Why Dontcha Do Me Right? - Frank Zappa - CD1 [1966-1970] Classical Mothers (CD)

The music 7 compositions alternates between mellow parts with piano or soft organ and frequent eruptions with majestic choir-Mellotron and howling electric guitar. The music is not very refined and it doesn't contain outstanding exhibitions on guitar of keyboard. But it's so purely and moving made in the carat progrock tradition that I'm sure many symphomaniacs will be seduced by this Italian sextet. The Genesis-like sound is there and the execution is fine, but I miss the spark that makes me as enthusiastic for this one as for the others.

If you like vintage prog in the style of the masters from to you will definitely love this one! The emphasis in the tasteful 7 compositions is on creating intense and often Mellotron drenched atmospheres rather than complexity and inventive arrangements. Although I am not really a The Watch fan, I am very pleased with The Watch Live because in my opinion their sound on stage is more powerful and captivating than on the studioalbums.

In Jarzombek founded Spastic Ink which was more or less a continuation of Watchtower in a more jazz influenced direction. Water was formed in by Westerbeek and drummer Onno Bevoort. Their debut, produced by Piet Souer, brought a variety of styles like jazz and pop in the mainly melodic prog sound. Main songwriter was again Ron Westerbeek. A third LP was planned and recorded but never released, recordings of this are around in the tapers circuit. In Water ceased to exist and Sandy Coast was reformed.

Quite pleasant, but for the more proggy stuff one has to turn to the second album. Nice, yet maybe lacking a dissonant moment here and there. Interesting detail: one of the singers at times sounds a lot like Joe Cocker!

In the linernotes Mr V writes that the project started as an experiment for relaxation and without a particular goal. He had been a fan of symphonic and progressive music of the s since childhood, but never played in that direction himself, so this became the main inspiration, eventually turning rockier.

What we get here is fairly poppy neo progressive rock that reminds mainly of melodic neo prog groups from the s. To give just a rough reference think of bands on SI Music or Cyclops, but possibly with an Italian singer because the vocals are like some Italian bands from that period. Interestingly there are quite some horns on the album too, adding further to accessibility, but also to giving it a bit of an original sound.

An entertaining album that may please many a neo prog fan. Why Dontcha Do Me Right? - Frank Zappa - CD1 [1966-1970] Classical Mothers (CD) fact, however, it was a project by Corry Knobel and Eliano Galbiati. Nevertheless, when the album was reissued some 30 years later, it just seemed not right to correct the credits on the CD cover and provide some additional confusion.

Before Corry joined, the band had had some modest success in Italy where no less than five singles were released through EMI. When the group folded aroundhe really started work on this concept about a young fan, dying under strange circumstances with themes of mass mind-control, drugs, pollution, but also hope. Eliano agreed and provided of great help to raise some money and in autumn they entered a studio where they recorded the first pieces of what was to become Waterfall.

They were not satisfied at all with the results, but decided to send out some recordings as demos to companies anyway in an attempt to get a real record deal and professional production.

Eventually and Italian label wanted them, but just before the recording sessions would start, the label pulled out again, leaving the band in an akward situation. Luckily a friend got them a bank loan which was just enough to record and press the album in Milano. AR CD,including bonus Why Dontcha Do Me Right?

- Frank Zappa - CD1 [1966-1970] Classical Mothers (CD) from singles and 1 unreleased track Strangely I thought in a way that Waterloo was some kind of Zeuhl group. His first solo-album was also planned as a Floyd-release. Clapton would also accompany Waters on tour. After this, he came with a second solo-LP, again a concept, yet a bit more pop-oriented this time. After the Berlin Wall had fallen down, Waters decided that this would be the perfect place to perform his magnum opus once more.

Years of silence followed we had already grown used to that - ed. In late he announced that he finally was working on a new album which was to become a rock theater about the search of an old man and a Why Dontcha Do Me Right? - Frank Zappa - CD1 [1966-1970] Classical Mothers (CD) who together try to find out why children are killed. Goosebumps everywhere! Actually, I think this is what it would sound when Joe Cocker did a cover. But some criticism is due. Also is this disc interesting because of a couple of rare or even unreleased demo tracks.

Be prepared to be blown away by the power and soul of this piece! Guests on the album included Tommy Andersson sitar, vocals, production and mixThomas Alm sax, horn arrangementAnders Hammar fluegelhorn and Nils Andersson fluegelhorn, trumpet.

And so right I was! The music brings a great eclectic journey through jazz and prog. The eclecticism of the band brings them from the Orientally influenced opener to heavy s prog to folk-jazz-prog and dreamy atmospheric realms. All delivered with great musicianship. I imagine that it may be hard to lay your hands on a copy, but give it a try; the music is more than worth it!

He studied piano with his parents, both piano teachers, and learned to play the flute at school. At age of 13 he became interested in rock music and, surprisingly discovered that his parents went along in his desire to drop classical lessons and joined a band instead as long as he was doing music! Happy The Man recorded a third album that remained unreleased until but broke up in May when Watkins was asked to join Camel. He also did a collaborative album with Roussel which was the last release on his own Azimuth label.

In Watkins and his partner Bob Toft moved from Arlington to Linden, Virginia to live Why Dontcha Do Me Right? - Frank Zappa - CD1 [1966-1970] Classical Mothers (CD) a mountain top home that they designed and built themselves. A rather steady stream of releases followed, helped by the fact that Watkins started his own label, Linden Music inas a label for his more esoteric work since much of his solo output is near to new age music.

His move to Linden more or less caused his music to incorporate environmental sounds. Still, over the entire playing time of the album it cannot hold my attention. And fans of electronic music may consider a session with headphones. Very accessible all the way through.

Five pieces, approximately five notes used. Maybe this is because of the variation displayed here from soundscapes to more rhythmic pieces with Coco and the more symphonic elements. CD American jazz-rock-guitarist who plays almost all instrumental jazz. Ken was born in and started playing guitar around the age of 10, taking lessons from guitarist Shawn Foster who played many different styles on a nylon-string guitar using classical guitar techniques.

As he grew older, Ken was drawn. Part W Version Page 25 towards rock and electric guitar, playing in high school rock bands. He learned how to play the saxophone in a school brass band. This LP got much positive response in the press, like Harmonie-magazine. As the disc progresses, however, Watson adds more and more prog elements to his instrumental sound.

In they won the Loosdrecht Jazzconcours. Gert van Santen and Harry Kessels started Wave World as a duo, producing rather modern sounding music. Gert even won a composing contest, a winning collaboration with no one less than Klaus Schulze.

After they started working together with computeranimation specialist Rolf van Slooten, things went fast. Rolf created an animated movie behind their music, based on a science fiction story. Together with the imaginary and fascinating music, this is a very special concept that was staged at several successful events. They made a live CD together which was recorded live in San Francisco in LP Progressice fol group from New Zealand.

In the mids John answered to a magazine advert from someone who was interested in musical technology and was looking for like minded souls. John Dyson's melodic style blended with David Ward-Hunt's sequenced based rhythms as if they had been made for each other. When the pair seemed to spend more time copying tapes for listeners than writing new material, they decided to produce a casette release of their work under the name of Wavestar.

Wavestar's appearance in was the prelude to unprecedented scenes of adulation from the audience. Word spread like wildfire! Further concerts and a second cassette release "Zenith"served to push Wavestar's reputation to new heigths. Within three years they were headlining Britain's then most prestigious electronic music event, UK Electronica, and were receiving invitations to play in France and Spain. It seemed to be only a matter of tome until a record label would discover them.

And indeed, after hearing the second tape, Larry "Synergy" Fast asked them to record an album for his. Unfortunately Audion didn't exist too long and the same for Wavestar, that split up soon after a lot of stress and personal difficulties. Dyson continued as a solo-artist and made some strong soloalbums.

Because the first edition of "Moonwind" was sold out quickly and there was a huge demand for this album, Dyson decided to reissue the CD on his own Surreal To Real label in The two Wavestar-tapes followed in Also the Wavestar tapes have been re-released on CD through Soddett hall.

Fairly accessible and symphonic in approach with extended track. In he founded a band called Sisyphus with keyboardist Francis Monkman which the year after became the rather successful and renowned progressive rock group Curved Air when singer Sonja Kristina joined.

Way gave the group an exotic tint being a violin player in a rock band. Miles, however, decided to have Curved Air reformed in with his younger brother Stewart as drummer. They toured for a while an did three more LPs before the band folded.

Way wanted something else than being on the road and so he bailed out in - but would rejoin for some gigs in the s and joined properly when Curved Air got together again in ; only to quit again some years later because of his disliking of touring… In the late s way started a solo career as composer and performer in the field of classical and popular music.

Later, however, the piece would be performed with a proper orchestra for a couple of times. In the s he teamed up with his old buddy Monkman again in the classical Elektra Ensemble. He also recorded and played with the classical crossover ensemble Verisma that he founded together with tenor Stephen Crook. He had done most of the work on the album himself, including the vocals except for some backing vocals by Rosie. No wonder this release sank without a trace.

To be quite fair to the punkers of those days: quite rightly so. This album consists of mediocre classical music orchestrated by Curved Air colleague Francis Monkman, who did the same thing in that awful band Sky in the s. Final Movement: In The Dustbin Needs some getting used to for the first moments, but turns out fine. One reviewer found it bordering on new age with weak writing and boring arrangements while another called it an exceptional album with soaring melody lines.

Well, as often the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Or at least, the truth as I see it. There is some wishy-washy classical adaptation stuff here that is not new age, but might be put in the easy listening drawer.

But there are also some very, very inspired and even fiery sounding parts on the disc that should make clear that Way is alive and very much so. So, with a little bit of programming you can make a very fine album out of this.

In many ways. Firstly the majority of the tracks turns out to be vocal and Way appears to be an accomplished vocalist with vocals that remind a bit of Sting at times and female singer Rosie having a guest appearance once, but she had been welcome more often too. Welcome back Darryl! They planned touring in. Part W Version Page 27 with this line-up.

CBS 2MC, ? Stick to the orginal! Even though the theme sounds interesting and cast looks impressive and promising, the result is a real let down. Much to complain: more oriented on Broadway musical with way too much lyrics for the melodies ill-fitting texts too!

Much of it sounds downright clumsy! Well, here it is, and the question is of course, can it live up to my expectations and fantasies. Yes and no, I think. Wayne and his crew have done a great job with the films and projections, light effects these could have been used even better, I guess and the entire show. Also do they not surprisingly keep very close to the album version, except for tiny things such as a new guitar solo from Chris Spedding.

Nice, but not essential like the album. Why, oh why. Half a minute later the shock settles in: What the freaking F are those dance beats doing in the WotW theme?

Has Jeff Wayne totally lost his mind?! Luckily Gary Barlow a talented musician, no doubt does a very fine job replacing Justin Hayward. As a whole, however, because it adds so little and ruins a part, I do strongly question the necessity of this release.

So far unknown if this roup is related to the one below. Their album is rather short, slightly over half an hour long. The two met during a session at the Rancho de la Luna. Extremely rare LP. The name was chose because the music was to become as unpredictable as the weather. Their first, selftitled album was recorded in only three days times. Like the weather, line-ups changed frequently within the band. In Alphonso Johnson came in as the new bassist, which gave the band a more solid, but also more funky sound.

That year would also bring the most important change in line-up of the group ever, when bassist extraordinaire Jaco Pastorius came to join them. He would stay in the band untilwhen he and drummer Peter Erskine left the group. Mixed feelings thus: side 1 you may have to get used to; side 2 brings great stuff as usual. I love the way the band makes this sound so incredibly easy, as if they are lazy jamming together without any effort at all.

And nevertheless there comes flowing this wonderful music. Anyone seeing the title of the LP and thus expecting the band cutting loose and delivering something heavy and flashy has guessed wrongly. Much of the album brings sophisticated fusion that is a bit of a letdown after the last albums. A good enough fusion record with great instrumental work, but the pieces are generally weaker than before. At times this works very well e. Columbia CD, ?

The vocals do take a bit more space than I would have liked and overall the music is watered down quite a bit and more radio friendly than usual. Clearly a sign of the times, I presume. Nevertheless this is one of the funkier Weather Report LPs.

What stands out for me is the bass play of Bailey that is the pumping, yet melodic element in many of the songs. I believe I like this one better than the previous.

The finishing touch to this grand archive release is given by extensive liner notes with involvement from Zawinul and Shorter themselves. Another good introduction to the group, even though I would have left off the two vocal tracks. He was a member of the London Symphony Orchestra for a while and was a member of successful pop group The Eurythmics for three years.

Besides he did music for film and television. Lawson was later found in Greenslade. These are clearly the weaker pieces. But luckily there is some serious brass-prog going on on the other tracks that adapt also blues, jazz and soul in a manner not all unlike for example Colosseum maybe a bit less proggy.

Overall the sound had become more oriented towards progressive rock and is definitely darker, while retaining some jazz influences there are still wind instruments. A superb LP. Hah, forget that and rather get this forgotten gem that is musically far superior to anything else he has done since! Where is that CD version? He also did many solo-albums sometimes credited to his band Colours in jazz-rock style.

Weber had to stop performing because of health reasons, but in surprisingly a new album appeared. This contained reworked bass soli where Weber was accompanied by Ack van Rooyen on flugelhorn. The Hensley-connection is for one thing based on the sound of the music. A shame about the black-ish not quite, but tending that way vocals.

A pity. On their second album, they have lots of musical guests, playing different wind and rhythm instruments. Part of it is rather jazzy, but there is a whole lot to enjoy for a prog fan. The two founders are Terence Nguyen guitars, loops and Laetitia Chaudemanche lead vocals, keyboards.

Completed by an additional guitarist, a bass player and a drummer the band recorded in October their debut album. Also Italian and French releases on PDU and Barclay respectively exist with different cover-art and less extravagant packaging. Regrettably this remained unreleased, but circulates on tapes among collectors. Paganotti formed a new band called Paga after Weidorje disbanded due to lack of success in Both keyboardists Gauthier and Goude released solo albums that featured Weidorje compositions.

AR CD,including 2 live bonus tracks Even though the grounding of the music is fairly dark, especially through the dark pounding and distorted bass from Paga, the overall impression is rather uplifting thanks to the contributions from horns, keyboards and wordless singing.

Overall a challenging combination, but one that I find very rewarding and appealing. Great playing by the musicians. Fine variation with many different moods and instruments from new agey moments to jazz, rock and even some avant-garde like.

The sounds and music should do the rest and trigger your imagination. This would be a good soundtrack if there were a movie for it.

Weingarten is known for his slide guitar playing dobro. A handful of the 18 songs feature this kind of guitar playing. Most of the songs have an oriental feeling - sometimes with violin, sometimes with flute or percussion in a more prominent role, but always very tasteful. Near the end, the music tends towards relaxation music. The production is great - Carl was also responsible for this.

All in all a very pleasant journey. And in fact there is not much acoustic guitar to be found at all. The almost 8 minutes long title track is the longest track and a rather dark soundscape. These few pieces serve just to illustrate the variety on the album.

A great musical trip! Carl Weingarten worked five years on this recording. This has resulted in an even better record than the previous one. The CD is more diverse and experimental. Together with Part W Version Page 31 different musicians, Carl creates a great atmosphere - this time with a lot of cello and flute. Often an oriental, Chinese feeling is created, but always in a modern Western perfectly produced sound.

Sometimes you hear ambient jazz, then an acoustic song with dobro and piano. They hailed from a town called Tampere. He played with progmetal act Thoughtsphere and its follow-up Forces At Work. His solo debut was an instrumental album. Later albums are keyboard based library works. Apparently a second album followed in the mids. The second LP was also released as a picture LP.

In the band dissolved after failing to attract major attention. Everything else: a massive use of vintage keys, quirky guitars, complex rhythm patterns and great harmony vocals are exactly like Yes did in the early s.

There they are compared to Yes and the Moody Blues with their extensive use of Mellotron. French Zeuhl group. CD Norwegian electronic music artist, born 28 Aprilfrom the Norwegian west coast. He was only 16 years old when he joined Blues. After one LP this band evolved into Nature in This was more oriented on commercial rock. Wellander became a wanted studio guitarist, playing on over 1.

His LP was entirely written, produced and performed by himself, except for some vocals by Val Layzell. Indeed, it is. This tendency is continued on the second half of the LP. One of the few groups to hail from Liechtenstein in fact, probably the only one in this book - ed. His music was like Cluster and Kraftwerk.

Later Merz worked with Peter Frohmader. The original release of the album was very rare, so a reissue appeared in They released two demos and apparently disappeared then. His soloalbum presents strong classical and folky touches.

There were several male and female vocalists on the CD that he recorded with a couple of guest musicians. After several solo-albums especially the first is an interesting piece of work for fans of melodic soft prog - ed.

Instead this is largely a big Phil Collins and later Genesis rip-off. Else: if you like post Genesis or Phil Collins: this is one for you. This hurts. The voice of Kayak on liff-laffy pop tracks. Weak, shallow and best forgotten. He made some concept albums in the style of Ange, Alice and Mona Lisa.

For many years he played with the Pat Metheny Group. CD Excellent progressive jazz-rock with strong lead guitar. The band was actually formed in by Peter Besting formerly a member of a band called Age with guitarist Hartwig Kugoth and bassist Peter Lorenz. The band started rehearsing and writing music.

In this line-up, they recorded a 30 minute, three track demo during May of This tape was sent out to get a record deal, but nothing happened. Somewhen in the mids Werwolf called it a day, after some support gigs for bands like Eloy, Birth Control and Grobschnitt and even trying to play some music with German lyrics. There was a possibility of a future release with live-recordings by Werwolf, since rumors say that good soundboard recordings had survived the years.

This music was downloadable from the Internet, but the reunion was not a lasting one because they soon broke into two fractions both working on an album based on old music. To avoid problems with. My mistake… entirely wrong! If you like any of the mentioned bands, Werwolf is a nice addition to your collection.

I for my part am glad that this disc has been put out on CD once more! The disc was produced by Mark Kelly and Jim Morris. Wesley joined Porcupine Tree in late as a touring member. In he joined Sound Of Contact as a touring member.

There were no keyboards on the CD. Inbetween he found the time to act as the touring guitarist for Big Elf. Even though I have to admit that there are no bad tracks either. The music is more relaxed and the production isn't really 'kicking'. The music still contains a lot of acoustic guitars. To be honest, playing the disc several times, the album gets better.

Overall, if you don't compare it with his former effort, this is just a good album. Typical music for long romantic evenings. Nice music for in the car, or in the background in the office, but nothing that I want to sit down for and listen closely. He is also one Why Dontcha Do Me Right?

- Frank Zappa - CD1 [1966-1970] Classical Mothers (CD) the founders of Zazen, a new-age instrumental band that released over a dozen albums. West and former Zazen guitarist Joaquin Lievano recently got back together under the uncapitalized moniker fwap. Besides all of this, West is a solo artist too. Mike Keneally who appears on every track also co-produced and co-mixed the album. Think of the Liquid Tension Experiment in a slightly more compact form with a touch of contemporary cross-over metal.

None of the nine pieces seriously goes over the five minute mark and nowhere the musicians feel the need to really freak out. A very good and adventurous album! Part W Version Page 35 American singer that was a member of a. He started in a band called Destiny during the late s. Participated in many projects and was in Solid Gold Cadillac. A bit silly at times, as may be expected. The LP is very rare, but has been reissued on CD.

Unfortunately for the CD release a not very good LP had been used as a master, which is rather audible. In his younger days during the sJohn played with various local bands in the Bournemouth area. It was here where he would meet Robert Fripp. Eventually he joined Family, a rather successful group by then with a cult status. In he occasionally met his old friend Fripp again, which would lead to the formation of what many consider the classic line-up of King Crimson with Bill Bruford and David Cross.

John went on to Roxy Music with whom he played a recorded for a relatively short time. In this group he met with young and talented keyboardist Eddie Jobson with whom he founded prog super group UK together with Bill Bruford and Allan Holdsworth on their debut album on the debut and Terry Bozzio on the other LPs.

John stayed for several years and albums with Asia despite frequent changes in line-up, he was with them until the early s, when he went solo again. In the meantime, he also moved to California. During his time in Asia, John also did a duo album with his former Roxy Music buddy Phil Manzanera, participated in the second album of the Phenomena project and co-produced in the last album of Japanese hard rock group Bow Vow a.

Vow Wow. The following years again brought frequent live gigs, partly with a band of Dave Kilminster guitarsMartin Orford of IQ on keyboards and Jadis drummer Steve Christey. For a short time, Wetton teamed up for another super group, Qango, also including John Young and Carl Palmer, but this was only a very brief affair, bringing one live album. Around Wetton suffered from really bad health. He had severe heart surgery and also problems with his right hand that limited his technical skills on the bass.

His heart surgeon, however, adviced him to stay busy, which he did. He did also guest performance with District 97, a talented band from Chicago. But of course his career had already been massively impressive, and even though this album entirely dismisses his work with Asia oddly, because there had been a string of million sellers so far, probably legal stuff…. Had it come out 10 year before as an Asia album it would have topped charts and sold millions.

The songs are a bunch of melodic and hook laden gems, recorded with a selection of the finest musicians, including Lukather check his signature guitar on the title trackFripp, Phillips and more.

This is as good as stadium prog gets I guess. A fine live recording of a band in fine form with a kind of best-of material from Asia, King Crimson, Wetton solo and UK. The drums could have been a bit more back in the mix. The answer to that unspoken question is yes and no. And actually the melody of the chorus in this song is better than the verse.

So beware. But not all is bad. A nice release for fans who want to get some insight in the development of some of the music. Nothing for people who want a regular studio-CD. All material is recorded in Poland - in Bydgoszcz and Krakow to be more precise - in May Striking here is that this version is slightly updated.

The sound quality is fairly good, although it must have been an audience recording, since you can hear someone cough at one place. Not everything is as strong, or even finished, but Asia fans should certainly give it a try. Is this John Wetton or the Backstreet Boys? But hey, John Wetton is a sentimental guy, and his work tends to be autobiographical. The Toto reference is caused by the fact that all songs are very carefully constructed and are silky smooth produced, which makes them sound very American and pleasant to listen to.

Fine classic, melodic hard rock with some proggy touches. The band plays pretty good, but to me Hensley is the star of the show who switches without any problems between keyboards, the Hammond and various guitars, while doing most lead vocals. I get the impression that Wetton is more present as a decoration of the show. As said, a pleasant show with one minor note: the stage act of Dave Kilminster.

I never before saw him live, but he looks like a complete jerk to me. Good songs close to the better material from Asiafine instrumental play and Wetton found his voice again. A pleasant return. The last three records simply could not be labeled as great prog albums. The music on them was too simple and commercial sounding for me. His new album indeed is a giant step forward in the right direction.

The musicians are certainly one reason for this. John's voice is still one of the best in the genre, but he sings too sweet and soft. The same I can say about some of the tracks. The track shows a bit more power, but alas the chorus is a bit flat. Fine orchestration, too. Excellent, even though Wetton is much more comfortable in less hectic and more hymnic tracks. Welcome back my friend! The singing is similar to s band The Blue Nile but gets utterly boring further down the album.

Musically the band uses electric piano maybe too much Billy Joel style! Not bad, but no sparks. Whalen who plays piano, guitar, percussion and synths plus orchestration is assisted by a quintet of musicians. Yet despite incorporating classical players in 'string orchestra' style, varied synth sounds bass, harpsichord, Glockenspiel, violin and employing atmospheric elements, such as flute, oboe, cello, percussion and guitar, it is still no less meditative; and it is certainly very approachable and pleasant to hear.

In ten pieces, Whalen takes the listener on an eyewitness, musical account of the birth of a child beginning with the fusion of sperm and egg. Against a background of light percussion, the strings and simple piano melodies, a deliciously full sounding bass synth, and the symphony orchestra interweave a nice, varied balance with the right tenor of tension.

I can't always relate the music to the portrayed stages of pregnancy, but I did find that it evoked various inspirations. The music, with its diversity of instrumentation, works very well together, and it is flawlessly produced. The second LP was more progressive rock oriented. You got me pulled up tight Lei mi ha tirato su stretto Why don'tcha do me right? You got me beggin' on my knees Mi hai fatto iniziare 'in ginocchio You got me beggin' on my knees Mi hai fatto iniziare 'in ginocchio You got me beggin' on my knees Mi hai fatto iniziare 'in ginocchio Say-in' baby please Dire-in 'baby prega Come back to me Torna da me You're tryin' to wreck my life Siete tryin 'di distruggere la mia vita I know you're tryin' to wreck my life So che stai tryin 'per distruggere la mia vita I know you're tryin' to wreck my life So che stai tryin 'per distruggere la mia vita And all I wanted was a wife E tutto quello che volevo era una moglie I know you're tryin' to wreck my life So che stai tryin 'per distruggere la mia vita Now what you tryin' to do?

Ora quello che si tryin 'a fare? Now what you tryin' to do? Rex - Ride A White Swan - 16 mike and the moonpies austin, tx. Percy - 12 jaremy stephens virginia - yes sir, that's my baby - cd how i hear it - 13 little willie littlefield and little lora wiggins - i've been lost - 14 sheryl crow with jason isbell - everything's broken dylan - cd Live From the Ryman and More - 15 LaVern Baker - Manana - 16 nanci griffith austin, tx.

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Robinson - 12 Kenny Rogers - Reuben James - 13 John Prine - Donald and Lydia - 14 statler brothers - flowers on the wall - 15 young jessie - mary lou - 16 bobby lewis - tossin and turning - may: stamgast: 17 joe ely - the garden of manhatten - cd love in the midst of mayhem - 18 spotnicks - the rocket man from russian tune - 19 stranglers - golden brown - Hour David Olney Special and Dr.

John Special prt.

My Peoplez - DJ Seiji - Underground Railroad 10 (Return Of The Straight Underground) (CD), Grasu XXL - Curaj (CD, Album), Big Fat Mamas Are Back In Style Again - Bullmoose Jackson & His Buffalo Bearcats* - Big Fat Mama, I Hate You - Santa Cruz (11) - Welcome To The Red Barn (CD, Album), Too Shy To Say - Stevie Wonder - At The Close Of A Century (CD), Ive Got My Love To Keep Me Warm - Various - The Very Best Of Bigband (CD), Road To Mexico - Sweathog - Hallelujah (Vinyl, LP, Album), I Love You - Erasure - Erasure (CDr, Album), A Story Of One - U2 - U218 Videos (DVD), One - Harry Nilsson - The Best Of Nilsson (Vinyl, LP), Reportage Sur Les Champs-Elysées - Pierre Durand* - La Libération De Paris (Vinyl, Album), Tempo Di Minuetto - Salieri* - Concerto For Fortepiano In B-Flat, Concerto For Flute And Oboe (CD), Alleen Niet Op Maandag - Various - De Grootste Nederlandstalige Pop-Hits Uit De Rabo Top 40 Van 1998, Track 09 - Enterorrhagia - Autoamputation Subject (CDr, Album)