Island Lagoon - Phil Thornton - Transformation (CD, Album)

Harvest: Almost the same words reappear in Tomorrow Came. La Muerte: Spanish for 'Death'. Burning crosses: The image of burning crosses is often associated with the Ku Klux Klan, a US American racist organisation that since the Album) 20th century has burned crosses to intimidate their victims.

However, the practice originated in Scandinavia and Scotland, where it was a call to arms when war was declared. The song: 'Bad Old World' is based on a true letter. Any thoughts on that? Laurel: A Laurel Sullivan is given credits in the booklet of the Love of Hopeless Causes album, on which this song appears - whatever that means maybe she's his sister in law, so the letter would be by Justin's brother?

Land: The place where the people in the song settled is in Scotland. Her: The Earth's. Although the idea to present Earth as a female organism is central to the Gaia hypothesisI don't think that this theory influenced this song if it was around at that time at all. Scragends: The inferior end of a neck of mutton. Big bang: Usually the theory that the universe emerged from the explosion of dense matter about I guess here it means that the world will not end in a big explosion or a "blaze of glory", but in a "series of sad and pathetic little fizzles".

Acid rain: Rainfall made sufficiently acidic by atmospheric pollution that it causes environmental harm, chiefly to forests and lakes. The main cause is the industrial burning of coal and other fossil fuels, the waste gases from which contain sulphur and nitrogen oxides which combine with atmospheric water to form acids. The song: The song was intended to be recorded again but something was lost and it never made the final cut.

Justin sometimes leaves the titles until the end and prefers to give them generic names to begin with. Album) song: 'Ballad of Bodmin Pill' was written about a party they had on a beach just across the sound from where I used to live in Sweden. Bodmin Pill: A lagoon of the river Fowey. It is Island Lagoon - Phil Thornton - Transformation (CD to a sawmill where they used to float the logs before floating them out onto the river. The sawmill has been converted into a studio where some of NMA's and Joolz recordings have been done.

A Pill is Cornish Celtic word meaning pond or lake. Bodmin is a small village right in the middle of Cornwall. East of it there is the Bodmin Moore. There the Fowey has its source. It runs south west and ends in the English Channel, the part of the North Sea at the English south coast. Heirs: Perhaps the "weak" that are "the heirs [. The sparks fly up: It might be pure chance, but in the Book of Job in the bible it says: "Yet man is born unto trouble, as the sparks fly upward" i.

The Book of Job, 5. The song: "The song is about fanaticised youths in Bradfordoften of Pakistani origin, and is named after their postal area. Tupac Shakur and Osama Bin Laden are their greatest cultural icons, an unholy alliance. I quite like some of Tupac's things, but you live by the sword, you die by the sword. His fate is in line with the macho fantasies of youths. BD3: A British postcode.

British postecodes consist of two parts: the first part is made up of two letters marking the place e. BD for Bradford and a number marking an area in that place. The second part is made up of one number and two letters, meaning god knows what. BD3 is an area north east to the centre of Bradford. Tupac: Tupac Amaru Shakur June 16, - September 13,also known by his stage names 2Pac, Makaveli, or simply as 'Pac, was an American artist renowned for his rap music, movie roles, poetry, and his social activism.

Most of Shakur's songs are about growing up around violence and hardship in ghettos, racism, problems in society, and sometimes his feuds with fellow rappers. Shakur's work is known for advocating political, economic, social, and racial equality as well as his raw descriptions of violence, drug and alcohol abuse, and conflicts with the law.

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