Goodnight, Sweetheart

Sleep well. I hope your goals and aspirations are as great as mine. Sleep well, my darling. Even a boring conference would be much better if you were here. I love you, darling. Have the best day tomorrow. You are beautiful, strong, and intelligent. I know you will do great. I love being with you. Thinking about you is my number one skill.

Sleep well and have lovely dreams. You are the best girlfriend ever. Sleep well and have wondrous dreams. I count myself lucky to have such a stunning wife who makes sure everything is in order. Sleep well, my love. It took me years to find my soulmate, and now that I have her, I am beyond grateful. Sending my love and kisses to you. Goodnight, princess. Thank you for making me feel so special and lucky.

Goodnight and dream me. Your love has brightened me up over the years and given me a sense of completeness. Good night. Good night my queen. Your love and sweet smile have been enough motivation for me. I now know that my life will never be the same with you in it.

I love you, Goodnight. I love you, now and forever. As you close your eyes, think about me, and you will meet me on the other side. Goodnight, sleeping beauty. Keep confusing me with your charms. Thank you for being mine. I wonder how meaningless my existence would have been if I had not met you. Good night, my angel. I love you, Good night. One life is too short to prove my love for you.

Everything about you keeps me going. I love You, Goodnight. But because of you, I have understood love from a different perspective.

I love you, my amazing princess. I love you more every night. My arms are wide open, ready for your embrace. Goodnight handsome. I thank God for you every day. Have a good night sweet girl, think about us.

Photo by Luis Fernandes under Pexels License. As I send this good night message, I am doing the falling all over again. Good night my sweet. Good night angel. Image from Canva — under one-time use license. I miss you so much. God knows how much I long to be with you during the night. Good night my love, I love you more every day. See you in my dreams. Good night star of my heart. Good night sweetness. I hope this good night love message fills you with happy thoughts as a substitute.

Good night love. As you lay your head down on your pillow, know that tonight is no different. Good night my dear. I wish you warmth and love and care, all the things that you have given me since you came into my life. Go out and look at it, think of it while you sleep and remember that you are always in my thoughts. Have a good night my love. Good night my sweet, I hope you dream of me as much as I dream of you. Right there. Photo by brooklyn on unsplash.

Thoughts of you literally rush through my mind but I have no complaints. Good night you whirlwind. I hope you know my good night love messages are one of those ways. Have a good night my sweet thing. Photo by Taylor Bryant on Unsplash. Good night. You deserve to smile all the time you beautiful soul. Have a good night. Good night my sweetest dream. There is no harm with saying goodnight to someone. Goodnights texts are simple and genuine.

Chances are, he just sees you as a hook-up and it's best if you view him that way, too. Life is busy and I want to personally congratulate every couple that has time to talk or spend time with each other everyday.

The best good night text for her Every relationship needs a spice up. Whether you want to be bold, cute, Sweetheart, flirty, or a little sappy, this list has the perfect goodnight text Goodnight you to turn your man into mush. Keep an abundance mentality. Should I text him good night? If you can't go to sleep until you text your sweetie goodnight, a quick text with good night love quotes like "Just wanted to say goodnight handsome" or "I want to be the one you dream of tonight" are examples of cute goodnight texts to send to that special someone.

Thanks for being my backbone. Cute Goodnight Texts will like to make your lover feel like a close and Tight Hug. Good night, my love. With such avidity, I desire your warm embrace. Let it end with her. You are the sweetest guy in the world and having you in my life is the best thing that has ever happened in the world. This is inherently short lived and unstable. You are the most beautiful woman in the world, and every night I dream sweet of you, goodnight. I trust that you will protect and hold them when life is hard.

There is a castle waiting for him to rule! Tell him he is the one and only. There is no sexual implications in it. From there is where he stop sending the I. Wish them a sweet good night with the below messages romantic goodnight messages.

Lord, help me to be a good friend to them. And now after over a year I get a goodnight text maybe once every couple of weeks. The world. Good Night Text For Him. In sleep, we must be apart, my love, but rest assured for I will dream of you till we meet again. Good night dear, a wonderful Sweetheart awaits us tomorrow. I love you. Maybe some other little text tidbits during the day too. If you really want them to have sweet dreams, don't just say, "Yo sweet dreams, boo.

Good Night Quotes. When your boyfriend stops doing this, this is a sign that you are entering a more normal part of your relationship.

Good night, my sugar babe. Generally, it is not always possible for everyone to do this, but they try their best to be with each other physically or mentally. Good night love text messages for the best boyfriend in the world. But, you should know that cute Good Night texts can be learned. In every single ex-boyfriend article we write, one of the first questions we like to consider is whether or not you should even be texting him good Sweetheart.

If it makes you feel good to send a cute or romantic good night text, then you should do so. Have a sweet good night! What nonsense! Sometimes guys will text you at odd hours of the night, and it may seem cute or even harmless. Remember that I have your back no matter what.

Close your eyes and go to sleep, all the good times are yours to keep. And, whether they'll admit to it or not, everyone has considered texting a former flame with the hope that they'd be interested in providing a bit of familiar company for the evening.

Never break my heart nor destroy my being by going away from me. No matter the night, no matter the day you can always run to me. I fall short of what to say to you tonight. I wish I could write you a letter of love Sweetheart will keep you awake all through this night. At the same time, I wish I could blow you a breeze of love that will make you fall into a deep lovely sleep. No one can give me love like you do. Neither is my soft heart willing to receive love from any other beside you.

My heart only recognises you as my one and only true love. I do not want to fail at loving you. I want to remain firm in my promises to you. I want to bring you into my world with no plan to keep you out. If I had the world to give you, it will yet be insufficient to show you how much you mean to me. I love you beyond this night, my love. I can meet all the conditions of loving you. My love is without random. Goodnight, sweetness. My love for you is drenched in perfection and drips with gold.

It comes with grace, kindness and goodness. I do not want to live you in the dark. To cast it to light on you so that darkness vanishes. Goodnight, baby boo. Like a nail, you drove your love deep into my heart. I hope never to escape your flames of love in my lifetime. My heart will always be kept in your custody.

Let these sincere words of mine be engraved in your heart tonight. Dream of me, love. At night, I want to sleep whilst loving you and in the day, I want to walk around with the assurance of your love. I love you too much to quite. Your love came rushing into my heart like a tsunami. Howbeit, it is indestructible, rather it fixed my heart. This night brought back memory of you to me. I will succeed in keeping it in my heart forever. Love you, baby. As it pleases you, let my heart be a creation of your hand.

Each night, it comes into my heart to make you my queen someday and until I do that, I will never rest.

Sleep tight, thinking about me. Like an angel, you came to me for the first time in a flame of fire. Goodnight, my baby. How I love you! I found you, and I found love. Loving a girl like you has drowned my lonely days and made my soul glad again. My love for you will overshadow your fears tonight. My affection will pour out on you in the morning. Stay happy tonight, knowing fully well I got your back even at night, my darl. My love will come anew in the morning. I know loving you is like loving no one else.

My love is for you, cause the beauty of my heart took after your pulchritude. No matter how dark, your beauty never diminishes. I love you, my sunshine in the midst of darkness. At night I see a ray of light in your eyes that reminds me of the day. I feel empowered by it.

Goodnight, my dearest love. When I think about this, I take off to cloud nine and remain on top of the world. I refuse to calm down this excitement in me. I love the life it brings upon me just by hearing you say how much you love me. The night is too young to forget about you. I would have been blinded by the light of your intense stare and gaze at me. But funnily enough, the light of love in my eyes is stronger than yours.

My heart sunk when you told me you were leaving all because the night has come. Make sure that I make it into your fascinating dream; I want to be part of your fantasy. Goodnight, Goodnight heartbeat. Life stands still when you talk to me. While my blood rushes like a strong wind to my heart when you call my name. No matter how dark it may, our love will never go blind. Look at the hair on your head, they wave so beautifully like many exciting waters. I always look at you like a beautiful mountain.

You lifted my emotions from the valley and brought them up to the might hills. The night reminds me of how bright you are while the day reminds me of how beautiful you are. No matter how far I may be from you, my heart will always be in juxtaposition to yours.

Sleep tight, my queen. You hold the key to my heart. Never open my heart to the pain of heartbreak, but keep it open for the bliss of love. It took me no time to know you were meant for me.

I love you from night to night and day by day, sweety. You taught me how to love when you opened my heart to love you.

I love you just the way you are. It makes me strong and vulnerable at the same time. The zeal of my love for you has eaten me up. The beauty of your eyes has fallen upon me and now I stand transfixed by your gaze at me. Love makes me numb to pain and keeps me aware of happiness.

I feel every beat of the string of joy you tug in my emotion. Goodnight, my angel.

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