Samurai Metropolis - T-Square - Blue In Red (CD, Album)

This Esoteric new edition has been newly re-mastered from recently discovered first generation original master tapes and has been expanded to include three live recordings made in and officially released for the first time. The release also features an illustrated booklet and an interview with Dave Lawson.

Samurai - More Rain Remaster Unfortunately, those seven months of inactivity had put a split in the band that they were not able to heal, eventually realizing they were each going on different creative directions. Soon afterwards, they all went on their separate ways.

Henry bassist went to work on a human interface prototype, but an accident fried his brain and he had to rebuild his mind. Denny drummer joined a band called Mastermind, which went well for her. Nancy decided to change her name to Bes Isis, and went on to become a major media presence on N54 News. Johnny and Kerry went on to have successful solo careers, usually touring together as a double ticket.

Apparently, Samurai got together for a reunion tour in[6] officially getting back on the stages afterwards. InJohnny and the band were recording a new song in their studio probably their last one everbut unfortunately they never got to release it as most of its recordings were lost in the Night City Holocaustthe same incident which took away Silverhand.

Intheir unreleased song was rediscovered by a group of edgerunners; being a rockerboy named Lilayah the one who was looking for it after finding a partial record. This eventually led them to get the original studio version. Afterwards the song was released to the public. During the timespan between the s and the s, and probably due to the loss of the Old Netmuch of the band's history was lost and forgotten, as some authors wrote about Samurai as a band that never achieved major success while old reviews said otherwise.

By the s, some of Samurai's songs were still played on a few of Night City's radio stations; of note, Maximum Mike 's By the end ofTakeshi Itoh left the group to pursue a solo career in the US, and Honda replaced him in After the release of the Blue in Red album inHonda left the group to pursue his solo career.

Takahiro Miyazaki would replace him. The group and all former Album) at the time current members played at Yaon de Asobu for their 20th anniversary that same year. This is one of the last T-Square performances in which Masato Honda was involved unlike Miyazaki and Itoh, Honda didn't participate in the anniversary concerts in,and InTadashi Namba was replaced by Samurai Metropolis - T-Square - Blue In Red (CD Matsumoto. The new line-up of Miyazaki, Noritake, Album), Matsumoto and Andoh was kept until the group's brief disbandment in mid This trio was the main reason for why T-Square had to employ session musicians to record with the exception of the Friendship Live performance.

The performance had ex-long term drummer, Hiroyuki Noritake, along with support bassist Kiyoshi Murakami and keyboardist Keizoh Kawano, the latter of whom would become the longest tenured keyboardist over 20 years with T-Square. T-Square changed its name again to T-Square Plus. After that, the band dropped the "Plus" from their name, but continued to use session musicians until InT-Square released the album Spirits under their original name "The Square", and retained some of their original members partly due to T-Square's 25th anniversary that year and kept their newcomer, Keizoh Kawano.

They released another album, T Comes Backthat featured new arrangements of some of their best known songs. Inthe group changed their name again to T-Square, and, Katsuji Morioka joined and replaced Mitsuru Sutoh on bass.

A year later, Morioka was replaced by Shingo Tanaka as support bassist. Also inKeizoh Kawano became an official keyboardist. Drummer Satoshi Bandoh replaced Hiroyuki Noritake in the same year.

T-Square's original drummer, Michael S. Kawai, returned as a behind-the-scenes percussionist and producer from to The band briefly changed their name to T-Square Super Bandto promote their 30th anniversary tour.

Most former T-Square members were involved in recording their new album, Wonderful Daysadding even more former members. InBritish band Web abruptly changed its name to Samurai and released this self-titled Album), its sole contribution to the prog rock canon. Adding a second brass player and somewhat lightening its sound, the band still continued down many of the same jazzy pathways as its predecessor. However, across seven tracks Samurai meanders down rather diverse byways. In contrast, "More Rain" is as soft, warm, and shimmering as a summer drizzle, and gives credence to the group's inclusion in the Canterbury scene.

Its polar opposite is the bustling "Holy Padlock," which trundles down a rural road with the farmland flying by, until the song's shifting time signatures shake up the ride. But it's the eight-plus-minute "As I Dried Album) Tears Away" that's Samurai 's centerpiece, a constantly mood-altering and style-twisting extravaganza that brings to mind King Crimson on acid making a regal procession around a breathtaking musical realm.

Thoroughly unique, Samurai apparently committed hari-kari after this album was released. It's amazing just how much "new" and original music is out there just waiting to be rediscovered in the modern age of the Internet.

The curiously titled "Holy Padlock" is next, which is presumably the type of lock that's used to secure a church. This offbeat Jazz-Rock song sounds a little off-kilter, a bit like a runaway train careering down the tracks that's in danger of becoming derailed at any moment. Yes, Samurai are definitely in wild Canterbury Scene territory here, so be prepared for an improvisational melieu of dynamic sound and inspirational energy.

This fast-paced, out-of-control kamikaze song barrels along at such impressive speed, it's hard to imagine it could ever be written down formally in musical notation, but then again, it wouldn't be wild improvisational music if it was written down on paper beforehand. It's time to "Give a Little Love" now, although don't be fooled by the title because this is no gentle romantic ballad. No, this is a pugilistic percussive wave of thumping Jazz-Rock that hits you straight between the eyes like a sledgehammer.

The guitarist is clearly having a blast on this barn-storming number, with his wah-wah pedal evidently cranked up to the max. The dynamic keyboard player deserves a mention too - he sounds like he's pulling out all the stops here to deliver a sonic blast of high octane Rock.

Spare a thought too for the saxophonist who delivers a sensational solo with barely enough time to take a well- earned breather.

It's time for some gentle reflection now with "Face In The Mirror", an altogether mellower Canterbury Scene- style song, given an extra dose of lively Samurai "Banzai" energy.

Sadly, we've reached the final song on the album now with "As I Dried The Tears Away", but there's no need to get out a hankie because this is no romantic refrain. This is a thunderous electrically-charged, eight-minute dynamo blast of Van der Graaf Generator-style Jazz-Rock, only without Peter Hammill's histrionically expressive vocals. The song features some gentler interludes too, so it's not all thunderbolt and lightning, very very frightening.

It's a suitably impressive highlight to close the album in grand style on an album that's choc-a- bloc full of great songs. Samurai have all of the aggressive energy of a Japanese shogun on the warpath.

There's no going back now, because this storming band of musical warriors are out Album) a mission to deliver some thunderously great music with all of the willpower and determination of a kamikaze pilot flying out on his first and last mission. Review by Mellotron Storm Prog Reviewer. Melodic and some energy here. Guitar, drums and keys lead with vocals being prominent too.

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