(Bloodsuckers) Stay Away From Me - FUK - FUK (CD, Album)

And sick. And ready. We may not have been ready — but she was. Even now. So I talk to her in my dreams. I talk to her when I feel the world crumbling, which is often these days.

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Other than passions, any other massage parlor suggestions? Too bad this is about to end. This is worse than any make-up design changes you guys made with the passing years. This shows such a lack of respect with the majority of your user base that brings shivers down my spine. When I first realised Last. No, thank you very much. Very Very sad. Will probably cost a lot of user including me from Switzerland. Bought quite a lot of music because of my recommandations. Always thought last.

Everyone is so concerned that they have to pay for something, and what they have to pay for. It has been made clear that you are paying to listen, essentially covering the cost of getting the music to you royalties, bandwidth, operations, etc. In the three countries mentioned, Last.

FM earns money in other ways ads, music sales, etc. I think this is a fair move by Last. FM, and unlike Pandora, it means that there is a way to continue listening, instead of just Album) cut off outside the target countries. Good move. Focussing on revenues or at least reducing net expenses is a healthy approach to long-term sustainability. The richest countries in the world do not need to pay to get your service, but dozens of others do…I am stopping scrobbling as of this moment.

This is a discrimination for other countries. Music will be free forever, so who fucking cares about your shitty service. This is quite nasty. The wording of your announce was quite horrible. You have now pissed off lots of users and this will only have a negative impact on your service. This is terrible.

Beside, do you even know Album) 3 euros means in each country? Scrobbling is free and will always be free. Other services that will continue to be free to everyone, everywhere:. Millions of free music samples, Thousands of free downloads, Free previews of a wide range of featured music, Artist bios, photos and event information, Your profile, your charts, your journal and The ability to love tracks and add tags.

I have to agree with HodgeStar. But treating some users differently just based on their geo-location is a really bad idea. Oh, thanks Again. Why UK and Germany not? Va a ser que no. Hasta nunca. Y si no entendeis el comentario, me importa un bledo. Quit being so goddam cheap! Good job, last. This is utterly depressing. Even as a UK citizen I am devastated.

Some of the most innovative last. I mean, why only certain countries. It sucks, it really does. What makes german, UK and americans different from us? It is stupid. You totally suck. I used to listen your radio stations quite a lot, like everyday. I can find another way to discover bands free like pandora or something. Hi last. Or something like that?

This is very bad move. Me parece una muy mala estrategia para ganar dinero. Too bad. I guess I understand last. You guys had music that we gave to no other platform. But if you try to force me to do it, i will just refuse. And stop using your, up to now, excellent service. Too many restrictions have been imposed on last. I hope you become really profitable, even though you will surely lose a great deal of your users. They pay so I can have it for free.

Not fair!! While this is sad news, and while it may be unfair, I do not think that removing my subscription will help those who no longer have access. And when you push the limit, you start to have to deal with ISP s resseling bandwidth, to different rates because there is different infrastructure, differents peoples, differents business.

Megabits in UK is cheaper than megabits in Azherbaidjan, by a huge factor, so the cost of a last. You also need to deal with various banking issue, with the fact you still need to find clients in all countries, so I think that focusing on key market is a smart move, if they need to cut some costs.

Seriously, Last. You surely jest. That seems at least fairer to the rest of the world. Their profile info? Their IP address? Their nationality? Will you ask for ID and Passports? Which probably means my Polish neighbour in London should not be able to listen to it, poor girl. Another service will pop up that will be free. Shame though, I like Last. Anyway, closing the doors for all others beside the countries of your core market is the definitely the wrong decision.

If we would have access to last. Like someone else said, the barrier between paid and non paid is huge, even if few money is involved.

It seems you failed your basic economics class when you were young. People, you really should stop complaining. Well, bye then. And that only covers your trivial point. Most people here would not complain had this charge been Album) to everyone, regardless of their geographic location. The G3 have about M citizens, but the Internet has now borders.

I was just about to start writing a free Last. Ca tin pur ne bella facc d cazz. I think that Last. Is everything made for big money in this world? So sad, from time to time i have payed to be a subscriber but i have no money to do it on a monthly basis, so, good bye last.

Seriously: fuck you. One of the main strength of Lastfm resides in its statistics scrobblings and that was my first hope to see a centralized system that truly reflected people tastes instead of other associations basing their numbers on what was aired on tv or played on radios say it. Now, is that people in the uk,us,de provide more listening statistics than the other countries together? I think that a better service with new features for subscribers like on-demand, a better player… would have worked better in order to gain more subscribers.

Even some kind of limited free service like time or per-day period limitation would have been better instead of this. Now my fear is that my beloved lastFM begins to lose strength because of users leaving…. I believe that if Last. When my subscription ends, last. CBS and the major record labels got you by the balls, bye bye last. I think you just lost a lot users from your 30 million. You have changed a lot since i registered in European Union law disallows unfair pricing and difference in service in member countries.

I advise you check this decision with you lawyers. Why not charge listeners from these countries also, if you think listeners need to pay.

I thought a user is a user. Germany tax is on every storage type of media, storaging devices and also on every copy and write devices …. Here in latin america, having a credit card is so expensive, I pay the fee, but, I dont have credit card, y can wire the money like in skype but the only choice is credit card, so. Yeah, that is really great news. Not a smart move. Not even because of the Last.

Assuming fewer people will start using your service world wide, your data could become less useful to me. Outdated content and less variety is simply not worth my money, or even my attention anymore. Sorry to know that a new dark chapter is being written against the open web. This business decision is exclusionary and goes against the freedom of all users to use internet.

A few years ago when I started using last. Pandora closed access. Today its your turn. This is not a complete free service, we pay with every scrobbled song to your servers. The time to uninstall all your software its coming, sorry to heard about this very very very bad desicion without ask first to the cummunity and find better alternatives. I absolutely and categorically will refuse to pay a penalty for not being American, British or German.

In fact, I refuse to use any service, free or otherwise, from a company that discriminates users in this way. One more of them. Bye, lastfm. We should all be allowed free access, or everyone has to pay the same amount.

This sucks. The opportunity to discover new music for free is THE power of Last. Bisides that a lot of artists use this platform to promote there music. I am afraid this will be the end of last. Certainly from a Last. Recommendations are your strongest feature, but you just made them far less accessible to users in most of the world.

If your argument is that Last. Well I loved last. You are doing this on a way too short of notice! You just try to hide what is changeing! This is literally online racism,nothing less. If u are gonna charge the people for listening to music,u have to charge them all.

This really sucks. And I will be so much looking forward to (Bloodsuckers) Stay Away From Me - FUK - FUK (CD day. Second, even though I have been paying you for years, just because I like the concept of last.

But forcing the members to pay depending on their country is just being ———. It should have been all of the members or none of the members. You should have made us pay from the beginning with a 30 day trial or something.

Also, you should have applied this for everyone Album) no-one. So are we paying for the UK and US to enjoy this service for free? Make us all pay, or keep it free for all. Let them pay for it themselves or give it to me free as well. I think you loose quite some listeners in The Netherlands. Other services that will continue to be free to everyone, everywhere: … Artist bios, photos and event information, Your profile, your charts, your journal and The ability to love tracks and add tags.

Is it really free for us to let you datamine our music habits? Oh, that is so kind of you, Last. This is an terrible move. Even when it was free, I willfully subscribed for a year to support you.

Charge everyone or no-one! The internet is destroying the old ways of sharing and finding music. Just to point out a couple of things: 1 The subscriber service is different to the non-subscriber service, so no-one is paying for something that others get for free.

The subscription offers more to users than the free service. Who knows what may happen in the future, but for now it seems this is was last. Not sure why people are saying their moving to pandora, they country restricted far more then this a while ago. Those 3 EUR are a lot for people outside Europe. A small handful of countries US, UK, DE already have established and functioning advertising platforms and sales teams that are working to cover the costs.

In most countries, the ad revenue is not covering the costs and Last. I cannot imagine that the folks at Last. This company made a music service available for free for many years.

Anyone who does not feel that paying for this service is worthwhile should choose not to participate. Anyone who really wants to keep using Last. This discrimination is the worst I ever saw on the internet even the facebook user policy is not as worse as that. Your balls are held between an anvil and a hammer, the latter being in the hands of the people sensible enough to have at least remnants of collective thinking. What kind of marxist model is that??

Either everyone pays or no one! Well, shame on you. Ok, I feel obliged to chime in here. People are used to radio being free, and I for one am not going back. Second, the fee constitutes a barrier to entry. Remember that your algorithms and business depend absolutely on participation from the community, and if inhibit that community in any way, your business will suffer. Revenues may go up in the short term, but you will be getting less and less users as time goes on, and so stats teh long decline.

The reason I find this service so useful is the community, and if the community gets smaller, the service gets less useful. Third, why are the U. K and Germany exempt? You had better give a really good answer to that question, because everyone thinks you are now playing a shifty game that no-one wants to play, and certainly not pay for.

Last, everyone feels cheated. Everyone knows that your sorting algorithms depend on user input, everyone knows that they were helping the whole service whenever they scrobbled, loved or banned tracks. The information people put into the service was used by the algorithms, useful for everyone else in the service, and valuable to last.

So now, after years of data input, helping you upgrade your algorithms and fill your databases, after helping make your service more accurate and valuable, you expect us to pay for using it? This subscription fee cheats anyone who has ever scrobbled, loved or banned a track on last. Well, back to downloading instead of listening to the recommendation radio.

Good luck with the service. I hope you manage to convince the labels to give the rest of the world the same privilege. So if I were to subscibe would that mean I would then be allowed to listen to last.

I live in Canada and at the moment last. How can I pay a subscription? This stupid monthly fee will kill what maked Last. If this happens in the United Kingdom I will leave last. As a long time subscriber from Germany I could just shrug and not care but I think this concept is incredibly flawed. I never did. Well it was … until today. It would make sense to have people from rich countries pay more for a subscription than people from poor ones and under such circumstances — even if I have to pay more than before — I would happily expand my subscription.

See, the problem here is that elitist behaviour has already been exhibited by the company, when they decided to provide users from US, UK and Germany with features that they will not be providing to the rest of the world.

Seems arbitrary, to say the least. Some more explanation would be in order concerning that fact. It will definitely make lastfm a lot less cool than it was and it is interesting that only some people have to pay up. Everyone should pay, tell me why you shouldnt? Well, it was not entirely free, was it?

People gave something in return: their data. The whole recommendation engine is based on the data fed to it by its users.

Considering how long last. Quite simply, it is a bloody good service that we should be so lucky to have in the first place, and we ought to contribute to supporting last.

And if you are so stingy as to want everything for free, choose limewire or spotify where you will find similarly ignorant and pathetic music freeloaders. Now I have to think twice at what last. It violates my license.

I guess I have to take this to EFF. Yeah, great news… I gave you my personal data and now you screw me like this. Can you not figure out another way of achieving a source of income? I feel bad, not because now we have to pay for the music, but because people from some countries will have to pay for the music!! Is Internet really neutral?? I guess not. Anyways, there are other choices, like Jamendo, with free as in freedom music to listen to. This would work for a lot of other countries.

Your economy bubble, the internet, believes in ridiculous metrics like ComScore and Alexa all the time to make advertizers buy ad space in websites. People will always be mad when something free that they take for granted suddenly expresses the need to actually make money. Keep up the good work, guys! I was a subscriber from Slovakia, Europe and planned to stay that was.

In simple english, the rest of the the world pays so that the g3 have free radio. Goodbye last. And yet again, the music industry is screwing up its opportunities Album) promote their artists cheaply to a wide audience. And a big thumbs down to last. Nearly no thankful words for last. That is quite funny you guys start this policy when you already have a network and many people supporting the collective construction of your wikis.

For some of us that believe in collective construction and open web tools, a strong network is the most valuable thing you can get from an initiative like Last.

That means they will be alienated from your service not by choice but by context. It is sad to see you will become a close platform, because Last. Good luck with this. Now that I have to pay to listen, again — we get screwed. I started to subscribe just a couple of weeks ago because i wanted to support you, but now i dont really want to anymore.

Great move, guys. Conclusion: Less money getting out, More money getting in. Just to make this clear for everyone. It is for CBS and for the guys who manage your expenses, but you just cut relationship with the users. I already get annoyed with some ads on last. Just that. I never found the subscription-black-square-in-my-avatar thing any worth the money. Poorly communicated, poorly thought-through implementation, guys!

Fancy a discriminatory subscription charge? Not a good look even in these economic times. What will you do with the free content we uploaded under a Creative Commons license? Will that still be freely avaible to all users of the site the way it was intended? The 24th of march, the day that music died. By guys.

I will miss you. I hate you. I hate that I love you. I didnt want to break up with you. But you made me… I cant believe this.

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