Wilson Pickett - Hey Jude (8-Track Cartridge, Album)

Carl Spackler does a fine, albeit shortened, cover of this. NO WAY! Mauriat scored a no. Patterns is an excellent song that holds up. B side sounded like the better song of the two, in my opinion. The song also drew flak from conservatives. Beatles songs; 3-year-old watched a few episodes today, and it put me in the mood for more. Tamla was a subsidiary of Motown. B side is an instrumental. Generals is one of my punk all-timers YouTube it!

A side has some JFK speech audio mixed in. Want You to Know has a modern-day hipster band feel to it. Darnielle: freaking songwriting genius. B side is an instrumental Temptations cover. A side was a no. Sheer Heart Attack 2. Sleeping on the Sidewalk 3. Get Down, Make Love 4. We Will Rock You 6. B side is quite good. Express Scott was a founding member of Blues Brothers Band on the records, not in the moviesbut this is jazz fusion i know nothing about this genre — sounds like the SNL house band to me, in a good way.

A2 sampled by Snoop, Wu Tang, Album). King Records is right. OneLove TuffGong. A side here earned Motown its first Grammy surprised it took that long. WTH, Julie?!?! Tambourine Man apparently this debut album prompted the music press to create a then new term to describe the sound: folk rock. RIP Chris Cornell. Zappa was a genius. One lots Wilson Pickett - Hey Jude (8-Track Cartridge top 20 hits here, covering u. Diane Keaton was a member of the original cast.

Lady Bird: kind of creepy; Sand: kind of cool. Banned from the Pubs. Little River Turnpike is my favorite street in Annandale, Va. As such, the lyrics tend to focus on the dysfunction in their relationship. Lou Rawls 2. In fact, Them's version of the Joe Williams classic, released inis often considered the definitive one, despite not being released in the US. Five years later Them released their final single; appropriately enough, with another classic blues tune on the B side.

Corinna sometimes called Corinna Corinna had been recorded by several different artists over the years, but it was the unreleased Rising Sons version that Them chose to cover in The record even gave credit to the Sons' Taj Mahal as a co-writer, even though the earliest recordings of the tune were made before Mahal was even born.

Redding's set was scheduled to close out the second night of the festival Saturdayand due to delays caused by persistent rain, his performance was cut short. The opening song of Redding's set was an energetic version of Sam Cooke's Shake, an ironic choice considering that Redding, at the beginning of his recording career two years earlier, hold told friends that his primary goal was to fill the gap left by his idol, Cooke, who had been shot in his hotel room in late Redding's appearance at Monterey is generally considered a turning point in a career that, if it had not been cut short by a fatal plane crash less than a year later, could well have surpassed that of his idol some say it did anyway.

For their efforts they found themselves deported to the penal colony now known as Australia. But that doesn't really concern us. What I wanted to talk about was the original Tol-Puddle Martyrs note the hyphenthe legendary Australian band that evolved from a group called Peter And The Silhouettes. Well, not exactly. What I really wanted to talk about is the current incarnation of the Tol-Puddle Martyrs.

Still led by Peter Rechter, the Martyrs have released a series of CDs since including a collection of recordings made by the 60s incarnation of the band. Even better, Miller himself flew to Rochester to produce the album, which includes tunes like Party On Down.

A treat indeed! Hidden among the commercial hype, however, are some of the band's best tunes, including Our Love Was, a song that was one of the few LP tracks to be included on the Who's Magic Bus compilation album. Of the five singles, only one, Omaha, actually charted, and it only got to the 86 spot. Meanwhile, the heavy promotion by the label led to Moby Grape getting the reputation of being over-hyped, much to the detriment of the band's career.

The album was originally released in latebut due to lackluster sales was soon deleted from the Columbia catalog. Before leaving the country, however, he and Art Garfunkel recorded two new songs in a more upbeat style that remained unreleased untilwhen the duo reunited for a new album, Sounds of Silence.

The song was, lyrically, a reworking of the title track of Wednesday Morning 3AM, but with entirely new music inspired by a Bert Jansch tune called Anji. Two weeks earlier Michael Nesmith had produced an instrumental version of the same song using an entirely different lineup of studio musicians, including among others drummer Hal Blaine, organist Billy Preston and guitarists Glen Campbell and fellow Monkee Peter Tork but not Nesmith himself.

The Nesmith version has a faster tempo than the released track, with more of a country-blues-rock feel to it. Nonetheless, when the original Animals split up, the first new song to come from Eric Burdon was not only a product of professional songwriters, it was even lighter in tone than the songs that he had complained about.

Even stranger, Help Me Girl was fully orchestrated and, with the exception of drummer Barry Jenkins, was performed entirely by studio musicians. The band did have its edgier side, however, as can be heard on Cry, an album track from their debut LP. Despite the group's obvious talent and brand name manager Brian Epstein the Cyrkle suffered diminishing returns with each record they released, and in decided to call it quits. San Francisco Girls Return of the Native was the single from that album, peaking in the lower reaches of the Hot charts.

Unfortunately, the record didn't sell well and the next album, David Axelrod's Mass In F Minor, was played almost entirely by studio musicians. The original group broke up during the recording of the Mass and did not play together again until the 21st century. The most controversial and thus most popular of these heavier tunes was Hoyt Axton's The Pusher, with it's repeated use of the line "God damn the Pusher.

The Nazz, on the other hand, sounded more like British bands such as the Move and Brian Augur's Trinity that were performing well on the UK charts but were unable to buy a hit in the US. Open My Eyes was originally issued as the A side of a single, but ended up being eclipsed in popularity by its flip side, a song called Hello It's Me, that ended up getting airplay in Boston and other cities, eventually hitting the Canadian charts a new version would become a solo hit for Rundgren five years later.

It may come as a bit of a surprise, then, that in the late s he dabbled in songwriting, turning out the clever What The Dickens in The recording, which references the work of Charles Dickens throughout the lyrics, sat on the shelf untilwhen it finally saw the light of day as a track on the Grapefruit anthology box set Love, Poetry And Revolution.

Generally, more time was spent on the mono mix, as that is the one that would be most likely to be heard on top 40 radio stations, most of which did not broadcast in stereo. In this was still the predominant practice, although the stereo mixes were beginning to get a greater share of attention as FM rock stations began to show up in the larger radio markets. Sometimes there were major differences in the stereo and mono mixes besides the obvious fact of two channels as opposed to one.

One of the most obvious examples is Jefferson Airplane's Surrealistic Pillow album, which was released in early The stereo mix uses reverb extensively, a hallmark of RCA's Burbank studios at the time. The mono mix, on the other hand, is much cleaner, reflecting the band's actual stage sound more accurately.

This can be easily discerned on the single version of Somebody To Love, which of course is the one most people heard on the radio in early Accordingly, he crafted lyrics that were meant to be his final words to the world. As it turned out, Forever Changes was not Lee's swan song. It was, however, the last album to feature the lineup that had been the most popular band on Sunset Strip for the past two years.

Subsequent Love albums would feature a whole new group of musicians backing Lee, and would have an entirely different sound as well. Ironically, Lee was still around at the dawn of the 21st century over 30 years later dying of acute myeloid leukemia inoutliving several of his old bandmates. Although my Dad's tape recorder had small built-in speakers, his Koss headphones had far superior sound, which led to me sleeping on the couch in the living room with the headphones on.

Hearing songs like I Want To Tell You on factory-recorded reel-to-reel tape through a decent pair of headphones gave me an appreciation for just how well-engineered Revolver was, and also inspired me to eventually learn my own way around a recording studio.

The song itself, by the way, is one of three George Harrison songs on Revolver; the most on any Beatle album up to that point, and a major reason that, when pressed, I almost always end up citing Revolver as my favorite Beatles LP. Before leaving, the group laid down tracks for their first single ofa Paul McCartney tune called Lady Madonna.

The song's success, however, paled when compared with their next release: Hey Jude, which would turn out to be the 1 song of the entire decade.

It was in many ways an indication of the direction McCartney's songwriting would continue to take for several years. Santana's band originally got lukewarm reviews from the rock press, but after their legendary performance at Woodstock found themselves among rock's royalty. Waiting, the opening track from the group's debut LP, is an instrumental that was also released as the B side of the band's first single, Evil Ways.

The station's music format had been Adult Contemporary since the early 70s, but in recent years had been surpassed in the local ratings by their own FM station in the same building. My idea was to get Album) of the current stuff and concentrate on the station's fairly extensive library that dated back to the early 60s. The B side, They're Gonna Get You, is that same American garage band sounding more like what they probably sounded like the rest of the time.

Enough, in fact, to land a deal with Brent Records. Their single, Streetcar, got some airplay on local radio stations, but failed to match the success of other area bands.

In most cases, though, a studio version of the piece gets put on an early album and never gets heard on the radio. Such is the case with Spirit's show-stopper Elijah, which was reportedly never played the same way twice in fact, this alternate take is evidence of that.

Elijah, written by keyboardist John Locke, starts with a hard-rockin' main theme that is followed by a jazzier second theme that showcases one of the lead instruments guitar, keyboards. The piece then comes to a dead stop while one of the members has a solo section of their own devising. This is followed by the main theme, repeating several times until every member has had their own solo section. The piece ends with a return to the main theme followed by a classic power rock ending.

The rest of the world, however, would have to wait until the following year to hear Janis Joplin's version of the old blues tune, when a live performance recorded at Bill Graham's Fillmore Auditorium was included on the LP Cheap Thrills. The second of these was titled Time Out! For Them. While the style of the Van Morrison version of the band was very much in the same vein as the early Rolling Stones albums, Time Out!

For Them featured more psychedelic material written by the husband and wife team of Tom Lane and Sharon Pulley. Among those were Detroit's MC5, whose radical politics were at the forefront of everything they did, and the New York City street band David Peel and the Lower East Side, who were more a musical guerrilla theater group than an actual rock band. In the UK, it was the Pink Fairies bucking the establishment, performing such anarchic acts as giving free concerts outside the gates of places where other bands were playing for pay, such as the Isle Of Wight music festival.

Formed from the ashes of another anarchic band, the Social Deviants, the Pink Fairies recorded three albums fromfinally cutting a single for Stiff Records in before splitting up. The group has reformed several times since.

To do this they recruited drummer Colin Petersen and guitarist Vince Melouney to join the Gibb brothers, who had until that point been primarily a vocal group. Upon arrival in London they went to work on the album that would come to be called Bee Gees 1st. The album itself was more psychedelic than the group's later releases, with tracks like Craise Finton Kirk Royal Academy Of Arts showing a somewhat whimsical side to the group.

Thanks to the inclusion of no less than three solid hit singles on the LP, the Bee Gees were soon among the most popular bands in the UK, although it would be another 10 years before they achieved their greatest success as purveyors of disco music. The difference was that this time the studio musicians would be recording under the supervision of the Monkees themselves rather than Don Kirschner and the array of producers he had lined up for the first two Monkees LPs.

The result was an album that many critics consider the group's best effort. Although both songs ended up making the charts, it was Pleasant Valley Sunday that got the most airplay and is considered by many to be Monkees' greatest achievement.

The only one to appear on both LPs was House For Everyone, which has one of the more unique openings in the history of rock: the sound of a music box being wound up followed by a short musical phrase, repeated three times before Chris Wood's saxophone intro gets the song going. The tune itself, like all of Mason's material, almost sounds like an entirely different band than the majority of Traffic songs, which were written by Winwood and Capaldi.

This disparity of sound would eventually lead to Mason leaving the band for a mildly successful solo career. One of the highlights of the band's stage performances was their cover of the Byrds' Why, which often featured extended solos by Howe.

A studio version of Why was recorded, but was not released while the band was still together. In fact, the tape was misplaced for many years, finally surfacing in time to be included on EMI's Psychedelia At Abbey Road collection in By then Howe had become a major rock star as the guitarist for Yes during their most popular period. It was pretty much the state of the art in home audio technology at the time.

The problem was that we did not have a stereo system to hook it into, so he bought a set of Koss headphones to go with it. Almost as memorable as the cereals were the characters who pitched them.

Cereals may come and go but three big companies still compete for shelf space: General Mills, Kelloggs, and Post. Donkey Kong cereal does not appear on either list.

Neither can I. Eating cereal became such a bedtime routine in my house that the only motivation I needed to take a bath as a kid was a bowl of Cheerios, A bowl of cereal with ice cold milk is still a late night treat in the Carroll household. Posted by The Flipside at PM 2 comments:. Labels: breakfastcerealcocoa puffs. Do I really need to do this again? A logical response would be no since I already owned seven copies over the past 32 years. Our first copy became family property when my mother purchased it at E.

Korvettes in the summer of Years later my brother laid claim to it as I headed off to college. The 8-track version I purchased in got stolen along with my under dash 8-track player which was not exactly a great loss. I upgraded to a cassette player for my car and promptly recorded Sgt. The cassette later melted or was eaten by the tape player. Ten years later my wish for a perfect copy of Sgt. Peppers came true when a release of the entire Beatles catalog on compact disc began.

I gradually replaced every Beatles lp with a scratch-free, pop-free compact disc. Those discs were eventually loaded onto numerous Mp3 players which brings me to the present day. I now have the ability to play Sgt. Well, the engineers at Abbey Road Studios have digitally remastered the entire Beatles catalog and the results are worth the cost. Digital remastering is a process that literally pulls the music apart, cleans it up and reassembles it in the way it was originally intended.

New digital technology now allows engineers to recreate that original vinyl sound. Imagine scanning an old photograph and digitally cleaning it up.

The photo visually comes back to life as long lost color and details reappear. The audio remastering process yields similar results. Reviewers are raving about the quality of the remastered albums, particularly the early mono recordings such as Please Please Me and Hard Days Night.

The series was released in conjunction with The Beatles Rock Band interactive video game on September 9. The odds are good that I will get hooked once again and eventually repurchase the entire set. Anyone interested in a complete set of vintage Beatle compact discs?

There was no back to school shopping or schedule pickup — just another day of work. Even if it was just for a moment, you probably wished you could walk right back through those school doors. As a student, my two best days of the school year were always the first day and the last day. No research exists but I would imagine many teachers feel the same way. Not taking away from the great things that happen during the school year, but the first day is just the best.

There is something comforting about the start of a new school year. Is there anything better than cracking open a fresh box of Crayolas? My very first school day may not have been my best but it was certainly memorable. Carroll - your son Timothy and Nicholas Terrafranca were disciplined today for playing on the rectory steps.

I hope this is not the behavior we can expect from Timothy at Sacred Heart in the coming year. Actually it was exactly the behavior they came to expect.

No matter how hectic the end of school is, teachers and kids return each fall refreshed and eager to start all over again. Many moms are celebrating for a different reason as they recapture their homes from the summer invaders.

One big exception are the kindergarten parents who hover and fuss as their kids are led away to class for the first time. Similar rooms should be made available for parents who watch their young ones drive away to college for the first time. High school is a different story. Their first day is more of a social event and fashion parade interrupted by classes.

This Sunday marks the end of a long — a very long — summer. It will all work out in the end. Labels: First DaySchool. It may have seemed an unlikely pairing at the time but here we are thirty years later about to celebrate another milestone. The first time I met my future wife, she was administering a swimming test for counselors at Camp Weequahic in Lakewood, Pennsylvania. She had the whistle and the clipboard and I had a very slim chance of swimming four laps. The outcome was predictable and I failed the test.

Those who worked as overnight camp counselors know that the best week of the summer is the week before kids arrive. Staff members work all day and usually head to the nearest town for refreshments at night.

That was my plan when I offered a group of counselors, including the future Mrs. Carroll, a ride into town. The following night I repeated the offer but forgot to invite everyone except the future Mrs. But there we were in the bustling town of Album), New York trying to recreate our brief twenty years of history. A more dramatic script would have me offering charming comments not a chance about the summer we would spend together.

In an action movie, we would be pursued through the Pennsylvania woods by thugs in velour running suits and big chains. I probably wrote a column about their father Carmine. What an opener. I did learn that we both shared a desire to get out of the house for the summer.

I was beginning my fifth summer as a counselor at various camps and she was facing her first. So we did. Maybe this could be a romantic road trip movie instead. Many letters and hours of late night phone calls and a few visits back and forth kept the long distance relationship running until I graduated and moved back from Kentucky.

True to the romance movie formula, we broke up for a few months and then saw the error in our ways. The topic of marriage was finally breached in a serious way and we were married the following summer on August 11, The story of how we came to be married thirty years ago hardly deserves a spot on the shelves at Blockbuster.

Long ago it would have been moved from the college humor section to the drama pile and now to the faded family section. Happy anniversary Ann. Posted by The Flipside at PM 3 comments:. I did not eat a school cafeteria lunch until ninth grade. Many of us walked home at lunch time until the school built a cafeteria. Others just ate at their desks which made the classroom smell like stale milk each afternoon. In one hour I was able to catch a hot lunch, watch some Leave it To Beaver on television and run one block back to school.

Instead, we could buy milk and sit at big tables while the room was monitored by volunteers to give the nuns a break. Imagine our surprise that year when we realized that nuns ate lunch too.

We just assumed they went back to church to pray for strength to get through the afternoon. Once I started bringing my lunch, every day was a surprise. Just like June Cleaver, my mother packed our lunches and had them waiting for us at the door. There was little discussion and even less argument about what was in the bag. So just like Wally and the Beaver, my brother and I grabbed the sack lunch and walked to school. We were fascinated by the convenience of combining both in a single jar and overlooked the marginal taste of both.

One young taster observantly noted that it tasted like peanut butter and jelly. The next sandwich was called a Philadelphia after the cheese. Cream cheese and jelly was a standard lunch item. Spreading cold cream cheese on dry bread was the hardest part of this delicacy.

The Deviled Sandwich refers to that small can of deviled ham. I mixed some with mayonnaise and three of the kids thought it was great. Finally came the most delicious and disgusting sandwich of all — The Fluffernutter.

I could almost sing the whole commercial jingle as I spread the marshmallow fluff on the cheap white bread. I learned years ago to add the peanut butter to the other slice. The kids loved it though and one said he would go home and beg his mother to buy some fluff. Mom knows best again. The kids, who admitted eating almost nothing but peanut butter and jelly, have expanded their tastes and are almost ready for Spam.

Posted by The Flipside at Album) 1 comment:. Girl Toys - Barbie Rules. I readily admit that The Flipside column is biased towards guys. With topics like Creepy Crawlers and chemistry sets, this should not be much of a surprise. In an effort to share the spotlight, I recently spoke with five former children who shared their own experiences growing up with toys.

Dolls and board games dominated the conversations. I learned about Betsy Wetsy who had the unique talent of wetting her diapers. Thumbelina was the most lifelike and Patty Play Pal was the biggest. Three of our panelists fondly remembered Mystery Date where pre-teens could imagine taking a dreamy hunk or dud to the dance. It was one game that could clear a room full of annoying boys very quickly.

We spent hours upon hours setting up house and playing with Barbie and her friend Midge. I absolutely loved playing with it. It was a big event. My mother gave them away to my cousins and they promptly pulled the heads off the dolls. The doll was among the first mass marketed toys and soldunits in the first year alone. Everyone agreed that Barbies were strictly girl territory. Unless G. Itw as a very social activity. I went out for dinner three nights in a row last week.

Even for me, it was excessive. I could make excuses about how busy we were but the truth is that eating out is too convenient — especially in Allen. I certainly did not acquire the habit from my parents. It must have been fancy because the chef wore a big hat as he cut off slabs of prime rib. My father made the pizza and late edition newspaper run on most Friday nights. The standard order was two turkey and two fried chicken frozen dinners although my father occasionally broke tradition with the Swiss steak dinner.

The history of the TV dinner can be traced back to a trainload of tons of leftover turkey. Swanson and Sons had undersold their Thanksgiving orders and were left with ten refrigerated cars full of turkey. The trains literally crossed back and forth across the US to keep the refrigeration units working. Gerald Thomas, a Swanson Album), spotted the trays used for airline food service and created the famous three-part metal tray with frozen food in The first TV dinners turkey of course sold for 98 cents.

Swanson took a risk and produced 5, dinners. They ended up selling 25 million in the first year thanks to the clever tie-in with the most popular appliance in America — the television. Fried chicken was added in followed by Swiss steak, Mexican themed meals, macaroni and cheese and more. Mean Joe Greene introduced the Hungry Man Meal in and the first microwave meals appeared in I recently conducted a slightly scientific survey of about 60 Rotary members showed that about half never ate TV dinners as a kid.

Those that did preferred the macaroni and cheese dinner with turkey placing a close second. Three Rotary members remembered watching Bonanza over a TV dinner many times and one presumably younger member tied TV dinners to the Mork and Mindy show. Like many childhood memories, my enjoyment of TV dinners should remain frozen in time. My steady diet of Banquet pot pies in college effectively killed my love for frozen foods.

While she may be mentioned in the company history, I do believe my mother had a hand in planning the meals. As a final salute to mom, there were no dishes. Life is full of questions. When we were young, our parents and teachers seemed to have all the answers. As we grew older we relied more on the limited knowledge of our friends which was where things start going wrong.

After all, there were questions that we would never ask an adult but our friends were always willing to offer an opinion. It might make a great segment for the David Letterman Show but no good can come from two eleven year-old boys discovering the answer. Much to our delight and then horror, the old dried out chair flared up almost instantly. Our immediate reaction was to find something to put the fire out in the unattached garage.

There was no water and racing into the yard to run a hose into the garage would likely cause alarm from my mother. Our solution was to smother the fire with a fifty pound bag of dry cement that we found in the corner. Cement powder was everywhere but the real threat of burning down our garage was abated. We then threw the chair out with all the garbage from our cleaning frenzy. Scientific discovery was at the heart of many theories that Billy Garrabrandt and I attempted to prove.

Chemistry sets were still the rage and enterprising youngsters could purchase refills of ingredients at the local hobby store. We pooled our meager resources and bought sulphur, charcoal and potassium nitrate to play with.

With absolutely no thought of the danger involved, we made gunpowder and stuffed it into objects that we detonated. There were so many unanswered questions that Billy and I struggled to answer. Each of them would have made an excellent sixth grade science project. I am not sure if humanity is better for it but it sure was fun. The Flipside Column - November Bill of Rights Bulmer. Thomas the Apostle School.

By all counts, she was a very good math teacher and probably a really nice person — unless you were a sixth grade student. Sixth grade was a very big year at St. The sixth, seventh and eighth grades were all located on the top floor of the old school. Kids rarely visited the top floor unless they were collecting mission money or attending detention. I visited more often for detention. That was the extent of my third floor memories until I arrived in Mrs.

Bulmer was an unknown to us. She came to St. Thomas that year after a long career with the public schools. We had no rumors or inside information from older brothers and sisters. We would just have to break her in like we did Sister Theresa in fifth grade.

Sister Theresa had issues with classroom management as we say in the business and ended up leaving the convent altogether and getting married. Like a relief pitcher trying to finish out a losing game, Mrs. Nicholas took over the class for the last 2 months of school. So we arrived at Mrs. Her reaction to our antics was calm and efficient.

In that first week, four of us had a giggling fit that could not stop. She calmly wrote our names on the board and said she had a special assignment for our misbehavior. We were told to write out the Bill of Rights and turn it in the next morning. It took about 45 minutes that night to write it out by hand which was annoying but not deadly for a punishment.

Gerrys Guitar - Roy Payne (2) - Gerrys Guitar (Vinyl), Body To Body - Refugee - Affairs In Babylon & Burning From The Inside Out (CD), Cant Smile Without You - Carpenters - A Kind Of Hush (Vinyl, LP, Album), The Road - Mark Knopfler - Cal (Cassette, Album), Ficar, Ficamos - Benito Di Paula - Ao Vivo (CD, Album), If You Leave Me Now - Chicago (2) - Starsound Collection (Vinyl, LP), Cinnamon - Harley & Muscle - Play Deep House - Second Chapter (CD), Genetic Master Race - Gruppe 9 5 - Compendium I - The 96-97 Season (CD, Album), How Can You Tell You Got It - David Soul - The Best Days Of My Life (Vinyl, LP), Batteries Not Included - Jethro Tull - A (Vinyl, LP, Album), The Golden Eternity (Original)