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Based in Bend, Oregon, Sally starts off by talking about how she often gets mistaken for a bodybuilder, a cross fitter, and even a cage fighter. She also gets into many more details of her life, including growing up in a family of seven, playing soccer and starting to run because "she knew she had the speed" and then as a way to stay in shape and cross-train, running her first marathon, discovering ultrarunning, running Western States in as captured in the short film "Western Time" Stay Clear Of His Love - The Lovations - Stay Clear Of His Love (Vinyl) linked belowthe importance of crew in ultrarunning, and what she thinks is at the heart of the sentiment, "I'm not a runner, or I wasn't made for running, or running is stupid".

We also talk about some of the assumptions that people have about being a pro runner, the power of the community around running and ultrarunning, how running long distances with people can get past the polite and light soci…. Mar 23, Today's episode features a conversation with two sisters — Kat Hantas and Nicole Emanuel — about 21Seeds, their company that makes all-natural, infused tequila. They talk about what they did before starting the company — film work and corporate finance, respectively — when Kat's doctor instructed her to stop drinking fermented spirits like wine, beer, and sake to drink distilled spirits like blanco tequila instead.

The sisters talk about the three tiers set up by the tied-house rule, why they didn't name the company Casamigas a play on Casamigoschill filt…. Mar 16, But this conversation isn't just for managers or people in the C-suite, it's for anyone who wants to hear yes a bit more in their lives.

As Laura says, this subject matter is every bit as "relevant with your coworkers, boss, employee, colleague, client, vendor, or otherwise, as it is with people in your personal life. And it is — whether it's with your spouse, significant other, your children, your neighbors, your friends, and co parishioners at church, temple, mosque, wherever you go, or religious house".

We talk about so many things, including her work sitting at the intersection of how language works — or what Laura…. Mar 9, We talk about the importance of sleep, address some of the falacies associated with meditation, and she graciously leads us through a short guided meditation.

We also talk about how she loves the mountains and beach equally, her newfound love of kite boarding, about the role of the nervous system and sleep, about how there's very little communication "between the field of sleep medicine and the field of psychology and the field of meditation", in the role that meditation can play in helping people sleep at night, traffic in Los Angeles, the notion of using virtual reality to help with sleep issues, and how gifting someone with sleep issues "Why We Sleep" by Matthew Walker may not be the right kind of present.

Stay tuned after the outro music to hear Skipper stumble through the pronu…. Mar 2, We start with Ben in utero at the base of El Capitan in California, visiting national parks with his family instead of going to Disneylandrock climbing, and then doing backcountry trips which formed his foundational relationship with his work now. We also talk about the difference between design being focused on sustainability and regeneration, how important context is to solving design problems, about the importance of a designer living with or inside their work, the fact that people move We chat about the wood stove that provides heat for Ben and his family versus a thermostat-driven heat system or even a voice user interface like Alexa and how manual a process it is.

Stay tuned after…. Feb 23, In today's show, Kacie Lett Gordon deconstructs the notion of having it all in our current times — she's working through that for herself with a number of other women on her podcast Fuck it All. We reach into many topics during this show, including how Kacie's mom was and is a role model for her, being a mother herself, how while she felt like she theoretically had it all she felt miserable probably as a result of late-onset postpartum depressionthe double standard of calling a woman bossy versus praising a man for the same behavior, good coffee in contrast to easy coffee, the importance of the mug, the power of curiosity, and, in her words, where part….

Feb 16, But it's not just movies — though there are a ton of movies that we talk about — it's also about how all horror films aren't all about slash, blood, and gor…. Feb 9, Stay tuned after the outro to hear Carl talk more about Chinese landscape…. Feb 2, This show with Thejus Chakravarthy ranges over a wide variety of topics but along the way we find out about his professional and life experiences in making change in the world.

We start with his origins crowning in a cab in Mumbai, India, the ease in which his right shoulder dislocates after a show once upon a time with his hardcore band Lovers and Killers, the joy of Royal Farm RoFo fried chicken, and the brilliance of a 'hot now' Krispy Kreme donut.

Philip Zimbardo, Stanley Milgram's experiments on obedience to authority figures, the notion of 'it's always the system', the Ben…. Jan 26, On this episode, we talk to Nova Stanley — who's 17 — about his work as an artist, about his attending one of the top fine arts high schools in NYC during a pandemic, and his experience as a transgender male. Jan 19, Stephanie Krivitzky, currently in New York City, talks to Skipper about how she gets things done, starting with family discussions around the dinner table and then into her current role as creative director at Misen, a cookware company.

Jan 12, Starting under mentorship with James Beard winner Barbara Lynch, Nicolai Lipscomb has chefed at some of the best restuarants in the world, full stop — Arzak, El Celler Can Roca, at Fundacion Alicia with scientists and nutritionists under the direction of Ferran Adria and Pere Castells, the list goes on and on.

Jan 5, Stay tuned after the outro music for a piece of tape where Skipper asks i…. Dec 29, As a marketing veteran, Brad breaks down the world of cannabis in this conversation with Skipper. Learn about happens to the human body when you smoke, eat, drink, or otherwise consume cannabis and CBD products. Also, what you should look out for when you're looking for quality CBD products.

Brad also talks about his recent work with Tha Hood Squad, a nonprofit street organization, black and brown led, working to fight against overpolicing, racial profiling, and living with gentrification in east Palo Alto nort…. Dec 22, Recorded at the end of OctoberJackie and Skipper talked about some number of topics, including how being parents helped them both do better work, how Jackie thinks about recruiting as an art and a science, how fit is both important for the job seeker as well as for the company, how you should never settle for a job unless you're a contractorhow all designers should have a portfolio, and how important it is to do your research before you apply for a job.

Our show starts with a flub but we quickly recover. We talk about what it means when a designer uses off-the-shelf templates for their resume. Jackie's advice? Designers, design your resume. Also, send the right cover letter. Stay tuned after the outro music for a triumphant moment where technology didn't win.

Which means we won. And that's always a good day. Dec 15, Jimi swapped West for East coast inattracted by the gravitational pull of a city that held the promise of rebirth for so many. It was the centre of the musical world, let alone America, and Jimi wanted desperately to plug himself into its beating heart. This excitement and idealism was, as with most things, dulled by the harsh reality of being a nobody in a city full of somebodies; Jimi learned that the music scene guarded itself from outsiders with great suspicion.

That said, his initial glimpse of the New York music scene was actually one of success. He quickly found the seedy side to the Harlem music scene; gambling, drug dealing and prostitution were some of the main sources of income for the club owners. This was by no means a phenomenon exclusive to American cities; minimal research into the London club scene of the sixties reveals a similar bond between clubs and organised crime.

Jimi was not shocked by this; his upbringing in Seattle was by no means sheltered and Jackson Street where music venues were, and still are, situated had similar associations, though not to the same extent.

Jimi would have been able to make more money though admittedly barely a living had he stuck at some of his other jobs, like delivery driving, but he knew that was not the life he was searching for.

Recounting his way of living simply demonstrates his devotion to music, and only music — no matter how many times it seemed to kick him to the kerb. Jimi was stuck between two worlds; his guitar playing was too strange and Stay Clear Of His Love - The Lovations - Stay Clear Of His Love (Vinyl) to be considered authentic blues, and thus shunned in Harlem — but his blackness kept him out of most clubs in the parts of the city that would consider anything else.

He eventually found a home in the village, where his contemporary musical idol, Bob Dylan, had found fame singing in his shockingly unpolished way. It was here that he found his first champion in this regard, Linda Keithwho was the then-girlfriend of Keith Richards. She was in awe of his playing on the first night she saw him, and herself and Jimi spent the rest of the evening in deep discussion on the merits of regional American Blues music — listening to her extensive collection of vinyl.

He went where the music took him, away from Harlem, and away from the black community in New York. He did not divorce himself from discussions on race, though, and sincerely believed in the good in people. These are the views of a young man, hoping that things would change simply if good people willed it so.

As he grew older, he understood that historic injustices are deep-seated, perpetuating things, and slowly but surely returned to the northern tip of Manhattan to help pursue the cause to change it.

Before he could do any of that, however, he had the small issue of a festival even further north to take care of; in the hitherto unknown town of Woodstock more accurately Bethel in the Catskill mountains.

It was not, however, the Jimi Hendrix Experience that was to take the stage that day, but a new all-black outfit aside from Mitch Mitchell on drums called Gypsy Sun and Rainbows. In this way it mirrored the other, more significant reason for the band: to bring music to the masses, especially those unable to afford it.

What Jimi was doing, consciously, with this new band was to try difficult as that proved to be to place the emphasis away from himself. This is essentially what the Harlem Street Fair was all about: bringing together the best cultural minds for a celebration of what black people already brought to the world, and exposing it to those who may not have known the sheer breadth of talent that that entailed.

The list of just some of the performers at the festival provides a barometer of the pedigree on display. Not only some of the most legendary musicians: B.

Jimi was patently aware of the sacrifices made by young Americans in the war that defined the disillusionment of a generation. That the Vietnam War disproportionately claimed the lives of young black Americans — unable to afford the draft dodge — was not lost on Jimi; he said as much before some of his US gigs around this time.

Jimi would have known that had he been a teenager in and nothis stint in the st Airborne may have seen him never return home. The Harlem Street Fair, then, came at a time when Jimi was becoming more and more vocal in his addressing of non-musical issues. This must have been difficult for him; almost immediately upon arrival in London, journalists were quick to talk not of his music, but his appearance.

Despite the shamelessly racist depiction of Jimi in the tabloids, his race did not necessarily do his music career as much harm here as it did in the US — not in cosmopolitan London at least.

After learning Elly's whereabouts, Gebler attacks Thames to kidnap Elly and Miang, a Gebler officer, unsuccessfully attempts to brainwash her. Gebler leader Ramsus, who holds a vendetta against Fei, attacks Thames, searching for him. Bishop Stone, Ethos' leader, reveals to the party Ethos's true purpose of controlling the land dwellers, or "Lambs", for Solaris. They discover a young girl composed of nanomachineswhich is what Solarian leader Krelian seeks.

Stone takes the girl while the group fights Id, the mysterious red gear's pilot, who wants the girl, but is stopped by Wiseman. During this time, Bart regains his throne and initiates peace between the two countries and Stone is destroyed.

Upon entering Solaris, they encounter Emeralda, the nanomachine colony. She attacks at first, but recognizes Fei, referring to him as "Kim", much to Fei's confusion. They escape from Solaris before Id destroys it as Citan was really a double agent on their side because Cain was actually against the Ministry. Back at Shevat, Citan informs his friends that Id is actually Fei's split personalitywith Fei's gear turning red when he switches to Id due to their connection.

After Krelian manipulates Ramsus into assassinating the Emperor, the Gazel Ministry uses the Gaetia Key, an artifact that manipulates the DNA of massive numbers of humans around the world, turning them into mutants called Wels to collect flesh to reconstruct their god, an all-powerful war machine called Deus that crash-landed on the planet ten thousand years ago.

Lacan was a painter while Sophia was the Holy Mother of Nisan around the time of the war between Shevat and Solaris five hundred years earlier.

Lacan blamed himself for Sophia's death during the war and, with the help of Miang, became Grahf and sought to destroy the world. Although defeated, he and Miang have transmigrated their minds into other humans since. Krelian disposes the Gazel Ministry because they are no longer necessary and kidnaps Elly, the Motherwith Miang who must be sacrificed in order to revive Deus. Miang is killed by an enraged Ramsus as he realizes he has been used, and Elly turns into Miang.

Before becoming absorbed by Deus with Krelian, Miang revealed that Deus is actually the core of an interplanetary invasion system created by a federation of spacefaring humans, one that was deemed far too dangerous for use and was therefore dismantled. Wiseman, who reveals himself to be Fei's father, stops him, giving peace to Fei's other personalities. At this time, Fei makes contact with the Wave Existence—an extra-dimensional being who is trapped inside Deus and is the source of power for all gears—and learns that he must destroy Deus to free humanity.

Fei's gear transforms into the Xenogears and Grahf appears, revealing that he had been inside Fei's father's body. Fei had discovered that he is a descendant of Abel, a young boy who was a passenger on board the Eldridge, a spaceship that was being used to transport Deus, who had become self-aware and took over the Eldridge. Amidst the confusion, Abel was separated from his mother and accidentally made contact with the Wave Existence through the Zohar, Deus' power source.

It gave him the power to one day destroy Deus and the Zohar in order to free itself. The Wave Existence also sensed Abel's longing for his mother and used the biological computer Kadomony to create a woman for a companion.

Both Deus and the Zohar survived the explosion and landed on a nearby planet along with Abel, under the protection of the Wave Existence. He was the sole survivor, but was soon united with the woman that the Wave Existence had created for him as a companion, Elly. Abel and Elly, at first, led a happy life, but Deus had also created Miang, Cain, and the Gazel Ministry to begin a human civilization on the planet, one which would be under their control to one day be turned into Wels and be absorbed into Deus to recover its strength.

When the now-adult Abel and Elly discovered this, they openly challenged Cain and the Gazel Ministry, but lost and were both killed. However, through the power of the Wave Existence, they are able to be reincarnated in later eras to combat Deus. Ramsus, revealed to be a biologically engineered clone of Emperor Cain, who had a change of heart overtime after killing Abel, created by Krelian and Miang as a means of controlling Deus who was rejected in favor of Fei, hence his hatred of the latter, attacks one more time and is finally defeated.

He is later rescued during an attack and convinced to let go of his anger and aid the group. Fei sets out to destroy Deus and free the Wave Existence and Elly. In Merkaba, the party defeats Deus, but they realize that the energy released from the Wave Existence's shift will destroy the planet.

Krelian confronts them, telling Fei he only sought to end the pain and suffering that comes with human existence by reverting everything back to when it all began, when all was one, to ascend to the realm of God.

Fei rejects Krelian's ideology with his love for Elly, but Krelian challenges Fei, telling him to prove this love that could Stay Clear Of His Love - The Lovations - Stay Clear Of His Love (Vinyl) him independent Stay Clear Of His Love - The Lovations - Stay Clear Of His Love (Vinyl) God, and calls forth Urobolus, a gigantic serpentine incarnation of Miang.

Xenogears appears and Fei uses it to defeat Urobolus, destroying Miang for good. Krelian releases Elly and reveals to Fei that he had planned to become one with God along with Elly. During her time with Krelian, Elly had seen inside his heart and realized it was full of sadness and despair for all the atrocities he had committed.

Despite everything, Elly says that Krelian truly loved people more than anyone else. Fei Stay Clear Of His Love - The Lovations - Stay Clear Of His Love (Vinyl) Elly then return to their planet along with Xenogears and reunite with the rest of the party. The scenario of the game was written by director Tetsuya Takahashi and by Kaori Tanaka. Due to this initial development idea, there were concepts unsuited for a fantasy world, so a compromise was made by incorporating both fantasy and science fiction into the game's world.

Development took approximately two years, and included a staff of thirty developers. Preliminary planning and creation of the backstory extended to several years before that.

The game's Gears were not present during early stages, with their places being filled by traditional summoned monsters. The game's use of anime cutscenes was chosen as it was difficult to properly recreate Tanaka's Gear artwork into 3D CGI. The game's engine was also designed to be best suited for the 3D map displays and battle arenas. According to Tanaka, the reason for this correlation was simply due to a common interest with her husband. According to her, the story revolved around "where do we come from, what are we, where are we going".

There was a large portion of story and artwork that did not make it into the final game. While it was popularly assumed to be due to budget constraints, Takahashi later revealed the full reason; as his team was inexperienced they were unable to create the entire proposed game in the expected two-year development time, so instead of ending prematurely with the end of the first disc, Takahashi offered up a compromise which became the second disc's content, allowing the staff to finish the game within time and budget deadlines.

Square had announced that Xenogears may not have come out in the United States due to "sensitive religious issues". It was the first major project of Square translator Richard Honeywood. According to Honeywood, translating the game was a particularly difficult task due to it containing numerous scientific concepts and philosophies. He came into contact with it because its previously assigned translators quit or asked for reassignment due to its challenge.

The score contains 41 instrumental tracks, in addition to a choral track and two songs. According to Mitsuda, the music of Xenogears belongs to the traditional music genre. It was originally intended to play in a cut scene at the start of the game along with the main staff credits.

The scene, however, was removed for pacing issues, as it would have made the combined opening movie and introduction scenes last roughly ten minutes. An arranged soundtrack of Xenogears composed and arranged by Mitsuda was released as Creid. For Creidhe expanded on the theme from the original album of having Celtic influences in "easy-to-listen-to" pop tracks to create an album of arranged Xenogears music with a more prominent Celtic style.

The album is a remaster of the original soundtrack, plus outtakes and other content. There have been several Japanese books and comics published concerning the Xenogears franchise. Movic released wallscrolls, notebooks, pins, keychains, stickers, and postcards depicting the Xenogears cast. Xenogears was a commercial success in both Japan and North America. Xenogears was met with critical acclaim. Electronic Gaming Monthly praised the story, characters, gameplay, graphics, and soundtrack.

The game's story and characters were well received. Electronic Gaming Monthly said it is "rich in story and character development. Reviewers largely praised Xenogears' gameplay. Next Generation praised Square's Active Time Battle gauge and said that inclusion of the AP meter and combo attacks "is not only refreshing in a turn-based RPG, but gives players a higher level of interaction during battle. The soundtrack was well received. Electronic Gaming Monthly said the game sounds as "beautiful" as it looks.

Shortly after Xenogears was released, there was speculation of a sequel being released, although this never occurred. He also revealed that a sequel to Xenogears was initially planned, but never came to be. While Xenogears has never had an official sequel or prequel, there was speculation that Namco and Monolith Soft's Xenosaga was a prequel when it was first announced. Tetsuya Takahashi was the director and writer for both Xenogears and Xenosaga and noted that "with our relation between Square, I think it is difficult for us to say it is a direct sequel or prequel".

Approximately twenty members of the Xenosaga development staff had previously worked on Xenogears. It's probably more suitable to say that it follows the direction and style of Xenogears. Though there are familiar faces that serve as important characters in Xenosagaothers are more like self-parodies, so we don't really want Xenogears fans to overreact. Like movies, sometimes you have the director of the movie or friend of the leading actor appearing as cameos, so it's similar to that.

Xenogears has occasionally been featured in other Square Enix properties. On 21 Octoberit was revealed that Xenogears would be featured in World of Final Fantasy as a mirage. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Xenogears Perfect Works. Main article: Characters of Xenogears. Main article: Xenogears Original Soundtrack. Archived from the original on February 13, Retrieved March 16, Richard Honeywood: From day one. As I had also worked with Division-3 on Xenogears before that as well, it seemed only natural I help them out on their next project Square Enix.

Archived from the original on Retrieved Xenosaga Instruction Booklet. Hardcore Gaming Retrieved May 15, Digital Cube. ISBN Until recently, we were only able to produce Thanks to that girl, the one we obtained from the ruins of the Zeboim civilization, we are now able to make it this compact and elaborate. Square Enix Xenogears PlayStation. Electronic Gaming Monthly. Ziff Davis Media : — Xenosaga Official Strategy Guide. There is no guarantee that reinforcements from yesterday's units are not going to come.

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