Them Done - Daddy Lilly, Johnny P - Them Done / Ambie (Vinyl)

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African Postman 8. City Blood Africans 9. Jah A Guh Raid Man In The 7. Children It's Good 8. Mother No More War 9. The Sanford Herald, December 20, The Sanford Herald issue published on December 20, The Sanford Herald, December 18, The Sanford Herald issue published on December 18, Heaven and hell.

I am listening to two jungle tracks. Both play moods ofeuphoria off an undercurrent of disquiet, balancing oceanic dreams with the clattering, libidinous rush of body processes and urban mmrement. Less willingly, I listen to the apocalyptic industrial grind of Skinny Puppy's "Dog Shit"- hoarse screams of "jaw hell piss fuck headrest pure acid-hell filthy WOrld mutation laughing hound"-or Nine Inch Nails' TrentReznor shouting into the Void oil "Broken": "Dress up this rotten carcass just tomalre it look alive''.

Trent talked, fragmented but intelli- gent, about balancing imbalances, contrasting contradictory signals,working against stereotypical correspondences - "I think there's something cool about electronic music that's aggressive There's something'seductive about aggression For me, 1 think the key is anger-fuelled, something other than fast. For pleasure, he and his male "wife" enjoy- ed dressing in animal skins and attacking the genitals of men and women tied to stakes; He also anticipated the crowd ma- nipulation techniques of fascism and rock music, using five thousand noise makers to influence the mood of the people during public meetings" categorising the.

In one section of the novel Hardy sketches in a charivari, known in his part of the world as a skimmington ride. Perhaps he under-estimated the dark coverthistory ofthe kitchen. Correspondingly, the great Bororo rite of the visit of the souls which is a kind of symbolic and temporary res. Captured in Iildiaby the British army after the defeat and death by bullet and bayonet of TIpu Sultan in ithis large and 3.

The most sucdnct and evocative description was written by an em- ployee of the East India Company: "ThiS piece of Mechanism represents a Roy. There are some barrels in imitation of an Organ.

The sounds produced by the Organ are intended to re- semble the Cries of a person in distress intermixed with the roar of a Tyger; The machinery is so contrived that whne the Organ is playing, the hahd of the European is often lifted up, to express his helpless and deplorable condition.

In a technical analysis of the instrument, Henry Willis speculated that "the intended method of use for the keyboard organ was to run the knuckles up and down the scale to pro- duce the effects of a screaming mail.

Because the design and inaterials suggest a European rather than an Indian maker, Willis suggested that the tiger and its victim were constructed by either a t;nalicious Frenchman or a renegade Englishman. But whoever made this wonderfully macabre Johnny P - Them Done / Ambie (Vinyl), TIpu certainly enjoyed it.

He was obsessed. Reportedly, he used to circumcise them when he took prisoners. Delicious irony: through the preservation of imperial spoils, albeit mute and frozen in the act of mauling within a 8Iass case, the objectification of TIpu's hatred endures. In he portrayed Benito Mussolini as a man of "square crushing jaws" and "scornful jutting lips". For the Futurists and t:qeir opponents, art was war. During a performance of BralillaPrateUa's orchestral work, supposedly depictitig urban industrial noise, the musi- cianswere pelted with coal.

Marinetti was almost certainly influenced by Alfred Jarry, the Parisian "author with pistols" and the founder of pataphysics; the science of imaginary solutions. Following Jarry's example; Marinetti and. The days of the symphony were numbered. Russolo, a man blessed with h! Based on the. This combination of war sounds with the noise of Jiuman. Like Majrinetti, Russolo wrote about battle sounds with enthusiasm.

These free words had been devised by Marinetti during a bat. Stravinsky worked on Le Sacre du Prlntempsfromwhen he had a dream in which a pagan ritC was enacted: a circle of wise elders watched a yoUng girl dance herself to death more sex, death, paganism. But this was ina year after the notorious - r first performance of Le Sacre du Prlntemps, the concert which set a twentieth-century standard for violent audience reactions to modeni music.

Perhaps Stravinsky was thrilled to hear something that might cause an even bI8ger riot than IUsownwork.

I disagree very mildly with Davies, because these grind- ing, humming, growling pagan noises clamoured in the air without any help from the Futurists.

Those who composed for the orchestra - particularly Stravinsky in his forma. In fact, the English Vortidst Wyndham Lewis deUvered a patriotic and rather snooty dismissal of Futurism during a taxi ride with Marinetti.

Machine society was invented by the English, he said, so why should London show any enthusiasm for machine art at such a late stage. Marinetti was apoplectic. Russolotook a' brave step, but only one. Noise,sound, tD,Usicatrules;the growing clamour of mechanised life, the. Varese's dream He was in a telephone booth in New York, talking to his wife 'Louise.

As they. In this non-corporeal form, he flew to Paris where he was reintegrated, the physical self that was Varese rebom'as spirit. Abricked-in fireplace, paintings by Mir6; a grand piano littered with gourds, a woodblock, beaters, an African shaker, rattles. Metal frameS on castors, the kind used by the rag trade for wheeling clothes around. Hanging from these functional frames, a large tam-tam, smaller flat and bossed gongs from.

Southeast Asia. A no smoking sign hangs from the wall Ught. Jean Cocteau. He also befriended Russolo, though personal empathy never stopped him from passing harsh Judgemet1ts on the intonarumorl. For Varese, the noise instruments pro- duced "material for the most part of terrifying intractability".

TheY were the equivalent of the Ethiopian Lion's Ro. But that was it. Delving into the speculations of Leonardo da Vinci, the hermetic museum of alchemical texts, acoustical studies from. Among his many experiments, Hclmholtz investigated the beating of combination tones, dissonance.

A fire in the Bronx Zoo, they caI1ed it, or saucepan banging and solos for flushing. A inusic supermarket called Tower. Without Zappa, this disappearance might be even more complete. I sat in:one of theon-stage seats of the Royal Albert Hall, London, just behind and to one. They played pieces that would shortly appear on Uncle Meat, pieces drenched in Vuese, slimed in Sleaze, a potentfrotbingbrew of jazz.

Don Preston. Varese denied any direct connection between his music and the sounds of nature or industry. That nigb. The pitch was identical. Without noticing it before, he had beenhearlng the siren play that note for the entire period of composing Hyperprlsm.

Stockhausen had his own view of the relationship between Varese's music 'and his environment. Ideas one might have about possible integration, about a coherent unification. He even spoke to Frank Zappa on the telephone, telling him about the composition.

The culmination came with his Poeme electronlque, a work for three-track tape. This montage of concrete, treated and electronically generated sounds was played on four hundred loudspeakers in I. The architect of the pavilion was Iannis Xenakls.

Luckily for. Varese, Xenakis was also a composer and mathematician, since some support Them Done - Daddy Lilly a fellow musician was necessary to keep the objections of Philips at bay. Images of masks, skel- etons, cities, human bodies and beasts were projected on every surface but one critic claimed that these images were overshadowed by the music: "By the use of moving sound they have succeeded in liberating the score from die shackles of reality.

The positive and negative powers of living things,includiog thoughts, memoties and historical events, are understood as embodied in words but, transferred in written form, are seen as trapped in an undesirable state of rigidity and - permanance, a state contrary to life. The ear - not numerical systems of rhythm or pitch - was the final judge of music. White people are conditioned out of aU sense of what is true in musiC, Varese thought: "f'at vu des negres de l'Ajrlque equatorlale - venus chez mol - qui ne connatssatent rlen de notre civilisation tndustrlelle, des [ndiens, des Asiatiques, ettous etatent plus sensibles ii ma musique que des blancs, qUi ont toujours vecu dans la vtlle, quiont ete ii l'ecole, qui.

Mood, atmOs- phere Debussy's Nocturnes is an atmosphere - "the immutable aspect of the sky and the stow, solemn motion of the clouds Listenmg to r:ecordings ofVarese's compositions. Barbarians, yes, but a hopelessly meek and fussy tribe. These should be star wars" battle cries, sacrificial fanfares, escaping -steam, brooding earth tremors and crunching skulls, yet the executants are women and men who dedicate themselves to the minutiae of playing notes at the correct pitch and in thecorrect place; Imagine Noctumal, Equatorial or lntegrales played by Sun Ra's Myth-Sdence Arkestra, particularly the one-hundred strong ensemble Ra once gathered together for a' concert in Central Park- ' There are stories, perhaps apocryphal, of Charlie Parker following Varese through the 'streetS Of New York, plucking up courage to ask for priyate tuition.

Varese played down this not entirely innocent image of the' jazzman curled up at the feet of the European master.

Parker wanted to learn strUcture, wanted to be taught how to write for an orchestra and was even prepared to cook for Varese in payment. UnfortUnately, the closest we. Some jazz critics re- gard this track as an aberration. They can only bear to accept. I hear it differendy. Parker died five years after this session. Those last years of his. His own genius for soloing. As with many aspects ofhis life, there were elements of his work which had moved beyond his control.

After a live radio broadcast of "Repetition", compere Symphony Sid chats to Parker about the tides of his tunes. Who's Lee? But Parker's rltytbmic sophis- tication is awe inspiring. He plays a tumbling line, a long sculpted tendril of breath, intellect and passion, folding back on itself, stretching, freezing, kinking into weird angles and then hanging in the air over a fading chord, the last one at the party.

How could Varese have helped Parker? As sympathetic as he was to Parker shaking the cage that enclosed him, Varese suf- fered his own frustrations, particularly with the tools at his disposal. The symphonic orchestra possessed advantages of Them Done - Daddy Lilly and complexity, although Varese described it as "un elephant hydroptque" by comparison with the jazz band, which was "un tigre".

He had turned to percussion, striving to come closer to his feeling in early life that music should be a river of sound, currents of sound moving in chaotic flow like the Zambezi.

But ultimately, electronics held the key. Nothing, so far, had blasted music out of its prison; not Russolo's mechanical intonarumori, not even Leon Theremin's electri- cal Theremin, Friedrich Trautwein's subtractive synthesis Trautonitim. Ondes Martenot or Varese's own experiments with phonograph turntables.

In OctoberRobert Moog and Herb Deutsch exhibited the first hand-made Moog synthesiser modules, the sounds of which 'would be transformed a few. Varese died in November A claustrophobia sufferer in childhood, he left a request that his body should be cremated and the ashes dispersed.

Morris was wearing his silver holographic suit, as usual, while Bvis looked fit, tanned and surprisingly boyish. I was amazed by his youth and the quality of his voice. The music sounded like "Heartbreak Hotel"-era Presley crooned over drifting electronic ambient sound. Was this really Elvis? Then I noticed that his loafers were scuffed.

Elvis:was a fake. The perpetual reconstruction of celebrities through re- visionist biographies and tabloid surrealism has an odd effect. As a baby boomer old enough to have been aware of mid- s' rock'n'roll as it happened, I was misled and self-deceived into believing that the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Nick Tosches? So did my dream resolve certain supposedly oppositional tendencies in popular music - Dionysian!

Perhaps my unconscious was transmitting cryptic prophesy. Was this how music would be in the year ? Future mUsic is iniagined in terms of technological hy- bridisation -' all Winking lights and digital exchanges across' alien cultures.

Techno at the end of the twentieth century may come to mean. Floating,amorphous, oceanic crooning or crooning with attitude seems to mirrOr the feeling of non-specific dread that many people now feel when they think about life, the world, the future; yet it expresses a feeling of bliss.

So disquiet hovers balance with the act of escapism or libera- tion. Listening to her album now is instructive; if only to re1l! Night driving, a radio tuned to police frequencies. An interior, deep blue, vivid ultramarine, blackness and highlights. Technical processes, James Caan is cracking a safe. Shards of metal, drill- ing, hard ,to read what is going on, the tension wound up by unrelenting sequencer music by Tangerine Dream. More shades of blue, the city as aquascape, nightpeople as marine creatures, the shock of redness when a car ignition fires and the rear lights conie on.

Another Michael Mann film, The Keep Opening shots:. More Tangerine Dream sequencers. Surface as narrative. Edgar Froese, Tangerine Dream founder, has this to say about the link between their music and the Michael Mann aes- thetic: "He got involved in our music by listening to a studio record called Force Majeure, which we recorded back in ' He was listening to a piece called 'Metamorphic Rocks' and so he put it into one of those sequences in Thlefwhen they open up the roof on one of those skyscrapers.

The sound mixed so well - that's what he said - that he called us and said, 'Are you interested in doing the rest? Mann, he's an American guy but he worked for about four years in London so he was very sympathetic with the Euro- pean way of making films and usiitg caineras. Uke a man like Ridley Scott, who is known as a great American film maker, but in fact is very much British. He has given a big positive push to the, American cinema by using certain European visions.

But it's first inside you. Then, you-somehow see- it or feel it outside yourself and start --reflecting- with what you experience first inside. So through that reflection, you somehow get those inside-outside exclianges Tall, grey buildings, flat and featureless, fading off into a mist of bleached aqua -air. A column, floating rather than planted on the groUnd, like a stage set; Sinatra in the trance of emotional blankness, staring at nothing.

The music revels in sotitude, melancholy, quietude, night: glad to be unhappy. In the dis- placement of loss, buildings look insubstantiai, people feel unreal; fife passes in a dream.

The morning before dream 2 I- had been sent a copy of Bono's duet with Frank Sinatra. More than any other duet in this era of improbable and financially motivated collabora- tions, "I've Got You Under My Skin" seemed to draw together two worlds which orbit in parallel universes.

Buried some- where beneath-the gloss of-celebrity pow-wow were distarit, unspoken connections between a realm of ambient; elec- tronic experimentation and the nice-and-easy-does-it domain of supper-club, Uas Vegas, easy-listening entertainment which the-mundane; fuck-off surrealism of the record does nothing to dispel.

Fittingly, these worlds converged in cyberspace. For newspapers catering to a fortysomething read- ership, the hot music story in was that long-awaited reformation of The Beatles, united through technology. Elec- tronic exhumation has a rich history. A few years before The Beatles reunion, Natalie Cole duetted with a recording made by her dead father.

More disturbing than the record was the video, an electronic seance replete with Oedipal implications, during which Nat "King" Cole was exhumed from the ar- chives and montaged in seamless drifting communion with his scantily dressed daughter. Then Patsy Cline and Jim Reeves were wiggled and wobbled in the studio, despite both of them having.

Coral Records worked the same. Goldrosen, "with the passage of years and the ignorance among newer fans about the post. Then four violins, two violas and two cellos were added by Alice inLos Angeles. Jazz buffs regard these sweetened tracks with the same fevulsion aimed at Yoko Ono by Beat1es fans: the integrity of masculine art sctewed up by a woman. With more justification, drum- mer Rashied Ali, who worked with Coltrane in the lateryears, told Valerie Wilmer: "It's like rewriting the Bible!

Alice Coltrane plays harp on "CelestiaIness", the third section of a suite entitled "Expan- sions" ,Kirk playing flute and thumb piano, bells shimmeting on both sides of the stereO picture, the short piece concluded by a: gong stroke and high, pierCing flute note.

And with the music We will paint piCtures ofearth and space, so that the listener can be taken somewhere. Hendrix Experience, "was a realjigsaw puzzle to put together.

You'd fmd, say, a lead guitar part in one key and then a vocal and rhythm track for the same song in a different key and one had to be speeded up or slowed down to match the other. The drop-ins in- volved a session musician playing along with an original track, recorded with the same sound and style, the red record but- ton being pushed only for those- sectiollS where the original drifted out of time.

No harps and violins. Hendrix made this clear. But one fu- sion of rock guitar improvisation and expanded orchestration which did emerge from this period was an Alice Coltrane and Carlos Santana collaboration, Rlumtnations. At this point, both of them along with John Mclaughlin were followers of a glJru, Sri Chinmoy, and both were intent on resurrecting the spirit of John Coltrane.

Despite the presence of inventive im- proviserssuch as David Holland, Jack De Johnette and Armando Peraza, the resultS were-closer-to kitsch--than deep spirituality, although sporadically enjoyable for all tb. Alice would have wished to orchestrate her husband's music in this grandiose style when he was alive; Santana and Mclaughlin both strived to play electric guitar the way Coltrane played saxoph nes, as their grimly ecstatic Love, Devotion, Surrender album illustrated to excess.

John Mclaughlin's Devotion album, a Douglas release wrapped in warped Mylar photography artwork by beat poet, -trance afi- cionado, traveller and filmmaker Ira Cohen, touched some transcendent moments. But the unfortunate Tony Bongiovi claims that the session tapes had been damaged in a fire, necessitating a reconstruction:.

This was the patch'n'paste job that secured him his thankless Crash Landing taSk. The fire of Hendrix resurfaces in the Miles Davis Osaka and. Cosey worked with a table of what the Chicagoans liked to call "small instruments" - bells, water cans, maracas, sound toys, and so on. Variants on the possibilities. Greg Tate so apdyput it beComestrarisparentin moments such as the. This was improvisatory rock at its lo Sest.

Without studio manipulation, the excitem. The prospect outshone. So On the Comer is. There were Indian influences too - the drone of Colin Walcott's si- tar. Tracks such as "Black Satin", from On The Corner, or the live tracks of that period, were microcosms of the fascinations of their time. I can say, 'I believe and I like them' and I can say, 'No I don't, they're just unconnected rubbish, it's just guys jamming and not really knowing what they're doing'. There' is ample, evidence elsewhere that these musicians knew exactly what they were dOing.

As Miles Davis wrote for his brief but trenchant sleevenotes to Joe Zawinul's lust solo album: "Zawinul is extending the thOUghts that we've both had for years. And probably the thoughts that moSt so-called now musicians have not yet been able to express In order to fit this music you have to be 'Cliche-Free'. M'tume's'commercial recordings of the earlyft for example, were so tight, rhythmically, that they risked im- moJjility, ,yet his contributions to the New York Philharmonic Hali concert documented on Miles Davis In Concert sound wilfully oblique.

Can this extreme perceptual subjectivity be explained? Coleman's ideas of collective blen,ding at work, particularly the simultaneous soloing of bis Prime Time' band.

This was what Davis sought to escape with his "cUche-free" music, so be felt :vindicated by Stockhausen's conceptions of "unend- ing" duration and perfonilanceas a process. Teo Macero ha. By the. Music that was once structured like an arma- dillo now took the shape of a jellyfish. Agharta Was the name given to a spiritual centre of power, a land of advanced races situated, according to a bi- zarre collection of authorities on the unprovable, somewhere under the earth, somewhere under Asia.

The theme is a famil- iar one from james Hilton's s novel Lost Horizon and its filmed versions. Other writers on the subject described Agharta as a place of contemplation and good, a land of adepts, a hiddenJand ruled by an Ethiopian pontiff and blessed with air travel and gas lighting.

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