Episode 14 - Henry Rollins - The Henry Rollins Show: Season One (DVD)

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Bruce Helford and Drew Carey. Drew interviews a hostile Mimi for the cosmetics salesperson job at Winfred-Louder and she accuses him of being sexist for rejecting her application. Meanwhile, Drew's best friend Kate who has just lost her job, coerces him into hiring her, though he is reluctant to hire a friend. September 20, Bell hires Mimi as his assistant to keep her from filing a complaint about Drew's 'harassment' and she vows to make Drew's life intolerable.

Drew meets attractive job applicant Lisa and the two become friendly fast. However, once Lisa is hired, he is worried about dating her because Winfred-Louder's rules prohibit management from dating an employee. Meanwhile, Drew's neighbors cause trouble next door. This episode introduces Lisa Robbins Katy Selverstone. September 27, Kate is depressed that most women she knew are married and she isn't and the guys throw a fake marriage ceremony to cheer her up. While on the way back in the limo, Drew reveals to Kate that he had a crush on her during high school.

Drew fires Suzie, an inept employee, only to find out she was Mr. Bell's mistress. Kate proposes her idea for a day spa to an impressed Mr. Bell, who wants to meet with her and Drew at the Warsaw to discuss it. However, Drew discovers he is only interested in making Kate his latest conquest. Steve Zuckerman. October 18, The guys confront Kate's intimidating ex-boyfriend Barry, who refuses to pick up his stuff and makes incessant phone calls to Kate at work.

Drew attaches a cartoon to the bottom of a memo in the hopes of boosting company morale and is later obsessed to find out who was the lone offended employee that complained to Mr.

It turns out to be Nora from Accounting who also ends up filing a lawsuit against Drew. November 1, Drew turns down Winfred-Louder's attorneys Guest stars Penn and Teller when they try to get him to settle the lawsuit by signing a waiver that absolves the store of any responsibility. Drew then hires a lawyer, who happens to be an insufferable ex-boyfriend of Kate's, but is left high and dry when he has to fire him for making passes at Kate. Robert Borden. November 8, Drew defends himself against Nora's lawsuit but isn't very successful.

Nora cries on the stand to gain everyone's sympathy and the outlook is pretty bleak for Drew. A stressed Drew loses it during an argument at the Warsaw, gets arrested for assault, and has to doubly defend himself. Much to his relief, the judge rules in his favor in Nora's case. November 15, When Lewis' sister, Janet, drops by for a visit, Drew who had a brief fling with her in high school shows a renewed interest and proceeds to date her despite Lewis' reservations.

However, when things don't go well, he needs to break up with Janet without incurring Lewis' wrath. November 29, Louder, the elderly widow of the store's founder, offers Drew a job as her personal assistant and Drew reluctantly accepts. Drew enjoys making connections within the corporate world, and is now allowed to date Lisa as he is no longer part of management.

However, he gets demoted to his old job after Mrs. Louder catches him and Lisa having a tryst in the restroom during the office Christmas party. Nan Martin 's first appearance as Mrs. Lona Williams and Les Firestein. December 6, After Kate has a new boyfriend and has less time to spend with them, the guys try to cope without her.

They run into an old buddy Jay at the Warsaw and start hanging out with him. When Kate returns after her breakup, she is furious at Jay for taking her place in the gang but surprisingly the pair begins dating. This episode introduces Jay Clemens Robert Torti.

Jeff Lowell and Lona Williams. December 13, Drew's dad introduces Drew, Lewis and Oswald to his club "The Wildebeests", hoping it will help Drew make contacts and land a better job.

However, they all leave when they discover that many of the club members are bigots and later Drew tells off his dad for being over-expectant of him.

Gary Halvorson. December 20, Winfred-Louder employees decide to go on strike a few weeks before Christmas. Drew sympathizes with their plight, but must hire temporary replacements to keep the store going, including Oswald as a replacement for Kate.

Brian K. January 3, Drew feels he is being stalked by Earl David Crosswhom he has just fired from the store after discovering his past history of volatile behavior, and it results in the rest of the gang playing pranks on a jumpy Drew. Later, when Earl does show up at Drew's house, he is nabbed by Chuck, the store security guard. January 10, Bell promises Drew a promotion in exchange for training his nephew Blaine, who turns out to be a lazy, nepotistic pest. Kate mistakenly sells an expensive perfume for much less than it is worth and turns to Drew for help.

Meanwhile, Blaine becomes such a nuisance that Mimi and Drew form an unholy alliance to force him out of the store. January 17, Drew believes that it was divine intervention that kept him out of a car accident. He then recalls one of his childhood vows written down in an old family bible, that was to serve God and attempts to fulfill it by becoming a minister at his church.

Gerry Cohen. January 31, Bell appoints Mimi as Drew's assistant so he can hire Suzie as his own assistant. The gang consoles Drew after Mimi bruises his leg in the office. The situation takes a disturbing turn when a horrified Drew discovers pictures that suggest Mimi is secretly in love with him. Bruce Rasmussen. February 7, A furious Mrs. Louder forces Mr. Bell to fire Suzie after discovering their affair and a revengeful Mr.

Bell threatens to fire any member of management who is caught dating an employee. Drew and Lisa have to jump through hoops to keep seeing each other and avoid being caught, especially by an on-the-prowl Mimi. Guest: Tim Allen as himself. February 14, Drew wants to maintain his relationship with Lisa undercover, but an exasperated Lisa decides they both should start dating other people and proceeds to do so. Drew starts dating his hard-living hairdresser Sue, but finds her too tough to handle.

Later Lisa tells him of a way they can start seeing each other again. Guest: Jamie Lee Curtis. February 21, Winfred-Louder wants Drew to hire someone to head the new Personal Shopper department and Drew hits a big dilemma when both Kate and Lisa want the job and Mimi is in the race, too, backed by Mr. February 28, Kate tries to conceal from her mom that she is dating Jay, since she is always disapproving of her boyfriends. When the truth comes out, she has to make up for it by inviting Jay over for dinner at her mom's house.

Just as Kate suspected, her mom worries that Jay is on the rebound and tries to convince Kate that Drew is the right man for her. May 1, Inspired by a motivational speaker, Drew launches a commercial video as part of Winfred-Louder's new promotional campaign featuring a camel and a bull.

The video is successful and earns him a promotion. His luck runs out when the animals are brought to the store for a personal appearance and they get loose and invade the boardroom. Rumors fly around that a Dutch company is about to take over Winfred-Louder. This episode also sees the creation of "Buzz Beer", a coffee-flavored beer, by Drew and the gang and Mr. Bell is fired. With Drew in charge of evaluations, all the staff are sucking up to him.

Lisa is on the verge of breaking up with Drew after she feels he always puts his work ahead of her. September 25, Drew Episode 14 - Henry Rollins - The Henry Rollins Show: Season One (DVD) when Wick decides to fire all the older employees. Lewis and Oswald try to fill a rush order for Buzz beer and it leads to neighborhood kids working at the brewery in Drew's garage. October 2, Jay Clemens breaks up with Kate and moves to Minnesota, while Drew and Lisa also break up after she moves in with him and they get to each other's nerves.

Speedy's first episode. October 16, The guys meet up with their former high-school bully, who is going through tough times, so Drew tries to help him out with a job at Winfred-Louder. Oswald and Lewis introduce Drew's new dog, Speedy, to the other dogs on the street.

Guest: Norm Macdonald as Simon. October 30, The guys help Kate out when she starts dating a guy, "The Devil", who takes his nickname a little bit too seriously. Guest: Grant Shaud as Jack. November 6, The guys find out their high school music teacher Ms. Blankenship has died, and a solemn Drew organizes the reformation of the school band for her memorial service and later reveals his "special" relationship with Ms.

Blankenship to the gang. November 13, Drew's zoning inspector girlfriend, Bonnie, threatens to shut his brewery in the garage and Buzz beer down, so the gang try to mobilize popular support to keep their product alive.

Guest: Caroline Rhea as Bonnie. November 20, Drew plans a surprise rendezvous with Bonnie only to find out much to his dismay that Bonnie is married. Oswald makes a new friend at work and Lewis is jealous until the stranger's true intentions become clear.

November 27, Drew is placed in charge of Winfred-Louder's Thanksgiving day parade but needs to let Mimi sit in the first float to save the show. December 4, Drew and Mimi crash a party thrown by a new store employee to which they were the only ones apparently uninvited. Kate bleaches her hair to appeal to decent men. Guest: John Caponera as Dexter K. December 18, The return and final appearance of Lisa Robbins Katy Selverstone who is marrying a fellow store employee whom Drew, much to his predicament, has on his firing list for non-performance.

Lewis and Oswald take up jobs as elves for Winfred-Louder but have constant tiffs with a drunken Santa. January 8, Drew's parents move in with him after losing their home in Florida and end up depriving him of any privacy.

Later, Oswald and Lewis take Drew in when he can no longer stand to live with his parents. First appearance of Episode 14 - Henry Rollins - The Henry Rollins Show: Season One (DVD) Ross as Beulah Carey.

After Drew squabbles with their landlord over conditions in the apartment, Lewis and Oswald get evicted and the guys are forced to move into Kate's. Lewis pretends to be rich to date a demanding woman. January 29, Lewis and Oswald rent the place above the Warsaw. The gang decide to wind up Buzz beer and throw a party offering free beer to liquidate the left-over inventory.

Guests: Little RichardMichael R. Kate plays a prank on Drew by adding "special" sounds to a copy of the video tape Drew had made for his promotion campaign, but it turns out to be the actual tape and Drew plays it to his embarrassment at the Winfred Lauder board meeting. Drew encounters and falls for Kyra, an "ex-high school friend" who turns out to be a con artist and it leads to Drew's car being repossessed and his furniture stolen.

The gang try to help out Kate with her monetary problems. Drew decides to go on a hunger strike to force Winfred-Louder to build a skywalk to the parking garage after Oswald and Lewis get run over on a busy intersection while visiting Drew at the store. A drunken Drew gets fortuitously married to a woman, Diane, on a trip to Vegas and he agrees to play as her husband briefly so she can win custody of her two children.

After exploiting Winfred-Louder's same-sex insurance benefits for his dog Speedy's surgery, Drew enlists Oswald to pretend to be his companion in front of the store board to save his job. March 19, The gang support Drew when crazy Earl David Cross is let out of the mental institution and moves next door to Drew. Mimi prepares to meet the King of Poland with the hopes of becoming queen. April 2, The gang have to deal with a ruthless rival to Buzz Beer, "Cap-beer-Cino", another coffee-flavored knock-off of Buzz Beer and the competition gets ugly after the Cap-beer-Cino makers sabotage the ice-cream Episode 14 - Henry Rollins - The Henry Rollins Show: Season One (DVD) that the guys bought for delivering Buzz Beer.

Guests: Ed Begley Jr. Chris Vanderkamp and Rachel Hunter as herself. April 30, Drew, Mimi and Larry compete for a board position at the store. Drew gains an edge and impresses the management with some tips from a business book, but later Mimi hijacks the book from Drew. Guest: Bill Erwin as Mr. Kate isn't amused when the guys decide to give away a date with her as a promotion for Buzz Beer and Mr.

Wick finds the winning bottle cap. Drew gets nervous when Mr. Wick and Kate become 'romantically involved' as he worries that they will eventually break up and take out their anger on him.

Originally broadcast in 3D. Drew and the gang take off on an impromptu trip to New York on their ice-cream truck to break the monotony of their lives. The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. After being slighted by his boss Wick for not being fit, Drew embarks on a mission to lose weight but gets tricked by a con man who uses a topless picture of Drew on a huge billboard to advertise "Vita Beer", a weight loss scam.

September 24, This episode has an extended introductory dream sequence where everyone is an alien. As a gag, the old animated show title appears, with an alien version of Drew singing "Moon Over Parma" but with the lyrics changed to the name of the alien planet. A savage storm threatens Cleveland, and when Winfred Louder employees with families are preferentially allowed to leave early, Drew tries to start a single employees union in protest. Kate and Oswald kiss.

A dazed Wick is taken by Mimi to her home after the storm. This episode has an extended introductory theme of "Cleveland Rocks", sung by The Presidents of the United States of America, which became the theme for the rest of the show's run. Kate and Oswald secretly are seeing each other on a regular basis. Drew and Mimi are shocked to discover that Larry Almada is having an affair with Mrs.

Drew starts dating realtor Nicki after previous repeated attempts had failed. Wick is recuperating with Mimi and Larry is still staying with Drew. Mimi uses Wicks Episode 14 - Henry Rollins - The Henry Rollins Show: Season One (DVD) to run the store and fire Drew, who goes to her apartment to free Wick. Just as Nicki agrees to go out with Drew, Kate and Oswald reveal their secret and the house is raided by the police.

Drew's house is being seized and auctioned off as proceeds of crime, despite Drew being found innocent of any involvement in Larry's drug dealing. Drew comes to terms with Kate and Oswald being together. October 29, Nicki tells Drew she was once fat and wants to avoid any culinary temptations, and supports Drew when he decides to lose weight.

Mimi, however, is convinced that Nicki never was fat and is trying to trick Drew into losing weight and bets him that he can't stick to the diet. Nigel Wick agrees to mind Mrs. Louder's dog. The plan goes awry and Drew has Lucky fixed and shorn, which to Wick's horror means they will be fired. To raise the money to buy a replacement the gang do " The Full Monty " at the Warsaw.

Larry gets out of jail and agrees to help them, but the tavern is raided. Drew's brother Steve has lost his job and moves in with Drew.

Kate then convinces him to hire Steve for a job at Winfred-Louder, but Drew is shocked to learn that his brother is a cross dresser. Drew then has to save Steve's job. Guest: Dionne Warwick. Drew, Lewis and Oswald decide to reform the Horn Dogs, their old high school band, to compete in a battle of the bands competition at the Warsaw Tavern.

Unfortunately, Kate also wants to be in the band although she can't sing, and there is a rival band from the high school days, The Underpriveleged special appearance by The Reverend Horton Heatled by Herb. Guest: Seth Green. Drew agrees to volunteer at a local nursing home which has a bad reputation, and Wick then decides to run with the idea and make a mandatory program of employees volunteering for the nursing home.

Louder wants Drew to hire a replacement for Larry, but Drew has bigger problems with the nursing home residents framing him, but a deal is struck to save Drew and get Larry back to work.

Guest: Tim Conway. December 17, Drew and Kate are equal winners of the Winfred-Louder Christmas competition, which has a prize for a free trip to the Bahamas. Drew is worried that he can't share a room with Kate without something happening.

Lewis lets slip to Oswald that Drew has feelings for Kate, so he jumps on a plane to follow the others. Kate meanwhile reveals to Drew that she is not sure whether Oswald is the one. January 7, The gang are drinking and the Buzz Beer tank explodes showering their neighbours house in beer, with Drew's neighbour Greg becoming his new boss at Buzz Beer after he pays for a new tank.

Lewis starts dating Pinky Ashley Gardnera co-worker at DrugCo who is a test subject for experimental drugs. Wick thinks that the Board are going to fire him and so he plots with Mimi to scam the board out of money by devising a sexual harassment lawsuit.

January 28, Drew has to give a speech at the annual event thrown by Mrs. Louder Nan Martin in honor of her late husband, but ends up offending Nicki. Mimi hires a sexual harassment lawyer in her lawsuit. Guest: Steve Buscemi as Mr. There is a fashion buyers job vacant at Winfred Louder and Kate and Mimi both want it. Louder and Lewis to show off to his boss. However, it ends badly as Kate ends up fighting with Mrs. Drew tries to get Mr. Wick to pass a lie detector test, but it ends up a disaster with Mimi easily beating the machine and Wick failing dismally.

With Oswald angry with Drew, they end up taking secret compatibility tests with Kate and Nicki. Guests: Eugene Levy as Dr. Rider and Ashley Gardner as Pinky, Lewis' girlfriend. February 25, Kate and Oswald have pre-marriage counselling, with Kate angry that Oswald spends so much time with Lewis.

With Nicki away, Drew has dinner alone with Nicki's parents Chuck and Charlene Fifer, but the night does not go well, with the couple having a huge fight. Drew and the others show Mr. Fifer what the single life is like. Drew's fridge breaks down and the gang is very upset. Drew decides that he has to compete in the Winfred Louder Employee Games, where a fridge is the main prize. However, Mimi and Larry pair up and are determined to win, and Lewis's girlfriend Pinky Ashley Gardner goes crazy making it hard for Drew to win.

The gang are throwing a Bachelor Party for both Drew and Oswald before their respective weddings. Before the bachelor party, however, Nicki dumps Drew. Steve Carey who comes out to parents, George and Beulah as a cross dresser.

Mimi's sexual harassment lawsuit goes to court, but Drew proves to be an unreliable witness when he turns up to court under the influence of a sex drug from Lewis's work DrugCo that he had taken inadvertently. Nigel Wick apologizes to Mimi and tries to convince her to return to work and abandon the scam. April 1, One of Wick's firings goes wrong and he is shot in the crotch with a crossbow.

This means Drew has to run the store in the meantime and he promises no firings which has unintended results. This episode is part of a competition for viewers to spot onscreen errors and win prizes. Guest: Robert Hegyes as himself. This episode has the first appearance of handy woman Sharon Bridges Jenica Bergerewho became a regular guest star for the later part of Season 4.

Guest: Ashley Gardner 's last appearance as Pinky, Lewis' girlfriend. April 22, Oswald is moving out from the unit above the Warsaw Tavern to be with Kate, so Lewis needs to get a new housemate. Drew meets a dating consultant who he pays to give him some tips. Drew's teenage cousin, Kristen, stays with him till she can find room in her college dorm. Drew gets her a temp job at the store but is appalled when she starts dating Mr.

Guest: Nikki Cox as Kristen. Drew is offered a promotion by Mrs. Fran Louder to be in charge of hiring for the new stores in Europe. He must make it to the boardroom quickly to hold onto the promotion, but everybody is determined to get in the way. The gang tries to get Kate her favorite wedding dress at a Episode 14 - Henry Rollins - The Henry Rollins Show: Season One (DVD) sale but fail.

Drew then spends the money to buy her the wedding dress, attracting questions from Oswald. Rachel True 's final appearance as Janet Clemens. Oswald and Kate are scheduled to marry in Drew's backyard, but she is having second thoughts and turns to Drew for help in breaking the bad news to Oswald. This episode has a special intro featuring Looney Tunes character Daffy Duck. Drew finds out from Chuck that many of his mishaps have been arranged by a conspiracy of three co-workers who hate him.

Lewis asks Mimi to test out a DrugCo makeup product that changes color along with the mood. September 30, Episode has crazy intro showing repetitive actions at Winfred Lauder. Kate quits her job at Winfred Lauder. Drew starts up the Horn Dogs and become a house band. First appearance of Joe Walsh as Ed. October 7, Drew, Chuck and Larry find cocaine at work, and Mr. Wick who goes into rehab. Share this page:. Around The Web Provided by Taboola. Create a list ».

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Sold by Amazon. Share Share. Edit Edit. Lightbulb Lightbulb. Episodes Related Details. Episodes 24 Sort by Episode number Newest episodes Available to watch. La O Na Makuahine. Subtitles Subtitles. Audio languages Audio languages. Following McGarrett's mother's guest star Christine Lahti surprise return and Chin's gut-wrenching decision in last season's finale cliffhanger, the team is determined to track down Wo Fat and Delano for killing an important member of their family.

McGarrett asks Catherine for her help in locating his mother and the team calls on August March for his assistance when an art heist turns deadly. Ed Anser guest stars. Lana I Ka Moana. McGarrett and Danny's relaxing day at sea takes a deadly turn when their boat is hijacked and they are left to die in the middle of the ocean. Doris McGarrett pays an unexpected visit to her son while the team investigates the death of a polo player who literally loses his head.

Christine Lahti guest stars. It's Halloween in Hawaii and the clock is ticking when a grisly murder leads the team to a ritualistic killing, and evidence suggests that the killer will soon strike again.

I Ka Wa Mamua. When Danny is forced to remain completely still while bomb technicians disarm a bomb that he has accidentally activated, McGarrett distracts him by getting his partner to tell the story about his toughest and most emotional case from his days as a cop in New Jersey. While the team investigates the murder of a young computer hacker, McGarrett tries to stage a long-needed reunion between his mother and his sister.

Christine Lahti and Taryn Manning guest star. McGarrett plays cat and mouse with a smart and seductive therapist he believes murdered her patient. Vanessa Marcil and Carlos Bernard guest star. Ha'awe Make Loa. Max and his crush get put in harm's way when a botched bank robbery leads the team to determine that the criminals had very unexpected motives.

Meanwhile, Danny is stuck with the tough task of coming to the rescue of the most beautiful women in the world when a stalker goes after a Victoria's Secret model.

Thomas Howell guest star. Huaka'I Kula. An Aloha Girls camping trip with Grace turns deadly when an armed man takes McGarrett and a little girl hostage. Meanwhile, Adam introduces Kono to his dangerous brother who was recently released from prison. Tom Arnold guest stars. After someone foolishly tries to carjack McGarrett, he and Catherine meet a boy whose father is missing and may be in deadly trouble in the backwoods of Oahu.

George Takei guest stars. The team must investigate the death of an O'ahu State University professor. His boss, his teaching assistant and a student who he busted for cheating are all viable suspects.

Olelo Ho'opa'I Make. When Chin is kidnapped in the night and dropped in the middle of Halawa Prison dressed as an inmate, he must fight for his life to escape before the other prisoners recognize him as Five Lindsay Price guest stars. Hana I Wa 'Ia.

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