Whats His Name - DJ Whoo Kid - Murda Mixtape 2000 (Cassette)

DJ Frank White. Murda Mil - S. Living Legend. DJ Ben Frank. Mixtape Trafficking 5. Mixtape Trafficking 4. Word In The Streets The Butcher Coming. DJ Smooth Montana. Back On My Shit Lil Murda - Wicked World. Playlists are available for members only. Sign up for free. Already a member?

Sign in. Added to Playlist OK. Connection failure Your changes could not be saved. Please check your internet connection and try again. This download is for members only. Sign up for free to begin downloading. Syndicate more. Damn this sucks. Another hopeless try of G-Unit of making some profit with a fake lame wrong dude at the wrong place rapper.

Mase was Ok a while ago, with Bad Boy, and even lately with Welcome Back, there where a few nice songs. Too bad. Mase belonge to bad boy cause the onlly way he can make some good shit it's onlly with diddy Mase is a stupid idoit if u see the inside cover and even he front cover whats he tryin to actin like Jesus.

Mase is a bitch period, I swear whoo kid is the fuckin worst mixtape dj. WTF is goin on? Choose a nice mix. A great mixtape may have some familiar songs and some songs that will be new to the recipient. Choose songs you like, and think your loved one will like, but don't be afraid to push their boundaries a little.

Be selective. Less is more! Don't just dump all your favorite songs onto your mixtape unless you are just trying to share some music. If you want to send a message, be spare Whats His Name - DJ Whoo Kid - Murda Mixtape 2000 (Cassette) your selections.

Use only what you need to say what you want, and no more. Order your songs carefully. Putting tracks in the perfect order is part of the art of the mixtape. Consider the narrative, tonal, emotional and musical arc of the mixtape. Craft your songs into a story. Method 2. Add a name. All but the most mundane mixtapes will benefit from having a name.

If it's special, make it sound special. For more tightly themed mixtapes, there is an art to coming up with the perfect name. Using the name of the person who will receive the mixtape can be very flattering to them. A name can also be used as part of a statement addressed directly to the recipient. Using a favorite lyric from one of the songs on the tape is a good way to center every song on the tape around that lyric, and encourage the recipient to think about the tape in that context.

A name that succinctly reflects the theme can help make sense of the song order you choose for the tape. Add art. This doesn't necessarily mean a tiny painting or a sketch although those are fineit means any kind of cassette decoration you can put some effort into to create a finished product that's unique and unmistakable. Color it in. Colored markers are a time-honored tool of the cassette decorator's trade. They can brightly decorate any paper surface with minimal trouble. Try an abstract pattern or oversized, multicolored lettering.

Even a plain black marker can cloak a cassette case insert in zebra stripes or dense spirals. Make it sparkle. Sequins and glitter add flash with just a bit of thin glue and a paintbrush. Be careful not to get anything on the actual tape inside the cassette, and avoid putting anything that isn't flat like a rhinestone Whats His Name - DJ Whoo Kid - Murda Mixtape 2000 (Cassette) the cassette or CD itself, or the recipient may have trouble getting it to play.

Save such decorations for the outside of the case. Replace the labels. With a bit of planning and some care, the cassette or CD case insert and even the tape label itself can be custom-made from scratch Use cloth-top medical tape for a nice wide label that takes marker very well. Carefully cut out a photograph or part of a magazine article and firmly glue it onto the tape with proper holes cut out of it for the tape reels to make a completely new label.

Use the case insert as a backing board for a collage. Screw around with the content of the tape. If you're an experienced and confident mixtape creator, take your tape to the next level by filling in every Whats His Name - DJ Whoo Kid - Murda Mixtape 2000 (Cassette) gap between the Whats His Name - DJ Whoo Kid - Murda Mixtape 2000 (Cassette) to create a continuous sonic experience.

Give your mixtape a background track. This takes some finesse, and causes sound quality to suffer a bit, but the result is worth the trouble. Get a long recording of something that isn't quite music, such as a poetry recital, a comedy routine, or a soundtrack of old TV commercials, and record it onto both sides of your tape first.

Carefully plan your songs out — you Whats His Name - DJ Whoo Kid - Murda Mixtape 2000 (Cassette) get any second chances to re-record them without messing up the tape. Record your mixtape over the previous recording, leaving gaps of a few seconds each between songs. The gaps in your mixtape will be filled with the previous recording for an interesting and attention-grabbing effect. Paint a sonic landscape with filler tracks.

Scrape together all the short songs less than a minute you can find, and use them to fill in the gaps at the end of each side of the tape. They'll serve as bookends, framing the rest of the mix in a different light. For an even more ambitious project, include any sound bites you can find in larger songs that are only a couple of seconds long, and manually record one of them between each of your regular songs as you make the tape. Method 3. Select your medium: CD, flash drive or digital transfer.

These days most of us listen to music on computers and digital media players, but you can still curate your favorite music into a compelling mix to share with someone special. The best ways are burning a CD, putting your music onto a small flash drive, or simply sending your tape over the Internet.

Read more on how to burn a mix CD. Organize your songs into a playlist and add digital album art. Then burn your CD. Give your CD case an eye-catching cover and include the track listing on the back. Read more on how to put your mix on a USB flash drive. Gather the files into a folder on your computer. Rename each one with a number in front of the title to put them in the proper order. Include a. Drag the folder into your flash drive's icon on your computer.

This way you can include some physical decorations or a handwritten note and make it harder to lose. Read more on how to send your mix over the Internet.

Gather your mix into a folder and include Whats His Name - DJ Whoo Kid - Murda Mixtape 2000 (Cassette) listing documentation and album art. Perhaps compress the folder into a zip file. Go to source Use your preferred method to send your file to your mix's recipient. Method 4. Get your equipment. Making a traditional cassette mixtape requires a few special pieces of gear: a blank cassette tape, a cassette recorder, a collection of recorded music such as LPs or CDsand a cord to connect the tape recorder to your music player.

There are a few different lengths of blank cassette tape commonly available. The best lengths for making a mixtape are 60 minutes 30 on each side or 90 minutes 45 on each side.

Avoid minute cassettes, as their sound quality is considerably lower. Organize your music. Once you've settled on a track list list get some ideas belowstack your recorded music so that you can work your way through the stack from top to bottom as you make the mixtape.

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