That Rudeboy Sound - Optikatechniqua - Sinister Dub (CD, Album)

Ray Keith. Casca E. The Dubplate E. Marvellous Cain. Saxon Street E. Combinations E. Diggin In The Crates E. Underground Sonics E. Presence 2xLP Tokyo Prose. Mesmerism E. Part 2 Seba. Golden Ticket E. Danny Byrd feat. Part 1 Seba. Elephant Dreams E. Liquid V Club Sessions Vol.

Zero T. Shuriken Series Vol. The Prototypes feat. Mad Hed City. Motions E. Numbers E. Massive Attack Mezzanine An essential masterpiece, 'Mezzanine' is a brooding triumph that grabs you, slaps you around, reminds you it loves you, and then caresses you down to sleep.

From the fantastic opener, 'Angel', Massive Attack is unrelenting in their sheer quality and scale. Nothing is skimped on, 'Mezzanine' is some of the best you'll ever hear. The ethereal, cold feeling that resonates from this music is amazing, and Brock's off-kilter vocal style shines amongst the guitar twangs and deep caverns his band mates create around him. Is there seriously any better starting 3 than this? Actually it's pretty fantastic, really the entire album is, if a bit overlong at times -- it's easily made up for by a large collection of extremely strong tracks.

Loveless, though not completely flawless, achieved heights not only never attained, but never even revealed. MBV's lush, flowing, chaos has no comparison, simply because there's nothing else that sounds quite like it. Many have recreated the sound slightly to much success, but none sound quite like MBV's layers of distortion. Bilinda Butcher's otherworldly voice drifts in an out of layers of sounds so beautifully, while Kevin Shields pushes every last bit of gorgeous melody out of the fuzz that surrounds him.

When Shield's decides to lend his vocals to the fray some of the album's best tracks are produced. Pound for pound some of the finest music ever crafted. My favorite Floyd, has been forever, it's truly an amazing album. It's easily in contention for the best piece of music I've ever heard and no matter how many times I listen to it, it hits me the same way.

Plus there's really no better closer than 'The Tourist'. Radiohead achieved something really special here, and no matter how close they've come, can't seem to quite match it. But thats fine, might just be better that way. Rage Against The Machine The Battle of Los Angeles Rage have painted a picture of a grim, gray world, filled with lies, treachery, murder, famine, genocide and a loss of hope.

The Battle of Los Angeles unloads upon you like no other, De La Rocha backed by Morello and the boys is intense, yet they take time to build. LA is a battlefield, and Rage is at the helm.

To really describe the merits of this LP is harder than it seems at first, because really what makes it so essential is well, how fucking weird it really is. On first listen it may seem harsh, if a bit unfocused -- SY's vocals are less than entrancing and they spend a lot of time jamming out their distortion.

This, unappealing as it may seem, is where the brilliance lies -- amongst these rough, chaotic lead voices lies the cries of a generation, on the verge of what they know is not a bright future. Sonic Youth detest the commercial world of double speak, but they understand that it's inevitable, and maybe, preferred. Beyond the phenomenal writing, lies the song structure, the composition -- it's amazing.

There's no wasted note, no stray bit of distortion, everything has it's place, it's purpose there. This is why the distortion works, why, 'Daydream Nation' is a success. To encompass the full effect, full result of this album in words is futile, there's not enough time. I bought it when I was 14, and it changed the way I listen to music. Talking Heads Remain in Light The Beach Boys Pet Sounds The most complete and beautiful collection of American music ever produced, and quite frankly That Rudeboy Sound - Optikatechniqua - Sinister Dub (CD be the best album ever, period.

The Wilson vocal harmonies that so many try and fail to mimic are at their peak here, and they're second to none. Deep into drugs and self seclusion, Brian Wilson pulled something extremely unique and beautiful out of this 'ego music' of his.

The arrangements are beautiful, the songs resonate with heat and warmth, 'Pet Sounds' is really a thing to behold. The Beach Boys Today! That right there is really the album as a whole. It'll softly find it's way past your guard, giving you a sense of serenity before it strips downs to a blaze of reverb, but somehow maintains it's charm.

Few other's can do it, and really the VU pioneered it. Plus, Nico's full, brooding voice is something really quite gorgeous. Band wistfully moves between moments of ear assaulting walls of sound to relaxed, almost jammy beauty. Old news yes, but 'Ashes Grammar' just happens to do it so goddamn well, not to mention uniquely, and infectiously, that they find their own sound in the chaos of the past.

In the loss of integral members bass! A 22 track behemoth that is setup in movements as opposed to singular tracks, most 'real songs' sitting between mood setting ambient interludes that hold their own against the longer tracks. Dream pop masterworks'Shy', 'Headphone Space', 'Starting at a Disadvantage' and 'The White Witch' top off the album as the hard to chose stand outs but let's not be picky here. Why be, when there' s so much about Ashes Grammar to love.

Animal Collective Merriweather Post Pavilion Animal Collective mixes in some ambient electro pop, new wave along with some house and everybody wins. Arcade Fire Neon Bible If 'Funeral' was a masterpiece of youth, hope and family, 'Neon Bible' is The Arcade Fire's declaration of maturity and loss -- thankfully the spark is still there.

The Fire bombast through out 'Neon Bible' with images of lost humanity, and a desolate future, outcries for action and reformation before we're overtaken by our own weight Though comparatively, the Fire were more joyous and bouncy on their last release, the deep dark caverns of 'Neon Bible's more reserved yet grand style shine through the wash and distortion that covers it's sound.

There's something to be said though, with the loss of their youthfulness only on record thankfullysomething always feels a bit empty about it all. Not enough to detract from all the highlights of an absolutely fantastic album. Then I sat down, and gave it some deserved spins. Nearly perfect, from start to finish. ReturnOf4eva Big K.

Blonde Redhead have been running on over a decade of already amazing material and then culminate all their influences into a single, different entity from anything else they've produced. There's not a single weak track here, the opener '23' is the stand out, by far, but nothing else really falls far behind -- it's all pretty amazing. Adopting a prominent shoegaze aspect tacked on to their already rough Sonic Youth like sound, mixed with the atmospheric, deep mood rock of 'Misery Is a Butterfly' their best until '23' they create something quite beautiful an unique.

Very small stretches of course, but it's those pristine highs that bring '23' it's lasting effect and efficient hook that keeps you coming back. It's pretty tight when you break it down, not to mention the infusion of shoegaze and samples only adds to the melodic quality of each song. It's all those little things that give 'In Ghost Colours' it's edge, it's tangible, you feel Whitford as he sings and yelps and you live in his beats as they beg you to get down. Granted, their rocker 'Nothing Ever Happened' is probably the best thing they've ever record, with all it's ferocity and beautiful instrumentation.

Cox showed he was capable of such things with his Atlas Sound project, but I never saw these coming. Drawbacks can be found I'm sure, it's a bit too short, sometimes the whole album can just pass you by.

The mid section can be a bit too wonky as they experiment their way around fractured riffs and weird drum beats all the while keeping it pretty minimalist. But, seriously, whatever, just sit back and enjoy 'Microcastle' and all its serene beauty.

If you like hardcore punk or scr emo, or post-hardcore, or whatever -- get this. E's loss of family and well, hope is what crafted this album, and it is morose at times, but more often than not in his sadness there's a lot of beauty to be found.

Everything here is great, no song really falters in my opinion, though as a whole 'Electro-Shock Blues' can run a bit long, and it's not an album for any time.

But it's beauty is really found in it's soft but hauting tones, morose themes and E's aching voice and lyrics. Yes, maybe it's a bit meandering, their instrumentals, though quite badass, are not highlights of the album. But Fucked Up excel in their arrangements, they know how to build tension, to explode, and more importantly how to rock the fuck out. Pink Eyes Damian Abrahamhas a vicious growl and a scream that shakes the earth.

Coupled with clean vocals from both male and female band mates his gravel pit of a voice is pulled up from average, to powerful. This is where they shine, issues with God, modern society, family, and materialism are prominent themes, and they handle it with class. They skip the pretension by not taking themselves too seriously, as well as having a sick drummer and guitarist. Black Emperor 'Allelujah! Don't Bend! Gorillaz Demon Days Never have I been so unimpressed with an album upon first listen, I mean I heard this once, then just basically put it down for a solid month before even remotely flirting with the idea of giving it a second shot.

I'm a fucking idiot. Pretty much leaving behind whatever the Gorillaz were, Albarn and co. I mean the idea of mixing cool verses and hooks with some sick rhymes is hardly new, it's just few do it better than these guys here. The album really doesn't falter from start to finish, every song seems in it's right place.

Then the 40th second hits, and 'Easier' opens wide into an expansive, glorious tunnel of sound. The song continues, it's a flood of folky-spacey pop accompanied by any number of guitars, drums, pianos, banjos, synth boards -- it's pretty amazing. Grizzly Bear transcend the usual freak-folk, star-pop and indie-rock cliches and build, an immediate, yet reserved -- expansive, yet focused, beautiful but albeit disjointed masterpiece with 'Yellow House'.

Yay Liz. This lush, beautiful piece of modern dance music is nothing less than flooring. Mixing disco flair with a taste for soul and free jazz rarely used so well in modern electronica, Andrew Butler and his bandmates create a masterpiece. It may take repeated listens but what gives 'Hercules and Love Affair' it's legs is that beyond all things, these tracks are purely danceable.

Add the fact that they're gorgeous, fully realized pieces of music with a defined, interesting narrative and the singers slay -- it is pretty much that good.

Kidcrash Jokes Killer Mike R. As opposed to 'Hold On Now, Youngster Essentially showing they aren't involved as much as observing Album) the outside, basically they were too good for themselves; this time around they seem to feel right in their own skin.

To say they have spirit is a bit cheap, they bombast through 10 tracks of glockenspiel infused, violin savvy indie rock. It's one of their most touching tracks, they grow up just a little, enough to see their faults and deliver a fucking great follow up. Los Campesinos! Those 2 days aside, Los Campesinos!

Over a mere 3 year span of life, LC! But, in the end, what always mattered is that fact that really, they don't fucking care. The Campesinos were sincerely in it for themselves, and that we would listen, never mind dance around screaming their music like we couldn't do anything else better in our lives, was an added bonus.

This first grouping of members will probably in years stand as an early era in an accomplished bands respected catalouge, but that's not to say there's nothing special about 'Romance Is Boring', furthermore, this specific Los Campesinos!

While 'Youngster Musically it sounds like the other LC! You can feel the tension in the recording, not just concerning the record's content, but female lead vocalist Aleks Campesinos impending departure -- this is the sound of a band imploding upon itself, and finding a way to not only deal with that elephant in the room, but take it by the reigns.

With nothing else to do, this group of Brits throw together yet another ramshackle collection of tracks that amount to an astoundingly repayable album. And for once, it all sounds cohesive. Garreth and Aleks finally seem comfortable speaking to one another via their microphones. Their best writing which to begin with is hard to top, so stfu is on display here, as well as musicianship, showcasing their talent with molding Twee and Punk legitimately, except now its honed, perfected to deliver that sugary jab at just the right moment.

Many have stated that over the past few years watching this band grow up has been a pleasure. I wouldn't think I'm the first to say, but would like to reiterate wholeheartedly that personally, its been an immense pleasure to simply grow up with them. Love Forever Changes Beautiful, engrossing, reflective, haunting, heartbreaking, reaffirming, brilliant -- amazing.

The lyrics are morose, but the music itself is lush and even upbeat. The horn sections that roar throughout the album only compliment the pristine string arrangements and soothing riffs. The fantastic instrumentation Album) brings forth the beauty of Lee's voice, and his lyrics. Bits like "Sitting on a hillside -- Watching all the people die -- I'll feel much better on the other side. A pinnacle of American music. With 9 tracks that will floor you, and well, 'Light My Fire'.

The diverse group of brilliant Brits, again, were able to create a fantastic, fluid success with their mix of deep dub beats, evil distortions and truly beautiful voices. This is of course if 'The Moon and Antarctica' had not shattered it with it's brazen outlook and ethereal tones. But -- that's not to say that this album is anything less than amazing.

With 'Lonesome Crowded MM's, Pixies-esque style is taken for a full ride, and really expands upon itself to give the first, real inkling of what sound this band would soon adopt for the remainder of their career up until this point. Blah blah blah, they desperately want to be The Beatles -- who the fuck cares?

Morning Glory's strengths are played through in every song, every lick, every verse, every groan of Liam's brash, almost Lenon-esque voice.

The band just knew how to sell their slick, insightful rock with a hint of modern peace and love. Moving from moments of sheer badassery to complete and utter beauty 'Wonderwall', 'Champagne Supernova', 'Don't Look Back in Anger' and 'She's Electric' please stand up or just straight rock you to the core Everything else.

Oasis crafted a truly stupendous piece of music -- here's to hoping they can do it again. The world's best MC's -- Andre thenand Big Boi nowprove their worth with an opus of southern rap. Stankonia, everyone should be so lucky to visit. Her voice has deepened, she sounds heftier, weathered, less kitsch and naive, but this plays to her as all kinds of new strength. On cuts like 'Machine Gun' who's unsettling beat alone could be enough to turn some listeners away at first, that's before Beth grabs a hold of it, and matched with her croons it somehow becomes gorgeous.

Or check 'The Rip' and it's slow build before it explodes from a great synth line to electronic bliss -- Gibbon's lights up giving her best performance on record. A little darkness leads way to the light. Best part? There's no 'downside' here, there's no filler, and they still manage to sound distinctly like themselves, but still a drastic change from their previous effort.

No -- It's all gravy. Every song has it's hook and damn do they ever catch, you'll be hard pressed not to get these little indie rock gems stuck in your head.

Daniel's lyrics and the song writing are at their peak here, straying from studio tricks and epic inclinations. But the songs are jam packed with memorable 1 liners, slick guitar riffs, great drumming and keyboard fills. Spoon came out of the gates swinging with their debut 'Telephono' and continued with a string of great releases. But not until 'Kill The Moonlight', their opus of catchy, concise and intelligent yet accessible rock music, did they understand how to make a complete, fulfilling listen from start to finish -- thankfully they never forgot.

Vincent Actor St. The Go! Little did I know it would become a defining record of my teenage years. A barrage of notes and sound will flood your ears almost from the get-go, like almost any Volta release since, but 'De-Loused' has a particular magic to it, that they've yet to ever grasp again.

The epic, noise-prog holds together here a lot more cohesively than anything they've produced, and granted, their best song may be on their sophomore release, it's in their debut that their masterpiece record lies.

There's no wasted track, they all deliver in the utmost sense. Good stuff. Tho The Twilight Sad will be damned if they let you know that. The movie -- not so much, but can't win 'em all. The Who are the ultimate in successful artistic excess, 'Tommy' is the key argument that sometimes a little erratic indulgence is best. He yelps and screams over most of Titus Andronicus' debut disc, which is a gem of indie-emo self loathing, too smart for my surroundings New Jersey!

His band mates do a very ample job of booming and blasting around his scream, twanging away on their guitars and smashing their drums and piano keys. Stickle's lyrics convey a hurt man, he may scream the odd "We can betray each other in dreams every night. He couldn't be happier, even as his cries become That Rudeboy Sound - Optikatechniqua - Sinister Dub (CD curdling.

It really shows in the band's music, it's fast for the most partfist pumping, chant worthy; it just so happens to be that their lead singer kinda sounds like Conor Oberst and he kinda whines a little. But whatever, they could give a fuck less, and that's why Titus succeed. But this sound is fleshed out, real, and it works for them. They may be angry and bitter, but Titus Andronicus don't skip on the life affirming pop with a debut to be reckoned with. Makes me feel like I'm 12 again.

And it was all for the better, not necessarily better than 'Return', but for the better of the band. While their dance songs and rockers shine, 'Dear Science,' really lets it all go when it's heart is showing. The Rabbits are able to handle this interesting concept by packing each one of their superbly composed, instantly catchy songs with more depth and drama than most artist fit into a multitude of LPs.

By the time you reach 'March of the Camels', Fort Nightly's stand out track, you think the Rabbit's have pulled out all the stops If the rest of the album wasn't convincing enough, 'Camels' is masterfully layered and blisteringly catchy. Did I mention cool as hell? Check the creepy kid choir on the chorus. Something about this just strikes me right, 'Rockers to Swallow' and 'Kiss Kiss' just bite, while 'Down Boy' and 'Isis' are dark and cavernous.

Karen O sounds her best, ever really, while Zinner and Chase pretty much keep pace with O. High hopes for the up coming album. Regardless of the temp outside, I was on an island, sipping away on ritas. I've heard it described as "post-rave bliss", and it's quite fitting. They fill their lush electronics, with full horn sections, great vocal samples and beautiful strings plus, the whistle on 'June Evenings' is where it's at.

Each is resoundingly catchy and the Monkey's tongue in cheek observational writing holds forth to give them some substance beyond the notes. Though 'Old Yellow Bricks' is the album's stinker, the rest holds up to bring together an extremely solid album.

Plus '' is a pretty badass final track. Especially if any of this album is present during the show. Acceding past their 'math rock' confines, they are able to transcend the cliches found in their genre of choice and really etch their own spot in modern music.

Evolving their sound from early, instrumental, EPs and giving Tyondai Braxton's 'vocals' a dominant presence, they've created a nice musical balance amongst all their beeps, effects and single string plucking. Mostly indeterminable, Braxton's voice is more machine than man, going through a mess of filters before finally reaching the speakers.

Thankfully, it only adds to the robotic feel they handle so well, plus John Stanier is a maniac drummer. They jam out a bit at times, and it's never quick. Sometimes the music just tends to mesh together, but more often then not it just astounds.

Rawk Out!! At least that's what Be Your Own Pet would hope demand of us. And with this clusterfuck of sound that is their debut, BYOP find a nice niche for themselves.

It's just a question of if you appreciate that niche or not. Armed with a young punk spirit, bad ass instrumentation, a long play into a tongue-in-cheek and, well, Ms. Jemina Pearl, these kid's are looking to knock you onto your ass. Let it That Rudeboy Sound - Optikatechniqua - Sinister Dub (CD their extremely loud sound, or Pearl's extremely dirty mouth, BYOP are out to attract a little attention, as well they should.

They've got some shit to say albeit sometimes it can be a bit stupid I mean lines like 'Have fun and be safe with it -- Just kidding!

Fuck shit up! A little pulp here and there is alright, which exactly what BYOP are all about. The fact that these songs continue to carry their essential punch even years after the fact doesn't hurt either.

These dudes haven't released an album sinceand yet somehow there's a distinctly different feel to this as compared to 'Best Of'. Now if Albarn, Coxon and co. Added bonus, everything here slays and it's not all album only tracks or singles. Now this is not very alien to them, it's the mid song jam out they do before picking it right back up again to finish off. The song shows right away that this is no 'How It Ends', and really is better for it.

Had they just rehashed their Little Miss Sunshine album, it would've been a waste, they dig deep into their southwestern influences and Urata digs into his theme of a South American revolutionary.

Their form of bouncy gypsy punk works best on songs like 'Clockwise Witness' and 'Undone' and their 'No Cars Go' remake of 'Head Honcho' bears similar results. The slower songs like 'New World', 'Blessing in Disguise' and 'Along the Way' shine as highlights while Urata croons and cries over beautiful string, horn and bell arrangements.

Urata also has that voice -- and their drummer is boss; mm mmm good. Though not really too similar to Black Flag's 'Damaged', save lyrical similarities, 'Rise Above' is still, a faithful re imagination of the hardcore classic.

The Projector's Dave Longstreth wails and quivers his way around 'Rise Above', and at first, it's his off putting voice that is the albums biggest detractor. The tripled choir of female voices that join Longstreth's particular croon is nothing but a delightful break and really a fantastic contrast.

Its in this that the Projector's really sell 'Rise Above', amongst it's awry guitar twangs and walls of distortion, a certain balance and groove is found in the vocals. The brash, almost annoying voice of Longstreth is compliment by the softer choir of women and in turn his voice really becomes quite beautiful.

Brooding, dark, and yet epic and glistening Do Make Say Think have crafted a fantastic album. Cohesive TV Screens flippin down -- all you hear is tick n pound.

G-Side Island And here I was believing the bullshit I had the unfortunate unloading of upon my ear in the form of: "G-Side dun fucked up. Hello, we've arrived.

Words and Sounds Vol. Kevin Drew makes a break up album, that pretty much sounds like another Broken Social album -- but it's brilliant. A bunch of established artists come together to create some all around rock goodness. But something about it all seems distinctly him, like no one else could create this sound, it all comes back to Kevin Drew. All the tracks here are stand out, though as a whole, the album can run a bit long 66 mins and Drew's ideas at times, can't be saved from his own eccentric experimentation.

Other times, it's just that which makes it beautiful. Sticking fingers Into Sockets Los Campesinos! Hold On Now, Youngster What could've been a haphazard mix of indie pop, punk spirit and a heap of distortion ends up working out as an well crafted, insightful album. They just play to their strengths, handle themselves with class and honestly don't craft a single bad track on this album. Though the crown goes to ' With pop sensibility, tight, intelligent song writing and the best tongue-in-cheek spirit seen in a while, 'Hold On Now, Youngster Menomena Mines drumsdrumsdrums.

Meaningless lyrics. Screw you Saint Etienne. She mixes mod rock, dub, reggae, electronica, punk and tops it off with a nice helping of distortion.

Did I forget to mention she's badass? Or downright crazy? In cuts like 'L. While in "Creator" 'Santogold's 2nd best she exclaims she is just that an artist? This is of course after the songs mingling tribal beat and bird like cries in the beginning have already dropped and exploded into a bad bass line and a booming beat.

By booming I mean 'Creator' will rock the shit out of any trunk you got, son. This is really where 'Santogold' pulls itself past the crowd. She seems to move effortlessly between styles, and she varies it up enough to keep every song interesting. Yes there are the "dub songs", and the "mod songs" and the "electronic bouncers", but they are all pretty separate from one another. Distinct in their own way, each track showing prowess in a differnt aspect of musical composition, plus they all rock, so, kudos lady.

Vincent Marry Me St. Vincent St. Cannot wait for the full album this summer, also go DL this from their website. Do it. Stricken City Losing Colour oh look I'm the first one to rate this. Sublime 40 Oz. Team strike again! Really though, quality album, still a controlled mess of sheer pop rapture, but this time around they seem a bit more tangible. I guess that's what happens when your kitchen sink project turns into an actual band. Though when you have a slew of quality guests, and Ninja at your helm, there's a certain quality to be expected, luckily they deliver.

These songs sound like they could be done live to a resounding success -- which is why, on a whole, Proof Of Youth will rock you particularly hard. Before the Merge signing on the heels of two successful exercises in twee that were Distant Plastic Trees and The Wayward Bus both with exclusively Anway on vocal duty--this was a stepping out party of sorts for Magnetic Fields.

Ease Up Selector. Bloodclat Mentality. PRL B Sinister Souls - Earth Prime. Igorrr vs. I am God. Digital Chemistry. Adopted To The Dark. Goldberg Variations - Whoopi Of. Eye-D - Mission Statement. Lowroller - Payback Time. Sinister Souls - Skullsplitter. Igor - Total That Rudeboy Sound - Optikatechniqua - Sinister Dub (CD. Jonny Pettersson - Possessed. Goldberg Variations - Whoopie Of. I:Gor - Total Confusion.

Crawlers Akira Remix. Monolith Cooh Remix. Fallen Sons Lowroller Remix. Pentagram Of Coke. Drag Me To Hell. Release your rage. David likes chopped VIP.

The Panacea. Dominator The Panacea Remix. Sinister Souls feat. Sinister Souls - Not Human. Dub Elements - Diablo. Sinister Souls - Bird Boy.

Sinister Souls - Natural Selection. Sinister Souls - Let Me In. Sinister Souls - Stattlecar Spectacula. Counterstrike - Black Magic. The Outside Agency - Perfect Organism. Beat The Drum hard - Sinister Souls. Diablo - Sinister Souls feat. Dub Elements. Parasite Bandit - Sinister Souls feat. Natural Selection - Sinister Souls.

Perfect Organism - Sinister Souls feat. The Outside Agency. No Fear. Landing Bone. I:Gor - Testify. Various Artists mixed by Thrasher. Dub Elements - Back to the game. Dub Elements - Black Ninja. Counterstrike - Power to distort I:Gor Remix.

Dub Elements - Rude Awakening. Dub Elements - Never give up. Limewax - Last Call. Donny - Wonder for Reason. Counterstrike - Mindfuck. Dub Elements - Murder. Counterstrike - Meltdown. The Outside Agency - Ghetto blast. Trillion Nemes. Pandoras Box. Dawn Of The Megalomaniacs. Artificial Flesh. Fallen Sons. Black Ninja. Rude Awakening. The Price Is Right. Ghetto Blast. Thrasher vs. Bong-ra vs. Suck Satans Cock.

Igneon System vs. Great Violence. Ultimate Weapon. Counterstrike - Careful With That Axe. The Abominable. Bloodclot Techno. Chemical Dreams. Just Jungle - a perfectly fitting name for these two unrelenting amen assaults. Clattering breaks, oozing subs and reverbed textures giving it the power and grace similar to that of Breakage or Digital. Foundational sounds. Knightsdale reissue 12". Inflorescence Pt 2 hand-stamped 12". Warehouse Rave. As always, it's a heavyweight affair Big humming subs and twisted pitches on the breaks.

Your mother warned you it's a Fiesta Soundsystem banger. Played by: Soul Intent. I Wanna Know violet marbled vinyl 12". Review: From such sweet intros come such gully drops; J.

Comparable to Dextrous or Remarc circa 93, the balance of light, sensual vocals and tearing, assault rifle amens is executed perfectly as we're shocked and brocked from pillar to post. Flip for a brilliant twist as amens are replaced by a dubwise halftime and the vocal turns into a full lullaby. Sweet dreams. Hardcore Madness blue marbled vinyl 12". Review: Lavery's back in his old school Puffin Billy suit for Meditator once again, following the brilliant 'Happy Shopper' on the label last year.

Running the early 90s gamut of sounds and samples, 'Hardcore Madness' goes in like Ellis Dee with swashbuckling amens, 'Mickey ' is full on acid, pitched up vocals a Vampish synth hits while 'Energy 92' brings the tempo down for Rhythm Section-level breakbeat blow-out. Hardcore, you the know the score. Nemesis 12". The experienced producer offers up a blend of bass-weight dancefloor pressure and soul-fired musical intent. Also worth a listen is "No Hype", whose combination of punishing, hot-stepping drums and gargantuan sub-bass is particularly potent.

Hidden Lines EP 12". Innerground Music. Marky provides an Intalex style hurricane for Warren and current golden soul man Tyler Daley to duet on, while Random Movement gets his little jittery clipped funk flare on that complements Warren's jazzy signature perfectly. Four unique designs, one singular voice. We hope an album drops in the future.

Yeah Baby limited 12". Campari 12". My Own Private Island silver marbled vinyl 12". Review: At long last Pulling four of many flavours from across the LP, the tracks remind us of the scope and range the Bristol duo have. A collab with west country kindred spirit Congi, close your eyes and it could be all over again. Recon marbled vinyl 3xLP. Samurai Music. Fatum EP gold marbled vinyl 12". Their alliance plays out over four razor sharp cuts of audio savagery on a fine looking gold marbled vinyl.

The pair make a heft impact from the opening bell as 'Ortum Ossa' lurches on cavernous bass and menacing beats while 'Fatum' has a searing percussive line and bass that pulls you in deep. These are half time tribal weapons with rock solid and unrelenting kick and plenty of deft studio touches to embellish each one with real detail.

Healing EP 12". Kemet Music. This new one from Drama1 could indeed come from that time but is in fact a fresh offering that brings some original amen break business to the floor. A classic vocal samples lights up 'What's Going On' with real soul while 'Lovernetics' gets more down, dark and dirty in its flurry of drums.

Still Hope 12". Review: Following his appearance on the last 'Glow' collection, Integral welcome young Bristol talent Fluidity to the family with his first full EP. Living up to his name, he takes us from deep soul to deep space across the whole EP.

A highly accomplished debut. Stay hopeful. Played by: Sikka. Infinite Tension EP red marbled vinyl 12". Mutations marbled grey vinyl 3xLP. Review: Can't touch this: Belgian duo The Untouchables drop their debut album Mutations on the ever-sharp Samurai and it's every bit as immersive, dank and intense as we've come to expect from them. From the rifle dancehall kicks on "Blackout VIP" to the ricochet rimshots and shattered cymbals of "Cloak Of Levitation" via the demonic croaked out humanised bass of "Black Sheep" and the alluring rain forest dub of "Terrigen Mist", this is an album to get truly lost in and never want to find your way back.

Unchained - High Tension (2) - Warrior (CD, Album), Movin 1988 (Untitled Version) - Brass Construction - Movin (Vinyl), Casa De Campo - Ronald Mesquita - Bresil 72 (CD, Album), Nothing Yet - The Pete York Percussion Band* - The Pete York Percussion Band (CD, Album), World Of Lunacy - Extreme Noise Terror / Slang (6) - Hardcore Attack Of The Low Life Dogs EP (Vinyl), Fussing Dub - The Herb - The Herb On Dub (CD, Album), Medicide - Exarsis - The Human Project (CD, Album), Polizei Zombie - Airlines Of Terror - Blood Line Express (CD, Album), Glenn Erath - World Series And Playoff Songs (And Other Funny Stuff!) (CDr), Who Slapped John - Gene Vincent & His Blue Caps - Bluejean Bop (Vinyl, LP, Album)