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Email address: optional. Review Guidelines Explain exactly why you liked or disliked the product. Dre"Grammy. The building included office space and his Galaxy Sound Studio where most of his acts had recorded their hits" ["This is a Tribute to SpadyCharles G. Media, visited 25 Aug Meanwhile, the song is listed 16 and the album is copyrighted at "The Chronic: Dr.

Dre"Music. Completing the first bar, then, is silence till the next beat—the second bar's 1 beat. Snoop's hook recital will always neatly align this way in sync with the bar. Among the instruments, rather, the 1 count is distinct throughout most of the song by a cymbal strike, exclusively on the 1 beat. Stephenson, Jr. Yet decades ago, rock music popularized accent sounds on 2 and 4, and so such backbeat strikes now sound familiar, not eccentric.

Even if consciously noticing the chord, a casual listener might call it simply "a note" or "a key press". But if literally a single note, it could sound unnaturally empty. The "Bitches Ain't Shit" chords, if synthesized, mimic piano chords. But their origin and nature, perhaps two chords, each struck twice per bar, then alternating, remain unclear as to this Wikipedia article [this footnote last revised 24 Mar ].

Wolfe demonstrates and discusses his use of Moog keyboard and bass guitar to help write The Chronic instrumentals. Comments on meeting and working with Dr.

Dre start near mark. The charts explained"BillboardMar 26; 13 —, p Near markD. Near markhe comments, rather, on imparting to Snoop "the formula". Groping a moment for an apt word, he apparently invokes the theme of his own single " The Formula ", released in by Ruthless Records before a car accident, injuring his vocal cords, ended his own rap career. On some principles he imparted, see Soren Baker, "Doing numbers with the D.

A's final album inalready forming Death Row through assistance now often overlooked—creative partner the D. In the studio at the back of the V. Rebuffing Warren G's requests, Dr. Dre refused to listen.

Dre, whose own listen had him summoning to his home studio, where he immediately recorded Snoop. On that and more on Warren, see P. On the V. Records to close"LA Weekly5 Jan That's why I was there. His departure took away my heart and soul.

But I stayed down, did what I had to do. And then Tupac got killed, and it was like, Damnand then Suge went to jail, and it was like, I can't Hymn - Various - The Ultimate Retro Collection Part 3 (CD) this by myself, 'cause I don't have control. When the company's structure broke up, I was just an artist, a player with no coach.

A long dash, —, symbolizes silence for a full beat, so instead of counting, "One and two and three", we count, "One. Boldface denotes any stressed beatsome of which a performer freely chooses, personalizing the rhythm.

Stress variation concerns metre and rhythm, whereas pitch variation, atop these, helps create melodybut pitch, not covered here, differs from stress, which is depicted here for Jewell's first two lyrical lines, prefaced by her ad lib 's closure: ". Jewell's first three actual words on her 1 counts—the beats that receive primary stress both vocal and instrumental—as thus seen seen to be yeahthen fuckthen bitch.

Meanwhile, the hook always starts—the very beat after the four count—on the next bar's one count. Strictly, then, a beat is skipped between Daz's verse and the hook.

And yet Snoop effectively jumps into Daz's verse and, on the four count, in Snoop's signature drawl of blaxpoitation pimp caricature, blares, "Beeo—tch! A manager, dead at 75"Rolling Stoneonline, 3 Sep Martin's Press, p Martin's Griffin Press, p Ten of them postdate the 2, Dr. Dre et al. Of the five that instead predate it, two are by, alike Dre, a recent N.

A"One Less Bitch" Ruthless, The remaining three, predating "Bitches Ain't Shit" but not connected to N. Harrington explains that the Newsweek article, more like a mere opinion piece, so broadly stereotyped rap that it triggered a unified rebuttal by some three dozen music critics, including Harrington. Besides his Calabasas house, bought with money from N. A's or debut albumthe "former N. In the year leading up to The Chronicdisturbing headlines overshadowed his music: a punch by Dre shattered another producer's jaw; MTV News reported on a shooting that left four bullets in his leg; he totaled his car; and his house burned down.

In MayDre left a music industry convention in New Orleans in handcuffs after allegedly participating in a brawl that left a year-old stabbed and four police officers wounded. None of this even accounts for his attack on rapper and Pump it Up! The July shooting was in South Central at a party, where, Dre claimed, he was among a group calling someone's girlfriend ugly, whereas the assaulted producer was Damon Thomassoon prompting Hymn - Various - The Ultimate Retro Collection Part 3 (CD) to comment, "He had the Dee Barnes thing, breaking that kid's jaw, driving his car off the cliff, getting shot, New Orleans.

With Howard's attorneys expected to Hymn - Various - The Ultimate Retro Collection Part 3 (CD) this as an influence and mitigating factor at his sentencing, the widow, Linda Sue Davidson, filed in October a product-liability lawsuit alleging gross negligence via music that incites "imminent lawless action". Interviewed, she said, "Ron Howard may have pulled the trigger, but I think Tupac, Interscope, and Time Warner share in the guilt for Bill's death and they ought to take responsibility for their actions" [Chuck Philips, "Testing the Limits"L.

Times13 Oct ]. Levin, publicly defended the song's release. But in July, at a shareholders meeting, eminent Hollywood actor Charlton Heston read "Cop Killer" lyrics and condemned company officials.

By August, the Body Count album went gold—over copies sold—but over 1 stores pulled it from their shelves. An intermediary label may accept into its own catalog a small label's releases, thereby distributed with the intermediary's catalog. Yet the major label—Warner Music, a Time Warner company in — controls this distribution. Lucie, Floridathe brutalized and mutilated body of Mollie Mae Frazier, age 81, was found in a field near her home.

Victor Brancaccio, 16, once an altar boy, but otherwise troubled, would recall listening on his walkman to The Chronic track "Stranded on Death Row" when the elderly woman, a passerby, unwittingly provoking his attack on her, had criticized him for rapping the coarse lyrics aloud.

And although other rap acts with lyrical misogyny predatinglike N. A and the Geto Boysbecame targets for it in —year of The Chronic and Snoop Dogg—it was here that misogynous lyrics overtook murderous lyrics in the cries against gangsta rap.

For a broad view, see Carlos D. But we're here to say that we will not stand for it. We know what is right. We know what is wrong. Music is not the killer, it is not the ill. The ill is the streets". Willie Stiggers, 15, an aspiring rapper, before climbing onto the steamroller, shouted, " No justice! No peace! Janice told him, "You did not listen, my brother! The Reverend said he was not attacking rap or rappers. He was attacking negative rap!

But he should be attacking the white power structure, who own the record companies, who own the cable stations. He said it was mainly their fault because they were the ones with the money. Actions speak louder than words! He's attacking us black rappers now! You tell me what negative is! DeLores Tucker, 78; civil rights pioneer led a spirited campaign against gangsta rap"Los Angeles Times14 Oct In May, Dole joined the battle against "violent and sexually degrading music".

They all targeted Time Warner apparently since its major music company Warner Music Group, as the only publicly traded American music company, was singularly vulnerable to public pressure. But, as foreign companies, like Germany's Bertelsmann Music Groupor BMG—the major label parenting, for instance, Arista Recordsoffering distribution to Bad Boy Entertainment —were delivering even more gangsta rap, Time Warner alleged itself targeted by political opportunists.

Still, while gaining only some 2. On that and Time Warner's counteraccusation, see Richard S. The lawsuit was later withdrawn [Elaine Woo, "C. Harris claims that, "coupled with the shareholder's protest, Suge Knight's incarceration, Snoop Dogg's exit, and Tupac Shakur's death ended the label's hold on the hip-hop scene".

As Harris concedes, "the album did enjoy high sales". But in Harris's estimation, "this was the last high-selling album released on Death Row in the s". And inInterscope, not having shareholders, had sided against Warner, a quagmire resolved by their splitting, as Warner was the only major label with American shareholding [J Chapman, "The race card"SpinJan; 11 10 ].

Marshall, eds. Hampton recalls, "As a nineteen-year-old intern from NYU's film school hired to organize The Source's photo collection, I was always offering unsolicited opinions. After several years as a fashion photographer in New York, Carter returned to Detroit, but found Detroit's rap scene stultifying, especially for women, and sought to form a rap club for women. Carter's effort led to a "no-misogyny open mic" named the Foundation for Women in Hip Hop, active from towhich drew local, national, and international media coverage.

Carter recalls initially having gone throughout the community while expressing her wish to "build a hip-hop community where women can get on", but Carter then "started to really realize" that "no one cared" and that "they thought it was a dumb and horrible idea".

Still, two local rappers already established—Invincible as well as Miz Korona—lent support, stimulating more support. More specifically, Carter herself recalls, "So I went back to the collective body with the idea of calling the women and hip-hop group the Foundation and the first thing—and I thought everyone would think it's genius—and the first thing I heard was, 'That's the dumbest name.

Why don't you call it Bitches Ain't Shit? They were like, 'You should have girls in bikinis with Jello shots. These were coming from women! At first, I was so hurt I went home and cried. It doesn't sound like something to cry over, but.

I cried more because I thought, here we are so far and I remember all the strides of women and it's like these younger women were upset because I wanted to do something that would empower them. They actually wanted to do the misogyny and they preferred that. Not ony did they suggest it, they were actually fighting me and pissed off because I didn't want to do that stuff.

Now this proves the need; I'm definitely calling it this. If it's upsetting them that much, it's going to be called that. The latter, identifying Cook as its "Associate Dean for Research and Innovation", notes, "Cook specializes in the intersection of cognitive science and theatre with particular attention to Shakespeare and contemporary performance".

Martin's Griffin,p 40 ]—whereas Kurupt scorns any love ever for a "bitch", and so does Nate Dogg on the latter song, Snoop uniquely concedes having loved a "bitch", if both times incurring his present regret. All comments are moderated to avoid spam Other comments and requests must be fast published!

The minor British Hymn - Various - The Ultimate Retro Collection Part 3 (CD) the Flies are most well-known for a couple of things, neither of which entirely prepares listeners for the pretty average brand of pop-psychedelia on most of Hymn - Various - The Ultimate Retro Collection Part 3 (CD) recordings.

One is their debut single, " I'm Not Your Stepping Stone," issued at the end ofwhich is a hard rock treatment of a number more associated with the Monkees, but with plenty of crunching fuzz guitar. It wasn't a hit, but it did start to get the Flies a reputation among psychedelic collectors after being included in the very first compilation of rare British psychedelia, Chocolate Soup for Diabetics. The other thing they're notorious for are their sometimes outrageous live performances, particularly their appearance at the Hour Technicolour Dream psychedelic festival in April in London, where they arranged to have hundreds of bags of flour explode and cover the audience at the end of their set.

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