Bad 2 The Bone (LP Version) - Lady Fresh - Blow My Mind (CD)

Butter and Cream King Theodore Murder Not In Here Triple Homicide Wannabattle Tactics Black Trump One Mississippi Radiant Jewels Where Im Frum One Four Love Pt. Still Grimey Prevail Gunz 'N Onez Bad 2 The Bone (LP Version) - Lady Fresh - Blow My Mind (CD) Symphonies The Feeling That Barrel Go Bang Aqui Mando Yo Wu Vs Beatles Intro 2. Got Your Money 4. Forget Me Not 5. Back In The Game 6.

Uh Huh 7. Criminology 8. Da Mystery Of Chessboxin' 9. Labels Smith Bros Room Wu Vs Beatles skit Mighty Healthy 15 Clientele Kidd Cutting It Up Release Yo Self City High Cross My Heart Bizarre Slang Editorial Save Me Dear The Movement Cuban Linx Intro Ice Water Knowledge God Cappadonna's Winter Warz Freestyle Nutmeg Camay Verbal Intercourse Mighty Healthy Bring Da Rucku Dats Gangsta Masta Killa's Freestyle One Blood Protect Ya Neck ft.

Some Bitch Part 2 Ain't Nuthing Ta Fuck Wit Clap Outro Cappadonna - Freestyle Very Rare Method Man - Freestyle Rare Unreleased Sunz Of Man - Freestyle Solomon Childs - Freestyle Dreddy Kruger - Freestyle Tony Touch Royal Fam - Freestyle Rare Killa Sin - Freestyle Wu-Tang Clan - Freestyle Mix Start The Show ft.

Laced Cheeba ft. Diesel Fluid ft. Black Diamonds ft. Played By The Game Interlude Legendary Weapons ft. Never Feel This Pain ft. Drunk Tongue ft. The Business Interlude Meteor Hammer ft. Ghostface Killah, Action B. Live Through Death Interlude Only The Rugged Survive ft. Compton Freestyle Bring the Pain Old Man Fall Out Hail To The 36 Chambers I Might Be Killa Bee Tongue Tie Sting Little Dirty Punchup Kids Revolving Apes Uzi Is The New Pistol Video Tape Labels Wu Anthem Lil Flip Blade Raekwon - Respect Power Whiteboys Mystikal I Got Hook-Up Ol' Dirty Bastard - The Park ft.

Coolio Slam The Abduction Rock Steady And You Don't Stop ft. Windpipe Assed Out What You in Fo' ft. Sucker MC's For Heaven's Sake ft. Black Mamba Thug World Unpredictable Premix Shaolin Worldwide ft. Fast Shadow Killa Beez ft. Diesel Execute Them ft. Anything Old Skool Remix ft. SWV Ides I.

GZA - Shadowboxin' Raekwon - Verbal Intercourse Wu-Tang Clan - Gravel Pit Ghostface Killah - Assassination Day Octagon - Blue Flowers Shabazz The Disciple - Crime Saga Method Man - Release Yo' Delf R U Bad 2 The Bone (LP Version) - Lady Fresh - Blow My Mind (CD) 4 Wu-Tang? Hell Yeah! Fuck Yeah! Aw Yeah! Energy Interlude Dat's Gangsta All I Need Drink With Russians Interlude Say O.

Say G. Want Another Wu-Tang Album? Do Svidania Interlude No Separation Outro Bring Da Ruckus Intro Ruckus In B Minor Felt Mistaken Identity Hold The Heater Crushed Egos Keep Watch Miracle Preacher's Daughter Pioneer The Frontier Necklace Ron O'Neal A Better Tomorrow Never Let Go Wu-Tang the Saga Continues Intro feat. Lesson Learn'd feat. Inspektah Deck, Redman Fast and Furious feat. Hue Hef, Raekwon Famous Fighters Skit If Time is Money Fly Navigation feat.

Frozen feat. Berto and the Fiend Skit feat. Ghostface Killah Pearl Harbor feat. Wu-Tang Clan - People Say feat. Redman Family Skit Why Why Why feat. RZA, Swnkah G'd up feat. Saga Skit feat. Hood Go Bang! Redman, Method Man My Only One feat.

Message The Saga Continues Outro feat. Da Mystery of Electric Relaxation Down Ya Neck Shame On Ya Lyrics Cash Award Wu Lives Thru Ruckus At Midnight Biko In Da Front Nuthin Ta Chase Oh My M.

Tearz On Your Hands Suckas Be So Simple Wu-Tang Forever feat. Logic Alwayz NY feat. Break That Spot Lite Four Horsemen feat. Mathematics Anything Old Skool Radio Version feat.

The Abduction feat. Tony Touch In The Name Of Allah feat. One More To Go feat. Men of Respect feat. Piranhas feat. Forever M. Unorthodox feat. Rock Steady feat. Crack Babies feat. Joe Yung Respect Mine feat. Dart Throwing Wu-Wear The Garment Renaissance On That Sht Again feat. Seen A Lot of Things feat. Skinz Take You There The Creator It's Not a Game I Got a Love All the Places Searching Good Life One in a Million Death Becomes You Labels:C. Smooth - Rare Tracks kbps.

Smooth - The Main Ingredient kbps. Everyman Feat. Pete Rock Baby Pa Blah Uno I Originate Markd4Death Nasty Scene Nothing More This album is dedicated to the memory of Todd Maurer, a loving father and friend, and the biggest fan our band will ever see. The band's line up for these legendary performances in fact features all five original members CD1: Let It Grow Odyssee Ron's On Never, Never, Never CD2: Do You Believe In Magic?

Cast Your Fate Good Day Comes as Bad 2 The Bone (LP Version) - Lady Fresh - Blow My Mind (CD) jewel box glassmastered CD with a 6 pages triptych booklet full of illustrations that Angel painted specially for the occasion.

The Patto's virtuosity and eclecticism are in full swing as they perform an inspired set which includes most of their then current third album, 'Roll 'Em Smoke 'Em', to an enthusiastic but intimate crowd. Includes a never released Halsall composition 'I'm Baroque' about their foreshortened tour of Australia supporting Joe Cocker. For a band whose legacy only continues to grow, historical recordings such as these are valuable treasures that surpasses any sonic limitations. Hold Me Back Holy Toledo Singing The Blues On Reds My Days Are Numbered Tell Me Where You've Been I'm Baroque Shmairway Of Shmove Flat Footed Woman Turn Turtle Peter Abraham This release Bad 2 The Bone (LP Version) - Lady Fresh - Blow My Mind (CD) a 6-panel digipack and an 8-page booklet.

A Certain Kind Save Yourself Lullaby Letter Introduction Facelift Moon In June Clarence In Wonderland Mousetrap Noisette Backwards Hibou, Anemone And Bear Improvisation Esther's Nose Job Eamonn Andrews British folk singer-songwriter Nick Drake recorded three albums in his short life, 'Pink Moon' being the last.

Demian Dorelli was born inthe year 'Pink Moon' came out, and the English pianist developed a lifelong fascination with Drake's music. Demian and his producer Alberto Fabris have risen to the challenge of re-arranging the eleven tracks of 'Pink Moon' in a simple and intimate solo piano setting. Demian explores and pays tribute to Drake's unique guitar playing, experimental moods and poetic lyrics, and transcribes the melodies from one instrument to another.

Again Kim Larsen takes another road than the previous albums. This music is '60s influenced, where the love for Lee Hazlewood and Serge Gainsbourg shines through. Vinyl pressed with a new vinyl master made by Robert Ferbrache. Megan Sieben is also known for her contributions to a.

Whilst many people only know The Easybeats for 'Friday On My Mind', these guys were much more than a one-hit wonder as demonstrated by the 18 tracks on this LP.

The Glorias are fully up to the task of playing rock music with an urgency, even after 30 years in the studio and on the road. There are only original songs on the album, 11 tracks that make you fasten your seatbelt. Garage, rock and bluesrock are some of the tags and even psychedelia is not unheard of.

There's quite an eclectic mix of tracks on the LP, but it's always true to the band. Limited to copies only, so be fast! Comes on gram vinyl including bonus 7". Lord have Mersey on us Short, sweet and exactly as they used to make 'em, 'Hits To Spare' does exactly what it says on the cover. A collection of simple, uplifting pop songs with a positive message is exactly what Glaswegian multi-instrumentalist Joe Kane, working as The Poppermost, accomplishes on this FAB debut record.

Limited pressing. He recorded this ten-song album at the Stax studios in Memphis. His vocal performance is outstanding on both the rock'n'roll songs as well as performing with a gospel choir.

Comes on gram vinyl. With a boisterous mix of punk, garage, rock'n'roll and surf, the trio from St. Be prepared for fifteen out-of-control original tunes on yellow vinyl.

Sixteen original tunes on pink vinyl. Not for the weak at heart! This one is a banger and very limited copies. They are back stronger than ever with two raging post-punk anthems, they're bringing exactly what we need in these troubled times.

These two songs give us elements for reflection on our lives, a good occasion to think about what we miss and what we want for the future. The very powerful rhythm section allows the guitarist to play the most beautiful and dark melodies and the singer to chant the catchy choruses that Chain Cult is known for. Some of these recordings were previously available on the long out of print limited edition LP 'Recativated', the other tracks were previously unavailabe on vinyl.

Originally released in and now back on vinyl, the album contains 12 energetic songs including punk faves s. The Adicts did not only become known for their Clockwork Orange image, but also for their uptempo songs with catchy melodies and fun lyrics.

Included are the tracks from the demo and a full 7-inch session from the following year. If you dig fierce arty outsider punk this is for you! Flesh Eaters Chris D. This run is limited to copies on black vinyl.

Crass, Poison Girls, D. This edition comes with a poster and an insert. This collection of recordings from the short lived Los Angeles-based unit features all their tracks from the sought after compilation 'Sudden Death' plus unreleased studio cuts from the same period! Originally released on cassette infinally out now on vinyl. He might be on his own but damn, you wouldn't know it, right from the total punk of the opening track 'Our Hungry Fruit' there is no let up.

Erik still has the classic Midwest punk Devo influence, but with a "new-new wave" sound that's been coming out of California and Saint Louis. Erik still sprinkles his tunes with liberal doses of pop fairy dust. Buckle up, 'Bugs!! This is teen angst in its purest form! An insert is included. There are 16 tracks in total!

Both bands contribute four songs. Mantz's depiction of her evolution from punk princess drop-out to deputy public defender in Riverside California. Limited edition! The LP includes the original studio demo version as well as an unplugged recording of the monster hit single 'Turn Up The Radio' plus more pre-'Sign In Please' demos, which landed the group a major label deal with RCA in Phenomenally catchy, imaginative and raw black metal from the San Francisco Bay Area.

The male vocals sound almost female, there are touches of brainy shoegaze, and even the song titles are amazing. Fans of f. Leviathan and Amesoeurs should definitely give this self-titled debut-album from a listen. It is Burzums eighth studio album, and the sound and music of the album can best be compared to the music of some of the early Burzum albums; in particular the ground breaking 'Hvis Lyset Tar Oss' and the atmospheric brilliances of 'Filosofem', only the ambient Bad 2 The Bone (LP Version) - Lady Fresh - Blow My Mind (CD) present on these albums have been almost completely left out on 'Belus'.

Comes on a limited picture disc edition. Ambience derived from repetition over time and tension sustains an atmosphere of emotional darkness with internal complexity that turns the monolithic repetition of angst into a flowing narrative of lives beyond time. Comes on a limited edition picture disc.

Moving further away from the full on black metal assault that was the eponymous debut, 'Hvis Lyset Tar Oss' has a slower, more chilled out feel. On this album Burzum evolves to simplicity of rhythmic communication under a dark mood suspended in the ambient tones of distorted guitar. The two Norwegians are playing an uncompromising, grimly dissonant and bewitched black metal with definitively sinister atmospheres.

Neckbones Double R What Ryde Away As I Grow Etiketler: Eve - Eve-olution Snake Eyes 2. Just Hangin' Out 3.

Looking at the Front Door 4. Large Professor 5. Just a Friendly Game of Baseball 6. Peace Is Not the Word to Play 8. Vamos a Rapiar 9. Live at the Barbeque Watch Roger Do His Thing Etiketler: Main Source - Breaking Atoms Here I Iz 3. We Don't Care featuring Free 4. Party Right 5.

React featuring Redman 6. Skit I 7. To Tha Girlz 8. Love Iz 9. Go Wit Me Skit II Hold Up Dub featuring Keith Murray Skit III Hip Hop Radio Skit IV Etiketler: Erick Sermon - React Home Intro 2. Wit Ee's 3. Relentless 4. Jackin' for Rhymes Skit 5. Street Hop - Redman, Erick Sermon, 6. Like Me 8. Matrix Skit 9. God Sent I'm Not Him MC One Bar Skit Feel It Listen - Keith Murray,Erick Sermon Hip Hop Skit Can You Hear Me Now Sickology Ft.

Midwest Choppers Ft. Krayzie Bone And K-Dean Ghetto Love Ft. Krizz Kaliko And Kutt Calhoun Poh Me Anutha Ft. Potluck And Kutt Calhoun We Kixin It Ft. Ron Ron And The Popper Nothin Ft. Let Me In Ft. In The Air Ft. Craig Smith Bad 2 The Bone (LP Version) - Lady Fresh - Blow My Mind (CD) Nesto Blown Away Party And Bullshit Ft.

Big Ben And Shadow Grammys Skit Sorry N Shit Ft. Dysfunctional Ft. Big Scoob And Krizz Kaliko Far Away Ft. Krizz Kaliko Spelling Bee Skit Ft. Rob Rebeck Creepin Ft. Red Nose Areola Ft. Etiketler: Tech N9ne - Sickology - Behind Closed Doors 3.

Queens 4. Rape 5. Simon Says 6. Official 7. Hell - Canibus, Pharoahe Monch 8. No Mercy 9. Right Here Light Etiketler: Pharoahe Monch - Internal Affairs The Rubbers Song performed by The Pharcyde — 8. A Love Supreme performed by Branford Marsalis — 2. A Love Supreme performed by Alice Coltrane — 3.

Game Interlude 7. My Baby Mamma 8. Is It Kool? Phillies - featuring Poppa L. Mobb Sh. Y Do Thugz Die Hypnotize - featuring Redman Handcuff Your Hoes Etiketler: Luniz - Lunitik Muzik - In The Hood 2. Rules 3. Chrome Wheels 4. Soul Power Black Jungle 5. Uzi Pinky Ring 6. One Of These Days 7. Ya'll Been Warned 8. Babies 9. Radioactive Four Assassins Back In The Game Iron Flag Etiketler: N. Etiketler: Biz Markie - Goin Off - A Little Soul Play Dis Only At Night

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