The Mascots (5) - Hey Little Angel (Vinyl)

Phantom Papyrus is a ghost that has appeared after his own death and now helps Sans on his own genocide run. Or is he an hallucination that grew out of his brother's insanity? Whatever it is, be careful because if you mess with his brother, you mess with him. Tree is What else do you expect? One that wants Girlfriend for himself but when Boyfriend beats him, it gets ugly real fast!

Duck is After beating TreeBoyfriend is confronted by this little guy and a calm singing battle ensues! Cassandra is Pico' s old schoolmate and main enemy although she is not the same as she was in that game in this universe. After an accidental encounter with Boyfriendshe finds out that he's been dating her sister in this universe. Knowing the type of person that she is, Cassandra tries to talk some sense into Boyfriend into not going through with his relationship.

Can Boyfriend withstand the Penillian to the point where she has to transform into her monster form? Only one way to find out. Sketchy is a sketch drawing appearing in her own mod.

After drawing an exact replica of Girlfriend in her notebook world, Boyfriend somehow shows up as well to investigate, and he isn't too happy with Sketchy trying to simp over BF's GF, drawing or not. The luck of the "draw" hangs into balance and this might lead to a "crumbled" standoff! She also has a redrawn version! Sans is a laid-back skeleton from Undertale who resides in Snowdin with his brother. He's currently subbing for Boyfriend for some reason. Kris is the silent protagonist of Deltarune.

Here they appear in their Dark World form, and Boyfriend 's here to battle them! In this land, only eyes blinded by rapping can see the way Dalia is part of a group called the " Sun Team ". She has a massive DJ set and a scythe that shines brighter depending on the beat of the music. Who knows what she could be capable of? While not much is known at the moment, it seems that he's been resurrected and reunites with his little bro! They decide to engage in a rap battle for old time's sake, but it might prove difficult with BB's new heart problems.

He purges the wicked. The impious Madness must end Jebus Christ, it's Jebus! Once a scientist named Jebediah Christoffhe soon got caught up in an experiment, as well as another scientist, who became the well known zombie clown Tricky, and is now busting heads with his sniper! Can Boyfriend beat this scientist turned somewhat religious figure? Not to be confused with SMC5's Jebus. One day Boyfriend and Girlfriend came into his backyard while he was grilling some food and now he is gonna rap battle boyfriend for some fun!

Because I mean he's just a normal dude in a wheelchair right? It's not like he's dangerous or anything Say, Dave are you alright? You're looking kind of round- OH NO! Bambi is the angry, corn loving, phone breaking, possible god farmer from Dave's mod. After Boyfriend and Girlfriend get invited to his farm he thinks they are trying to steal corn so he challenges them to a rap battle to leave. Can be replace for Boyfriend. Sonic is many things.

Now he's gonna rap his heart out on his seperate reskin anthology series. Lia is based on a similar-looking unused character that can be found in the original game's files. About 2 months before meeting GirlfriendBoyfriend tried his love luck on Quinder, an e-dating app.

He meets up with her on a date, but when he arrives at her place, things are about to go south real fast. Rejected because she's a serial killer and medical bills have been a pain in the ass. Now, she's spazzing out as if she was at another rave party. This might get a bit ugly Rejected for drug abuse. God, Boyfriend is not having a good time with these dates. Rejected for being an asshole. Cheeky is a weird sphere creature that comes from the world of Roblox.

After getting a call from Daddy Dearest to kill Boyfriendhe follows him into a forest and knocks him out with a bat and kidnaps him, taking him to his house. After finding out who he is, Cheeky asks him to rap battle, but how will he take losing being an assassin who owns a gun? And what would happen if Boyfriend were to jump in one of those paintings? Honestly, this is just bizarre. What a weird sphere Replace for Boyfriend in earliest version. Parappa is a humanoid rapper dog from the Parappa the Rapper series here to show his rapping capability to the world of Friday Night Funkin'.

How will he do that? He just needs to believe! Replace for Boyfriend, though can and will still co-exist in the files. Rosie is the main antagonist of her mod.

She has a bunch of weapons that were given to her by Daddy Dearest and some say she is equal to Pico in power when it comes to using these weapons. A very quiet but also beautiful cherry tree park can hide a lot of problems between the pink leaves of the friendly-looking place. Boyfriend and Girlfriend will have to face the consequences of their dumbness and fight the elf gang-leader Rosie!

Will he manage to get out of this situation without getting shot in the balls? Mag Agent: Torture is the first The Mascots (5) - Hey Little Angel (Vinyl) of the Mag Agent series. He is a giant agent who appears as a minor antagonist in Madness Consternation and the protagonist of his own Incident. After Boyfriend defeats Tricky and passes out, he finds himself captured by the A. W and forced to rap against the supersized agent. Better than just getting obliterated on the spot!

Will Boyfriend survive? Not to be confused with Yetaloz's Mag Agent: Torture. As Boyfriend and Girlfriend make their way to the restaurant, it seems like BF doesn't have enough money to pay for it all and asks if there's any deals going on. Luckily, Cheese is able to offer them vouchers via a rap battle!

A win's a win, right? Well, unless you're the manager. Also, Cheese might mention a meme or two during the scuffle. Steve Is the one of main Character from the well known game, Minecraft. He's not to happy to see that Boyfriend joined his world, after all he is a griefer.

The Liz week mod was made by SleepyPlayer You can probably guess what happens next. Loki who isn't played b y T om H iddleston is one of Boyfriend 's and Girlfriend 's childhood friends! He invites you for a visit to play video games in this mod. He's also a cool therapist. He even has an alternate version with shades if you find that cooler. If you ever cross this guy, get ready for something unexpected, even if it isn't from him. Boyfriend is gaming on a Friday night, playing sandbox games.

That's it, nothing else, definitely no spyware or anything like that. In this mod, he takes the place of Senpai and tries to charm Girlfriend into dating him over Boyfriend.

Is it due to Wilbur being a British Minecrafter? Whatever the case may be, Boyfriend seems to have other plans and tries to back Wilbur off from trying to steal his lady like a simp in a woman's Twitch chat trying to steal her from her boyfriend that's on her bed. This leads to a vocal showdown that involves Wiilbur's best songs!

Will Boyfriend be able to get the cold musician off his back or will he succeed in his simping? Replace for Senpai. What does she bring to the world of Friday Night Funkin'? She also appears in the Spooky Night Funkin' mod. Pulp is the old design of the current Monsteralso known as Lemon Demon.

He has a The Mascots (5) - Hey Little Angel (Vinyl) new song called Pumpkin Pie. Ace is the self-insert persona of Kamex who's brought some chilly notes with him in his own mod! As Boyfriend and Girlfriend wait for a bus to head to Manhattan, they and Kamex pass the time by having a friendly rap battle! What's been going on with him ever since he's been forgotten? Luckily Boyfriend has met Weegee for the first and hopefully last time, and it looks like the Invasion has returned!

Hank J. Wimbleton is the main protagonist and primary anti-hero of Madness Combat. He is a psychopathic mercenary gunman out to wipe out an Agency dedicated to destroying him, somewhere in Nevada. Coraliefrom Peculiar Colorsis a mysterious, quiet girl who is just waiting for her friend outside a coffee shop. For some odd reason, she seems to be in a hurry.

Whatever the reason is, Boyfriend won't let her go until he has a worthy rap battle with her Boyfriend finds himself in a forest, and happens to run into the famous creepypasta legend, Jeff The Killer! In this universe, though, Jeff will have to rock the mic to take out this particular victim Slenderman is a character created by Eric Knudsen that originated as a creepypasta character. One day on a friday night, Boyfriend and Girlfriend were exploring at a dark forest and they encountered Slenderman hiding on a tree.

Seems like Boyfriend feels scared right now, he must rap battle Slenderman to escape from him. Jack Springheelor more commonly known as "Dr. Springheel" is a plague doctor. He calls upon Boyfriend and Girlfriend to experiment with them. Boyfriend's brain is a bit smooth, so he does it the only way BF will get it, singing!

Macy is a character from " The Weeg Mod ". As Boyfriend and Girlfriend were hanging out in the big city to get some coffee together, they bump into Macy. This would lead to a test of skills as Boyfriend challenges Macy in a friendly face-off that might get off the rails with each passing song.

Princess Athena is the main protagonist of her video game series, Athena. Another hidden character in " The Weeg Mod "she originally debuted in her own mod with only, which has since been privated and incorporated into her unlockable appearance. Usagi is a female hitman and an ex-classmate of The Mascots (5) - Hey Little Angel (Vinyl). She and Pico were sent by Daddy Dearest to kill Boyfriendbut they just ended up rapping Yukichi is an alien who lives in Kepler and is dripped in beautiful pink.

During a space trip, Boyfriend and Girlfriend come across this fellow and, you guessed it, a rap battle ensues! Alfie is a magical goat bard who is found by Boyfriend and Girlfriend in a mysterious forest. Their encounter leads to Alfie testing his new tunes! However, when night falls, Boyfriend might have to prove himself to more than just his opponent Ralsei Is the Wonder Wizard of, no to Oz The Wonderful Wizard of the Hero of the light!

He also Appears from the game Deltarune. Momi is a character created by bbpanzu for one of his videos, titled "Watch me make an FNF mod real quick. Now, she's your friendly neighborhood weeblit who's up for a rap battle with Boyfriend.

Surely, this outta go well, right? Until she gets spotted by a certain someone in a car Fraught with anger and contrarianism, he proclaims other rhythm games to be superior to Friday Night Funkin' and vulgarly engages Boyfriend in a battle using a DDR pad.

Myra is a witch who needs help conducting some spells, so she can pass the witch finals at her Witch Academy! She can be found in the graveyard, where ghosts of a long-forgotten past can be found. Thankfully, Boyfriend and Girlfriend were around these parts of the forest to help her out! Boyfriend won't chicken out! Fireboy is the last opponent the player faces in the mod. Fireboy, just like Watergirl, is also an elemental humanoid, this The Mascots (5) - Hey Little Angel (Vinyl) it is fire.

He is slightly taller than Watergirl and has yellow eyes. His mic is made of magma. Watergirl is the first and second opponent the player goes up against in the mod.

She is a short water humanoid with ponytail hair, and turquoise eyes. Her mic color is silver. RetroSpecter is a demon who is a musician, artist, streamer, and YouTuber all in one. Now he is here in Friday Night Funkin' to show what he's got! Retro has also made several remixes and is the first opponent in his own mod in which Boyfriend must face off against him and 6 other demons in order to rescue Girlfriend from Hell!

Not to be confused with the official RetroSpecter. Matt is one of the three main characters of Eddsworld and he doesn't care for much. He mostly cares about his face more than anything else. He then becomes the king of Sasha The Mascots (5) - Hey Little Angel (Vinyl) is a human from the animated series Amphibia.

She's got the stage booked from pm, but Boyfriend has been waiting hours for a song battle. It's about to get insane once Sasha's crew gets over. Lane is a street-cleaning robot from the Night of the Funky Bot mod. One day, Boyfriend and Girlfriend arrive to a weird place called "Jet City" and they find a strange robot named Lane who is listening to some funky fresh beats, except the robot is the one playing them, so, naturally, Boyfriend challenges her to a rap battle.

Big Chungus is an infamous meme of a fat Bugs Bunny ooh nah nah. He shot your girlfriend, so I guess we're rap-battling him now for revenge? Listen, what more do you want us to say? It's literally Big Chungus. One day, Boyfriend had stumbled onto TaeYai 's control room.

What used to be a simple rap battle might escalate to something she can't handle. Fliqpy is a character from Happy Tree Friends. He's suffering from PTSD again, something must have triggered him. From the noise he heard, it's coming from Boyfriend's microphone making a buzzing noise.

While Boyfriend is fixing his microphone, he encounters Fliqpy. Looks like he is going to rap battle Boyfriend instead of killing him. Not to be confused with miguel's Fliqpy. Jokes aside, he has an upcoming remaster where he looks much better than before!

Yoshis are small, colorful dinosaurs that live on a large island. Go read the Mario wiki if you want the full story of the game this mod was based on, Yoshi's Island. Yeah I'm stopping before this description gets too long. Ber zerk is a mysterious creature which lives in the 4th dimension. However, everything goes downhill once he encounters Boyfriend. Chris is a demon that was summoned by Boyfriend to rap battle.

Luckily, he is a friendly creature that doesn't mind taking up BF's challenge. Boyfriend and Mario sing while being in a friendly Super Mario Kart race! They don't seem to be focused on the road, but rather singing with each other. Daidem has been experimenting for the perfect rapper, but when 06 got out, he likes to put it to the test.

Boyfriend want's the twinkie that Goves bought, than they rap battle for the twinkie, after that, Hell teleport them and they fight for the microphone. Characters that the staff likes, but aren't popular enough to be on Honorable Mentions.

They are sorted by alphabetical order. Abigail is a space-traveling punk girl starring in her own mod. She comes from Otherwordlyan RPG game being made by the mod creator. During one of Boyfriend and Girlfriend 's usual strolls, they come across her ship, which is pretty wrecked.

Abigail emerges out of the rubble and she doesn't seem too happy. Maybe a rap battle will get her in a better mood? It's worth a shot! Blantad is the persona of YouTuber Blantados. He got bored of just making videos, so now he's ready to get in on the action! Blantados also makes custom covers and remixes. In the future, a terrorist named Felix Josiah is executed and his soul is put in a USB stick, which, 49 years later, is then put into the robot that became Corrupt.

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April 12, April 15, Cher and The Cher Show Cast. April 16, Alex RodriguezAshley Benson. April 17, Kate BeckinsaleRalph Macchio. Rudy Francisco. April 18, April 19, Michael ShannonDr. Jane GoodallWinnie Harlow. April 22, Nathan LanePitbullPhilippe Cousteau. April 23, Ultimate ; Maggie Rogers performed " Say It ".

April 24, Brie LarsonWyatt Cenac. April 25, Paul RuddDiane Guerrero. April 26, StingKJ Apa. April 29, Kate McKinnonNoah Centineo. April 30, May 1, May 2, Ryan ReynoldsRosie Huntington-Whiteley. Kevin Abstract. May 6, Will SmithLaurie Metcalf.

May 7, Amy PoehlerRyan Eggold. Vampire Weekend. Audience made up of teachers in honor of Teacher Appreciation Day ; Jeopardy! Categories; Joe Biden Vs. May 8, Maya RudolphRita Ora. May 9, Halle BerryChris Kattan. May 10, May 13, Milo VentimigliaMayor Pete Buttigieg. May 14, May 15, Of Monsters and Men. May 16, Jessica AlbaYara Shahidi.

The Head and the Heart. May 17, Gabrielle UnionDJ Khaled. May 20, John LithgowJ Balvin. May 21, Kevin HartBeanie Feldstein. Donald Trump Jr. May 22, May 23, Harrison FordRichard Madden. May 24, Dana CarveyEmily Ratajkowski. June 10, Shailene WoodleyBrian Tyree Henry.

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Accetta i cookie Personalizza i cookie. Torna su. Voiced by: Roger L. Max: That one's note Chippy my favorite. It sounds like he's always cursing. Curt: That is because he is. Bob: Audiences across the country agree: you're a monster, Sam! Curt: What have you become? Voiced by: Melissa Hutchison. Max: You look like something my non-existent cat coughed up! This debased form is but a pathetic shadow of my former glory! Rogues Gallery Telltale Games.

Brady Culture Voiced by: Brian Sommer. Max : He howled like a sick wallaby when I shaved it off him! Good times. Voiced by: Vegas E. Voiced By: Roger L. Specs : You made me mess up! Peepers : I can see you!

Sand On My Shoes (Outtake - Early Version Of Tin Soldier Man) - The Kinks - Rare Anthology (CDr), Do It - Rat Now - Bill Blacks Combo - Greatest Hits & Bill Blacks Combo Play Tunes By Chuck Berr, Seagull, Concrete Jungle - BreakStarr - Sick City (Vinyl, LP, Album), Lady Carneval - Various - 10 Jahre Schlagerparade 1961-1970 (Vinyl, LP), Célibataires - Tom Novembre - Tom Novembre (CD), Dont Push The River - Jennifer Love Hewitt - Cool With You: The Platinum Collection (CD), If You Love Me (Channel 9 Mix) - Brownstone - If You Love Me (Vinyl), Coming Home (Transa Remix) - Blue Amazon - Coming Home (Vinyl), Super Eurobeat History - Various - Super Eurobeat Vol. 150 - Anniversary Golden Hits Special Mega-Mi, Safari Stomp - Claude Hopkins With Buddy Tate & Joe Thomas (4) - Lets Jam (Vinyl, LP, Album), Schindlers Fist - High Jinks (3) - Cutlass Is Dead (Vinyl), I Cant Take The Power - Various - Quadrant Park Classics (CDr)