Caravan Of Love - Various - Lady In Pink - A Collection Of Extravaganza Hits Vol.1 (CD)

On face value, The Housemartins' acapella cover version looks little more than a cynical and gimmicky attempt to cash in on the sentimental Christmas market by a band that always set itself up to know better, but scratch below the surface and there's more going on than meets the eye. Self professed 'fourth best band in Hull', The Housemartins released a steady flow of indie jangle in the mid eighties that hid a welter of biting social commentary and attacks on moral hypocrisy that came wrapped in a left wing slant.

And those politics are important when considering 'Caravan Of Love'; although vocalist Paul Heaton has claimed himself an atheist, The Housemartins' lyrics always contained elements of a skewed Christianity in their world view.

There's no doubt that Jasper wrote 'Caravan Of Love' with Jesus on his mind, but The Housemartins' own ideology subtly shifts the emphasis of the lyrics until become almost a call for Marx's proletariat to rise up and throw off their chains : "Are you ready for the time of lifeits time to stand up and fight.

So alright hand in hand we take a caravan to the marble land. One by one we gonna stand up with pride, one that cant Caravan Of Love - Various - Lady In Pink - A Collection Of Extravaganza Hits Vol.1 (CD) denied. Stand up" To get the full body of evidence for this, it's illuminating to watch the accompanying promo video that saw the Caravan Of Love - Various - Lady In Pink - A Collection Of Extravaganza Hits Vol.1 (CD), with crucifixes shaved into the sides of their head, larking about in a church and shuffling around on their knees in mock reverence with hoodies doubling as Caravan Of Love - Various - Lady In Pink - A Collection Of Extravaganza Hits Vol.1 (CD) monk's cowl.

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Various Artists No. Various Artists 80 Tals Hits. Various Artists Classic '80s [Rhino]. Various Artists Classic 80's [Rhino]. Caravan Of Love - Various - Lady In Pink - A Collection Of Extravaganza Hits Vol.1 (CD) Artists Classic Summer. Greatest Ever. Only that it is poor from start to finish. Attempts to rock like "Make Yourself At Home" completely fails. And the awful disco "Golden Mile" just show you the quick way Caravan Of Love - Various - Lady In Pink - A Collection Of Extravaganza Hits Vol.1 (CD) the toilets.

Run fast if you want to avoid the vomiting thing to happen onto your pants. This is the absolute nadir of this band so far. There are not a single track that stands out on this album. A shame of course for Caravan. But they won't be the only ones to produce a crappy album I these eighties, right? There is even one ridiculous attempt to a reggae song in here.

This genre was rather commercially successful at the time, and I liked quite a lot bands as Culture and Steel Pulse during those days to know what great reggae was all about. This one is just boring and useless. Does anyone need "Caravan" to turn into poor reggae? Definitely not!

One star and this is way too much for this extremely poor album. The music is soft rock with only a few of the progressive elements left that made earlier albums by Caravan so great. The only song that gives small hints to their past greatness is Watcha Gonna Tell Me. The production is good. Warm and pleasant and it suits the music perfectly.

A 2 star rating is warranted. I must say that I had expected much more from the band after a three year recording break. Unfortunately it's the only "epic" thing that I can find in it.

The return of David Sinclair didn't bring all the good that one could have expected and what they were perhaps intending as a sort of reunion resulted in a big disappointment.

The opener is enough to understand what this album is made for. Nothing to do with the band of Winter Wine. The finger picking of "Corner Of My Eye" is not bad if you like country music. I personally like this song, but it's absolutely non-essential. The piano riff is good and the song sounds "Caravan enough". I'm relistening to this album after years and it's not so awful as I was remembering. Two tracks to skip, but after them the brit chill-out of "Bright Shiny Day" is not that bad.

A kind of newage What do Caravan have to do with Reggae? It's not their pot. This song makes me thing to Wishbone Ash. They have a little piece of reggae in Pilgrimage, but their one is good. At least this should have been "reggae" also in the chorus.

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