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Blatz most often signed his name Valentin and used the shortened form Val. Other Brewery sources use the form Valentine. Barton, Ralph M. Apps, Jerry. Breweries of Wisconsin. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, Mittelman, Amy. The design and oversight of the Valentin's construction was carried out by the Organisation Todt. Marineoberbaurat Edo Meiners was in charge overall; the on-site supervising engineer was Erich Lackner. Production of U-boats was due to begin within two months.

After completion, the bunker would have had a work—force of around 4, slave workers. Each would be built from eight, large, pre-fabricated sections manufactured in other shipyards such as Bremer Vulkan, Deschimag AG Weser with its bunker HornisseKriegsmarinewerft Wilhelmshaven with bunker Wespe and Deschimag Seebeckwerft in Bremerhavenand then shipped to Valentin on barges.

The bunker was to house 13 assembly bays called Taktplatz in German, or Takt for shorteach carrying out one part of the assembly process. Two bays, Takt 9 and Takt 10were underneath box-like structures on the roof that allowed the extra height needed for the installation of periscopessnorkels and antennas.

The two last bays, Takt 12 and Takt 13were separated by high walls from the rest of the building and could be closed by water-tight floodgates. Takt 13the final bay, was a dry dock with an 8-metre 26 No Valentin deep pool of water. The two separated bays could be flooded to give a total water depth of about 20 metres from the bottom of Takt 13's dry dock to the water-surface at the building's roof-level.

Takt 13 was to be used for leak—tests of the completed U-boats as well as engine starts and other tests. In addition to the 13 assembly bays, the bunker housed workshops and store-rooms for the prefabricated sections, diesel-engines and batteries, and storage tanks for fuel and lubricants.

The gateway in the western wall could be closed by means of a sliding bomb-proof door which opened to a small canal, a creek and then directly No Valentin the Weser river. Through this, sections of submarine would be delivered by barges and completed submarines could leave. Operations at Valentin were intended to commence by latebut was postponed to mid due in part to a combination of manpower and supply shortages and bombing. It is likely that production would have been limited due to the severe quality control problems experienced with the prefabricated sections.

Albert Speer the Reich armaments minister had directed that the sections be made by inland companies and then assembled at the shipyards so as to ease production.

However, these companies had little experience in shipbuilding resulting in lengthy re-working to rectify flaws in the sections. Out of the boats completed, only four were rated fit for combat before the war ended in Europe. Most of the 10,—12, people who built Valentin were slave workers, [6] who lived in seven camps located between 3 and 8 kilometres 1. Some were housed in the nearby Bremen-Farge concentration camp, the largest subcamp of the Neuengamme concentration camp complex, with 2, prisoners as of March 25, Among the labourers were mainly non—German concentration camp inmates Fremdarbeiter as well as Russian, Polish, and French prisoners of war, [6] but also some German criminals and political prisoners.

The camp was initially run by the SSbut the expansion of the camp network in the area led to a shortage of personnel. By mid, the camp was commanded by an army captain, Ulrich Wahl, and the prisoners were guarded by a detachment of naval infantry.

Work on the bunker took place around the clock, with personnel forced to work hour shifts from 7am to 7pm. This resulted in a high death rate amongst the prisoners. However, the identity of only victims, mostly Frenchmen, has been confirmed. The worst work on the site was that of the so-called iron detachments Eisenkommandosresponsible for the movement of iron and steel girders. A French survivor, Raymond Portefaix, stated that a prisoner's life expectancy fell dramatically on being assigned to one of these detachments.

He described the Eisenkommandos as suicide squads. The prisoners held at the Neuengamme concentration camp and its subcamps were evacuated No Valentin Apriljust before the capture of the area by the British army.

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