Piano Man - Earl Hines And His Orchestra - The Original Sounds of the Swing Era Vol. 2 (Vinyl, LP)

He looked the part of the artist down on his luck, his frame wizened by poor health, his gait slow; but his clothing was flamboyant and his eyes keen. Sitting on a shady porch, he allowed me to turn his attention from his daily struggle for a living to his great works done twenty years before. He spoke about his songs with great care, almost tenderness. We made plans to meet again, but by the time I returned to Jamaica he had died.

A: Under the name Pat Francis. And then I form a group called Meditators. A: I was about say 16, We used to sing and practice with the guitar lots of nights before we could go to studio.

They used to have audition on Saturday where lot of artists come, then they pick the best from a lot of them. Out of a hundred they might pick 20, or 10 from that.

At the same session I do two for Upsetter label. Q: Back up for a minute. A: Yes. And I find that my voice could able to deejay. A: Jah Scuff. He just do that one song. He was never interested to do more. So I produce songs for a lot of artists like Heptones, Mighty Diamonds.

A: Yeah it was my song. Produced by me. North Parade Street. A: No. Douglas Boothe. He always say he was his brother, but then I find out it was not his real brother. Know ye that Piano Man - Earl Hines And His Orchestra - The Original Sounds of the Swing Era Vol. 2 (Vinyl Lord is God, cause He made us and not we ourself. We are His people and the sheep of His pasture.

So we take that song from there. And whosever believeth in Him shall never perish but ever live in light. With spiritual rhymes. Of Rastafari. Which we intend might be God or Jesus. But his version was very good. I still admire the way he do it. Shenley Duffus first did that as adapted song, a do-over song, on Upsetter label.

I used to sell it in the shop. So we do that piece from that version. That mean a certain amount of respect due to your mother and father and elders. It was a musical fight. So each time a artist come with a hit, you find something to answer back.

But with love in our heart, we can show the world that there is no war. People who is not righteous do not bear much fruit, or good fruit. Bitter fruit them bear. So, they are not governed by the spirit of God, or Jah. Q: When you did these great lyrics, did you sit down and work them out or….

A: That song came very quick, usually in those days songs came very quick to me, just like you hear the riddim, listen the riddim, and then [snaps his fingers] the inspiration just come. A: Yeah [pants several times]! And Scratch laugh and say he running from something, police want him or something.

A: Yeah. I think it was Horsemouth [Leroy Wallace] playing a little melody. You mean the world to me. It never press a lot but it a good song. It sound good. It could have sold a lot if I had press more. That was a nice one too. DJ version. A: [laughing] Jim Screechy mean when a man coming up on you dodging. Hide and seeking. Not coming up full to you. Chat behind your back. So me say never do them thing deh. A righteous Rasta man never deal with that. Me and Scratch mostly used to put things together by-clipping through things that happening and take things from it.

We do Colombia Colly and then we do a lot more songs, which is where I gone and do my thing from then. And just hang on until now. He lift up my eyes onto the hills from whence come my help.

I have come from Jah which made heaven on earth. By his protection the sun shall not smite me by day nor the moon by night. My group. And later for Rupie Edwards me and Joe Higgs sing it and he say him write it. I saw a canoe passing, which him row with two stick. The old-time canoe, they row them with stick. Me used to love the sea Sunday morning time. Where it come from. They only sing it. And gone home. And the Congoes record it and say it is them write it.

I have a lot of songs that I write which I never get credit for because I never know much about performing rights. But the rights of them, the original work, is mine. But we do some great works at Upsetter studio. Nuff songs. Nuff song that people create them not even know where it come from. His research interests revolve around investigating immune regulation and dysregulation in the context of HIV infection or exposure. He focuses on Immune ontogeny in HIV exposed infants, placental investigations and pre-term birth, and epithelial immunity in the foreskin.

Her Research Unit is involved with clinical research, epidemiology and operational research, and is a treatment site for HIV infected adults and children. Her research interests include HIV vaccine research, microbicide research and other biomedical and behavioural interventions, and she is an investigator in testing two HIV vaccine regimens in late stage clinical development. Thelonious Monk Genius of Modern Music—toss up between the two volumes, no.

Carla Bley Social Studies Fats Waller piano sessions Herbie Hancock Maiden Voyage Dizzy Gillespie Big Band sessions You got it going on. Your list is great! So, not a part of this list. I thought the original list was fine, until I saw yours. Woody Herman, Stan Kenton. How about the complete JATP series that catapulted many of the jazz greats to fame, complements of Norman Granz, the first breaker of color lines and supreme promoter of jazz.

Is Ornette too difficult? The Koln Concert by Keith Jarrett was what drew me in. It appealed to my enjoyment of classical music yet there was a lot more. I would have to put that on my list of ten that would be godo starters. If anything, all the comments provided demonstrate the uselessness of this listing. What do we need lists on subjects that are purely depending on personal tastes? I disagree with the comment about lists.

They inform and stimulate. No reasonable person Piano Man - Earl Hines And His Orchestra - The Original Sounds of the Swing Era Vol.

2 (Vinyl them as definitive, but there are also no bad choices on this list, discussion ensued, learning happened. Lists are great. How about a list of the ten worst?

The albums I typically play for people who are newish to jazz nieces, nephews, etc. There are so, so many amazing entry points to this wonderful category of music…. Luckily they chose Tubby Hayes and he was brilliant. Went on to record with Paul. Tubby should be on the list. I hate these lists that act as if jazz ended in the 60s…. With only twenty albums you can not possibly cover all that should be required listening, however this is a good start.

Some of my favorites are missing also but you have to start somewhere. I know someone of note is always bound to be left out. But no Charles Mingus? As a side man. Or, make a playlist of 20, or 50, or tracks to share with those folks. Even my six year old loves that record.

If we were branching out ever so slightly, Yusef Lateef, Eastern Sounds. While I could easily add 20 more, this is nevertheless a great representation of Jazz LP albums. Love it!

Tough to pick just Thanks for keep;ing the music alive. I thought the original list was quite excellent, until I saw yours and a few other selections from others. I appreciate the inclusion of the Massey Hall concert. But for that to be the only mention of Charlie Parker is a bit criminal.

Just thinking out loud…. All fine albums for sure. But no Hot Fives and LP) by Louis? No Ella doing the Duke songbook? No Charlie Parker with strings? Just shows how hard it is to get it down to I understand the concept and own, or have owned, many of the albums included and am acquainted with most of the others.

My only contribution would be to add Round Midnight by Miles Davis from This album literally changed my life.

I still own it and listen to it. A journey into jazz without Charlie Parker? Jazz continues to thrive to this day. Have you never heard the Quintet album? I question whether the complainers own, or have even listened to most of these. Thank you for posting this.

Well said. I admire your words because we could all laud our favourites, but this list is GOLD for the uninitiated. When asked by friends which albums they should listen to, I will suggest many of these, especially Kind of Blue, Time Out and Mingus Ah Um not in list.

Coltrane could be debated but Giants Steps is a good entry point. But Waller played better behind his own vocals, so I would go with Art Tatum his Capitol recordings are probably most accessible. I would include Benny Goodman small group sides that include Charlie Christian. That leaves room for Billie early sides and Ella tough to choose. Coleman Hawkins is tough to fit in, maybe just a 78 with Body and Soul. Where is Night Train by Oscar Peterson? I agree with a lot of this, but there are some glaring omissions.

And then there a verve remixed and unmixed series that would once again get the younger generation into listen to jazz. Just remember variety is the spice of life!!! Wow, I read every post, enjoyed reading them ALL, and each one, each name, each album stirred a warm memory. Hi there mate! I know this was your post 5 years ago, but i was wondering if you still have the list saved somewhere else?

The link you posted is sadly not available anymore. Thanks in advance! There should be some Sarah Vaughn on the list. The John Coltrane-Johnny Hartman collaboration is also worthwhile. Maybe something from Coleman Hawkins or Ben Webster. Art Tatum for sure. These are all fantastic picks and every one of them deserves to be listened to and absorbed again and again.

My Piano Man - Earl Hines And His Orchestra - The Original Sounds of the Swing Era Vol. 2 (Vinyl, however, is that a list supposedly made to bring non-jazz listeners into the fold does not LP) a single record from the last 20 years. The whole philosophical premise of jazz is that it is the music of right now…so get people excited about the music being made right now!

Ryan Smith makes a really good point. I will continue to watch and listen, Thank you. Elevator music. I recently played Tony Malaby, a great sax player with an advanced tone and style, to my sister. She does not have an advanced jazz ear, but she loved it.

I think that the Best of Blue Note, Vol 1 is a great one album intro to jazz. It includes:. Blue Train — John Coltrane 2. Maiden Voyage — Herbie Hancock 3. Cristo Redentor — Donald Byrd 4. Blues Walk — Lou Donaldson 6. Chitlins Con Carne — Kenny Burrell 9. The Sidewinder — Lee Morgan. Maybe those unhappy campers can start their own websites and post their lists. Kenny who? Maybe in C or D…. Those records had me hooked and I still play them today but not the 78s.

Birth of the Cool sucks — it would not attract anyone new to jazz. I would add Soul Station, though. Great lost.

I would bet that some, perhaps even most of the comments come from musicians. Well, you should all go practice.

Favorites of mine. I thank you for starting this conversation. Everyone has their own ideas. And this means Jazz in not dead, but living in all of us. Great list that gives a good sampling of some the greats of jazz, but I would have added one the premier jazz-fusion albums and certainly the best selling, Heavy Weather by Weather Report.

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Sunny Afternoon - Various - Star Collection - Vol.1 (Cassette), Dawaj! - Dawaj! (File, MP3), El Desmadre - Omega (53) - Bienvenido Al Inframundo (CD, Album), I Wanna Know Why - Aerosmith - Draw The Line (Vinyl, LP, Album), God Bless America - Frank Zappa - CD1 [1966-1970] Classical Mothers (CD), Gene Vincent With The Blue Caps* - A Gene Vincent Record Date (Vinyl, LP, Album), Chopin*, Ashkenazy* - Ashkenazy Plays Chopin (Vinyl, LP), Atrás - Guillotina (2) - Volumen (CD, Album), Bitch, Amoureux Dune Affiche - Various - Toujours Chic! (More French Girl Singers Of The 1960s) (CD), Hypnos - Follia Di Massacro - Seq. 1 - Gian Piero Reverberi and Gian Franco Reverberi* / Piero Umili, Miért lobog a pöttyös befőtt? - Happy Dead Band - Himalája (CD, Album), Pieces Of You In Me