Catmoves (Deadstock 33 Remix)

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Best of all, The Plumm is at 14th Street, so you don't have to cross that street and venture into that creepy, strange place known as uptown. Get stoopid, go dumb. Bush, making fun of blind reporter at news conference. It's Bush in all his frat boy, asshole Catmoves (Deadstock 33 Remix). If you are currently living in Brooklyn and looking for a roomate or know someone who is or know anything and can help me on my search, it would be greatly appreciated.

Girls with bangs and big boobs preferred roomate, but willing to take what I can get. August 1st or sooner. No more NY Excuse for me eh eh, see what I did there. Part 2. House music lore claims the Warehouse as the club where it all began, which isn't surprising since 'house' music was an abbreviated version of Warehouse music.

This was Frankie Knuckles' place, a stalwart in an anti-disco city, a keeper of the flame if you will. It is that precise connection to disco that allows Tim Lawrence to argue for an alternate history, one which locates its epicenter at the Music Box at South Venues Avenue on the city's South Side.

The most interesting aspect of this shift is that it takes the music to a mainly black, straight crowd, a poor and working class group, who suddenly became the artistic driving force behind the music. Even better, it helps the listener distinguish what was coming out of Chicago during this period and why it was different than music in other cities. This was not disco, this was something unique and different, something that Chicago created and they should be credited for that.

It shouldn't be Catmoves (Deadstock 33 Remix) how brilliant and radical this Chicago house music was, and it surely shouldn't be disrespected by lazy or narrow histories. The man who was the catalyst for all of Catmoves (Deadstock 33 Remix) was Ron Hardythe unheralded adso DJ who spun at the Music Box and existed under the shadow of Frankie Knuckles then and now. Hardy was not as skilled a DJ as Knuckles, nor did he have the built-in fanbase that Knuckles brought with him from the Warehouse.

All of this is reflected in the history of house, as Hardy is a bit player compared to Knuckles starring role. However, this lesser fame meant a smaller ego and less distance between him and the audience. Quite literally, in fact, as the DJ booth was within reach of people, so that they could say hi or hand over their new tape. This was also a reflection of the fact that Hardy never felt too important or above the music.

He would oftentimes take tapes from people and play them that night, sometimes a multiple times. Tomorrow, we'll wrap all of this up with a look at the actual music and how it developed. The tracks above should give a clear idea of what this music sounded like coming out of Chicago during the mid 80s, as the acid sound forced its way to center stage. I'll get to talk about the and basslines tomorrow, so you know I'mma be real happy.

Monday, June 26, Scott Walker - Tilt. This was the first CD I ever heard from the man, which is quite an introduction. This one is in the same vein as The Driftwhich I discussed yesterday. In fact, I can't really add a whole lot to the discussion, as Tilt is also a difficult, odd-sounding, exacerbating, rewarding album.

I will warn everyone to be prepared Catmoves (Deadstock 33 Remix) Walker's voice, as it does not sound like your normal singing style. For me, it reminds me of an operatic voice, loud, harsh, a little show-offy. However, once you get past the intial shock and dislike, you are in for a treat. Like that album, it's hit or miss. You'll either love or hate, and for some reason I think that suits Walker just fine.

He's doing shit his way and you've got to respect thatl. Give it a chance and see if you want to follow where he's taking you. Grab the album here and see what you think. It tells the story of Abu Zubaydaha 'terrorist mastermind', whose capture was highlighted by the Bush administration a few years ago.

Read the story and be sad and ashamed. They got swept today in Bostonlosing on another David Ortiz walk-off home run. I've caught a fair share of games the past few weeks and am shocked at how easily this team collapsed. I hate the Philadelphia fan passionately, the one who boos on day one and calls talk radio and thinks they are owed a championship.

But, they appear to have had this team pegged correctly, as they're almost out of the playoff race before July begins. They have no clutch hitting or starting pitching, essential for a playoff team, how could anyone kid themselves that this team should be kept together any longer? I hope that this rumor of Bobby Abreu going to the Tigers is the start of a complete overhaul of this underachieving team. I also can't wait for the Eagles to start again. Part 1. Sunday, June 25, Kaddish For Pop.

For my grandfather :. Scott Walker - The Drift. Here's an album that may not have come across your radar screen, Scott Walker's The Drift. It's understandable that people weren't sleeping in front of Tower for a midnight purchase, as Walker sits on the periphery. His music is avant-garde in all the senses that you imagine, from the dark lyrics about death and genocide to free jazz and classical sounds to limited coverage in magazines like Wire.

Despite the difficult tag, I hope that everyone gives this a chance, as it's bound to sound like nothing you've heard before and let you know that difficult is not a dirty word. Scott Walker is an immensely interesting figure in his own right, far more interesting than my boring intro would imply. Walker actually was quite famous in the early 60s as a Sinatra-type figure, a crooner and ladies man, a teen idol if you will.

He was initally discovered in the late 50s by Eddie FisherPhilly boy and one of Liz Taylor's many husbands. He did the Catmoves (Deadstock 33 Remix) heartthrob schtick for awhile, then formed The Walker Brothers in the 60s.

They did pop ballads for the most part, singing many Bacharach-David compositions that's the clearest connection to this blog. Once they broke up, Walker went solo and allowed a darker side to come out. He maintained a high level of popularity, even having his own show on British TV. However, the further he got from his pop origins and deeper into art-house cinema and new music, the smaller his audience got.

Since the late 70s, Walker has intermittently returned with a new album, done on his own terms. The Drift is the latest CD to appear from the man, only his third sincehis first on the legendary label 4AD. It's nearly an overwhelming work to deal with, the work of a man uninterested in appealing to any particular group or satisfying the market. It's got that Modernist, art for art's sake feel, which rubs a lot of people the wrong way. Could it be described as pretentious?

Maybe, although I would think that's an attempt to negate him before ever hearing the man out. His songs are bleak and dark, conjuring up images of bleeding bodies, viruses and facsism. For me, this fits pretty well with the mood of the world today, for these fucked-up times. Best of all, he doesn't try to make you believe anything, teach you any easy lessons or force-feed the listener his politics.

I like that, that interests in a way that Radio 4 or Mr. Lif never could. The uncertainty and lack of answers seem so much more real and human than what passes for political music. The music plays right along with the dark lyrics, ranging from noise a la Merzbow or Ground Zero to modern classical say, Webern. There are moments when you feel like you are in a European cabaret, with Walker's distinct, overwrought voice.

Most of all, the abrupt change in sounds sticks out the most. From the quietest, most gentle part, suddenly you find yourself in a drums and guitar storm. It's shocking and disconcerting, but it works. I recommend buying this album and giving it a chance. It's probably unlike anything you've heard so far this year or will hear all year. It might not make onto your system in your candy-painted car, but that don't mean you should avoid it.

Buy a copy here and take a chance. For those who want to listen a little more, check out 7and7is and La Blogoth que mp3blog French blog, yeah! Or check out this review of the album by Dominique Leone at Pitchfork. Tonight, R5 is putting on a great show at the Church, as Espers are back in their hometown headlining.

I will get to these guys in a future, but this is a great chance to hear one of the city's finest. Opener Brightblack Morning Light have been getting a ton of Catmoves (Deadstock 33 Remix) lately, making this a great free-folk bill. I also want to take the time to apologize to MC, her friends, her family who read my initial hiatus post.

I never intended to worry anyone or invade anyone's privacy with that, or scare anyone about myself. It was a post put up in haste that I wish I could take back.

Just wanted to take a break from the blog, didn't say that well. Sorry, I truly did not mean to offend or upset anyone.

Trae, "It's Goin' Down" remix It's indeed goin' down here at Pound for Poundso it makes sense to throw up the song of the same name that's getting all kinds of silly airplay right now. I gotta say that I love the song, love that Nitty beat, love the whole fucking thing. But, the real reason to tune in is the Nitty beat, which is absolutely disgusting, a minimalist, snap music soundtrack to a horror movie. Shit's really sinister sounding, that synth making me feel like someone's about to die.

Couple that with the mechanical drums, the drum dropouts during the refrain, the snaps, well, you hdave yourself a great song. What makes this a real contender is the fazct that I could see this doing well in the club and on the iPod, it's much more versatile than most hip hop tunes today.

It's a club banger with dance and all and a street corner anthem all at once. The remix is pretty good too, as Houston gets a say in the matter. TraeHouston star and Guerilla Maab member, takes the first verse and slows it a down a little. It's not much, but always nice to have Trae getting more exposure. The original's what you want, though. I cannot recommend it more highly, as they take care of you every step of the way and give you good advice on all that shit like colors and cuts that intimidates you.

I copped a charcoal grey Trussini suitlight blue shirt and purple tie, real boss. It's time to step my fashion game up. Fuck sneakers and t-shirts, the new thing is suits and Gucci shoes. A wedding. Two good friends, SR and AH, are finally tying the knot and yours truly will be there to celebrate this wonderful day. I wish them the very best, as they are perfect together.

John Llewelyn Thomas - John Llewelyn Thomas (Vinyl), Ill Be Seeing You - Françoise Hardy - 100 Chansons (CD), Overthreat - Loosing Control (File, MP3), Dickie Goodman - Mr. Jaws And Other Fables By Dickie Goodman (Vinyl, LP), thesmophoria (newmoon 1) - Geisterfahrer (3) - Stained Lunar (File, Album), This Time - Various - Rock Box (CD), Insane Asylum - Big Left - Walking Dead (CD, Album), Gravity (Original) - Danny Casseau AKA Trax-X - Gravity 2007 (The Remixes) (File, MP3), Earth Beat - Terra Australis (2) - Terra Australis (CD, Album), Let It Be Me & You - Joel Mabus - Short Stories (CD, Album)