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My Profile. By the latter half of the s, pure funk had lost its commercial impact; however, pop artists from Michael Jackson to Culture Club often used funk beats.

Artists like Steve Arrington and Cameo still received major airplay and had huge global followings. Rock bands began adopting elements of funk into their sound, creating new combinations of " funk rock " and " funk metal ". These bands later inspired the underground mids funkcore movement and current funk-inspired artists like OutkastMalina Moye Funk & Fuck - Groove Korp - Funk & Fuck EP (File), Van Huntand Gnarls Barkley.

However, they never came close to reaching the commercial success of funk in its heyday—with the exception of Jamiroquai, whose album Travelling Without Moving sold about Meanwhile, in Australia and New Zealand, bands playing the pub circuit, such as SupergrooveSkunkhour and the Truthpreserved a more instrumental form of funk.

Since the late s hip hop artists have regularly sampled old funk tunes. James Brown is said to be the most sampled artist in the history of hip hop, while P-Funk is the second most sampled artist; samples of old Parliament and Funkadelic songs formed the basis of West Coast G-funk.

Original beats that feature funk-styled bass or rhythm guitar riffs are also not uncommon. Dre considered the progenitor of the G-funk genre has freely acknowledged to being heavily influenced by George Clinton's psychedelia: "Back in the 70s that's all people were doing: getting high, wearing Afrosbell-bottoms and listening to Parliament-Funkadelic.

That's why I called my album The Chronic and based my music and the concepts like I did: because his shit was a big influence on my music. Very big". George Clinton branded Digital Underground as " Sons of the P ", as their second full-length release is also titled.

A very strong funk album of DU's was their release Future Rhythm. Much of contemporary club dance music, drum and bass in particular has heavily sampled funk drum breaks. Funk is a major element of certain artists identified with the jam band scene of the late s and s. In the late s, the band Phish developed a live sound called "cow funk" aka "space funk"which consisted of extended danceable deep bass grooves, and often emphasized heavy "wah" pedal and other psychedelic effects from the guitar player and layered Clavinet from the keyboard player.

Lettucea band of Berklee College Of Music graduates, was formed in the late s as a pure-funk emergence was being felt through the jam band scene. Dumpstaphunk builds upon the New Orleans tradition of funk, with their gritty, low-ended grooves and soulful four-part vocals. Since the mids the nu-funk or funk revivalist scene, centered on the deep funk collectors scene, is producing new material influenced by the sounds of rare funk 45s. These labels often release on 45 rpm records. Although specializing in music for rare funk DJs, there has been some crossover into the mainstream music industry, such as Sharon Jones' appearance on Late Night with Conan O'Brien.

Those who mix acid jazzacid housetrip hopand other genres with funk include Tom Tom Club[96] Brainticket[97] Groove Armadaet al. During the s and early s, some punk funk bands such as Out Hud and Mongolian MonkFish performed in the indie rock scene.

Indie band Rilo Kileyin keeping with their tendency to explore a variety of rockish styles, incorporated funk into their song " The Moneymaker " on the album Under the Blacklight. Particle[] for instance, is part of a scene which combined the elements of digital music made with computers, synthesizers, and samples with analog instruments, sounds, and improvisational and compositional elements of funk.

From the early s onwards, funk has developed various subgenres. While George Clinton and the Parliament were making a harder variation of funk, bands such as Kool and the GangOhio Players and Earth, Wind and Fire were making disco-influenced funk music. Many instruments may be incorporated into funk rock, but the overall sound is defined by a definitive bass or drum beat and electric guitars. The bass and drum rhythms are influenced by funk music but with more intensity, while the guitar can be funk-or-rock-influenced, usually with distortion.

The term "avant-funk" has been used to describe acts who combined funk with art rock 's concerns. Go-go originated in the Washington, D. Inspired by singers such as Chuck Brownthe "Godfather of Go-go", it is a blend of funk, rhythm and bluesand early hip hopwith a focus on lo-fi percussion instruments and in-person jamming in place of dance tracks.

As such, it is primarily a dance music with an emphasis on live audience call and response. Go-go rhythms are also incorporated into street percussion. Boogie or electro-funk is an electronic music mainly influenced by funk and post-disco. The minimalist approach of boogie, consisting of synthesizers and keyboards, helped to establish electro and house music.

Boogie, unlike electro, emphasizes the slapping techniques of bass guitar but also bass synthesizers. Electro funk is a hybrid of electronic music and funk. It essentially follows the same form as funk, and retains funk's characteristics, but is made entirely or partially with a use of electronic instruments such as the TR Vocoders or talkboxes were commonly implemented to transform the vocals.

The pioneering electro band Zapp commonly used such instruments in their music. Bootsy Collins also began to incorporate a more electronic sound on later solo albums. Funk metal sometimes typeset differently such as funk-metal is a fusion genre of music which emerged in the s, as part of the alternative metal movement.

It typically incorporates elements of funk and heavy metal often thrash metaland in some cases other styles, such as punk and experimental music. It features hard-driving heavy metal guitar riffs, the pounding bass rhythms characteristic of funk, and sometimes hip hop -style rhymes into an alternative rock approach to songwriting. A primary example is the all-African-American rock band Living Colourwho have been said to be "funk-metal pioneers" by Rolling Stone.

G-funk is a fusion genre of music which combines gangsta rap and funk. It is generally considered to have been invented by West Coast rappers and made famous by Dr. It incorporates multi-layered and melodic synthesizers, slow hypnotic grooves, a deep bass, background female vocals, the extensive sampling of P-Funk tunes, and a high-pitched portamento saw wave synthesizer lead.

Unlike other earlier rap acts that also utilized funk samples such as EPMD and the Bomb SquadG-funk often used fewer, unaltered samples per song. Timba is a form of funky Cuban popular dance music. Byseveral Cuban bands had incorporated elements of funk and hip-hop into their arrangements, and expanded upon the instrumentation of the traditional conjunto with an American drum set, saxophones and a two-keyboard format. While many funk motifs exhibit a clave -based structure, they are created intuitively, without a conscious intent of aligning the various parts to a guide-pattern.

Timba incorporates funk motifs into an overt and intentional clave structure. Funk jam is a fusion genre of music which emerged in the s. It typically incorporates elements of funk and often exploratory guitar, along with extended cross genre improvisations; often including elements of jazzambientelectronicAmericanaand hip hop including improvised lyrics.

Despite funk's popularity in modern music, few people have examined the work of funk women. She states that "Betty Davis is an artist whose name has gone unheralded as a pioneer in the annals of funk and rock.

Most writing on these musical genres has traditionally placed male artists like Jimi Hendrix, George Clinton of Parliament-Funkadelicand bassist Larry Graham as trendsetters in the shaping of a rock music sensibility. Greene [] notes that Davis' provocative and controversial style helped her rise to popularity in the s as she focused on sexually motivated, self-empowered subject matter.

Furthermore, this affected the young artist's ability to draw large audiences and commercial success. Greene also notes that Davis was never made an official spokesperson or champion for the civil rights and feminist movements of the time, although more recently [ when?

Laina Dawes, the author of What Are You Doing Here: A Black Woman's Life and Liberation in Heavy Metalbelieves respectability politics is the Funk & Fuck - Groove Korp - Funk & Fuck EP (File) artists like Davis do not get the same recognition as their male counterparts: "I blame what I call respectability politics as part of the reason the funk-rock some of the women from the '70s aren't better known.

Despite the importance of their music and presence, many of the funk-rock females represented the aggressive behavior and sexuality that many people were not comfortable with. According to Francesca T. Royster criticizes Vincent's analysis of the group, stating: "It is a shame, then, that Vincent gives such minimal attention to Labelle's performances Funk & Fuck - Groove Korp - Funk & Fuck EP (File) his study. This reflects, unfortunately, a still consistent sexism that shapes the evaluation of funk music.

In FunkVincent's analysis of Labelle is brief—sharing a single paragraph with the Pointer Sisters in his three-page sub chapter, 'Funky Women. In recent years, [ when? Valnes acknowledges that funk is male-dominated, but provides insight to the societal circumstances that led to this situation. I was doing it for the equivalent of three years or so. Three sessions a day.

Its just like you see this old footage where theyve got pe people going in booths. So Id go th from school on the day there w when they had their deliveries in on weekdays for the weekend and you could check certain artists to see w their new record was. Reliving all of the wonderful moments from this canon of music, which moment took you by surprise the most?

Michael Des Barres A lot of it you think, Well, this ight might possibly happen, that might possibly happen. But Id say as far as the manifestation of it went, it was getting the first gold disc for Led Zeppelin I. You were fully aware of gold discs and things like that, with artists that you were personally endeared to along the way, American artists. Suddenly everything wed done, all the work etcetera, etcetera wed broken America, I know, but the fact is, that gold disc was so symbolic of everything for me, a major thing.

Who first inspired you to play the guitar? Maryann, California Lonnie Donegan inspired everyone because he made it look as though it was possible to do. But who really moved it out of just playing acoustic to electric was all those people that were playing in the s.

When you heard that, it was just something that inspired you so. Scotty Moore, Cliff Gallop, Jonny Neats, they gave me the inspiration If you heard them, you were infected by them, seduced. That was what was going to write the whole of the manual for us as much as anything else. Then The Beatles opened it up for bands to write, and down here in the south it was the Chess catalogue more than Tamla Motown. There was this great fusion that had gone on from rock though the blues and all that wonderful music, that Chicago blues movement, really, that went on Vee-Jay and Chess.

All that stuff was so exhilarating. Where did you buy your records when you were growing up? It was by the Clock Tower. Rumbelows had a little section at the back where they. I could only afford the equivalent of my pocket money, like one single.

But I also had to pay for guitars, so there was a lot of bobbing and weaving when it came to being a record collector or a guitar player. Is there a definitive list of all your session work?

David Burns, via email No, but Ill tell you something interesting. Are there any surviving live multi-track tapes from the Japan tour? Ian Coe, Toronto Maybe. But not for now. Theres been a lot of Led Zeppelin material thats come out, including live material, but more importantly, with visual. But also theres the O2 which shows the three remaining members with Jason, a more recent incarnation.

Im so keen for the Led Zeppelin material from the studio to go out to give more information on what went on and I thought that really tipped the scales.

Now theres other things to do. And I stockpile material. So, yeah, theres always someone wanting to know whats considered to be the Holy Grail cause its yet to be discovered. But theres no point in even thinking about that at the moment. Ive put quite a lot of time into the Led Zeppelin material. What do you consider to be your finest non-Led Zeppelin achievement?

David Goodson, via email Its hard to say. Theres so many different areas. Id surprise everyone, but Id be very sincere if I said that doing the Olympics [Beijing, ] with Leona Lewis was phenomenal.

Shes really plucky, shes superb, and she sang Whole Lotta Love brilliantly. We managed to do the full length of Whole Lotta Love it wasnt edited and she sang it beautifully. It was so cool the way she approached it. For that audience, and the fact we didnt fuck it up were really going to do this and were going to do it proud.

That was important. It was a Led Zeppelin number but it took on another persona. I was proud to be able to play that riff for the handover. Would you consider playing with The Yardbirds again? Byron Lewis, Barry, Wales But who would sing? Keith Relf died all those many years ago.

Hed done a couple of other things, Renaissance and Medicine Head. Keith Relf was damn good. Could Jeff Beck do it? Thats really unfair! But I cant sing, so there we are. Maybe Eric would like to sing? No, dont say that, because itll start all the stupid rumours. Im not starting. Im just thinking whos going to sing. At least you got three of the original guitarists still there and the current ones that have been since.

Same guitar. Im pretty loyal to my guitars you know, but then theyre pretty loyal to me, too. Theres also an acoustic guitar that all of the first four albums were written on. So thats quite an important one. But as far as the one that people got to see then its the 59 Les Paul.

How many guitars do I have? I dont. More than I can play at any one point in time. Even though I do have double-necks so that I can try and play more than one at one time! I wouldnt have remembered if I did a solo, let alone a song or a session they were coming fast and furious!

Where does Zoso come from? Preston Currie, Sudbury, Suffolk It comes from me everyone had a symbol. Originally, there was going to be no information on Led Zeppelin IV. Then somebody suggested having a sort of craftsman mark. But it wasnt going to be so easy because everyones going to have their idea on what that one symbol should be, so it came down to everyone should choose their own symbol.

Because its the fourth album, all the others have been I, II and III in Roman numerals, so then well have four characters, if you like. That said, everyone chose their own symbol and I chose mine. What does it mean? It means I chose my symbol and put it on there.

If I do a book, then thats probably the right time to describe the whole process of it, if you dont mind. A telephone can be clearly heard ringing in the studio on Zeppelins The Ocean. Who was on the line? Do I find it strange that people pick up on these very specific points of records? Im thrilled the records are recorded in such a way that the hi-fi quality, even though its tough the musics not light and wimpy that you can hear detail on it because thats what youre supposed to do.

It was supposed to be something whereby you could hear everything that was going on and yet thered still be an intensity and a character for each number, each one a separate sound, very different in its approach, almost in its performance. Funk & Fuck - Groove Korp - Funk & Fuck EP (File) think thats got a lot to do with the analogue recording. All of those things were done from analogue.

On IV, Funk & Fuck - Groove Korp - Funk & Fuck EP (File) hear a version of Stairway To Heaven that is absolute hi-fi, thats exactly what hi-fi is all about. It was done well in the first place, superbly well, and of course when youve got these great musicians, you want to make sure you can hear what theyve done. In the 70s, you ran a bookshop called Equinox. Can you tell us about it? There was quite a number of likeminded people around at that point in time, so I had a bookshop in West London because there were a couple on Museum Street and one in Cecil Court.

Basically, it was an occult bookshop, and it covered all manner of things like astrology and yoga, Eastern mysticism, Western mysticism, it was right across the board. How involved were you in Swan Song? Davy Maguire, Dublin Very much so. We were all very keen to have something as a record label. We were thrilled. Dave Edmunds, Pretty Things.

Detective, they were good. That first album of theirs, it was really good. It should have been more popular, shouldnt it? Bad Company that was more Peter Grants thing, and that was really a great band to have on there because of Paul Rodgers. Hes phenomenal he was then and still is.

The Pretty Things were a band that were really changing their music and had done because they probably did one of the best singles way back in the day with Rosalyn. Thats wild! Thats serious! And then theyd gone through SF Sorrow and the music that they were doing on Swan Song was incredible.

It was the sort of band that when someone said, Oh, some tapes have come in, I was keen to hear what theyd done, because it was always so good! Good writing, good performance from everybody.

A fine band. Jimmy, would you agree with Robert Plants offer to do an all-acoustic set? He would have no intention whatsoever of doing it. So Im not getting into it. People keep giving me these quotes. I dont follow what he says all I know is, its speaking in volumes that we just did that one show. He can say whatever he wants.

He can say Jimmy this, Jimmy that I dont care. Ive got acoustic songs. Dont you think Ive got some new material for what Im going to do? Its just spin. Its spin, and its not on. The Robert Plant questions are difficult for me to answer because Ive had enough of all of this stuff, to be honest. Robert says this, Robert says that. I just dont want to be presenting soundbites so that its like some kind of ping-pong match.

Ive had enough. I dont need it. The only reality of it is that we did one concert. No matter how you dress it up, look at the situation. Thats it. Price 40 from major bookstores or jimmypagebook. The nal, denitive word onas the Uncut team rank the key releases of the year. If s Smother was somewhat uptight, a little frigid, reinedin, corseted, Present Tense was a welcome return in parts to the more colourfully ribaldry of Wild Beasts first two albums.

Synthesisers dominated, but the album was never alien or abrasive, more often intimate, eerily seductive, an exotic pleasure, indebted partly to both Kate Bush and The Blue Nile.

Produced by Joe Boyd, who helmed landmark albums by many of Hitchcocks musical heroes, The Man Upstairs was a largely acoustic collection of sombre originals and impeccably selected covers. At 61, Hitchcock seemed finally to have outgrown surreal whimsy.

His new maturity suited him perfectly. His first album in five years was barely in the shops when Morrissey threw a fit over Harvests. In the subsequent public row, it was rather forgotten that World Peace sounded as fresh as Viva Hate did in the wake of The Smiths.

At its best, it was a vivid reminder how great he once was and can be still. Allah-Las highly regarded debut drew obsessively from a wellspring of mids influences and was in thrall to fuzzy US garage rock, surf-pop, early psychedelia, primitive beat music, Loves psychotic twitchiness and The Byrds trebly jangle. Their second album was a similar helping of impeccable Californian retrofetishism that subverted ridicule by achieving so spectacularly what it set out to do.

Willie Watson, formerly of Old Crow Medicine Show, picked his way through a sometimes arcane collection of old and obscure folk and country songs on his outstanding solo debut, produced by Dave Rawlings for the label he runs with musical partner Gillian Welch. The results were like something you might have heard on an anthology compiled by Harry Smith. London poet and spoken-word artist Tempest, the youngest winner of the Ted Hughes Award poetry prize, made her debut as a rapper on the Mercurynominated Everybody Down, an ambitious narrative about love, drugs and redemption, each song a new chapter in a sometimes lurid and generally bleak tale, partly indebted to The Streets A Grand Dont Come For Free.

Septembers surprise release of Thom Yorkes second solo album provoked more discussion about how the music was delivered than the music itself, which rather overlooked the fact that it contained some Funk & Fuck - Groove Korp - Funk & Fuck EP (File) his most lovely, clever and subtly involving work of the decade. The album gave up its riches incrementally, even reluctantly, but there were great rewards for the patiently attentive.

If Brian Wilson, Eno and Bjrk had ever made an album together, the results of their stellar. Total Strife Forever shifted kaleidoscopically from shoegaze shimmer to ambient abstraction, full-on electroorchestral symphonies, modern classical austerity and pumping acid house. On his most intimate and open-hearted record in years, there were nods to his hellraising 60s and 70s prime and riotous Nashville days, while Billy Joe Shavers Hard To Be An Outlaw was delivered with the surly panache of a true renegade.

At the time of its mid-summer release, the belated follow-up to La Rouxs selftitled debut seemed to our reviewer like the best pop album of so far, warmer and much more luxurious than its sometimes shrill predecessor, a triumph for the now effectively solo Elly Jackson, following the departure of former collaborator Ben Langmaid. By years end, its appeal had barely diminished. The hypnotic pulse of programmed drums and washes of synthesiser created a dramatic musical landscape over which Lanegans weatherbeaten vocals loomed with dark majesty.

Its about real things. Recorded in a hunting cabin in their native North Carolina, Singles was full of rousing synth-pop, Herrings operatic croon bringing an urgent hyper-sincerity to a collection of emotionally bold, heartfelt songs. Since s Endless Summer, in which guitar feedback and processed electronics. Bcs, though, was, however, a ravishing experience, Fennesz emerging from its billowing clouds of noise as Kevin Shields most auspicious peer.

This was a surprise: a Willie Nelson album mostly written by Willie Nelson and further distinguished by the simple grandeur of the hardy veterans. Band cornerstone Mike Cooley sounded especially refreshed, contributing nearly half the songs on an album that followed a blazing arc from the rowdy, horn-driven Exile On Main St rock of Shit Shots Count to the epic closer Grand Canyon, and held together better than anything since s Decoration Day.

The brilliant Philadelphia guitarists debt to Television was even more apparent on Intensity Ghost than last years raging Solar Motel, his new album taking up where Marquee Moon left off.

If Forsyths solo albums showcased his wiry virtuosity, then the newly minted Solar Motel Band featuring members of Spacin and The War On Drugs added serious cosmic heft to his frequently ecstatic music. Mogwais eighth album sounded like a major achievement, on which the bands familiar predilection for vast musical landscapes drenched by torrential guitars and the swell of often lachrymose melodies came up against dark electronic experiments, in which there were echoes of Boards Of Canada and even Depeche Mode.

This was music to terrorise and delight, uniquely Mogwai. We reserve the right to refuse this offer. This offer in no way affects your statutory rights. Titles subject to availability, while stocks last. Individual titles which appear elsewhere in the store, outside of this campaign, may be priced differently. Its follow-up was rather more cosmically inclined, whose beauty lay in the contrast between timeworn country obsessions loneliness, the road, heartbreak and a new-found starry adventurism.

If metaphysical prog country was your bag, this was the album for you. Floridas Merchandise shocked many fans with the new musical direction essayed on s Totale Nite and moved even further away from their hardcore roots on After The End, an album of 80s pop and brooding white soul.

Their presence did little, however, to temper her. Nikki Nack was an album bursting with adventure and originality, a drumheavy, soul-jazz mix of teasing sensuality, waspish protest and art-pop mysticism.

Spoon returned after a three-year break, sounding brighter and louder than ever on They Want My Soul, an album of classic, joyous rocknroll, the band swaggering through blasts of raucous garage rock and blues stompers, hunched art-rock and pretty balladry with hugely confident panache. The exquisitely romantic Inside Out, set to an old-school rap breakbeat, was a career highlight. A characteristic of Jack Whites postWhite Stripes career has been its selfconsciously antithetical drift away from the Stripes dynamic minimalism.

Lazaretto in this respect featured some of the most dense, busy and wild music hes ever made, but was paradoxically at its best when Whites bravura showmanship gave way to reflective calm and rare moments of vulnerable introspection. Turn Blue was therefore a brave shift in musical emphasis, largely mid-tempo, moody, lush and deeply soulful that played like a love letter to Motown soul.

If El Camino was their catchiest album, this was their most seductive, insidious and satisfying. His first solo album since North Marine Drive, 31 years ago, Hendra found Ben Watt in reflective middle-age, trying to re-engage with a youthful optimism that. Bernard Butlers guitars wonderfully enhanced these elegant songs of emotional resilience and David Gilmours lap-steel solo on The Levels was an album highlight.

Brooklyns Steve Gunn originally impressed as a virtuoso guitarist with a flair for extended improvisations. On Way Out Weather, however, he transformed himself into a classic singer-songwriter, his formidable instrumental chops placed at the service of a collection beautifully constructed songs, the woozy, cyclical dynamic of the title track evidence of a recent stint with Kurt Viles Violators.

Sleaford Mods seventh album was a typically angry howl from societys pissstained basement. Jason Williamsons scatological broadsides were delivered furiously over Andrew Fearns brutally crude backing tracks.

Wilcos Jeff Tweedy had just started work on this intimate collaboration with his year-old drummer son, Spencer, when Tweedys wife was diagnosed with cancer, a family crisis that inevitably impacted on the record he eventually made. Sukierae, however, rarely sank into post-diagnosis melancholy, Tweedy addressing life-changing events with great dignity on an album of profound depth and emotional richness.

Pom Pom was the most consistently entertaining Ariel Pink album to date. It was also the most chaotic, vexing and ridiculous. Across the equivalent of four sides of vinyl, Pink giddily mixed elements of goth, glam, pre-Beatles teen beat, 80s MOR, twee pop, prog, advertising jingles and themes from kids TV shows.

The results were gleefully deranged, time-warped and sometimes slightly sinister. Beck was reluctant to acknowledge Morning Phase as a companion piece to s Sea Change, but his first album of new songs in six years seemed tethered to the traumas of the earlier album, despite being presented as a new musical dawn.

The cosmic Californian music he grew up with was a shaping influence, but even more affecting were the solemn echoes of Nick Drakes fragile folk sensibility.

Seattle drone-rock pioneer Dylan Carlson has lately busied himself with film soundtracks and, as Drcarlsonalbion, adaptations of traditional British folk songs. He occupied more familiar ground here, Earths monolithic heaviness never weightier or more glacial. Highlights included There Is A Serpent. Stephen Malkmus first album since relocating to Berlin, the wonderfully titled Wig Out struck an almost perfect balance between his idiosyncratic pop instincts and affection for sonic squalls and noisy rumblings.

There were still a lot of guitar-heavy jams, but the pithy tunefulness of its best songs made this one of his most consistently engaging records since Pavements gilded heyday. Like Gillian Welch, Alynda Lee Segarra is inspired by American folk traditions, to which she here brought a radical new perspective, notably exposing the sociopathic misogyny of murder ballad Delia on The Body Electric, which alone confirmed Hurray For The Riff Raff as standard bearers for a new generation of forward-thinking roots musicians.

Scale, a sense of hugeness, in fact, has always been a key element of Swans music, but. It was much to Giras credit that he made such music not just tolerable, but absolutely gripping. Reviews Australian Car. Reviews is an independent publisher of car reviews, recalls, faults, image galleries, brochures, specifications and videos. All rights reserved. Scientific interests are focused on the roles that carbohydrates play in biological processes.

A demonstration of the application of computational expertise is his use of molecular modelling simulations to develop therapeutics for cancer as well as his use of data analytics and informatics methods to develop diagnostics and prognostics for cancer.

Research focuses on the molecular genetic changes in oesophageal cancer using a whole genome sequencing approach to identify mutation signatures, epigenetic changes, gene mutation, deletions and insertions with specific relevance to early diagnosis and targeted therapeutic interventions in cancer. Is one of the very rare cardiologists in South Africa who is clinically active and trained in fundamental molecular laboratory methods, combining laboratory and epidemiological skills.

Widely published in both local and international journals and books of various topics related to cardiovascular medicine. Internationally recognized for her outstanding work in the area of heart failure.

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