Incised Before Ive Ceased - Hypocrisy - Virus (CD, Album)

En hoe. Om de deur meteen maar kei- en keihard in te trappen: "Virus" is het beste wat Hypocrisy in jaren heeft uitgebracht. Goed, de "oude" Hypocrisy kregen we er niet mee terug. Maar desondanks liet de band zien dat ze op het gebied van melodische death na al die jaren nog heel wat waard zijn.

Op "Virus" wordt deze ontwikkeling eigenlijk alleen maar doorgezet. Dus volk, u die vorig jaar heugelijk over de terugkeer van Hypocrisy in de betere sferen verbaliseerde, spits uw oren en ogen, dat levert u nog eens wat op.

Na een zeer korte intro opent Hypocrisy snoeihard met "Warpath". Een toepasselijk nummer want hiermee plaveit de band haar weg door het album heen, richting de bijzonder aangename hekkensluiter "Living To Die".

Hypocrisy laat met "Warpath" feilloos zien wat de band nog kan en dat is bepaald niet zuinig. En ook net nummer "Scrutinized", die "Warpath" volgt, is eveneens een stevige beuker. Hypocrisy versterkt haar vestemuren zeer gestructureerd. En als deze haast onomstotelijk zijn wordt het tijd voor wat gas terug en een een donker, slepend en tergend nummer zoals we wel vaker van Hypocrisy horen is het gevolg. Als we "Virus" in zijn geheel bekijken valt het onmiddellijk op dat deze cd stukken harder beukt dan de voorganger.

Want ook de midtempo nummers klinken dreigend, zwaar en overheersend. Ze zitten vol lood, woede en bloed. De donkerste onweerswolken waar abnormaal grote, vlijmscherpe, schedelverbrijzelende hagelstenen uit pleuren zouden het niet beter kunnen klaren. Maar buiten dat is "Virus" wederom een hele diverse cd geworden. Eigenlijk zoals we van Hypocrisy ondertussen wel gewend zijn.

And all that time, the princess watched him. At long last, it was the 99th night, and the soldier stood up, took his chair, and left. Now that i've actually made it to LA, and everyone expects me to make something of myself, i suppose i should explain my fame conundrum. On the other hand, i have an intense fear that becoming famous will blur me.

Will she fall in love with me, or my work, or my fame? Loving me has always been a very hard thing to do, and i like it that way. So here i am, desperately stuck. Of course, i'm sure none of this means anything to Life. My current project is a child's science fiction novel, and after i wrote a few paragraphs, i dreamed up the following sequence for Letterman: " Meyou there? From what magical, literary corner of the Universe are you coming to us tonight?

But, the thing is, i never really understood the dropping part. All right, go ahead What have you got for us now? Have you got the necesssary permits for all that? More stuff exploding. I thought we were done with that.

What is it, Me? I thought we exploded everything. What's important is whether or not they explode. This goes out to you Funny thing about being woozy from lack of eats Cheese's a close B.

So i was killing ants for about a week there with Windex, and when i went to refill the bottle today, the very smell produced the mental impulse "Ants! Fear of falling into "emotional girl" stereotype. Fear of loss of identity constructed around Reason.

Are not compensating for lack of purpose, therefore are not compelled beyond "good enough". Few discussions touch me as personally as this one. Pop Monday: First of all, i want to extend my humble thanks to Volkswagon for improving my quality of life. From the four kids on the country road with Nick Drake's Pink Moonto the newlywed who drags his bride into the yard to show her the windows roll down.

Currently, it's the child who glances askance at his hurrying dad, and Album) disappears to race him on his bike. These commercials express the height of humanity, exhibit the height of art. Thank you. Secondly, and more importantly - in fact, paramount to any entry hitherto - i just finished watching Merlina fairly great film. It re-occurred to me, as i adopted Lady Nimue, that my greatest romantic failure is that none of my girls has been strong enough.

But this time, a period solution arose. There needs must be a contest, decided by an appropriate question. Henceforth, my romantic affections shall turn toward none but she who answers the question honestly and correctly. The answer must arise solely from her heart and the heart of her True Love, not from expectations of me, therefore former love interests are automatically disqualified.

The question at hand: Which is the greatest of all strengths? I'm dying, ain't I? Does it bother anyone else that Italo Calvino probly never got to hear Particle Man?

Not to mention Edwin Abbott Girls don't talk; they sign. These signals, of course, do not indicate anything wholly consistent, as that would require too much responsibility.

However, as a guy, it is my job to find those signals i like, and act on them. That way, girls can feel attractive, and still say, "You don't know who I am! For example, throughout college i found myself on date-like outings or in bed with many girls who already had boyfriends.

And they would talk about these boyfriends as if in mid-flirt confessionals, all the while blatantly signalling me to action. And universallyif i brought any of this up, they would shut down and deny everything. Once i understood all this, it was actually kind of fun to watch. Maybe i'm missing something, but here's what i see.

If i did act - the boyfriend's well-being aside - it would indicate that i had no respect for her emotional decisions after all, she is choosing to be this guy's girlfriend. Look, i like being chivalrous. But if you can't make your own consistent emotional decisions, how can i expect you to choose me? Quoth Adams, "Reality is frequently inaccurate. It must be Civilization's aversion to biology the bathroom and kitchen are divine rooms in compensation for our biological sins that keeps food at the bottom of the food chain, and so we just don't care if it doesn't make sense.

Why is a box of maple and brown sugar Quaker Oats oatmeal an entire dollar more expensive at Ralph's than at Walmart? Why can i get a New York pizza in New York, and a Philly cheesesteak in Philly, but when i tried to get an eclair in Eau Claire they were called long johns? And why is it called a cheesesteak ; isn't it really a cheese and steak sandwich? And who is Ralph? And isn't M and M's redundant? What are your eternal edibles?

This is a weak metaphor, but please let it be a shell. Put it to your ear, and know that it is not the ocean, but that it does speak to the ocean. It has been roaring distantly in my mind since i first uncovered the image some months ago. We are each a key on a piano. The universe pushes us, and we react. In order to gain any understanding on our situation, we imagine ourselves outside of the piano.

We imagine ourselves players or, at least, tinkerers. We imagine great diagrams on the nature of the piano. And after enough debate, after enough relentless pursuit of the truth - or even the possibility of truth - we allow ourselves to forget that we are keys.

We must forget if we intend to gain any rational control, because we intend to gain control of that which we are part. But it is not a question of significance; there is no question at all. We are each a key. The only existential tragedy is the denial of this disparity of perspective.

To be human, it seems to me, is to have two gifts, each of incomprehensible proportion: the universe, and a place in it. To deny either the objective or subjective is to half-exist.

Current Mood: intimate Incised Before Ive Ceased - Hypocrisy - Virus (CD Music: "It's easy; let it go That is the exotic, international cantilever of greetings used by everyone in LA That's right, i'm writing to you from the surreal capital of the world. Or maybe i'm only in a larger LA's movie.

Step back, Socrates pronounced so-crates. Yes, we now have comments! You empty-headed animal-food-trough wipers! Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries! Speaking of which, Carey commented yesterday that the words falling out of my mouth - or onto the 'net - are but a tiny window, a Truman-Show elevator, onto the swirling miasma that is my mind. One of these days i will find a nice irrational girl, and we'll have nice irrational kids, but for now my intelligent honeys have yet to transcend their logical roots, so i will continue to confound, and asphyxiate, you all.

To Do: 1. Get a job Sha-la-la la, Sha-la-la la-la 2. In this world, cleverness and artifice are synonymous. So when people wax the wild prophetic, i don't mind if you assume that we express in vanity, as long as, first, you assume that we don't.

Ah me! The weary eschatologist! It seems to me that we should do something about this word. What about those close encounters of body that linger for hours afterward?

The word embrace attempts to supplement, but it's so far removed from the colloquial that it's better suited to paperback romance or Mel Brooks on Mad About You. Let's usurp hug from the Locutus of Perk, and allow it real meaning.

Or, if we find the trite sound inevitably desultory, let's enact a new word, like mearn. Upon consultation, my six-year-old brother suggests simply redefining pack.

Either way, it's time to remedy this! Everyone talks language, but nobody ever does anything about it. You've got to put down the duckie if you want to play the saxophone. To emily on her 19th birthday, Hey, you. It's been four years now. Maybe you had the right idea - surrender to an arbitrary imagined representation and move on. If i am evil, for instance, i guess you could be crazy.

Though you know i've never been the actor you were. And yes, losing us was traumaticbut isn't that part of living? But i don't mean to lecture the new you; she no longer listens to our hearts, nor the love we discovered. The pensive, caring, radiant, brave-hearted girl who wanted to keep me for ever and ever. Even if she only remains in my mind, even if this is the most selfish thing i've ever said, i'm sorry.

Love is a hard thing. How could i know that the girl i'd been searching for, out of all the guys she could choose, would really love me? The hardest to learn is the least complicated. We both had our young-love bunglings, and her posthumous behavior trumped any of the most inhuman hurtfulness i could possibly imagine, but back when it really counted, back when we were we, i treated you horribly.

You predicted i'd be dating some beautiful actress. Well, instead, i went for a smart dancer, a sexy artist, and, despite my better judgement, a wide-eyed sorority girl. And now, finally, the last boxes are closing, the last friendships are palling, and i am off to California.

There was a time i knew why - maybe you'd know - but all i've got now are why-nots. You told me once that when i moved to California, i shouldn't be surprised if i opened my door to find a familiar, rain-drenched girl. Your love holds me always, like the morning after you scared me so and i held you until we were late for class. So, let me recommend Robyn Hitchcock's masterpiece "She Doesn't Exist Anymore" and assure you that these days i couldn't care less.

Pop Monday: They say we hurt the ones we love. A lot of people must love me a lot. Cam, Sarah, and Alison, all, in their own ways, bailed. A lifetime of this and when i get over readjusting, i don't care. A lifetime of this and i forget what it was i hoped people could be to one another. July 16th, no concert.

July 17th, due west. No more ridiculous Puritanical hypocrisy. And no more Love. So i slept 15 hours last night, tore the sheet off all four corners, and dropped The Emperor on the floor.

In going to California, i am giving up Chuck's birthday. It's fine; i already got his gift, and birthdays aren't really different from other days But Matthew will. And Matthew's old enough to take good care of him. He won't be around to talk my ear off about girls, or school, or computer games.

But i can talk to him online. And it'll only be a few years before he comes out. A few years. No more perfect mashed potatoes on Sundays, pumpkin pie, or awkward Reader's Digest jokes. He was the only one who liked me with emily. Why do i feel like i'm leaving her?

Not her. The girl. The New England Christmas. The big papa chair by the snowy, frosted picture window. Whereever she is, California is too far.

But all i'm good at is dreaming. So maybe i'll dream on the screen for a while, and she'll dream with me. In Paris, i met a shy boy named Kevin. He said people told him he looked like Paul McCartney and people tell me i look like John Lennonso we considered starting the Beatles all over again. He took a couple days to go to Switzerland, because he promised someone back home a clock. When he returned he found he was out of French currency, and offered me a Swiss coin for some few francs.

But when he handed me the coin, which i have in my hand right now because it was the only currency from two continents that was too big to fit through the neck of my lemonade bottle, i saw that it said "5 FR. Kevin assured me that Swiss dollars are also called francs, which i deemed mildly interesting. It is subtly brilliant. In it, a frenchman was flipping the very coin Kevin handed me in Paris.

After the paralyzing bewilderment faded, i offered my mind the most rational explanation available clearly Kevin had handed me a rare French coin, of minimal value, convinced me it was Swiss, and made off with some of my moneyand immediately rejected it.

Well, at the very end, it turned out that the coin was indeed Swiss, and that if i had caught the first fifteen minutes, it would have been the most important clue in the film. Forgive me, father, for i have lived Sometimes, i lie awake and wonder if i should have done something. So many women have passed through my life, and through my bed, and i did little to nothing. How can i pursue a relationship i know will fail?

None of these women believed in love, few in me, and fewer in themselves. But the chill of packing away a solitary life is hard to combat. The ghost of Christmas-future vows that i will be that lonely old man, hiding in tomes, befriending only children, dying bitterly.

Though my conflict is, of course, in vain. The next one to lie beside me will make it all too easy, all too empty, and again i will say no. And, an inevitable alien to love, she will leave me alone, in bed, wondering.

Once asleep, i do not have the average heterogeneous nonsensical expressions of subconscious like others. The great majority of my dreams are simple love stories. The truth is, father, i don't want to go to California. My only life aspiration is to find my other half. It was good enough for women through the s, and for John Cusack in Say Anything ; why is it wrong for me?

If that's the case, you would also recognize that the intelligent ought to be the most free from specific responsibilities, since we are the most likely to find better ones. Well i don't believe in career or identity. What you call nothing, i call everything, and enough. The only thing my life lacks is love. Happy Boundary Dispute! No, no. Happy Reason to Hate and Be Hated! Definitely not. Happy Diluted Rebirth of Ancient Greece?

Maybe, instead of congratulations, a toast is in order. Here's to the divine notion that an extensively educated humankind will be able to govern themselves.

And here's to the long journey we've yet to go. Things learned from sorting and packing 11 years of a life Pop Monday: Tonight it occurred to me that the Ben Folds Five line "and sell some gifts that i got" is referring to gifts he received, not gifts he had bought for others. It makes so much more sense this way, i have to think it means something that i went out of my way to hear it the other way.

Like when i realized Beatles is spelled incorrectly and for a reason, or when the Rascals' line "you and me endlessly" finally corrected itself and i could stop wondering who Leslie was.

High Fidelity was a fairly good film because of two things. First, John Cusack's character gives a lecture on the undocumented art of the mix, and actually gets it right. And second, the suggestion of a Top Five approach to life. Ahh, the infamous July The month of Emily's birthday and the French revolution.

This month last year i left the country for the first time on the fourth. This year, i'll be leaving the D. In two weeks, i begin a cross-country journey to my new homeCalifornia. My roadtrip exists in three parts. If, when i finally get up to NH, a certain someone has decided she's got the courage to know me, i can think of a girl both Sarah and i would like to meet very much.

The second leg of the journey has been a dream of mine ever since i visited the headwaters of the Mississippi. Finally, it's down to LA i knew i saved crossing the Golden Gate for a reason. Completing this journey will knock off five more states, leaving only the motley crew of Hawaii, Alaska, Wyoming, and South Dakota unexplored. Life is big. Here's what i think. It could be a tired woman with a broken heel and a gas can, or a lost, crying boy.

And i think this is how you live your life. You go through the motions. You talk, you kiss, you weblog. You pretend you want to connect with other human beings. And you assume everyone else knows the drill, is as weak as you, and will avoid your gaze as you avoid theirs. Here i am, and i am tired of you. Girlfriends treat me like their fathers, friends treat me like their ex-boyfriends, and strangers treat me like criminals.

You're not even looking at me anymore; you can't see past your own damned reflections. Well, fine. Lock yourselves in the bathroom and gaze all you like. Just get the hell out of the way. Some of us actually want to touch other souls. Some of us want to look another in the heart and be challenged and overjoyed and, yes, frightened. All around your island, there's a barricade. It keeps out the danger, holds in the pain.

Sometimes you're happy, and sometimes you cry; half of me is ocean, half of me is Album). So what, so I've got a smile on But it's hiding the quiet superstitions in my head Don't believe me When I say I've got it down Everybody is just a stranger but That's the danger in going my own way I guess it's the price I have to pay Still "everything happens for a reason" Is no reason not to ask myself If I am living it right Am I living it right? Wait it out while I am someone else?

And thanks to her sister Shannon for being so groovy. You know, if i were fortunate enough to live in Montreal, i wouldn't miss the John Mayer show tonight for the world. Lately, on TV and on the 'net, i've been assailed by a seeming virus of relationship quizzes. Here's my own relationship quiz for you: If you need to take a quiz to know how your relationship is going, you're in trouble. How, biologically? Females give birth, males do not. This is where the feminist in you starts to object: Surely there's more to being female than giving birth.

Well, surely there's more to being male than not giving birth, but fundamentallyour technical role in reproduction is our biological gender. Anyway, us guys kinda got gipped. Creation is, after all, a divine power. So, first species to recognize it, human males create other things: cities, war, religion, identity. And we do our very best to make females feel inferior for not doing the same - one of the top five human ironies.

Now, consider the lioness. As with human females, the lioness seeks the best mate. However, the lioness does not talk to her girlfriends about who that might be; she knows.

Have you noticed in TV and movies how the woman always seeks reassurance from her best friend before she can decide to fall in love? This might not be so bad, if society wasn't necessarily dominated by men. The tragedy of Sex and the Cityfor example, is not that there aren't any good guys, but that Charlotte listens to Carrie, and Carrie listens to Samantha, and they all listen to society.

Would someone please explain to me why these successful, powerful, financially-solvent women are still primarily seeking these things in a mate? So here's my wake-up call to the Album) there is no such thing as identity. There is only your heart, which is not an organ, but a series of quiet passionate cries, in joy and sorrow.

Molt the inevitable contradictions of Self and bare your beautiful wings. Believe me, you can. It's official! The first firefly of the year! It used to be that film form was propagated by the mainstream, and independent films were determined by their unique deviations. This held independent films to a higher standard, because directors had to justify their most fundamental choices.

However, as art-house cinemas have developed their own culture, independent films have developed their own form. Instead of withering, Hollywood has simply decentralized, and indirectly spread itself across the industry, like so many Celtic tribes across Europe.

O Holy Roman Empire, where art thou? Fun fact: Scotland is actually derived from the Roman word for Irish. Pop Monday: i know i can only love so many things before i lose credibility with you people, but i happened to catch Inherit the Wind again last week Yes, it is one of the first videos i ever bought, and yes, i watched it on TV anyway - it's just that good.

It would be impossible for me to get your hopes high enough to match this film's strength. Pick any aspect of screenwriting, any aspect of filmmaking. Roper, the first landlord on Three's Company. And you will too. For almost a year now, when i sing Daydream Believeri'm no longer imagining a wife, but a daughter. A lot of brilliant people are Ricky Fitts-ing their way through life. They have taken that essential first step from Western to Eastern thought, from Beauty as an end to Beauty as a whole, but will only defy the system, not abandon it.

Beauty as a whole embraces humanity, and therefore Beauty as an end. As with all enduring "conflicts", the glass is both half-full and half-empty. Still, the sirens cry in solitude and remain alone. Do not halt before Beauty, transcend it. Though i do not mean to underrate the difficulty of that second step, nor the isolation. The only communicable understanding i can offer is an analogue. When you exit a movie theater, especially by the "emergency" exits directly into sunlight, your pupils contract.

Simultaneously, if it was a compelling film, your mind undergoes dilation. The reality that encapsulated the film becomes a minor fiction in the enormity of familiar reality. This experience may also occur as an emergency exit from familiar reality. In true Thursday form, i find myself in that existential purgatory between "There's nothing i want to do.

And then i think "At least i'm not content! These days bleeding feels productive. Check out these long "discussion" emails i wrote to a generic honors class my freshman year: hey there crazy people and i mean crazy in the most affectionate wayi have not really been inspired to write to this thing before now, nor have i really been inspired to read most of the messages.

Rain, Music, and Stuffed Animals, me P. You bring up an excellent point of course, that though the greaseman has the right to say whatever he wants to, And of course, since people might stop listening to him, it might have been a wise move. However, that doesn't talk me off of my idealistic high horse from which we are a society of hypocrites.

People are not perfect, and over the course of humanity we have given our authority away to religion and government. As a result Bush is being ignored on his Social Security nonsense, voted against on his stem cell theology stance and he had his nuclear option in the senate fizzle. The Democrats forced a delay in a confirmation vote for John R. Bolton, yet another setback for President Bush's thuggish choice as U. The vote to advance Bolton's nomination to an immediate confirmation vote wasso it was not all Democrats since the Republicans were four short of the 60 votes that Bolton's Republican backers needed.

According to the Washington PostRepublican Majority Leader Bill Frist said, "John Bolton, the very first issue we turned to, we got what looks to me like a filibuster.

It certainly sounds like a filibuster With any luck, Bush will be duck soup. Pinkerton on Jonah. Here's an excerpt: The Tarshish sailors draw straws in order to figure out which one of them angered the Lord.

It's worth a quick look. Integrity without knowledge is weak and useless, and knowledge without integrity is dangerous and dreadful. Samuel Johnson —84essayist ABC's Nightline is once again going to honor the men and women who have died in the needless war in Iraq. Ted Koppel is going to read the names of all the fallen soldiers. God forbid that the hard facts of reality get in the way of a George Bush re-election. Why am I not surprised? Cockroaches are eating toner in the Municipal Court 1 in Skopje, Macedonia.

Judges said that this problem is the reason why they are not able to print the records of the court sessions; they are finding cockroaches in the printers, but the heat and the laser were killing them so there were no bigger defects.

However, the cockroaches have eaten the toner on several occasions. This court, as the biggest court in the country, should have the best equipment instead of fighting cockroaches," one of the judges reacted. No Absolute Power for Either Side. The following are highlights from the article: The common theme is to consolidate influence in a small circle of Republicans and to marginalize dissenting voices that would try to impede a conservative agenda. House Republicans, for instance, discarded the seniority system and limited the independence and prerogatives of committee chairmen.

The result is a chamber effectively run by a handful of GOP leaders. At the White House, Bush has tightened the reins on Cabinet members, centralizing the most important decisions among a tight group of West Wing loyalists. With the strong encouragement of Vice President Cheney, he has also moved to expand the amount of executive branch information that can be legally shielded from Congress, the courts and the public. Some of the changes, such as a more powerful executive branch, less powerful rank-and-file members of Congress and more pro-Republican courts, are likely to outlast the current president and GOP majority, they say.

The Republican bid to ban the filibustering of judges made it easier for Bush to appoint conservatives to the Supreme Court and holds open the threat of future attempts to erode the most powerful tool available to the minority party in Congress. Inthe government created about 3. Inthere more than The White House attributes the rise in information the public cannot see to the security threats in a post-Sept.

Washington traditionalists -- veteran Republicans among them -- warn that the new breed of GOP leaders is trampling time-honored procedures designed to ensure that multiple voices have influence on the most important matters in government. Spector Update. The Misanthrope mentioned Phil Spector the other day in passing, and mentioned his hair So here it is. Stranger Danger. One of the difficulties my wife and I face raising children in the twenty-first century is balancing the instruction of a traditional sense of manners with a healthy awareness of the realities of our world.

So here are, inasmuch as I can enumerate them, some of the rules my wife and I teach our three daughters about interacting with other humans for information on how they relate to poodles, gibbons, and rabbits, stay tuned; I may cover that eventually.

Don't talk to strangers. You may talk to people you don't know if Mommy and Daddy tell you it's OK first. It's OK for you to talk to other children playing at the park. The parents of your friends are not strangers, and you should respond politely to their greetings when we take you to a friend's house for a party, and if we leave you there then you can and should talk to those parents if you need anything.

But not if they just approach you at school. Unless it's just to say "hi" -- then it's OK. But if they're especially weird or asking you to do anything that seems wrong, tell Mommy and Daddy immediately. The cashier and bagboy at the grocery store are strangers, even if you recognize them from last time, and you should always ask Mommy or Daddy before engaging them in conversation.

That said, you can acknowledge their greetings with "hello" if you see Mommy or Daddy already talking to them. And when they say, as they always do, that you are all so pretty, you should say "thank you.

But they are strangers again when you're not at the grocery store. The doctor is not a stranger, and when Mommy and Daddy take you to an appointment you can talk to her and do what she says, because Mommy and Daddy are right there making sure everything is OK. Relatives are not strangers, but that doesn't give them the right to manhandle you -- you should always be polite to family, but you don't have to kiss and hug if you don't want to. Your Album) is your own, and you can always tell Mommy and Daddy if someone is making you uncomfortable.

Mommy and Daddy reserve the right to hug and kiss you whenever we want. I saw this quote "That's unconscionable I believe in family values" recently by Jim Stellings, Seminole County Florida Republican Party Chairman and thought it perfectly defines everything about the Republican Party and how its representatives seem to think they're above everyone else regarding morals and ethics. It's easy to think that way when you keep re-defining what is right and wrong to suit your needs.

Stellings filed a defamation suit against a political rival who Stellings says falsely accused him of having been married six times. He made this comment while testifying in the suit the fact that it even went to court is certainly worthy of a good rant.

He actually has only been married five times There's no man in town half as manly. Gaston gets a bad rap. For some reason, Disney considers him one of their line-up of villains, but he's really just misunderstood -- all he wants is to woo and win the lovely Belle, and help her senile father get the help he needs.

That said, Belle's preference for the Beast over Gaston is an interesting one, for they share many of the same characteristics -- and those qualities that Gaston is proud of, the Beast has in spades. Here's an excerpt from Gaston's song: Girls: For there's no one as burly and brawny. Gaston: As you see, I've got biceps to spare. LeFou: Not a bit of him's scraggly or scrawny.

Gaston: And ev'ry last inch of me's covered with hair! So let's see: burly, brawny, muscly, and hairy -- all of those qualities that we laugh at Gaston for, the Beast has in much greater proportion. Is the lesson for Gaston that he is not rough or brutish enough? Not hairy enough? He means well, but doesn't always do the right thing -- he needs some tender, loving guidance.

That's exactly the same story as the Beast -- except the Beast holds Belle against her will in his castle. So what's up with Belle? Does she secretly like Gaston, but seeks out someone even more potentially dangerous and brutish?

And does she miss the Beast when he becomes a prince again? Clearly, Belle has some sort of a "bad boy" complex, and Gaston just wasn't bad enough for her. Making Michael Jackson Normal. As soon as he ceased to be mad he became merely stupid. There are maladies we must not seek to cure because they alone protect us from others that are more serious.

Marcel Proust -novelist A friend, who I shall refer to as Scribe, henceforth, called me yesterday morning telling me that only one person could make Michael Jackson look normal, pedophile issues aside.

That would be the man who is known for creating the wall of sound — Phil Spector. Today he is mentally gone, if here were ever here, so it seems to me. Unfortunately, there is not a picture of Spector on the Los Angeles Times link, but here is how the reporter described him: …he strode through the criminal court building in downtown Los Angeles in high-heeled platform boots, his hair teased into a puffy blond Afro, with curls extending several inches beyond his head.

I have always heard stories about Spector carry a gun into the recording studio back in the days when rocks stars were interested in his producer talent. Looking as he does in the newspaper, the only woman who would be interested in him today would be Ms.

Bozo, but she probably would have more dignity than to be seen with such a nut job. I am not sure that this blog is anonymous enough to critize Spector's attorney considering that his attorney is Bruce Cutler, who used to represent Mafia Kingpin John Gotti. Cutler endeared himself by calling the women sycophants and parasites. Clearly, they were not if they refused Spector and his gun.

He refused to apologize for the remark. Then Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton jumped into the picture and demanded an apology. Reuters quoted Sharpton as saying: "There was no misinterpretation. It is very clear what he said and it is very clear that we understood what he said," Sharpton told reporters.

I should not say that I regret that you think your foot hurts," Sharpton said. I never thought I would say this, but I actually agree with Sharpton on something. Super Mario's Pick-up Lines.

Because my heart just grew a tail, and flew away. Because you are making me grow. Because you are burning me up. A few weeks ago I wrote about Pat Tillman, the professional football player who gave up a multi-million dollar contract to fight the war on terrorism in Afghanistan. He was killed in Afghanistan, and the Bush Administration milked his death for all it was worth to build patriotism in America. This was all happening, by the way, while the Abu Ghraib torture scandal was unfolding.

I wrote about how the government knew he had died by friendly fire weeks in advance of telling his family and the public, and when this Album) was finally released it was buried deep in newspapers, if reported at all.

Here are some excerpts about this disgusting news as reported by Josh White of the Washington Post : Former NFL player Pat Tillman's family is lashing out against the Army, saying that the military's investigations into Tillman's friendly-fire death in Afghanistan last year were a sham and that Army efforts to cover up the truth have made it harder for them to deal with their loss.

More than a year after their son was shot several times by his fellow Army Rangers on a craggy hillside near the Pakistani border, Tillman's mother and father said in interviews that they believe the military and the government created a heroic tale about how their son died to foster a patriotic response across the country.

They say the Army's "lies" about what happened have made them suspicious, and that they are certain they will never get the full story.

The administration let him down. It was a sign of disrespect. The fact that he was the ultimate team player and he watched his own men kill him is absolutely heartbreaking and tragic.

The fact that they lied about it afterward is disgusting. After a public memorial service, at which Tillman received the Silver Star, the Army told Tillman's family what had really happened, that he had been killed by his own men. Patrick Tillman Sr. He decried what he calls a "botched homicide investigation" and blames high-ranking Army officers for presenting "outright lies" to the family and to the public.

I think they thought they could control it, and they realized that their recruiting efforts were going to go to hell in a handbasket if the truth about his death got out. They blew up their poster boy. Mary Tillman says the government used her son for weeks after his death, perpetuating an untrue story to capitalize on his altruism -- just as the Abu Ghraib prison scandal was erupting publicly.

She said she was particularly offended when President Bush offered a taped memorial message to Tillman at a Cardinals football game shortly before the presidential election last fall.

She again felt as though her son was being used, something he never would have wanted. The simplest schoolboy is now familiar with facts for which Archimedes would have sacrificed his life. On the more serious side, according to the article, scientists are using the powerful X-ray light emitted by the synchrotron at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center to read hidden text on a 1,year-old copy of the Archimedes palimpsest, a mathematical and engineering text written by the Italian philosopher in the 3rd century BC.

During his stay in Egypt he invented the hydraulic screw for raising water from a lower to a higher level. He is best known for discovering the law of hydrostatics, often called Archimedes' principle, which states that a body immersed in fluid loses weight equal to the weight of the amount of fluid it displaces. This discovery is said to have been made as Archimedes stepped into his bath and perceived the displaced water overflowing.

Marriage is like a cage; one sees the birds outside desperate to get in, and those inside equally desperate to get out. Michel de Montaigne -essayist Jazz. I am anticipating a good show. I thoroughly enjoyed the book. I found the book to be very poignant and I loved the ending pages. Currently Reading. This is how bad my memory is getting. New CDs. It took me a few listenings to really get into it.

They have a jazzy rock feel to their songs. The End. The wife and I have decided to call it quits. It was not an easy decision and it was made after much deliberation. While those qualities are important, alone they are not enough. Like all the Hollywood break ups where the statement issued says they will remain friends, which everyone knows is a bunch of crap. We will remain friends. There is no reason not to.

Harper Lee on Success. In the Saturday edition of the Los Angeles Times, the author of To Kill a Mockingbird was quoted on the topic of the success of her first and only novel: I never expected any sort of success with Mockingbird I was hoping for a quick death at the hands of the reviewers but, at the same time, I sort of hoped someone would like it enough to give me encouragement. Public encouragement. I hoped for a little, as I said, but I got rather a whole lot, and in some ways this was just about as frightening as the quick, merciful death I'd expected.

Ran over to Kaiser to get my wife's script filled she has some sort of bug and is on antibiotics and other stuffand I stopped in the bathroom next to the labs. On the wall is posted a flyer with specific, detailed instructions on how to properly wash your penis before giving a urine sample for inspection.

Included in those directions is the phrase "urethral meatus. My guess: they wind up with more than a few tainted samples at this particular Kaiser. The White House and the Pentagon have aggressively accused Newsweek of causing riots and deaths in Muslim nations, as well as damaging the reputation of the U. When photos of Saddam Hussein in his underwear while in captivity appear in a British tabloid today-- from what I understand a violation of Geneva Convention rules -- President Bush is asked if he thinks this will incite riots and further damage the U.

He responds that he doesn't think a photo would make Muslims kill and riot, that it's an ideology that makes them do it. He said Iraq's insurgents are "inspired by an ideology that is so barbaric and backwards that it's hard for many in the Western world to comprehend how they think. Can this hypocrisy get any more blatant?

Sooo Tired. Life is one long process of getting tired. Democratic Leader Harry Reid and Senate Leader Bill Frist are arguing like school kids trying to get a fickle public opinion behind them and today I am going to listen to music do some household chores and read. I am doing my best to ignore President Bush, who only cares about the wealthy. I am not going to write about how the banks are killing their customers with onerous interest rates and penalties.

I am taking a day to forget, not permanently, as they politicians and businesses want you to. They count on consumer stupidity; so far, we have not let them down.

Finally Friday. Casual Friday — a day of dressing in jeans. Freaky Friday -- the name of three different movies with similar plots made by the Walt Disney Company where a teenage girl and her mother switch bodies and learn to understand each other better.

I was at an event last weekend with a group of people and one of the activities was a 4-mile roundtrip hike. It was a hot day, with no shade, and the hike was steep, from sea level to a mountaintop. Two people passed out from dehydration and had to be taken by ambulance to a hospital. The camp was remotely located with a one-lane road leading up to the top. When emergency crews were called, several different responders arrived to assist the fallen, probably because nobody really knew how to get to our location and they most likely just wanted to make sure someone got there.

When the fire team arrived, I asked them what they thought about the new study that said drinking too much water is dangerous as I previously posted about. When the doctor arrived, I again asked him the same question. So there you have it from three independent medical provider groups.

I know I drank a lot of it during the hike and I felt great at the end of it. Jews are responsible for all wars and conflicts Do not ask what Germany did to the Jews but what the Jews did to Germany. True, the Germans killed and burned Jews but the Jews exaggerate the numbers to gain propaganda advantages and sympathy…" Sheikh Ibrahim Mudairis, May 13,Gaza The Simon Wiesenthal Center has called on Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to dismiss the head of Palestinian Television over the airing of a live sermon from a Gaza Mosque delivered by Sheikh Ibrahim Mudairis which was filled with antisemitic attacks and denials of the Holocaust.

During the sermon, in the presence of uniformed Palestinian Authority police, the Sheik also asserted that God has predetermined that the Jewish problem will be solved with the extermination of the Jews, and that God has also predetermined that Christian-Islam interactions will end with today's Christian countries under Islam. Search Words. Truthful words are not beautiful; beautiful words are not truthful.

Good words are not persuasive; persuasive words are not good. I have not added one word, I just arranged them into a freestyle poetry format. Hope you enjoy. White hair toner money hands keyboards germs bacteria shaking Supermarket camel fuckers kissing butt Magic bullet express quarterback fucks Infinite being Chewbacca, what a wookie supernova Oh no not you again Chewie mp3 Oh no not you again school Supernova chewbacca Rolling Stones oh no not you again Chewbacca mp3 Deep in throat ogre women Was chewbacca a woman.

Nar Wars. Episode III premieres in the States this weekend, and so in honor of that OK, I was going to post this anyway Han Schlomo are those tzitzit we see up there?!?

Deploy Police Where it Matters Most. A state trooper pulled up alongside me at a traffic light and began looking me over with that sort of casual disdain you often get when you give a dangerously stupid person a gun and a squad car. Bill Bryson, writer I have noticed a troubling trend among police officers lately.

Every time I see an officer in a patrol car, he or she is yakking on their cell phone. This makes me nervous because they are supposed to be observing things around them. Talking on the phone is a major distraction and police officers should not be allowed to make personal calls unless they are on a break. One officer who does not use his cell phone is the angry bonehead that sits on his motorcycle in front of our downtown office building lying in wait for notorious jaywalkers.

What if the jaywalker kept on walking after the officer signaled for the errant pedestrian to come forth?

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