A Song To Myself - The Roadside Band - Storms About To Brew (CD, Album)

It all smacks of an inevitably A Song To Myself - The Roadside Band - Storms About To Brew (CD ending achieved because of a noble effort by a good person. Probably nostalgically, right? The song seethes and lumbers along and splits itself wide open. The bass snaps like a junkyard dog. The tortured guitar wails. Or is the dream simply a tawdry bit of self-deception wherein I dream that I only did the terrible thing that I did in a dream?

The final line rises like a swamp monster out of a bog. Not some TV sitcom mess——something horrific and potentially criminal. One hopes the character misses the bus. Surely he or she does not deserve to make it. A guy makes a mistake, he leaves town.

He makes another mistake, he leaves another town. What now? The Promised Land has yet to be discovered, and the search has grown exhausting. The Good Days might really be gone forever. The band is at the peak of its cinematic powers. The lyrics, meanwhile, tend to be located somewhere between gloomy and terrifying. Note the micro and macro scales again reinforcing each other. Liars own the words. History is rewritten faster than it can happen.

The speech is punctuated by a searing synth blast——the sonic equivalent of a heat wave surging through the thrown-open doors of an industrial oven. Before long, however, the potent slab of noise begins dissipating, eventually coming to sound like a trifling Boy Scout campfire ditty. The slide guitar slice that begins the song feels like a cell bursting open during a jailbreak. The sonically-identical one that abruptly ends it feels more like the zipping up of a body bag, due to what takes place between the two.

Children, hear our hopes and fears. The good and the bad. The things they mean to me and how we tore it down.

From one kind of a life to another. From what kind of a life to another? Somewhere out there the night is calling. I am free. This is the plight of those that live in ghost towns.

Trapped in the past, usually because their futures are dark, they are incapable of being present. Is a ghost town preferable? Is it possible even to know? Pere Ubu understands music as something that is ultimately and literally a celebration of spacebe it headspace or physical space.

Thus the terrain makes the familiar terrain strange, unseen — new. The secret is told, but nonetheless hidden, in the musings, babblings, or tall tales of people who seem too odd to be like you or me, like us … What comes into view is a secret country: barely recognizable, and undeniable. The media is at fault. It is, in fact, your fault personally. If you knew what you were doing there would be no crime or cancer or bad music.

Shape up. As such, the philosophy is perhaps only worth acknowledging, not celebrating, as a unique approach to and point of view on American rock music. While plenty of musicians have reinvented themselves multiple times over long careers, it seems to me the act is often motivated by a desperation brought on by a lack of any new ideas.

Everything it does is in service to it. When we reach it I quit. The end of a thing is always better than the beginning. I continue to look forward to the end of the road. That will be the great Pere Ubu moment.

I feel confident about this because some already have. Each is so powerful that it took me dozens of listens to even realize the sounds are coming from the singer, not some wild, wailing instrument. Why must you be mean to me? He saw the potential for cathartic empathy in a flirty bit of wordplay, just like Pere Ubu sees possibilities for comedy and tragedy in single phrases.

Justin Timberlake is weird experimental music. Robbie Williams is avant-garde. Britney Spears is constantly coming up with something new and innovative.

Pere Ubu does the same old thing. It also begs the question: Is a realignment of folk culture with popular culture possible? I like to think we would. Bob Dylan, at his most revolutionary, was pretty popular. Even after it started to gain popularity, DJs were reluctant to play it in full on their shows——but the public demanded it. And yet Dylan is a cultural icon while Pere Ubu maintains only a cult following. Why is this? But does it have to be this way?

They believed it had been touched by the better angels of its nature. Noam Chomsky once made an explicit distinction between folk culture and popular culture as typically defined today high-rated television programs, in this case. This is just stuff which is served up to them to rot their minds. Pere Ubu is one them. There are others. However, to me at least, the effort is often more than worth it.

It challenges them. It is sure they can handle it. Life can be chaotic and complicated. Art reflecting and engaging with that is probably going to share some those qualities. However, for better or worse, life is also influenced by art. Unfortunately, there are people and institutions that use this phenomenon to leverage their power and influence.

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