Untitled Mix - Chad Mindrive - Talking Drum (Cassette)

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Monotype Records. Cost Vs Conscious Alternative history: the dangerous byproduct of fake facts. Suicide invented punk-their street Untitled Mix - Chad Mindrive - Talking Drum (Cassette) thing. So in Bristol, we got a very idealistic take on what the Pistols and the Clash were doing. I think I believed in it more than Strummer did. Thursday, 2 March The State of Trump's State Department.

Newer Posts Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom. Never Forgotten Reality can be a bitch! Alternative history: the dangerous byproduct of fa Roll of Honour. Consequence of Sound. Nothin' Sez Somethin'. Been Avoiding the Bills Lately Magical Journey. Funk my Soul. Check items desired 8 hours ago. Wayne Snow — Figurine 9 hours ago. Core News. Dubmatix — Bassment Sessions 12 hours ago. It starts with a birthstone Songs About People 1, William H.

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Flabbergasted Vibes. Lonnie Smith — Think! Rhyton :: Pharaonic Crosstalk 1 day ago. Calling this simple device an instrument is almost flattery. Again, recordings of two kinetic machines have been digitally altered. The elastic band instrument now has an extra bass string, and the metal wire sounds now come from a three-slicer setup on a single long resonator box.

Ernie Althoff is a Melbourne sound artist and instrument maker active in Australian experimental music since the late s. He is unique not only for the original textures and sonic elements he creates, often tempered with wry humour, but also for his practically continuous contribution to and participation in the Melbourne experimental music community for over four decades.

I have made some EQ changes here, roping in some high-end harshness and adding more midrange presence and low-end oomph. Folks familiar with the original recorded versions released on the Cuneiform CD will enjoy these further reinterpretations as they go even further out than the album!

Hellborg and the late Shawn Lane are strong guitar players. Fusion Jazz. Lineup: Andrew Hill pMal Waldron p. Ex podcast stereo. B'cast on TSF. Taper notes "a perfectionist" might find the piano sounds strange if listening via headphones. He assures this is how it was broadcast. The trio perform tracks from their new album Voices.

MP2 kbps. Ex digital satellite radio broadcast stereo. Two bedouin brothers talk about their stark music. Taken from reel masters. But it takes some research to determine just what is unreleased.

Too many official tracks on this show. Two bass players. No exact date or venue. Broadcast: Oct BBC Jazz on 3. MPEG1 at kbps. Astrasat b'cast missing 1 track. Ex Digital stereo.

LOSSY kbps. Part of Scattering Poems Tour. The jazz guitarist meets the diva. CD1 is devoted to Hunter's quartet. Jones plays piano as well on CD2. Guitar and drums improv. One 14min track only. Bobby Hutcherson and Harold Land managed to have a magnificent quintet that toured and recorded quite extensively. This is the year of the masterpiece Untitled Mix - Chad Mindrive - Talking Drum (Cassette) "San Francisco" and also, with the same line-up" of the live album in Ljubljana former Jugoslavia where they performed the same track they recorded at the EMI studios of Heemstede for Dutch radio.

Shared Sept Suzie Ibarra solo on Balinesian gongs. B'cast Sept 20, After Garbarek, Rypdal Lineup: morten qvenild - p, roger arntzen - b, pal hausken - dr. The directory results for the main part of albums "Birth " and "Expectations", recorded with the quartet the previous year. Shared by cosmikd, Dec The sound is excellent for such an old recording FM sourced and the music has some nice bluesey segments.

This is not to be confused with a Bremen show released by Jarrett. TT: 75m. This was commissioned for an uncompleted film and rarely played by Ellington. VG SBD? Studio 11, Hamburg, Germany, Oct 29, TT m The Jazz Realities feat. TT: min. Leroy Jenkins - violin, solo concert. Jenkins passed away early Studio recording. It was never commercially available. Tks Sheila Jordan May Tks Sophie Milman May Scholar and jazz man Ekkehard performed Spanish Civil War songs.

Ekkehard has written the book Free Jazz. And she's still in her early 20s. She recently added vocalist to her resume. The 2nd 10 P. Stacey Kent's album "Raconte-Moi" was released that March, just around the time kurddt indicates for the broadcast.

She chats a lot in French between the songs TT: 80m. Taper: Kurddt. Radio Klara FM Cable broadcast. A Stritch in Time from this performance was released on the Mercury box set and so is not included. Includes early and late show. Shared by Davmar77 from master reel. Kirk reeds, percussionR. Burton pA. Perry percR. Shy drM.

Peterson b. A bit muddy. Ex- FM stereo with slight hiss. Originally b'cast Apr 10, Nice show with revealing interview. Allen currently leads the Sun Ra Arkestra. He is Konstrukt are a Turkish jazz band. B'cast Oct 31, To promote new album Glad Rag Doll. Ex DVB-satellite stereo. Track 4, Gbalele is NEW. TT: 1hr m. Source: dvb-s. I find this recording remarkable since, with "Revolutionary Suicide" and "Papa's Midnight Hop", it includes two quite rare vocal numbers. In case of the latter piece, this recording, as far as I know, even is the only vocal-version available in Lacy's massive body of recorded music.

So for this concert in East-Berlin, the band apparently made a little excursion when having a day off from the Workshop. Lossy MP2. Digital radio b'cast.

Laubrock is German and based in UK for some time. Up and coming free jazz musician. B'cast on German radio March 27, This is a DVB-S satellite b'cast.

LOSSY b'cast at kbps. Ex dvb-s stereo. TT: 98m. Shared by bombdiggity. Source is from Lewojazz. Le plays percussion. The sound quality is maybe a "B", or a little better. Tks Bremen, May 11, MP3 [kbps] source. Lee plays cello. A show with jazz and film scores played.

Recorded with a smartphone by finkployd Lineup: Abbey Lincoln voc acc. Radio Steiermark broadcasts with tracks 8 and 9 from a different broadcast.

Opera in six scenes with prologue and epilogue. Charles Lloyd Quartet feat. Speed fixed version shared by Maurizio June Ex Fm or TV stereo. Excellent SBD stereo. Excellent FM broadcast. Excellent FM stereo. The complete show b'cast Nov 22, and June 13 and Aug 1, This show is a compilation from all the b'casts to make the complete show. Lossy source. Radio station - espace 2.

This is an upgrade of dime Now we have the complete 'wild man dance suite" 74 min only a part of the 36 min track was previously available.

Source France Musique,"Le Jazz, probablement" broadcast. Shared by TomP June Broadcast on Radio Klara FM. Joe and his band play "A Love Supreme Suite". Ex- AUD? Radio b'cast Radio Rai. Four untitled tracks were performed. Sept 12, as mp2 file at kbps. Recorded and edited by Lewojazz Sept This uses the multi-tracks soundboard.

Much warmer, punchier mix. B'cast May 28, Source [email protected] MP2 source. They played the same material. Lineup includes Adam Sheppard. Band pays tribute to Pink Floyd. Ex AUD. Ex TV broadcast stereo? Unknown lineup. Recorded on DAT deck. Brubeck guests on four tracks. Small intimate "club" show. Venue was a small dance studio with good acoustics. Small venue. Masekela with a choir, the MUKA kids. Massada were, and still are, one of the biggest Dutch-Ambonese bands in the Netherlands.

A Zootype project May Ex- FM stereo with hiss. Taken from a low-generation cassette source. VG to Ex broadcast stereo. Shared by mdshrk. Shared in Augustthe month McPartland passed away.

Ex digital cable b'cast stereo. This is a lossy kbps recording. John Medeski kybds; Kid Koala turntables. One long improvisation. The trio gave Bangkok a skip for fear of rioting and played in Taipei instead. A Digital Audience recording bu milesian. Solo performance. Only three tracks. Tks b'cast Oct 4, Tk 3 b'cast Oct 11, Mehldau accompanies himself on the piano. Broadcast July 10, Tk 01 is Misha's piano solo. Broadcast on Dutch Radio 6 webcast at kbps, 44kHz only. This band includes Jaco Pastorius on bass and Bob Moses, drums.

This is an excellent audience recording made with a 4-track recorder, pitch-corrected and reconstructed with a loop patch by the Professor in August Tk 3 was recorded September 4, at Seattle Opera House. Steve H master. Ex- digital cable radio stereo. Reb'cast July 14, As a rule, audience are supposed to be quiet for this festival. Min's set was before her duet with Derek Bailey. Recorded on 2-track stereo for radio broadcast. VG to Ex- FM stereo. CD1 Oct 21Mar 24 Mar 31 Recorded with onstage mics to reel.

This version has the first concert only. Same lineup as above. Excellent stereo? Sourced from vinyl. This version shares same source as dime but is now pitch fixed and phase corrected. Ex FM except track 1, CD 1 taken from different source. Also officially released on Mingus' own label Untitled Mix - Chad Mindrive - Talking Drum (Cassette) his wife but long out-of-print.

This was considered for a release by Columbia but not fulfilled. This is the speed-corrected version by Goody. The sound is compressed. Excellent audience. Ex satellite b'cast stereo.

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