Epitaphius (Instrumental) - Ohtar - Human Fuel Of Death (CD, Album)

Epitaphius (Instrumental) - Ohtar - Human Fuel Of Death (CD, Album)

They convey cultural values, ideology, political climate, religious beliefs, mortuary rituals, and aesthetic taste. An epitaph contains what a society believes is important in defining death and remembering life. As such, they are important in study of anthropology, archaeology, literature, and history. Ancient Grecian epitaphs are a wonderful example.

They declare their obedience and courage, and are immortalized. A reproduction of the epitaph at Thermopylae. Epitaphs reveal attitudes toward death, expressions of grief and mourning, or sometimes comedy. There are many famous epitaphs, and each reveals an aspect of culture surrounding death, as well as life. A selection are listed below:. The gravestone of Leonard Matlovich, the first member of the U.

S military to publically out himself and a recipient of a Purple Heart. A renowned gunslinger in the Old West with his Epitaphius (Instrumental) - Ohtar - Human Fuel Of Death (CD moral code. Battle of Thermopylae — New World Encyclopedia. Conradt, S. Epitaphs — body, funeral, life, history, time, human. Samples Descent into the Depths. Heroes' Valor. Vampyre Symphonies from the Crypt, the ultimate soundtrack for vampire fans. Winged Fury. Gates of Delirium Symphonies from the Crypt, the ultimate soundtrack for vampire fans.

Alternative Therapy. Realm of Shadows Far beneath the shadow of the Dark Tower and beyond a clearing known as Raven's Hollow lie the ruins of a village. Samples Gates of Delirium. Born of the Night The Dark Tower stands high upon a rocky outcrop, gazing down upon the landscape below with cold, merciless eyes. Demagogue A dark musical journey from the birth of the universe to the death of a madman, from mysterious and hypnotic to angry and violent it is lushly symphonic with gobs of pipe organ and more male choirs singing fake latin than you can shake a stick at.

Samples Basic Instinct. Samples The Carousel Phonograph. The Dancing Firebeasts. Their gala parties were unrivaled, joyous sounds of children filled the halls. But now only echoes of Epitaphius (Instrumental) - Ohtar - Human Fuel Of Death (CD dead can be heard as the new Master of the estate pushes his way through the spirits of his victims to greet any unsuspecting visitors. Will you be one? The Lost Steps. Samples The Tomb. Screams from Within.

Manic Terror Trax Composed, edited and designed by noted haunt composer Virgil Franklin, offers a Album) and effective way to use sound to enhance your haunted attraction.

Manic Terror Trax 2 composed, edited and designed by noted haunt composer Virgil Franklin, offers a simple and effective way to use sound to enhance your haunted attraction. Night Sins Cursed to dwell in darkness, never knowing the warmth of day, the children of the night awake to live out their lives as only the curse will allow them.

Battle for the Realm. Between Two Worlds. Guardians of the Night. Overture to the Night. Shadows of the Past. Out of the Ether From the depths of Hell let Virgil, master of the ethermuse, lead you on a sonic journey into and out of the abyss.

Eight ambient tracks take you on a 53 minute journey into the darkness of the pit and "Out of the Ether". Samples Undertow. Music For The Others "Music For The Others" is a collection of ambient orchestrations that will serve as a soundtrack to any game, fantasy, or haunt event.

Samples Brick House. Samples Dance Neath the Moon. On the Wind. Samples Blessed. Samples Happiness is a Fresh Gut Pile. City Slicker Jerky. King Of the Mountain. Nature Boy. Squeal Like A Pig. Klown Everyone's been to the circus at least once in their lifetime, but you've never seen a circus quite like this one!

Samples BBC. Blood On The Sawdust. Die Laughing. Circus Hell. Rotten Rubber Nose. Dark Hollow 'A sonic journey into the shadows of your mind', "Dark Hollow" contains 11 tracks that explore many different ranges that vary from dark and ambient to spooky and orchestral and everything in-between, invoking a wide range of atmos-"fears" for use in both your home and haunted attraction. Samples Abandoned Hope. Buried Memories. Dark Hollow. Lair of the Unknown.

Misery Resides Here. Silent Killer. Dyers Eve The original score for the independent horror film, Dyer's Eve. Out of Print -But Available here! Samples Hell Hath No Fury. Madness Becomes Me. Mist Loch. The Siege. Ella Sheena. Bitter Ashes. Crystal Forest. Evening Star. The Stars Align. Holy War. The Order. The Word. Clown Alley.

Midnight Midway. The Tunnel of Fun. Hidden Passage. Bad Dream. Night Sins. Album) House. Death be his Lover. Demonstrating grief through wailing and song has long been a historic, sacred part of honouring and remembering the dead.

From the Chinese to the Assyrians, Irish and Ancient Greeks, oral rituals of outward mourning were a responsibility that fell and continue to fall to women.

In Ancient Greece, while women may have lacked political and social freedom, the realm of mourning belonged to them. Their role in remembering the dead granted them their only position of power in a society where they possessed no autonomy.

Yet this power was also believed to supersede mortal constraints, giving women the ability to do something that men could not. The Greek funeral was composed of three parts: the prothesisor preparation and laying out of the body; the ekphoraor transportation to the place of burial; and the burial of the body or the entombment of cremated remains. It was during the prothesis that the women began their ritual of lament.

First, they cleansed the corpse, anointed it and decorated it with aromatic garlands as it lay atop its kline bier. Once the body was prepared, scores of female relatives gathered around it to beat their breasts and tear the hair from their scalps as they sang funeral songs. They wished to communicate the awful weight of their grief in order to satisfy the dead, whom they believed could hear and judge their cries.

In contrast, the men kept their distance to salute the dead, physically signifying their separation from the realm that belonged to women. Some art from the Geometric period suggests they may have joined the female mourners in writhing to the lament, though they were spared from the excruciating gesture of ripping out their hair. The funeral song served as an extension of the physical pain women inflicted upon themselves during the prothesis.

Its purpose was to communicate a cry of uncontrollable pain, a hysteric melody that was believed to be rooted in feminine emotions; thus, only women could be the vessels for this pain. In the depths of their sorrow and self-torture, female mourners in the Geometric period would have sung a Epitaphius (Instrumental) - Ohtar - Human Fuel Of Death (CD from one of the four major funeral song categories: threnos, epikedeion, ialemos or goos.

These songs were personal and meaningful to the bereaved. In her book Aspects of Death in Early Greek Art and Poetrywhich, through the art they have left behind, analyses how the Ancient Greeks viewed death, Emily Vermeule writes that goos was the most intense kind of funeral song. It might have been reserved for lovers or close family members, as its theme was centred on the relationship between two lives shared, the one now lost.

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