Suicide - Various - Living Legends (Vinyl, LP)

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Chick Corea appears only on "So What," but turns in a great piano solo with some tasty inside-the-piano work.

Like "All Blues," "So What" becomes something else again with the addition of a trio of Indian percussionists and a change in time signature. And while the bassline of "Miles Runs the Voodoo Down" doesn't really lend itself to Henderson's signature propulsive style, the percussionists lock in with him, providing a platform for more sick playing from Cosey. Here, Mike Stern's solo is as gentle as the one on "Jean Pierre" was noisy. Henderson and drummer Vince Wilburn kick it on "Great Expectations," which segues briefly into the introspective "Orange Lady" and back.

Chary and Roney both contribute excellent solos and Cosey goes nuts why doesn't he record more? Fortunately, he gets plenty more space on the slow version of "Ife," both soloing and comping.

The rhythm section of Henderson and Badal Roy on tabla is completely hypnotic here, providing a perfect base for languid solos from Dave Liebman and Gary Bartz and Suicide - Various - Living Legends (Vinyl nice spacy sounds from Cosey and Adam Holzman. Scored for voice, piano, guitar, and the electric mandolin of U. Srinivas, it's a pensive and atmospheric track that nevertheless features some passionate soloing. And that's merely touching on some of the highlights. The essence of jazz is improvisation and expression, and Miles always sought out highly individual players.

The beauty of Miles from India is how the players from different cultures and backgrounds meet on Miles' turf with their individual voices completely intact. Miles from India is not only an amazing celebration of the music of Miles Davis, it's also a tribute to the way Miles and Teo Macero changed the way jazz music can be made.

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EVER, only to reappear the next year with a new image and a new album innit? This is my 'Spiders from Mars' moment,just humor me will ya? So,to bow-ie out gracefully, ere's a slightly marxist independent pamphlet ,printed in Glasgow around ,that kinda sums up the demise of music into a pointless sludge that any fucker can do, quiet nicely. Its not special no more Bobby Joe, thanks to the success of D.

But DIY was more than just doing it yerself wasn't it? Anyway,It's a jolly good read the pamphlet ,and largely correct. Like Artists, musicians are full of shite,and that's how we'd like them to stay,but they do need to be fucking told.

One of the best albums ever made is my humble assessment of this misanthropic ,environmentally aware dissection of our self-made prison.

Well its in my top ten anyway If one complains that there's too many humans on this overcrowded,and incidentally, very isolated spinning Rock No Planet B referencethen you're accused of being part of the grand conspiracy,headed by Bill Gates.

Simply, like the No Trend lyricist, Gates is just stating the bleeding obvious All it will take to finish us all off is for every Chinese person, and there are a billion of the fuckers,to buy a Fridge then we are way beyond the tipping point,and there is NO going back. The result of which is complete and utter annihilation;but as capitalism doesn't have a reverse gear,we're fucked. And I'm No better Then when i'm starving to death in ten years time,i can die without too much guilt.

Let's face it, we breed like rats, but rats will inherit the earth, mainly because they live within their means and don't need all that plastic crap we salivate over Well maybe they ain't that Good in fact,things get a bit moody from the 'difficult second album' going onward,but they were always a different band,with almost as meny ex-members as The Fall.

However the first album and single were just as perfect as the Martin Bramah Fall epoch. Of course I'm talking bollocks,but apparently there's an existential crisis going on? If we were to apply a 'Trend' to No Trend's american rock at the end of the universe it would no doubt be "Post-Hardcore". It's american Rock as seen through an occluded lens in a bucket full of an alcoholic's blood infused piss.

LP) can clean your windows with it and stare through the stains to watch your neighbours drive their SUV a hundred yards to the mall to buy more stuff. We're pushing our way to the front of the moshpit in the same way one could imagine a disabled Jew pushing in to be first in the gas chamber At least your corpse will have strong teeth. Hmmmm,maybe they should have said 'and WE'RE no fucking better' No-one is innocent. If you like your Rock'n'Fuckin'Roll disintegrating into a mass of crumbling notes of indistinguishable noise then you'll probably dig the sole record released in my lifetime by The Fuckin' Flyin' A-Heads!

They do one of theee classic songs,tunes,mess's, on the subject of watching television ever made. My skewed interpretation of this trashcan symphony is that It tackles the tetchy subject of why the joys and pitfalls of Television the object, not the trendy 'we invented punk and you didn't' band are dismissed by condescending book readers,who seem to think that sitting in a comfy chair reading the scribblings of more intelligent people is actually doing something,and proves that they are obviously of superior intelligence than anyone who doesn't indulge in the written word?

Some of us have jobs! What's your hobby? I watch Television, so i must be a lazy good fer nuthin' shit kicker, wasting my valuable time on Earth. Whereas, if i spent a month reading Tolstoy's war and peace i would have be doing what precisely? Yep, sitting down,filling the void waiting to die,whereas at least watching TV is a social activity,yet achieves exactly the same nothing as the pastime these pretentious couch potatoes deem to be a superior form of time wasting to almost everything.

Informative,or thought provoking philosophical books, are of course excepted, whereas Novels,aka Stories, are around the same level as looking at an abstract impressionist painting for half an hour, LP) watching Tarkovsky's Solaris on DVD of an afternoon when you should be doing something more worthwhile. Listening to music however can always be done whilst one is doing something else;that includes, something creative, or vacuuming the carpet,among other things.

Punk Rock had an unhealthy obsession with TV,also. Slagging off TV Viewers, hinting that they should be getting out and doing something creative like Listening to this I can't imagine any of this group have ever read anything more literary than a marvel comic Then again, being seen with a weighty tome in one's hand wasn't something that would have gone down well with your dumb-assed rock'n'roll image,leading to a severe piss-taking by yer mates.

There's a classic scene in the original mockumentary from the Comic Strip presents Noticing he was on camera,Colin changes from very non-metal subjects such as Blair's Origins Of Feudal Britain, to reeling off a list of cool bands to maintain his crumbling credibility. Of course I'm only joking.

Reading books is a good thing, just don't think it's anything superior to watching Television,surfing the internet, or wanking. That's all,'cus it's NOT! When a band has a singer called Mongoloid I think you can guess what you're in for? A trailer park trash vocalist out of his brain on Duff Beer and angel-dust,backed by staggering repetitive punk played at 16 rpm.

This is what you'd get if you used the teleport device from the Fly if you teleported Drunks with Guns ,The Melvins,and a housefly covered in dog shit, to the same location at the same time. Emerging out of the theatrical smoke arises four spitting and blood oozing pink masses of meat If that wasn't good enough, they then divided like bacteria to become Kilslug and The Groinoids. The Groinoids especially often finding themselves on Hardcore compilations surrounded by a bunch of Dischord wannabees,going on about womens rights and other very noble themes.

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