and the government see the murder as an opportunity to win more votes, her two grown-up children Sebbe and Sofia are caught between conflicting forces trying to use them.

A topical thriller about the rising tensions in modern Sweden. The unemployed Arthur Ahnepol ekes out a bleak existence and hatches a morbid plan: he wants his obnoxious wife to die.

Aksel, a successful businessman, returns to his Norwegian hometown 20 years after having been acquitted of the murder of his high school sweetheart Karine.

But the reception from family and old friends is anything but cordial. Inspired by true events, I Am the Night tells the incredible story of Fauna Hodel who was given away at birth. As Fauna begins to investigate the unbelievable secrets to her past, she meets a ruined reporter, haunted by the case that undid him.

Together they both follow a sinister trail that swirls ever closer to an infamous Hollywood gynecologist, Dr. Set in a crumbling cop shop on the wrong side of Manchester, the series follows a group of police on the front line, wondering what they did to end up here, in this force, on this side of town. But when a particularly twisted serial killer emerges, it leaves even the most hardened of these seasoned coppers reeling.

Set in Staten Island, What We Do in the Shadows follows three vampires who have been roommates for hundreds and hundreds of years. Fans of Pretty Little Liars have a new mystery to solve, and this time it involves a murder in the college town of Beacon Heights, where everything is not as perfect as it seems. Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists tells the story of a town of overachievers who are under an intense amount of pressure to succeed.

When their high-stakes college environment pushes them to a breaking point, someone snaps. And kills someone. As they work together to solve the murder mystery, it soon becomes clear that behind every Perfectionist is a secret, a lie — and a needed alibi. A meteorite races towards Europe. Roswell, New Mexico is a love story, a relationship drama and the story of a small town… which happens to have aliens. Romantic and emotional, this is a story about people who feel like outsiders in their world — all alienated for different reasons, whether in their community, in society or even in Roswell.

Success follows the intertwining stories of four strangers, each in some way ground down by the everyday battle of life in the city, who are bound together irrevocably by a violent event. As the consequences of their actions start to infiltrate every aspect of their lives, these ordinary people, from diverse backgrounds, decide to fight back. A riveting story of love and revenge, set in the beautiful countryside of Fermanagh, Ireland in A world of spies, deception and betrayal, with simmering tensions of class, politics and religion that threaten to tear the country apart.

When their best friend Alison mysteriously vanishes, four girls believe their secrets are safe forever. Filled with mystery, scandal, intrigue and nail-biting suspense, Pretty Little Liars is based on the best-selling book series for young adults.

Miss Sherlock is a consulting detective with unparalleled observation and deductive reasoning skills. She takes on cases that the Tokyo police are unable to solve on their own. A documentary news series that offers a new, exciting lens into the topics reshaping the world in real time, as conceived and produced by the innovative new media company Axios. When a hack is unleashed on a German bank, cyber-crimes investigator Lisa Metz gets sent to Timisoara, a city in Romania, where the hack seems to have originated.

Set in the mid s, Grisse is the story of an unlikely group of heroes who lead a rebellion against a brutal Dutch ruler and find themselves in control of the town. Sally is about to marry David, her nebbish boyfriend of ten years, when she encounters the charismatic Emma. The two fall into a romantic relationship, but what starts out as an exciting and sexy fling takes an unexpected turn when Emma reveals herself to be a nightmare.

The story of a love affair that quickly spirals out of control. When the most important friend in her life seems to disappear without trace, Elena Greco, an elderly woman living in a house crammed with books, switches on her PC and starts writing her own story, and that of Lila. She tells the tale of their friendship, which started at school in the s. When a rising high school football player from South L.

Inspired by the life of U. Based on a prison break in upstate New York inthis is the story of two convicts who spawned a statewide manhunt and were aided in their escape by a married female prison employee who became involved with both men.

Brilliant historian Diana Bishop is a witch denying her own heritage. In this mystery thriller, a plane disappears and returns years later after being presumed lost at sea. No time has passed for those on the plane, but for their loved ones at home, many have gone by. The series follows their lives as well as the larger mystery that is their destiny. Mayans M. Now, EZ must carve out his new identity in a town where he was once the golden boy with the American Dream in his grasp.

Kidding centers on Jeff, aka Mr. Camille Preaker, a city journalist with a history of psychiatric issues, returns to her rural hometown of Wind Gap, MO to cover the apparent murders of two preteen girls. Trying to put together a psychological puzzle from her past, Camille finds herself clashing with her overbearing mother, Adora, falling back into a dangerous series of self-destructive habits, and identifying with the young murder victims a bit too closely.

An all-new dramatic series based on the crime novels by J. Rowling under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith that follows weathered war-veteran-turned-private detective Cormoran Strike and his resourceful assistant, Robin Ellacott. Succession explores themes of power, politics and family through the eyes of an aging, uber-wealthy media mogul and his four grown children.

Set in the s, POSE is a dance musical that explores the juxtaposition of several segments of life and society in New York: the ball culture world, the rise of the luxury Trump-era universe and the downtown social and literary scene. Two teenagers from very different backgrounds, find themselves burdened and awakened to newly acquired superpowers which are mysteriously linked to one another. Tandy can emit light daggers and Tyrone has the ability to engulf others in darkness.

They quickly learn they are better together than apart, but their feelings for each other make their already complicated world even more challenging. Bad Banks takes a fascinating look behind the scenes of the world of high finance. It is an adrenaline-driven game of power and manipulation, of economic interests and political common sense, of personal ambitions and shifting loyalties. To survive in this game of power, you have to surpass yourself and be willing to overstep boundaries.

Villanelle is a mercurial, talented killer who clings to the luxuries her violent job affords her. These two fiercely intelligent women, equally obsessed with each other, go head to head in an epic game of cat and mouse. What if Superman never existed? This episode parody follows the tru-ish misadventures of the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, and his merry band of advisors and family members. When disgraced Harvard philosophy scholar Jack Griffin loses out on his dream job, he is forced to return to Toledo, Ohio, and work as a high school Advanced Placement biology teacher.

As he comes crashing in to Whitlock High School, Jack makes it absolutely clear he will not be teaching any biology. Realizing he has a room full of honor roll students at his disposal, Jack decides instead to use the kids for his own benefit. A fresh and candid look at the complicated forces at work in America today, as seen through the eyes of a progressive, multi-racial family grappling with challenges both familiar and preternatural. But in this tough neighborhood, real dangers threaten daily to squelch dreams, and the simplest decisions can have life or death consequences.

THE CHI is a timely coming-of-age drama series centered on a group of residents who become linked by coincidence but bonded by the need for connection and redemption. Britannia begins in 43AD as the Roman Army, determined and terrified in equal measure, returns to crush the Celtic heart of Britannia — a mysterious land ruled by wild warrior women and powerful druids who can channel the mysterious forces of the Underworld.

Arch Celtic rivals Kerra and Antedia must face the Roman invasion led by the towering figure of Aulus Plautius as it cuts a swathe through the Celtic Resistance. Relu is a family man. He has a wife, two children and he leads a double life.

Seen through the eyes of his family, Relu Oncescu seems to be an ordinary taxi driver. No one suspects that Relu works as a collector for Capitanu, a local mobster. Neither of the worlds he is living in knows about the other. Relu manages to keep everything under control, but not for long. With each passing day the secrets become more and more overwhelming and the lies start coming to light one by one.

The Pack is a story about border guards in the Bieszczady but also about a place which determines specific attitudes and behaviours. The story starts with a bomb attack which kills officers from a Border Guard unit deployed in the Bieszczady Mountains.

Only one of them survives. Captain Rebrow Leszek Lichota loses his friends and his beloved Ewa in the attack. Feeling confused, he tries to get at the bottom of the assault and find out who is the mastermind behind the bombing. His commanders are also determined to reveal the truth. Series centers on Sam Loudermilk, a recovering alcoholic and substance abuse counselor with an extremely bad attitude. Although he has his drinking under control, his life is one step forward, 12 steps back.

Viewers will finally get the opportunity to watch what life is like for the super teens when their capes are left at home. He is big as a bear, strong as a bear, smart as a bear. No other animal dares to contest him.

Except, the lemmings, the most inoffensive and ridiculous mammal family! Every teenager thinks their parents are evil. What if you found out they actually were? We join the Knights Templar years later in Paris, where the mysterious death of their Temple Master leaves behind a clue about the Grail and its whereabouts, sending them on a mission to find the lost Cup of Christ.

Set in Boston, SMILF will take a raw and honest comedic look at a single, something from Southie whose desires for relationships, sex, and a career collide with the realities of young, single motherhood. All-new half-hour anthology series from Jay and Mark Duplass that tells assorted tales of the various characters who pass through a single room of an average American motel. SNOWFALL is a drama set against the infancy of the crack cocaine epidemic and its ultimate radical impact on the culture as we know it.

The story follows numerous characters on a violent collision course, including Franklin Saint, a young street entrepreneur on a quest for betterment; Gustavo Zapata, a Mexican wrestler caught up in a power struggle within a crime family; Teddy McDonald, a CIA operative running from a dark past who begins an off-book operation to fund the Nicaraguan Contras; and Lucia Villanueva, the self-possessed daughter of a Mexican crime lord.

Rome, 30 April Be quick if you want a place in the new system. Leo dreams of political adventures, building a new movement. But before, he must face a murder sentence, deal with the remains of his reputation and resist the temptations of the past. A working class hero turned politician, Pietro is about to lose everything that gave meaning to his life; but like a numbing chill, it dawns on him that he really does enjoy the merciless game of politics. TV starlet Veronica seems to have everything she wanted, but was it worth it?

His health is deteriorating and his love life confuses him. Everyone fights their own battles. While on their second honeymoon she walks through one of the ancient stone circles that dot the British Isles and is suddenly transported to Scotland, torn by war and rogue Highland clans.

Hurled back in time by forces she cannot understand, Claire is catapulted into intrigue and danger when she is accused of being a spy. Forced by circumstance to marry an outlawed Highlander, she finds herself falling in love and torn by her loyalties to two men in vastly different times, all of which may threaten her life and shatter her heart.

The drama series, based on the award-winning, best-selling novel by Margaret Atwood, is the story of life in the dystopia of Gilead, a totalitarian society in what was formerly part of the United States. Facing environmental disasters and a plunging birthrate, Gilead is ruled by a twisted fundamentalism regime that treats women as property of the state. In this terrifying society where one wrong word could end her life, Offred navigates between Commanders, their cruel Wives, domestic Marthas, and her fellow Handmaids — where anyone could be a spy for Gilead — all with one goal: to survive and find the daughter that was taken from her.

Spy drama set at the CIA in modern-day Berlin, where a new case officer is on a mission to uncover the source of a leak supplying information to a whistleblower. Childhood soulmates, Georgia and Holly, are only a few weeks into the so-called best years of their lives at university in Edinburgh, when Georgia gets drawn into an elite clique of alpha girls, led by lecturer Jude Monroe. Can Holly reclaim her soulmate? And at what cost to herself? Liar tells the story of a night that changes the lives of Laura Nielson and Andrew Earlham forever.

Laura is a smart and dedicated teacher, not long out of a relationship and unsure about getting back on the dating scene. An initial attraction leads to a date, but neither fully realises the far-reaching consequences that their meeting will have on each other or their families.

Set inTaboo follows James Keziah Delaney, a man who has been to the ends of the earth and comes back irrevocably changed. Encircled by conspiracy, murder, and betrayal, a dark family mystery unfolds in a combustible tale of love and treachery. Created by and starring Pete Holmes, this new HBO half-hour comedy series follows a stand-up comic whose suburban life unravels, forcing him to reevaluate his priorities amidst the rough-and-tumble NYC comedy scene.

Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman and Shailene Woodley star in an HBO limited drama series that tells the darkly comedic story of three northern-California mothers whose seemingly perfect lives unravel to the point of murder. The mini series Valea Muta Silent Valley explores the relationship between two teenagers who are going back and forth between friendship and mutual attraction while they are trapped in a series of events that put them in danger: they witness multiple killings committed in a forest near Brasov.

The series Wasteland Pustina opens with an event that will have a life-changing effect on all the members of a close-knit, multi-generational village community in Northern Bohemia.

Just as the mayor of Pustina, Hana Sikorova, reaches the peak of her struggle against a large, foreign mining company that is eager to access the huge coal reserves that lie beneath the village, and is offering villagers attractive compensation in exchange for selling their homes, her fourteen-year old daughter Misha goes missing. As long-standing family relationships begin to disintegrate, Hana starts to doubt the integrity of every member of The Big Dish - Prospect Street (Vinyl) community.

Initially helpful in the desperate search for the missing Misa, the citizens of Pustina soon begin to reveal their true colors. Set in and around Memphis during the early s, Quarry is a thrilling action drama that centers on the character of Mac Conway, a Marine who returns home from a second tour of duty in Vietnam, only to find himself stigmatized by his involvement in a highly publicized massacre while fighting abroad.

Though he and his fellow Marine Arthur Solomon have been exonerated of wrongdoing, they are greeted with hostility and rejection in Memphis, with neither able to land a decent job. The Vampire Diaries is the story of two vampire brothers obsessed with the same beautiful girl in a small town where supernatural beings live in secret amongst its residents.

As the series begins, brothers Stefan and Damon Salvatore return to their hometown of Mystic Falls, Virginia, for very different reasons. Protected and raised by her adopted family, the Danvers, Kara grew up in the shadow of her foster sister, Alex, and learned to hide the phenomenal powers she shares with her famous cousin.

Years later, at age 24, living in National City and working as an assistant for Catco Worldwide Media mogul Cat Grant Calista FlockhartKara has spent so many years trying to fit in that she forgot to ever stand out.

All that changes when she decides to embrace her superhuman abilities and become the hero she was always destined to be. With the help of Daily Planet photographer James Olsen, her bioengineer sister Alex, and the research of the super-secret, off-the-grid Department of Extra-Normal Operations DEO and its head Hank Henshaw, who are tasked with keeping the Earth safe from aliens, Kara takes to the skies to protect her world.

Her foes include both a sinister extraterrestrial menace and the high-tech terrestrial threat of clever villains with powerful weaponry. A provocative look at the worlds of horseracing and gambling, told through a diverse group of characters surrounding a California racetrack. Recently released from prison after three years, he teams with Gus Economou, his longtime chauffeur and muscle, to craft a complex plan involving the Santa Anita Racetrack in California. In the meantime, an old trainer nurtures a possible breakthrough thoroughbred, while a ragtag group of four racetrack groupies band together to try to catch lightning in a bottle — as winners of an elusive Pick Six bet.

This two-part miniseries tells the humorous, poignant story of a declining New England town and its inhabitants, whose lives are deeply rooted in and influenced by the Knox River and its vacant mills, their class differences, and ghosts of the past. Covering such genres as science fiction, horror and noire, this half-hour series will be comprised of six anthology editions set within a slightly surreal, retro-futuristic urban landscape, and filled with larger-than-life characters as well as violence, sex intrigue and dark humor.

He was the most vilified dictator of our generation, a ruthless Machiavellian dictator whose attempt to impose his will, and ubiquitous image, on Iraq and its neighbors led to a pair of wars with the U. This four-hour miniseries tells, with stunning authority and detail, the behind-the-scenes saga of House of Saddam.

The Dustbowl. The last great age of magic. The battle will take place in the Heartland of an empire called America. And when it is over, man will forever trade away wonder for reason.

Angry Boys also introduces four new characters Lilley again! Shot documentary-style, each taboo-crossing, half-hour episode is hilariously unconventional and impetuous, filled with endearing characters that are sure to make audiences laugh with delight. Divorce centers on Frances Sarah Jessica Parkerwho, after more than a decade of marriage and two children, has suddenly begun to reassess her life and her strained relationship with her husband Robert The series begins with the 50th birthday party of their friend Diane — an occasion marked by high drama when Diane and her husband Nick get into an over-the-top fight — which convinces Frances to tell Robert they should split.

The story of a very, very long divorce, the episode first season follows Frances and Robert as they grapple with the fallout from their failing union, not just for themselves, but also for their children and friends. With 30 looming large, Issa starts to reconsider a five-year relationship with unemployed boyfriend Lawrence Jay Elliswhich is going nowhere fast.

Over the course of eight Season 1 episodes, Insecure explores the black female experience in a subtle, witty and authentic way, as Issa and Molly stumble their way towards pulling their lives together, while trying their hardest to never settle for less.

Mamon is a fictional series set in current-day Czech Republic but has its roots in the s. The main character of the story is a journalist working on an important investigation of a major state entity. During a background check for the story he stumbles across controversial information regarding his own brother, who seems to be involved in a related scandal. The series follows several story lines, majoring on the work of the investigative journalist and his relationship with his own family, the investigation into a state-owned company, the part played by the police in the matter and the questionable practices operating in the public prosecution office.

There is also another connection between the main character and the investigation, a religious motif, which is an integral part of the whole story. The Pact is a six-episode thriller series, set in the reality of modern Poland.

The father, Attila, is a prosperous entrepreneur; the mother, Janka, does voluntary work at a charity for the homeless.

Their easy living, however, is just an illusion and when the father resolves to turn over a new leaf, their idyll is shattered. We soon see that each of the family members has different ideas about how they want to get on in life. He wields his skills as a weapon to protect the people he cares about from those who are trying to hurt them. McBride and Walton Goggins star as Neal Gamby and Lee Russell, a pair of ambitious administrators waged in an epic power struggle to ascend to the top spot after the long-time principal Bill Murray steps down to tend to his ailing wife.

When Dr. The Night Of offers viewers an invigorating new take on the crime-drama genre, exploring the vagaries of a single murder case through multiple, contentious points of view.

Just north of the border, in the tired coastal town of Imperial Beach, CA, live three generations of Yosts: surfing royalty turned society misfits. With a little help from an unlikely business ally named Tanya, Ray is about to hatch an inspired plan to ride his winning tool all the way to a more productive, debt-free life.

Drastic times call for drastic measures. A mother vanishes into thin air. Her children, abandoned in her car, also end up missing. Amidst the ruins of a great city, a group of musicians rise up to play songs of hope and rebirth. From the creators of The Wire comes a new series about adversity and the human spirit, set in the aftermath of the greatest natural disaster in American history. Welcome to Treme. He United the States of America.

Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie — a. The Ricky Gervais Show will continue to focus on the eccentric mind Pilkington, who serves as the perfect comic foil to the Gervais and Merchant. An unusual and emotional series, In Treatment brings a dynamic focus to a staple of modern society — the psychotherapy session. Several individual stories are played out over the course of a few weeks, with each story anchored on a specific weekday.

Hello Ladies is a comedy series about a gawky Englishman searching for the woman of his dreams in Los Angeles. In his first starring series role, Stephen Merchant portrays Stuart, a web designer who relocated to LA from England in hopes of finding excitement, romance, and maybe even a soul mate.

Half as charming as he thinks he is — and twice as desperate — Stuart is obsessed with infiltrating the glamorous world of beautiful people. If you want your comedy fast, funny and completely out of control, Mr. Show is the show for you! Using the same mockumentary style as the original, the series succeeds in capturing the quiet desperation of the poor souls working in this socially stifling environment under the direction of delusional boss, regional manager Michael Scott.

Comic actor Steve Carell beautifully inhabits the role, playing a man so eager to be liked, he completely alienates people with one stupid antic after another. Blindly believing himself beloved by his employees for his laid-back nature, Michael fails to see that, with the exception of nerdy and bizarre Dwight, he is resented and despised by all. Spanning the extremes of comedy and tragedy, love and betrayal, and life and death, Angels in America is a journey through the landscape of despair and hope that defines America at the end of the 20th Century.

The Passion tells the story of the last week in the life of Jesus from three points of view — the religious authorities, the Romans and Jesus himself. Visually arresting and rich in colour, the story is rooted in the chaotic world in which it took place — the city of Jerusalem during Passover week.

Set in the political and religious context of the time, it combines both narrative tension and thematic power to convey the events that took place that week. Amy returns to her old life with a new cultivated approach and perspective, which includes daily meditation and exhorting the power of self-help and inner healing.

She moves in temporarily with her somewhat-estranged mother, Helen, and reconnects with her ex-husband Levi Luke Wilsonwho is struggling with his own demons and addictions. While trying to heal Levi and mend her relationship with Helen, Amy also re-enters work at Abaddonn Industries. However, while in this new position, Amy uncovers a range of corporate abuse and corruption occurring at Abaddonn, which ultimately fuels her quest to make a change in the lives of others, as well as validating her own change.

Think having three wives is a dream come true? Think again. Big Love tells the story of Bill Henrickson, a practicing polygamist who lives in suburban Salt Lake City with his three wives and seven children.

An independent businessman who runs a growing chain of hardware stores, Bill faces a myriad of challenges in meeting the emotional, romantic and financial needs of his wives — Barb, Nicki and Margene — while dealing with their kids, The Big Dish - Prospect Street (Vinyl) adjoined houses, an ever-mounting avalanche of bills, and the opening of his newest hardware store. She gave her daughter everything.

But everything was not enough. Mildred Pierce brings the memorable characters introduced in James M. Before long, and to his considerable surprise, Jonathan is hired by an assortment of desperate clients on a variety of cases one per episodewhich he pursues while avoiding working on his second novel and writing for the magazine run by his eccentric boss George Christopher Ted Danson.

He also passes time with his pal, a droll cartoonist named Ray Zach Galifianakis. An arrogant, burned-out, former major-league pitcher named Kenny Powers Danny McBrideis forced to return home to North Carolina to teach Phys Ed at the middle school he once attended. While wreaking havoc at school with his boorish behavior, Kenny crashes at the home of his brother Dustin ; plots a triumphant return to the big leagues; and makes a pre-emptive romantic strike on former high-school squeeze April Buchanon, now a teacher engaged to principal Terrence Cutler.

Meet Eric, Turtle and Johnny Drama: three guys from Queens dedicated to helping their film-star buddy Vincent Chase navigate the absurdities of modern-day Hollywood — where sex, parties and super-agents rule the town.

Even in the face of threats to himself and those he loves, he will stop at nothing to bring justice to victims. Bosch chases a murderer after a dog brings home a human bone in the Hollywood Hills. Along the way, Bosch encounters departmental politics, media intrusion, a coroner more concerned with her reality TV ratings than the victims she autopsies, a young cop willing to do anything to become a hero, and a family destroyed by violence. Bosch also finds himself in federal civil court, accused of wrongfully killing a suspected serial killer.

Vinyl is an exciting new drama series that explores the drug- and sex-fueled music business of the s, played out through the story of a NYC record executive trying to revive his label and keep his personal life from spiraling out of control. Facing jail time, not to mention the loss of his disenchanted wife Devon Olivia Wilde and their two kids, Richie ends up reverting to his old vices, but has an epiphany during a concert at a Greenwich Village theater where the roof caves in on him — literally.

The world of the Vikings is brought to life through the journey of Ragnar Lothbrok, the first Viking to emerge from Norse legend and onto the pages of history — a man on the edge of myth.

Our story begins in 8th century Scandinavia where Ragnar Lothbrok is a warrior and a farmer who dreams of finding riches by bucking the tradition of raiding to the east. Ragnar has been working in secret on a project that will turn the Viking world on its head. A topical look at the week in news, politics and current events, John Oliver offers his singular perspective and distinct voice to a number of social, political or existential issues facing America and the world.

No clear-cut leader emerges — with the possible exception of Kareem Said Eamonn Walkera Muslim author who preaches non-violence and abstinence. Rome tells the epic saga of generals and soldiers, masters and slaves, and husbands and wives — all entwined in the furious historical events that saw the death of a republic and the birth of an empire.

The series begins in 52 BC, as Gaius Julius Caesar completes his conquest of Gaul after eight years of war, and prepares to return with his army to Rome. Back at the front, two mismatched soldiers, Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pullo, see their fortunes rise following several serendipitous missions.

This comedy series takes a fresh and funny look at sex and dating in New York City where it is being filmed on location. Set in the sprawling mecca of the rich and famous — LA.

To Ray, all of their problems can be traced back to one person: their father Mickey, a gangster with the Irish mob who never protected his family. But everything is turned upside down when Mickey, after twenty years in a cage, makes his way to Los Angeles and is hungry for revenge.

He wants money, a new life, and his place at the head of his family. Penny Dreadful is a frightening psychological thriller created, written and executive produced by three-time Oscar nominee John Logan.

Frankenstein and his creature, Dorian Gray and iconic figures from the novel Dracula — become embroiled in Victorian London. The series weaves together these classic horror origin stories as the characters grapple with their monstrous alienation.

Looking offers up the unfiltered experiences of three close friends living — and loving — in modern-day San Francisco. Friendship may bind them, but each is at a markedly different point in his journey. In the bohemian subculture of downtown NYC, two something friends plot a series of entrepreneurial strategies to short-circuit the traditional route to success — and achieve the American Dream on their own terms.

In addition to scouring the downtown NYC scene for business and romantic connections, Ben and Cam follow a number of leads on a variety of entrepreneurial ventures, mostly in the ultracompetitive fashion industry.

Ciro knows better than anyone what it means to be a loyal clan member. But when clan leader Pietro decides to sacrifice the lives of many of his own only to make a bloody statement to rival clan boss, something dies in Ciro — for one of the many victims of the forced bloodshed is his foster father, himself an ever-loyal clan member. A group of something women in New York and their adventures in post-collegiate floundering. Two years out of liberal arts school, Hannah believes she has the talent to be a successful writer, and though she has yet to complete her memoir she has to live it firsther parents cut her off financially without warning.

As the harsh reality of rent and bills looms, Hannah leans on her very-put-together best friend and roommate Marnie, who has a real job at an art gallery and an even realer boyfriend.

From the creators of Big Love, this all-new comedy takes an off-kilter look at the dysfunctional staffers who must deal with myriad professional and personal hurdles at the female-geriatric wing of a beleaguered California hospital. Nurse DiDi is the no-nonsense newbie who spends her first day on the job being reprimanded for cleaning up unidentified feces left in the lounge. Unit veteran Nurse Dawn is tasked with training DiDi, but winds up obsessing over a budding relationship with male Supervising Nurse Patsy.

Disgruntled Dr. Jenna James, appointed director of the ward thanks to a meltdown at the hospital proper, continues her above-it-all temper tantrums despite being given a fresh start. Iraq, Trained to gather reconnaissance behind enemy lines, First Recon was assigned to lead an invasion. From the creator of The Wire comes a new miniseries event chronicling the new face of American war: Generation Kill.

In a land where summers span decades and winters can last a lifetime, trouble is brewing. From the scheming south and the savage eastern lands, to the frozen north and the ancient Wall that protects the realm from the darkness beyond, two powerful families are engaged in a deadly cat-and-mouse game for control of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros.

As betrayal, lust, intrigue and supernatural forces shake the four corners of the Kingdoms, their bloody struggle for the Iron Throne will have unforeseen and far-reaching consequences. Winter is coming. Let the Game of Thrones begin. Silicon Valley is set in the high-tech gold rush of modern Silicon Valley, where the people most qualified to succeed are the least capable of handling success. This is a comedy that takes viewers inside the world of tech start-ups — and the socially awkward underdogs who try to navigate its lucrative potential.

Six Feet Under takes a darkly comic look at members of a dysfunctional Los Angeles family that runs an independent funeral home.

With the prodigal elder son returning home for the holidays to shattering news, the family must learn to deal with the death of one of their own, while figuring out how to go ahead with the business of living. What emerges over the course of 13 episodes is a quirky, funny, emotional, life-affirming look at the enlightenment of a grieving American family … that happens to be in the grief-management business. In the series got a reboot with a fresh team of fearless commandos, recruited by the newly reformed Section 20 to hunt down a fanatical terrorist and his renegade wife.

Living in the same universe as The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead is a gritty drama that explores the onset of the undead apocalypse through the lens of a fractured family. Set in a city where people come to escape, shield secrets, and bury their pasts, a mysterious outbreak threatens to disrupt what little stability high school guidance counselor Madison Clark and English teacher Travis Manawa have managed to assemble. The everyday pressure of blending two families while dealing with resentful, escapist, and strung out children takes a back seat when society begins to break down.

A forced evolution, a necessary survival of the fittest takes hold, and our dysfunctional family must either reinvent themselves or embrace their darker histories. In an age of plunder and greed, the richest gold strike in American History draws a throng of restless misfits to an outlaw settlement where everything — and everyone — has a price. Welcome to Deadwood…a hell of a place to make your fortune. With its unflinching realism, adult themes and wickedly inventive storylines, DEADWOOD is an intense, character-driven drama that takes elements of the traditional western and turns them upside down.

Larry David has it all — money, security, famous friends, a nurturing wife, a fabulous Hollywood home. So why is he so intent on making a complete mess out of his life? The Brink is an all-new HBO comedy series that focuses on a geopolitical crisis and its effect on three disparate and desperate men: Walter Larson, the U.

The epic dark-comedy series begins under threat of a coup in Pakistan, when a rogue general seizes control of the country and its nuclear arsenal, leaving the fate of the world on the shoulders of these three unlikely American heroes. From the turbulent streets of the Middle East, to the White House situation room, to an aircraft carrier on the Red Sea, The Brink takes us on a wild ride across multiple time zones to show how the foibles, egos and rivalries of political leaders can take us to the brink of world war.

For Valerie Cherish, no price is too high to pay for clinging to the television spotlight. Lisa Kudrow stars as Valerie Cherish, a former B-list sitcom star so desperate to revive her career that she agrees to star in a reality television show called The Comeback, with cameras following her every move as she lands a part in a new network sitcom, Room and Bored. The Comeback explores the madness of the television world, a Beverly Hills lifestyle, and the bravery of a comic-tragic year-old actress as she struggles to keep her career afloat while balancing her personal life — all under the unforgiving scrutiny of the ubiquitous cameras.

The Knick, short for The Knickerbocker Hospital, faces a major upheaval due to an exodus of affluent patrons, an infusion of poor patients, and gross mismanagement of its finances. Everett Gallinger Eric Johnson ; Dr. Atlantic City, When alcohol was outlawed, outlaws became kings.

The Golden Age of Piracy in the Caribbean is at its apex. The former British The Big Dish - Prospect Street (Vinyl) of New Providence Island is now lawless territory, controlled by the most notorious pirate captains in history. The most feared among them is Captain Flint. But as the British Navy returns to these waters, threatening to exterminate Flint and his crew, another side of him emerges.

Together, they forge a plan to hunt the ultimate prize, and by winning it, stave off reclamation of their home to ensure their survival. The Newsroom takes a behind-the-scenes look at a high-rated cable-news program at the fictional ACN Network, focusing on the on- and off-camera lives of its acerbic anchor, new executive producer, their newsroom staff and their news-division boss. From Alan Ball, creator of True Blood, this exciting action drama charts the twists and turns that follow Lucas Hood, an ex-convict who improbably becomes sheriff of a rural, Amish-area town while searching for a woman he last saw 15 years ago, when he gave himself up to police to let her escape after a jewel heist.

Living in Banshee under an assumed name, Carrie Hopewell is now married to the local DA and is trying desperately to keep a low profile — until Lucas arrives to shake up her world and rekindle old passions. Complicating matters is the fact that Banshee is riddled by corruption, with an Amish overlord, Kai Proctor, brutally building a local empire of drugs, gambling and graft. With the help of a boxer-turned-barkeeper named Sugar Bates, Lucas is able to stay on even footing with Kai and The Big Dish - Prospect Street (Vinyl) thugs, and even manages to bring a measure of tough justice to Banshee.

Rabbit, the NY mobster they once ripped off, closes in with vengeance on his mind. Based on true stories, The Pacific is an epic ten-part miniseries that tracks the intertwined odysseys of three U. These men, along with other Marines, are tracked from their first battle on Guadalcanal inthrough the rain forests of Cape Gloucester and strongholds of Peleliu, across the bloody sands of Iwo Jima and Okinawa and, finally, to their triumphant but uneasy return home after V-J Day in They were ordinary men, swept up in the most extraordinary conflict in history.

With the eyes of the world upon them, they found their greatest source of strength in each other. Created by Steve Levinson this all-new HBO comedy explores the sun-soaked world of a group of past and present football players in and around Miami, FL. The Sopranos, a realistic, darkly humorous, often-poignant look at members of a suburban New Jersey family, whose patriarch happens to be a mob boss. Feeling his handle on his family and his business slipping away, Tony Soprano suffers a series of anxiety attacks that land him in the office of a psychiatrist.

After waking from a coma in an abandoned hospital, police officer Rick Grimes finds the world he knew gone — ravaged by a zombie epidemic of apocalyptic proportions. Can Rick and the others hold onto their humanity as they fight to live in this terrifying new world?

And, amidst dire conditions and personal rivalries, will they ultimately survive one another? This unvarnished, highly realistic HBO drama series follows a single sprawling drug and murder investigation in Baltimore — one that culminates in a complex series of dangerous wiretaps and surveillance.

Told from the points of view of both the police and their targets, the series captures a universe where easy distinctions between good and evil, and crime and punishment, are challenged at every turn. The television debut of Jay and Mark Duplass, Togetherness follows two couples living under one roof on the fringes of Los Angeles. The country of Morocco is located in North Africa, but lies just 9 miles south of Spain. Spain and Morocco, and hence Europe and Africa, are separated by those 9 miles across the Mediterranean Sea known as the Straits of Gibraltar.

The Maldives is an island nation consisting of two chains of atolls in the Indian Ocean. The population of overpeople is distributed over inhabited islands, with about 1, islands remaining uninhabited. The Maldives is one of the countries in the world that is extremely endangered by rising sea levels. The cochlea is a spiral structure in the inner ear. Included in the cochlea are hair cells that receive sound vibrations, causing them to move.

The movement of the hairs is converted into nerve impulses that are interpreted in the brain. Someone described as winsome has a childlike charm and innocence. Victor Hugo was a French writer who is known in his native country mainly for his poetry. However, Yule was originally a pagan festival celebrated by Germanic peoples.

Steak tartare was first served in French restaurants in the early s. It was basically raw, seasoned beef mixed with egg yolk. Over time the two versions became one, and the steak tartare moniker won out. By the way, if you order steak tartare in Switzerland, I believe you are served horse meat. Some Muslim women wear a hijab in the presence of males outside of their immediate family.

A hijab is a veil covering the head and chest. Some also wear a niqab as part of the hijab, which is a cloth that covers the face. Other Muslim women wear a burqa, which covers the whole body from the top of the head to the ground. It is very delicate, with a soft silky feel to it. As well as being famous in his own right, country singer Lyle Lovett is known for his marriage to actress Julia Roberts.

The pair had a whirlwind romance lasting just three weeks before they eloped and were wed.

The Blue Hour - Intimate Strangers (2) - Charm (Cassette, Album), Gigi - Tony Mottola - Tony "Mr. Guitar" Mottola Volume 2 (Vinyl, LP), Jim Gregrash - The Best Of Jim Gregrash Vol. 1 (Vinyl, LP), One More Ride - Commander Cody - Lets Rock! (Vinyl, LP, Album), Almaz - Randy Crawford - Abstract Emotions (Cassette, Album), Your One And Only - Wild Rose - Straight And Narrow (Cassette), Swirlies - What To Do About Them (Cassette), Fobia (2) - Mundo Feliz (CD, Album), Revelation (Original Mix) - Raxtor - Revelation (File, MP3), Lady Carneval - Karel Gott - Babička (Vinyl, LP), Disorient Express - Various - Largo - Advance Music (CD, Album), Houston Person - Dancing Feet / Inseperable (Vinyl), Your Silent Face - New Order - BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert (CD, Album), Lys I Mot Mørketida - Oslo Gospel Choir / Maria Haukaas Mittet - Lys Imot Mørketida (CD, Album), The Girl From Ipanema - James Last - The Very Best Of James Last (CD)