Thats For Me - Julie London With Pete King And His Orchestra - London By Night (CD, Album)

Hell yeah! Look up guitar hero in the dictionary and there is a picture of Rory. Sometimes people forget that the greatest musician is not the one who can plays faster.

I play guitar and I admire who plays fast, but i admire more the ones who can make beatiful music, even if it's simple. Frusciante is one of the few guys who can do so beside Hendrix. And Frusciante could play all of Jimi's songs when he was 12 years old, and I guess he still can. So for those who compare them to Steve Vai, you should listen to music and not watch to the speed of their fingers.

A top ten list without Randy Rhodes or Andre Segovia, what a joke. Segovia is considered the ultimate master of guitar and Randy Rhodes in the few short years he had, proved, without a doubt, that he was the ultimate Rock guitarist. Wake up people and smell the music. You think those guys are good? They are, but you should hear my uncle- Chris Lambert- and my cousin -Brent Lambert.

My uncle works at the Shadow Box in Columbus or is it Cincinnati? He plays in a whole bunch of the music shows as a guitarist, and he rocks. Sometimes my cousin works there, too. Brent is just as good as my uncle, and they're both as good as the people you put on here. I swear the world is no longer a place for good music. Okay this list is not at all accurate if you ask me. Lol… john mayer? Kirk Hammett should seriously be on everyones list as a top 5 guitar player of all time.

I saw monsters of rock in the mid 80s eddie van halen introduced Kirk as the greatest guitar player ever. The first notes of sweet child of mine puts slash up there as well. He is like 10 times better than slash and that is a fact…. I just read all of the comments and couldn't believe how long it too for someone John Corcoran to mention Les Paul. This list might work better split up by genre. Segovia may be one of the best guitarists ever, but he doesn't work with the others on the list.

Stanley Jordan is incredible, but he'd be out of place on this list. What about Charo — yes, the Coochie Coochie girl from Hollywood Squares plays a mean classical and flamenco guitar! TopTenzMaster — let's see a bunch of subcategory lists…. No BucketHead? Van Halen? Les Paul? I really respect this list, but here is my humble suggestion for a list. I'm glad we can all debate this and not be insulting. About time someone mentioned these guys! I couldn't believe I was going this far down, without anyone bringing up the brilliant masters of the instrument from various music styles.

Each individually is one of the greatest, but this list seems limited to the Blues — Rock progression only, a very limited view. It is some of my favorite music, and I would agree with some of the names, expecially Stevie Ray Vaughn, but other styles of music have produced Thats For Me - Julie London With Pete King And His Orchestra - London By Night (CD fantastic players.

In jazz, Pat Metheny is the first one that comes to mind. Anyone that likes something other than Metal, or distorted amped electrics only, should listen to the Live album in San Francisco that those three did together. There is a band that plays locally here sometimes called Incendio that will blow your mind with absolutely beautiful guitar work as well.

For classical guitarists the biggest name has to be John Williams, who is pretty much just a robot with no feeling — yeah I went there.

Frank Zappa 7. Dean Ween 6. David Gilmour 5. Nick Drake 4. Elliott Smith 3. Jimmy Page 2. George Harrison 2. Django Reinhardt 1. Jimi Hendrix. With some of the names mentioned could never hold a string to Johnny Winter or Ronnie Montrose.

What about Derek Trucks? Mark Knopfler? Trey Anastacio? Chuck Berry? John Mayer's fame as a guitarist piggybacks on his commercial success, which is a result of targeting a demographic of 13 year old girls. He's no doubt a skilled guitar player, but over-rated as a guitarist relative to guys like Van Halen, Knopfler, etc. And overdubbing? But he's not just an inventor. Listen to the music he recorded on s technology.

It will blow you away. I see a couple of ommissions in these lists, one is Randy Rhodes and the other is so glaring that I can only assume that the list had no imput from anyone over 25 years of age. Has anyone ever heard of a man named Andres Segovia, the original guitar master! No offense but John Mayer is trash absolute trash. Jack White is decent but not a guitar god Album) all. This is my list, and I'm going to leave out every guitar player that came before the Beatles, not saying Chuck Berry or B.

King couldn't shred, but I'm trying to relate to the modern idea of Rock and Roll. I'm also judging on a lot more than just ability to "shred". And to the one goon…Jimmy Page SHINED live, that was Led Zeppelins appeal, you felt like you were at the biggest show on Earth…you probably just watched a few videos on youtube from the end of the band's career when he was a herion addict.

I am absolutely stunned that no previous commenter has mentioned John McLaughlin. He's more creative AND way faster than any on the list and yet plays with intense emotion even when "shredding". Frusciante is a tasteful player and comes up with nice tunes, but plenty of bar-band guitarists can hit the same riff over and over at high speed.

Where the heck is Brian May Queen?! No-one's mentioned him already, that's a shame… And Robby Krieger of The Doors should also be on the list.

He's one of the most underrated musicians. I recently read that Jimmy Paige said he could play any guitarist except Brian May. Brian makes that guitar Which he made himself sing. Fabulous musician!!!!! Ehm perhaps this has been said before but … where's Slash? I know everyone may cringe at this one, but Billy Corgan can play the hell out of a guitar. I know he hasn't put out much worth listening to in a while, but the guy is a virtuoso.

Billy definitely had a style but to include him you would have to include Kevin Shields my bloody valentine william reid, Sterling Morrison…how about Robbie Kreiger??? Considered to be a "white" Jimi Hendrix, he was asked by Jimi to play at what was to be his last birthday party. Glenn played behind his back and with his teeth now with his gums before Jimi ever did.

Now out of the limelight and out of his mind Glenn plays and preaches on Thursdays at a blue collar bar in Cleveland. Should be on any list. Tom Morello?! Jack White?! The only credible entry is David Gilmour. Speaking of Slop. Jimmy Page wrote the book on sloppy guitar playing.

His studio work is amazing, but his live stuff is slop at it's finest. Dude, you're missing some of the greats. If you wanted to do a current pop guitarist at least do Hugh Harris from The Kooks. Anyone who bashes Mayer is ignorant. Go watch his live performances before you start running your mouth off. I agree Eric. When I published this list Mayer raised an eyebrow for me too. But after seeing and hearing his performances I was converted. John Mayer is not only a pop guitarist but always plays blues better than ever in this generation…!

John does it all.!!! Mayer is about the sloppiest guitar player I've ever seen. Pure slop. Shades of Neil Young……. Sloppy… Ha! Sorry, but he is pretty damn sloppy. Particularly clapton, who has a similar style, but leagues more talent. Shame not to see Hank Marvin or Jet Harris on any lists when so many claim they owe them debts of gratitude — certainly for hisory or electric guitar in Uk — also noting Hanks Spanish gypsy playing now.

Not Album) mention of Zappa. Zappa was the best. Frank was an absolute genius. There isn't any band anywhere that could play his music short of a symphony orchestra and it would be hard for them. This is why it is so rare to see his name on these sorts of lists. No Joe Satriani?

Agree with JSL and Tony Completely, all of you ignorant people who say john mayer is not a good guitarist should take a listen to some of his acoustic stuff or JMT John Mayer Trio and be prepared to be blown out of the water.

This guy is ridiculous. Heres a few no one has brought up … very under rated or possibly not well enough known …. He and Chet Atkins are the best two guitarists ever, period. Some of the best guitar ever recorder is of course "Maggotbrain". Dude I totally agree with you,Eddie Hazel was awsome. Also the guitarist from the band Slave he was17 when they cut the album with "Slide"on it.

Most of these are Metal guitarists,I prefer a guitarist that can make the hair on the back of my neck stand up when they play. Someone that makes you feel different emotions when they play. Just because you can play super fast doesn't make you great. JSL, I agree with you on the Mayer comment. Any one who is bashing him needs to listen to his latest live album. I have to disagree with you on the Van Halen comment, not that he isn't a great player, but to me his playing always lacked substance, no soul to it.

Now, I can't stand Clapton, I won't get into whybut he should definitely be on the list. The list is leaving off some HUGE names. You absolutely cannot leave out Clapton and Van Halen. However, you apparent uninformed people saying that John Mayer shouldn't be on the list should wake up and get in your music. He is on track to waxing this whole list by the end of his career.

Clapton is practically handing him the torch. But then again, I guess that Tiger Woods will never be as good as Jack to some. John Frusciante is a great guitarist. Very good albums, and he plays a majority of the instruments.

He is deserving of that spot. I think George Harrison should be on this list. He was one of the most influential guitar players of all time. They are absolutely amazing…Yet "Top Lists" seem to think only the greatest players are those from the past. A list that's bound to be disagreed with, and I do. Although I love Hendrix, Clapton, etc. I'm still most impressed with Mississippi Fred McDowell. Bass line, rhythm, lead slide, and singing simultaneously and effortlessly.

Several video performance on DVD are available, in case you listen to just an audio recording and wondered "who are the other guitarists playing, they're really good together? Thank YOU!!! Tony Rice!!! There's WAY better stuff out there. Crowley and crazy train are good but really now. Definitely, Diary of a Madman is like…the groundwork for so many great songs out there today. And if you listen to that live solo after Suicide Solution, which is only done live, it's just crazy what he could do that you didn't think he could do.

If he was still alive, even if he left Ozzy, we would have seen even better stuff from him. Crowley and Crazy Train were actually more watered down marketable songs. I never understood the 'top 10' thing applied to music…I understand if we are talking about record sales as it is a tangible measurement, but there are no real parameters here…. I myself would've put Steven Wilson on that list before John Mayer. Dude, John Mayer? Angus young, Gary moore I agree Eric Clapton you bet.

I think Michael Schenker is badass, and what about Steve Morse. I just saw Rush in Rio, and I forgot just how good Alex lifeson is. What about George Lynch? Tony MacAlpine. Oh, and I forgot Brian May. Doyle Bramhall, I could go on. This is a rather biased listing of guitarists, and when you say "best guitarists" you can't just say that… there's no best, you need to break it to technical abilities, style, influence…etc….

Either way, Thats For Me - Julie London With Pete King And His Orchestra - London By Night (CD only agree with this list on one maybe two guitarists, but like stated before, music isn't a competition, it's supposed to be an expression…. John Mayer is a horrid guitarist…. Afan, I think I am going to agree with you to a point. This list was NOT created to elicit arguments but to elicit new thoughts and introduce different guitarists to our readers.

But I'm wondering if we shouldn't have split this into music genre. I personally don't like heavy metal guitar but enjoy classical and folk guitar. Lesson learned. But still I am happy with the list and the comments made. Everyone has their own favorites and shouldn't take offense to anyone else having a different opinion. Let's go to a different genre: chet adkins, roy clark, brad paisley, ricky skaggs, just to name a few.

Expand your musical tastes. Let me say that again. Bob Dylan. Does this guy sound like two different players at once Sometimes even three? I am surprised that none of you have mentioned John Petrucci on your list. He definitely be in my "top Yea, really, no john petrucci, maybe 'cause he's in a less popular genre? These Walls is and awesome song btw. Music is NOT a competition. Why do guitar players like me have such a hard time with this? Just enjoy the great ones. I dare any guitarist to consider shredding "hard" after attempting to learn even a slowly paced Joe Pass tune.

Making a comprehensive list of the top 10 guitaristsI had to cut out some of my own favorites as an artist. If I could have added more, I would've and I most likely would've added the artists you all have mentioned Save Malmsteem.

Mayer's soul is ages beyond himbut limiting it to 10 is the whole point of this site. Rolling Stones top guitarists named Angus Young at a tepid Mr Cobain was It's all opinion my friends, don't get offended :.

To stop growing is to die, and I hope you never do either. What are you talking about? John Mayer is definitely worthy of top ten. Look for yourself. Like all the lists, there will always be a difference of opinion. Thanks for submitting additional guitarists. I look forward to watching the videos you added. Rock on! Ok, so lists are generally subjective. Sorry dude. Or his Trio work. Your opinion will change, and quickly. Nobody Could come up with that besides him.

He is the most unique guitarist ever. I think youve done a nice job distributing it throughout the genres, Mine ,and again,just my preference would be:. Wow, Nice taste. That is true, but without the many fine guitarists of today, who will inspire the gifted musicians of tomorrow. Whether we like it or not the world keeps on spinning regardless of what we want, think or do.

Clapton is good… not gonna argue that he is an amazing guitarist… but no where near the best guitarist of all time…. Satriani can play ANY clapton riff, solo, song, chord progression, whatever. And most of Claptons best songs are JJ Cale tunes. Cocaine, Layla, After Midnight, etc,…. Well said. They actually did an album together called Fingerpickers take over the world. Without some stupid barbarian discovering some tooting whistle thing that makes noise, there would be no Robert Johnson.

Stupid to say something like that. Of course there wouldn't be any of those guitarists. How could you miss Buddy Guy who influenced and taught so many. The man is a master! He is by far the greatest living guitarist!! I've got Thats For Me - Julie London With Pete King And His Orchestra - London By Night (CD at number 10 on my list at the bottom of this thread.

He is a fantastic guitarist. I think part of the problem is he has no original material but he is definitely awesome. Hey Planes! Tommy Emmanuel use to write for stevie ray vaughan sooooooo………. Pretty original. Tommy can be good but I find he has a lot of filler and some overly fluffy tunes sometimes.

The kind of vibe when you finally realize your in love after a LONG time of dullness. Jimi is groovy, and Clapton likes to serenade seeming like an old gentle man from any age. No doubt. I am glad that there is someone who can help me tell my up and coming 12 year guiitarist, who thinks privately that he should be on the list himself, that Axel Rose and Van Halen, while quite good in their own right, do not hold a candle to the Man.

I think you mean Slash. Not according to Clapton himself, he says Tommy Emmanuel is the best guitar player he has ever heard and I agree with him on that. Hendrix had more fire and originality. Yes, Eric Johnson. Pinoy guitar shredders rule. Put Jm Lozada on the list!! Slash,Santana,Jack WhiteJohn Frusciante ,the edgeand many more have popularity and more media but they are far away from been in any of these lists.

Not having David Gilmour as the first guitarist listed after the word feeling let alone not having him on your list at all makes the rest of your list invalid. He is the epitome of the word feeling as far as guitarists are concerned. That is all.

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