Digital (Theme From On The Wire) - Various - Pay It All Back Volume 2 (CD)

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The process is pretty simple for CDs. Colleges had difficulty working with an uncontrolled expense of this kind, so corporations became the major users and major backers of system developments. A whole cadre of information professionals emerged within companies to master the systems and conduct expert, efficient searches. I don't think anybody regarded these services as free, but regardless of the price tag, output from these systems was "paid for by the company.

During Era IV, which overlaps a bit with the former era, we had first the emergence of CD-ROM databases, which opened up computer searching to college campuses.

We had the emergence of campus networks followed by the formation of buying collectives in the form of library consortia. At last, from about forward, we had the emergence on the Internet of the World Wide Web. The Web rapidly became a standardized distribution platform, facilitating institutional networks as well as bringing electronic information services to the general public.

For bibliographic databases, we had returned to square Digital (Theme From On The Wire) - Various - Pay It All Back Volume 2 (CD). Access had now become, once again, free by affiliation with an association, college, company, or research institution. So, having looked back now a hundred years, shall I conclude that "information wants to be free" or that "information wants to look free"?

Information wants to be free. Information wants to look free. The Internet follows in the same footsteps as prior generations of publishers who have all done their part to make information freely available to the user while somehow covering their costs. The Web's financial models are no different than publishing models in the past.

Either the user pays directly or the producer finds some other way to finance the operation. I noted earlier that as a culture we seem to believe it's okay to pay for the medium, but not the message. The same notion has transferred to the Internet. Users can, will, and do pay to access the medium. And all you have to do is look at the financials for America Online to see how those monthly subscription fees add up.

Some will even pay a small premium to retrieve an electronic document. Witness Northern Light, where the going rate is about a dollar a document, or should I say a dollar a copy of a document -- it's okay, you know, to pay a little something for the copy. Some will pay an extra subscription fee to access an electronic publication. But such successful subscription models are few, far between, and limited to publications with wide readerships and high demand.

The more prevalent model on the Net is the pay-to-produce model. The illusion that information can be distributed free has been fostered by the same forces that are causing the high valuations of Internet companies.

Venture capitalists have been putting up the money to finance "free" information distribution. Once Internet start-ups go public, stockholders take over the burden. As long as the valuations of the companies continue to go sky-high, all is rosy.

But talk about myths! We've now Digital (Theme From On The Wire) - Various - Pay It All Back Volume 2 (CD), for the past few weeks, the stock market dive to the depths, only to rise again from its own ashes. Who knows how long it will continue. For the time being, the illusion that information is free, wants to be free, and wants to look free is alive and living on the Net.

But is this myth sustainable? If venture capitalists and stockholders are not paying for "free" information on the Web, then -- in a few, rare cases -- advertisers are footing the bill, just like they have paid the bill for generations of newspaper publishing, radio broadcasting, and network television programming.

So in other words, consumers are paying for the look and feel of free information. And if all else fails, then the government pays, which means that citizens consumers and taxpayers pay again. The point is, information is not free. For information to look free somebody has to pay.

And to sustain our illusion, we all pay all the time, even if we personally do not use the information. Every product that we buy bears both an overt and a hidden tax for information. Some portion of every consumer sale is going Digital (Theme From On The Wire) - Various - Pay It All Back Volume 2 (CD) advertising, which is in turn subsidizing free information. Every dollar that we earn bears federal, state, and local taxes, some portion of which goes to subsidize free information. Every membership fee that we pay, every charitable contribution that we make.

If information wants to be free, then everybody pays. For secondary publishers -- those people that I try my best to represent -- the Web creates a particular challenge, one might even call it a threat, for the Internet is creating a perception in the general populace that the look-up of information should bear no direct cost.

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A version of the track featured on the 'Myths I - Instructions' compilation. Versioned from LP5. Subsequent remixes featured on LP60 and DP An unreleased version of this track with music also exists. Vinyl Digital (Theme From On The Wire) - Various - Pay It All Back Volume 2 (CD) was, unusually for On-U Sound, issued in a gatefold sleeve.

Off The Beaten Track [Afr. Original version on LP The Wired CD is an album that was released in as a collaborative effort between Wired magazine, Creative Commonsand sixteen musicians and groups. The Wired CD was distributed inside the front cover of the November issue of Wiredwhich also featured a variety of interviews and bios of the performers.

Unusually, the songs were released under one of two Creative Commons Licensespermitting sampling and file-sharing of the songs.

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