Good Old Days - Unknown Artist - 20 Top Hits Instrumental (Vinyl, LP)

Nyarko LP Afenhyiapa Anopa Nsonoma NK6. It contains some great very rare funky stuff with some little sidewinder towards France Ivory Coast productions but mostly rare Nigerian Disco Boogie Funk There are some field recordings intros that dont really fit inn but they are. As i did not have an idea beforehand what to play at first this is what came up. See tracklist : so you can read what you get before downing here [update Putt up those mixes i do when i have dailyleftover let's see.

Dailyleftover of some great Colombian tracks from the good old days. It starts kinda freaky with those happy accordion jodel tracks but then the shit hits the fan. But that is what i thought one year ago also But that is life.

Maybe dailyleftover is not really a good theme when you need 25hours a day. Tribute to William Onyeabor. CoColombia el Discos Fuentes. Newer Posts Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom. I bought loads when I was there last time but spent very little. Rarekind, Wax Factor, Brighton Rarekind is your hip hop-centric diggers shop with new independent releases as well as tons of used stock including jazz, funk, soul, library and soundtracks. Monorail, Mixed Up Records, Glasgow Monorail is your quintessential indie shop, expanded out into the left field realms of avant garde electronica and soundtracks.

Mixed Up is further out in the Hillhead area, down a small side mews and is well worth the trip for used records, all in great condition at reasonable prices. This took ages to compile, buying links in descriptions…. Buy here NOW! Downfall shop — warning, no digital. Beans — Triptych Gamma Proforma A curveball from Gamma, who ceased operations a while back, these are the last two releases from that phase of the label, finally released. Two who hand-painted all of the covers or Rob at Gamma.

Listen to selections here DJ Krush — Cosmic Yard LP Gamma Proforma The Krush album was actually released late last year, also has its fair share of banging beats plus two collaborations from old cohort Toshinori Kondo and this one should at least be more generally available. Buy digital here. Buy Miracle Pond releases. Comes with full colour fold out poster and seaweed-coloured vinyl.

Lovely Nick Taylor cover and inserts too Check it out here. Andy Votel — Archipelagogo cassette Hypocrite Soundtrack to the exhibition of Felt Mistress and Jonathon Edwards figures inspired by the work of Tove Jansson and first release under the Votel name for a while. Colours May Vary in Leeds have copies. Posthuman — Voyager 3 cassette The Dark Outside More cassette-only madness with The Dark Outside and a concept album based on the possibly fictitious — or is it?

Voyager 3 space probe from Posthuman. More ambient than acid, this tape goes deep and needs the full headphone treatment for full effect. Listen on their Soundcloud. There is no order to the lists below, no No. Special mentions though for the Castles In Space label that continues to go from strength to strength, the Confidence Man album which got a lot of play despite me missing them live twice.

The Billboard Book of No. Pop Chronicles. University of North Texas Libraries. Track 2. July 6, Retrieved December 26, Retrieved December 10, Retrieved November 9, January 1, Retrieved September 21, Retrieved June 24, Retrieved October 2, Top Adult Contemporary: — Record Research. March 12, Retrieved October 17, Lee Rock music in American popular culture III : more rock 'n' roll resources.

Wayne S. New York. ISBN OCLC July 27, Smith Songs, Reviews, Credits". Label: Self Released. Their debut full length album Revelations is Good Old Days - Unknown Artist - 20 Top Hits Instrumental (Vinyl groove-laden affair with elements of Fuzz Rock, Doom Rock Space Rock and a healthy dose of Progressive themes that all build up to a superbly executed record that does almost everything right.

The progresive elements of the album is what make this a genuinely exciting and beautifully heavy record. It also helps that the band has a great sense of humour with the band not taking themselves too seriously. Both songs are helped along by a thumping bass line from Steve who also provides Vocals and Synth duties. These guys take no prisoners with their fast-paced blend of Hard Rock and Classic Rock with some top-notch guitar riff wizardry being one of the best parts of the song and entire album.

I even noticed some Mastodon-esque guitar riff worship but still allowing Starmonger to add their own Parisian charm to the overall sound of the album. As this is an album that has something for everyone to admire and enjoy. Words by Steve Howe Thanks to Starmonger for the promo.

Links: Facebook BandCamp. Moned — Tracklisting. Moros 4. The 4 songs on offer last over 12 to 14 minutes each with each song having a diverse range of sounds. Farer add a lot of different ambient Good Old Days - Unknown Artist - 20 Top Hits Instrumental (Vinyl industrial noises that reminds me of the early days of Nine Inch Nails especially on the excellent opening song — Phanes.

I did struggle at first with the vocals and what was being sung and screamed at. After a few attempts I started to understood more and the messages the album contains with each individual song.

The other 3 songs carry on the same bleak Good Old Days - Unknown Artist - 20 Top Hits Instrumental (Vinyl and musical passages the opening song projected and Farer only become more confident with their unsettling and violent riffs slowly becoming even hypnotic in places especially on the superb 3rd song — Moros. The album has been mastered by the legendary James Plotkin who knows a thing or two about making a truly heavy record and that what Farer have delivered with this album.

This a brutally heavy and devastating album that packs an emotional punch. Well, if you have the stomach for it all. Though, I would implore everyone to check this great album out. As you will richly rewarded with a more bleaker style of music.

Excellent and Highly Recommended. You can buy the album from links below. With all that suspense you can imagine that, similar to the Edenton country guitar album, this is no barn burner. You won't hear too much that resembles a scorchin' Junior Brown solo, but again, this is laid back solid pop country played by some real pros, and they get the simple point across in good old country style.

There's not too much else to say. I can't nail down the date on this one but maybe someone out there can help me out on that. There's apparently a few recordings in this "series" of Guitar Kings sessions but details on them are pretty scarce as I searched the internet.

I'm posting it just to satisfy folks out there that might share my passion for anything guitar and wonder what this somewhat obscure album sounds like. Listen for the moments, they are there, but don't hate me if you miss 'em!

Labels: countryguitarGuitar KingsKelso Herstonmusic. Saturday, December 20, How to meet those uptown girls So I'm a frustrated guitar player, strictly amature, and I love listening to guitar music of almost any variety. But I think I often most enjoy the purest forms of sound that the instrument is capable of producing. It doesn't necessarily have to be anything fancy like those uptown girls, for instance but just pure like some of them country girls that had coal miners for daddies.

I recall my first listening to some of George Benson's early CTI stuff and then soon after that discovering Johnny Smith, not that they are all so simple, of course, but the purity of their notes really struck home. From there I went on to embrace the likes of Gabor Szabo admittedly not for everybodyBuddy Fite, Chet Atkins, Joe Pass and Barney Kessel, and on and on, so many talented players and such sweet sounds.

This next album is one of them, nothing really showcasing his true talents but it has its moments if you appreciate the basics. So if you have an interest in some relatively light country guitar music, check this one out, preserved at I'm afraid, but I think it sounds fine for this sort of thing. The cast of musicians here does read, as the album back states, "like a Country Music " 'Who's Who' ", but you have to be a little suspect when you see Boots Randolph in any line up, as far as I'm concerned.

It generally disappoints but it does have a nice feel that hits the spot at times so Labels: countryguitarmusicRay Edenton. Here's a few more Christmas tunes from well worn 45's I have saved from my 's memory. It's nothing earth shaking but I don't think you'll find too many versions of this tune out there I could be wrong and it is a pleasant rendition. But those other three cuts are pretty forgetable, especially in such poor condition as this, so I offer just the Dottie tune and hope you like it too.

I did throw in another single here, one from the duo of Chubby Checker and Bobby Rydell from Neither tune was holiday magic for me, I prefer the more straight forward "Jingle Bell Rock" to the attempted comedy of the odd "Jingle Bells Imitations", but they are curiosities from some big names. I expect both of these holiday tunes are well traveled in the Christmas compilation archives over the past 48 years but this single was in decent shape and might be new to you for a little fun.

Enjoy and keep the Christmas spirit each and every day, at your house, our house, the out house and everywhere! And there are a few others I included on the re-up including Tinkertown Santa Claus by the Cricketones And to all a goodnight, Gracie While I'm on LP) roll through my scratchy old 45's I had to include this next single from Charlie Gracie back in I wasn't really aware that this guy was apparently a fairly influential 50's rocker that is held in high esteem by the likes of Elvis and the Beatles, etc.

He had a couple of hit records early on and his second hit was on the single I offer here, "Fabulous". Now, while Fabulous is a pretty likeable recording, the reason this record is included in my "childhood record hall of fame" is for the flip side, a bit more rowdy piece of work called "Just Lookin'".

Actually, with all the scratches noted here from my old copy, and the kitchen sink sound fidelity, I think my MP3 is all the more infectious for this tune. Listen to the tone on his guitar break. I read that Charlie was pretty well known as a guitar player as well as a vocal star.

I definitely plan on buying a proper collection of Gracie material as soon as I can. I included the 1 side here but the real focus should be "Just Lookin'" Charlie Gracie - "Just Lookin'" - - 45 rpm side B.

Charlie Gracie - "Fabulous" - - 45 rpm side A. Labels: 45'sCharlie Graciemusicoldiesrockabilly. Monday, December 15, Something Happened I hate to digress from the holiday theme here, but while going through these old scratchy 45's of mine, some just bring back too Good Old Days - Unknown Artist - 20 Top Hits Instrumental (Vinyl good memories to put off.

So this next 45 is from a band I never heard of before or since I received the record when I was a little kid"The Sparks". It's a fairly classic 50's style pop rock tune with Sedaka like harmonies and lots of reverb on the guitar. It's kind of an infectious song that has always stayed with me so now I release it onto the rest of the world. Hope you enjoy side 1 like I first did, one listen and Labels: 45'smusicoldiespoprockThe Sparks.

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