War March Of The Priests - Philip Scriven - Organ Classics (CD)

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Celebrate October 3rd by looking back at these fetch, behind-the-scenes secrets you might not know about Mean Girls. When regarded as supernatural, so in Israel insee FT The Conspirasphere Extra! Get your T-shirts here! Noel rooNeY scores himself some official merch from the Illuminati website FTs FavouriTe headlines From around The world the official illuminati website has some commentators have excited a mini furore in the last couple attempted to trace the website, of months, at least as much in the without much success.

Quite why it hacks have suggested this may be has suddenly become a thing is an alias. Why at least. But papers like the anyone would go to these lengths Daily Express and Sun have run for a scam is a question only articles giving the impression marginally more mysterious that the phenomenon has than why the masters of the suddenly burst onto the internet.

Universe would need to rely on North Devon Advertiser, 18 Nov Inside Housing, 21 Oct Telegraph, 11 Nov Western Daily Press, 6 Nov a throaty voice-over offering, well, all the things you might expect from the benign www. Ft 5 www. He suspected it had drowned and was then frozen solid. He had seen a frozen deer and a wild boar before nding the fox. The image features in a Twitter photo contest for the best animal carcass BestCarcass.

NY Times, 21 Jan It was the The sh in the photograph above look as if they upward into a 4ft 1. Kelly Preheim, end of moose rutting season, and the animals have frozen to death in mid-jump, but what really who took this photograph, said the thousands of were probably ghting over a female moose. Jeff happened is more complicated.

Inthe frozen sh on the lake drew hundreds of bald Erickson, another teacher in Unalakleet, also area around Lake Andes in South Dakota had eagles, various gulls and American crows, who photographed the frozen animals when he went been suffering from drought, and water levels swooped in for the convenient feast.

Hufngton to check out the scene a couple days later with were low. Thick ice formed on the lakes surface. Post, 14 Jan; Int. NY Times, 28 Jan It was such a surreal sight so serene Along with snow cover, it blocked out sunlight, and quiet, but a stark vision of how brutally preventing photosynthesis by alg and other ICY BATTLE harsh life can be, he wrote. Webster and a few aquatic plants.

Oxygen levels dropped and the On 2 NovemberBrad Webster, a science others went back later and removed the animals sh suffocated under the icy surface, oating teacher in Unalakleet, a remote village on from about 8in 20cm of ice covering open to the top in their thousands.

At some point Alaskas unforgiving western coast, came upon water, recovering some of the spoiled meat for the ice may have expanded and, as it reached two moose frozen in battle and encased in ice.

Or its possible that strong winds through the ice as they lay on their sides with FT 7 www. Clips show flashes of green, white and blue over a span of a few seconds. Similar accounts of lights in the sky emerged fol- lowing the previous Christch- urch earthquake in Geologists point out that such lights have been spotted weeks before an earthquake. Metro, 14 Nov After 40 minutes it passed Russian scientists have dis- locating missing subsequently was consistent with the last navigational waypoint in covered a secret Nazi military Malaysia Airlines high-speed flutter, indicating Malaysian airspace.

Six seconds base on the island of Alexan- Flight announced a rapid uncontrolled descent after that it went electronically dra Land, miles km that their two-year, [FT]. By November, seven of dark. Wise says that in the brief from the North Pole.

Built init was mainly used as million search has come to an the 20 pieces of debris recovered gap between air-control zones, a tactical weather station and end.

Having searchedkm2 from around the Indian Ocean when no one was officially keeping was abandoned in when 46, miles2 of the southern were said to be almost certainly an eye on it, the plane pulled a scientists stationed there Indian Ocean to a depth of 4. U-turn, crossed back through were poisoned by polar bear three milesteased out from However in February, Jeff Wise, Malaysian airspace, and then meat probably getting hyper- the satellite data, theyve found writing in the Huffington Post, vanished from military radar vitaminosis A from polar bear no trace of the plane and the asserted that the Runion debris screens.

At that point the plane livers. However, a was completely coated in goose was completely invisible, and panel of experts, pointing to the barnacles, a species that grows could have been flown anywhere locations of recovered debris, only immersed in the water.

When in the world without fear of insist the search should be the debris was tested in a flotation discovery. On 4 March, have grown on the exposed areas, rebooted and initiated a log-on families of those on board MH a conundrum officials were unable with an Inmarsat communications launched efforts to raise at least to reconcile. The implication is satellite orbiting high overhead.

Runion by natural means, a reboot is not something that A wing section called a flaperon suspicion reinforced by a chemical can happen accidentally, or that was discovered on Reunion Island analysis of one of the barnacles, airline captains generally know off Madagascar in Julyshowing that it grew in water how to do.

Wise also cast doubt good. Soon after the SDU reboot, unique numbers. Crash on the identification of the other the plane apparently turned investigator LarryVance said recovered debris but failed to south, flew fast and straight until that the damage pattern on the provide any evidence to back up in ran out of fuel, then dived into flaperon showed that the plane his scepticism.

Using this information. However, no one and was caught there on CCTV. Something existential, tify the source of mysterious could have been tampered with poison strychnineavailable then. Previous theories for the loud booms that have been a major oversight, says Wise, in Pakistan but banned in the cause of the influx included jolting residents of Cheverly since the very same peculiar UK.

He had not been reported mistaken identity, a covert from their sleep and damag- set of coincidences that made it missing, either in Pakistan social experiment or possibly ing their homes for decades. It then transpired Oxfordshires connection to Resident Nikki Greco described Inmarsat data could have enabled he was formerly called David Inspector Morse. Baz Daniels, who one as sounding like a truck a sophisticated hijacker to enter Lautenberg and was born has lived in Kidlington for more ramming into the house.

He changed his tourist influx. Kidlington is loan to fix. NBC Washington, 14 cabin and alter the data fed to name to Lytton after a falling- apparently being marketed by Dec Many of the excellency Sheikh Professor the ocean, but north toward land.

Why he chose to visitors live in cities and love Doctor President of Gambia, Not all the Inmarsat data was die where he did is a complete to see things like the hanging was voted out of office in susceptible to spoofing, says Wise. News online26 Jan; peoples gardens.

He claimed to narrow band of possible flight D. Standard, 10 Feb Telegraph, 3 Dec close to the electronics bay summer, residents refusing to pay a hefty surcharge ; Sunday Telegraph, 22 hatch. Four and a half months of Kidlington, an to visit nearby Blenheim Palace. Jan Whether or not the weekly arrival of up to 40 stately pile, but some had didnt last long on its 50th anni- the Russians were responsible Chinese tourists, who wandered realised they could buy an entry versary.

The giant figure, made for MH, Wise believes the around a nondescript s ticket on the day for only The solution was flames just hours after it was aircraft debris should undermine parked cars and requesting to drop those who had opted inaugurated on 27 November.

On 23 out four miles 6. The tourists were next coach stop. BBC News, 1 Nov; trying to burn it down. Mail, 7 Dec Nov Offic- found at Dovestone ers found a seat-belted figure Reservoir on wearing an oxygen mask sitting Saddleworth Moor, motionless in the front passen- Greater Manchester, on 12 ger seat of the snow-covered December has finally been car.

They broke the rear window identified as David Lytton, 67, and discovered it was an sometime London taxi and tube extremely realistic mannequin. Police said he was a he used it for his job selling bit of a loner and liked his own ABOVE: Kidlington, Oxfordshire not really all that exciting. FT 9 www. Wight on 28 December, and passed to police. It was said to have been in the water for a significant amount of time, and was sent away for analy- sis. Sun, 30 Dec The police were called and he was taken to hospital.

Bro, this is wild! The turkeys The day to be born for athletic A flock of 20 turkeys was the video. Krakauer continues: success is 23 march, with observed performing what looks During my studies of wild the Sun in early Aries the like a bizarre ritual around turkeys I watched a coyote trot Ram. The birthday is shared by runner mo Farah, rower Sir the body of a dead cat that had been run over in Boston, could be through a group of turkeys the turkeys gave it some space but Steve Redgrave, cyclists Jason Kenny and Sir Chris Hoy, first Massachusetts.

Jonathan Davis filmed the startling spectacle stuck in some acted alert War March Of The Priests - Philip Scriven - Organ Classics (CD) a similar manner to this video. In that instance sub-four-minute miler Sir Rog- er Bannister, world champion and uploaded the second clip to Twitter on 24 February kind of never- the coyote kept walking and the turkeys went back to their. However, in this video, england cricket champion turkeys trying to give this cat the dead cat predator doesnt mike Atherton.

If you want to its 10th life. They were walking get up to leave, and the turkeys sire a champion, the date for in a circle not running or appear to be kind of stuck in conception is advised to be 29 distressed, but walking with behavioural ecology of birds.

Mail, 18 Aug The clip when faced with an animal that if the cat wakes up? That is, quickly went viral and earned might eat them, sometimes waiting to see if the dead will the splendid headline Gobble, follow the risky route of actually arise, instead of ritually working gobble, toil and trouble in the approaching the predator.

It can to raise the dead. Daily Mail. Circling in itself isnt how big a danger the predator kind of circling behaviour in unusual behaviour for turkeys is. Or it could let the predator the turkey bird family, which the males sometimes circle know the prey are aware of its includes chickens, pheasants, females when getting ready to presence, which might encourage and quail.

Following the tail in breed But its unusual to see the predator to move elsewhere front of them is a way they stick so many circling a dead cat for to seek an easier meal, he together as a flock, he says.

What example. The Verge, npr. Mail, Sun, 3 Mar Two of the seven sightings were photographed on the same day at different locations round the loch and two were by webcam, including one from an online watcher in the US.

Sun, 22 Jan Gloria Edie, 69, In Septemberstudent said she initially thought she Alison Smith, 24, was punched was going mad when she found unconscious by her year-old a plug in her bedroom had been lecturer boyfriend before he smashed and a walking stick was poured salt in her eyes. The missing. She then noticed that vile academic, sacked by the ornaments in her living room University of Sussex after a were being switched, moved or 3,strong petition, was Dr turned around whenever she Lee Salter.

Mirror, 16 Aug went out. Things would go missing ; Sun, 19 Jan Hundreds of A man is convinced he saw a 7ft Some said that they noticed guests attended the two-hour Hindu ceremony, showering something 2m tall faceless alien waiting that when they went out, theyd at a bus stop in Ilchester Road, come back and their front door the frogs in flowers and then Yeovil, Somerset, around 2.

I was driving up the road and saw this out of science clearly remember locking it. The chap upstairs said all his lights weds.

The frogs were being kept as pets hostages? I began to double- the rain arrived. Metro, 6 Sept One time George Frandsen, 36, from I slowed down to have a closer entity, noting it was black, wore a my fireplace was completely Florida, has earned the Guin- look and thought its not a man, it weird coat and had silky hair. I called in my ness World Record for the was about 7ft [2m] tall. It had this I just keep thinking I was in the neighbours and they all agreed largest collection of coprolites.

Its just mad. Western it didnt unhook itself. At a silised turds features samples the side. The middle bit of it was Daily Press, 23 Dec The thing some said they would install other countries.

CCTV cameras inside their front est specimen, weighing 4lb this box that had sparks coming More strangeness from the doors and others expressed fears 3. It was like something out West Country: some residents that someone had obtained a Precious, was produced by a of science fiction. The encounter in Gilton House a block of master key. Did anyone wonder huge miocene crocodilian spe- unnerved him so much that he 46 warden-monitored flats in whether a particularly vigorous cies in South Carolina.

He drew Brislington, Bristol began poltergeist might be at work? FT 11 www. The witness was Don, vember and circulated on a keen outdoorsman who was the Internet appears to show strolling along the lakeshore with two young men in Bishkek, his German shepherd dog Ben capital of Kyrgyzstan, roasting when he noticed a disturbance in potatoes on the eternal flame the water at a distance of around at the citys memorial to the 50ft 15m.

The War March Of The Priests - Philip Scriven - Organ Classics (CD) crawl out of the water and, for a office has asked residents to couple of seconds, peer intently help identify the men; it was and eerily in his direction.

It was not clear what charges they truly enormous: Don reckons about 4ft cm in length. Radio Free Europe online6 Dec Monster-hunter Ken extinction as agriculture and industry destroy forest announced in the journal Nature animals like sea squirts, starfish, Gerhard said: Back inhabitats and the animals that humanitys earliest known sea urchins and acorn worms.

Guardian, 19 Jan creature resembling a wrinkled professor of evolutionary that were found in a pond in It made wriggling around on the ocean To the naked eye, the fossils big national news. It was looked floor million years ago. One we studied look like tiny black at as a sign of the times: there of its most intriguing features grains, but under the electron was so much pollution that mans was an apparent lack of an anus, microscope the level of detail is impact on the environment was meaning it ate and excreted jaw-dropping.

All deuterostomes causing these really bizarre frog from the same large aperture. The creatures included missing limbs, missing named Saccorhytus coronarius. Their including humans. It was It is likely that one or more discovery means we can now covered with a thin, flexible skin, combinations of chemicals, trace our roots back a further suggesting it had some form of biological, and physical factors 30 million years.

The creature is muscles, leading researchers are responsible for causing the thought to be the most primitive to conclude that it got around malformations in Minnesota example of the deuterostome, by wriggling. The small conical frogs. Whether these factors a category of animal life from structures on its body may have could lead to a frog the size of which vertebrates eventually allowed swallowed water to an Alsatian is a bit of a stretch.

Telegraph, sighting mysteriousuniverse. Mail, 31 Jan Analyns small shop will prov ide an eds a loan to income for her young family Jose is a farmer who ne cultivate his land Raised: Whose life Will you change With an investment of just 15?

Registered charity no For Ur, read Edessa: by Late Antiquity Museum in Athens, part of a temporary The documentary was produced and funded the site of the Mesopotamian city of Ur had exhibition of someantiquities held by the Diyarbakir provincial governors ofce, been forgotten and the birthplace of Abraham in the museum vaults and not on permanent the Turkish Development Ministry, and the became identied with the Turkish city of show. The 14in 36cm gure was carved from Turkish Radio and Television Corporation, the Edessa now called Sanlurfawhich is only granite, without the benet of metal tools, as it nations public broadcaster.

While Andrew seven miles 12km southeast of Gbekli Tepe. Collins and Graham Hancock have implied jasoncolavito. It was found on the ceiling society, said Katya Manteli, an archologist The narrator describes the site and says in of a small cavity by geologist Marco Morelli, with the museum.

Experts also cannot be sure Turkish : Who can tell us that it was not Aser director of the Museum of Planetary Sciences of its provenance, as it belongs to a personal [Terah], father of Prophet Abraham, who built in Prato, near Florence, during an expedition to collection. They assume only that it is from the statues in Gbekli Tepe? Or can we claim sites between the Nile valley and the Gilf Kebir the northern Greek regions of Thessaly or that the temple where the idols that Prophet Plateau.

How they are so certain of its age Abraham broke was not Gbekli Tepe? One Its a very evocative scene which indeed is not explained. It could depict a human, but broken pillar, featuring a sculpture of a fox, is resembles the Christmas nativity, but it is asexual, with no sign of breasts or genitals. The claim refers He found the drawing inbut only now back to an Islamic tale, found in the Quran has the amazing nd been publicised.

In the Quranic account, rising towards the sky. On the upper part Abraham. Gbekli Tepe in southeastern Abraham has a conict with the people of Ur, is a headless lion, a mythical beast which Anatolia has circles of massive T-shaped stone in which they vouch for the efcacy of their appears in several rock art drawings from pillars, by some margin the worlds oldest idols. To prove them wrong, in the peoples the same area, while below is a baboon or known megaliths, erected before the shift from absence he went into the temple where the anthropomorphic monkey.

In the east, the hunter-gathering to agriculture. See Paradise idols stood, and he brake them all in pieces, artist has drawn what appears to be a star. The site dates back to the blame upon that The people of the Parents. Hannibal was more practical-minded.

CORNeR despite his Roman biographer chs Cornelius Neposs moral qualms, defeating the armada of King Eumenes of Pergamum by catapulting into his flagship clay pots containing live poisonous snakes. He expatiates on its size ft x 45ft x 44ftits tonnage c. DIY ark-building set of instructions: build a from his much-disputed burning of Roman When not shagging his three sisters or vessel of gopher wood, smeared inside and ships sails by gigantic refracting mirrors designating his racehorse Consul, Caligula out with pitch, with three decks and inside and shouting Eureka Greek for Ive amused himself with his pleasure boats on compartments, an entrance on the side, found my rubber duckie in his bathtub.

Lake Nemi. Rediscovered in burnt cubits long, 50 cubits wide, 30 cubits high Athenus chsde categorises the inwith Mussolini taking a keen and with a roof finished to a cubit upwards a details. Cargo capacity almost 2, tons, doubtless envious interest, Suetoniuss cubit was measured from elbow to finger- space for 1, passengers, soldiers, biography ch37 para2 has this awestruck tips, hence of variable length.

A fair-sized and a catapult. As Noahs Ark, it was pitch- description: Ten banks of oars, jewelled hulk. But, just how did he get all those coated, reinforced with horsehair, praised sterns, multi-coloured sails, enormous animals in?

We wont go into the question by modern experts cf. Lionel Cassons bathrooms, banquet-halls, colonnades, even of disposal of bladder and bowel effluvia. Ships and Seamanship in the Ancient World profuse vines and fruit-trees, that he might Unless we reckon the Ark to have been an as earliest example of pro-active anti- feast amid songs and merriment along the aquatic proto-Tardis.

Every detail was the last Campanian shore. After all, Noah was Genesis 7. Apart from opulent cabins, In AD 59, Nero decided to bump off years old, an ancient mariner by terrestrial passenger amenities included a flowered, Agrippina the Queen Mum. Since she was standards, average for a Time-Lord. Cries out canopied deck, gymnasium, hot-water pool, long fortified against poison by a diet of for a mini-series with resurrected William and a touch of Swan Hellenic Cruises, if not antidotes, the plan was to sink her in a Hartnell.

Meanwhile, we must make do with the Titanic a library and mosaics depicting collapsible boat he and mistress Poppa periodically reported sightings of the vessel the entire Iliad. Also again a masterpiece got the idea from a theatrical show there on Mount Ararat talking Turkey here, we of futility: it sailed only once, then dry- was also a Greek precedent.

Classical Journal 64,Taker, was the first to deploy ships with 15 throne, The supposedly doomed vessel or 16 banks of oars Plutarch, Demetrius, Burned on the water: the poop was beaten failed to telescope only Agrippinas cabin chs43 paras The winds were lovesick with them; the swimmer, making it through the calm hardly They worked, unlike the monster oars were silver, ideal for staging a fake shipwreck Bay of Plutarch subjoins constructed by Ptolemy Which to the tune of flutes kept stroke Naples to her villa where she was presently Philopator r.

But, gibes Plutarch, the thing was merely for show, being unable to move. Another uselessly large vessel was the flagship of PhilipV of Macedon, which after their victory the Romans insultingly allowed him to keep, confiscating his other ships Polybius, Histories, bk18 ch44 para6 could add a verse here to John Masefields Cargoes. Philopator also had built Athenus, Learned Men at Dinner, chs20ec a pleasure boat, likened by some moderns to an oversized catamaran, luxurious enough to satisfy the most exigent Russian oligarch, with its ample dimensions, luxurious cabins and suites and purple sails outdoing the hues in that classic ditty Red Sails in the Sunset and fitted out for maritime orgies one visualises navel engagements without ABOVE: Mussolini admires one of Caligulas pleasure boats, rediscovered in Italys Lake Nemi in FT 15 www.

The belief spirit attachments. As traced back for millennia see for example a result of trauma which may occur in this Magico-Medical Means of Treating Ghost- life or in previous incarnations part of the Induced Illnesses in Ancient Mesopotamia, personal spirit can split and fragment intoby JoAnn Scurlock. Whilst These damaged sub-personalities may the Renaissance Italian poet Tasso attract negative attention from discarnate was convinced he spoke with spirits, spirits or dark energies.

The role of the baffling his friend Manso, others variously spiritual healer is to re-integrate these labelled Tasso as an insane genius, love-sick, fragments, through hypnosis, therapy a victim of oppression or simply one feigning and spiritual techniques. Dr Furlong also spoke of the added effects of the patients chakras and of or mental component relevant to either treating illness or its causation.

In advancing such resistance. He cited ideas and have written about them. Held atwhich found that up to a third of But these ideas are certainly unsupported Regents University, London, it attracted the population in some Western countries and contradict existing standard scientific some 90 attendees, being organised by the believe they have been in touch with a models.

Spirit Release Forum, which has the avowed deceased person, with a European average Complicating matters, an alternative aim of helping individuals find spiritual, of 25 per cent.

He specialises in consciousness operates through the body. As Guy Playfair wrote in the are statistically more likely to have suffered a He maintains that spirit attachment causing context of the Enfield Poltergeist: Mention of violent or unexpected death e. However, Attending this conference, I was s. Having worked professionally for diverged greatly from this straightforward traditional view of the spirit world, envisaging many years as an advocate in cases before presentation of parapsychological data, spirits of the deceased lingering in an courts and tribunals where an assessment of taking proceedings onto a wholly different afterlife dimension interconnecting with the the physical or mental health of individuals is level with an outline of his beliefs as a material world, before translating to Heaven.

A co-organiser of The goal of mediums such as himself is to in achieving a correct diagnosis or verdict. He rejects long considered that the health of witnesses but he speaks from direct experience as a reincarnation. Long-standing experience with psychological distress or Unfortunately, no corroboration for these often haunted properties indicates illness see The Paranormal vividly recalled past lives was obtainable from that conventional medical or and the Recognition of historical records.

Sometimes it can However, their origins may psychoanalytic treatments pioneered by Freud be as straightforward as a lie in the unconscious mind in Vienna in the s.

Again, precedents person hallucinating from of the individual rather than may be found more recently with the serious excessive medication, the discarnate influence. These drug addiction may all be release therapy, who framed techniques contributed to many unfounded causes. Unfortunately, no independent proof of the audience readily accepted the ailments War March Of The Priests - Philip Scriven - Organ Classics (CD) by the doctor, therapist or of these past lives, curses or traumas was serial reincarnation model, both practising healer themselvesI believe some alleged provided outside supposedly recovered serial hypnotherapists and troubled individuals hauntings are triggered purely by suggestion.

Listening to some of psychics and mediums can result in what curses in this life. Inevitably, such a deficiency the latter, I felt that at the stage they had have been dubbed ersatz poltergeists or of evidence and corroboration engenders reached it would be prudent not to express phoneygeists.

FT 17 www. Firstly, it these could be nullified and voided in therapy. This fundamentally more cautious is clear that current orthodox psychiatric and This had echoes of even earlier and historic approach reflects the stance of the Church of medical techniques do not provide solutions social panics, including the pacts of sorcerers England since the s after an exorcism to many mental health conditions and even found in the fantasies of witch-finders in the of a mentally ill man in Leeds in struggle to adequately define many of them 16th and 17th centuries and later inspiration contributed to the brutal homicide of his see Introduction to Psychopathology,for the midth century black magic fiction wife in an insane frenzy see FT This is reflected by of Dennis Wheatley.

Today, dark energy has Committed to a mental hospital for life, he the unfortunate failure of standard clinical substituted a personified Devil as the other was released after four years of conventional approaches in achieving measurable party forming these alleged soul-threatening psychiatric treatment. The lesson learnt or improvements for a substantial number of bargains. More widely, it struck me that many of can inflict more harm and damage on Secondly, regardless of the resolutely the critiques raised concerning conventional patients than the condition they supposedly materialist and secular stance of modern psychotherapy and its sometimes exotic cure.

For a careful and sober discussion of medicine, supernatural beliefs remain an variants e. Arthur Janovs still current issues, see Deliverance: Psychic Disturbance infectious social reality. In the 10 days Baker Hidden Memories: Voices and Visions Dr Terence Palmer, who holds a degree in after the conference, the following were all from Within, were applicable here.

A hypnotherapist for 20 years a schizophrenic Muslim teenager who fatally whether by the patient or the therapist. What and a spirit release practitioner for 12 years, stabbed one person and slashed five others for the patient, the psychoanalyst or the he was the first person to receive a doctorate who told a psychiatrist someone had put shaman may be true on a symbolic mental for research into spirit release therapy for spirits in him; and police reporting a sharp level is not necessarily true in any objective his thesis, A Revised Epistemology for an rise in witchcraft used against children in sense.

Psychical research initially reacted Understanding of Spirit Release Therapy in abuse cases. Telegraph, against the materialism that identified the Accordance with the conceptual Framework 13 Feb These are not isolated body with the real person; but it is equally of F.

He outlined a model for examples, and given such a context, it is questionable to simply substitute words such practical spirit release therapy which he hard to uphold simply dogmatic opposition as soul, spirit and energy and conclude explained had recently been applied in the to the prospect of a new line of therapeutic that they provide a key to understanding case of an ex-serviceman who had suffered research providing, of course that studies complex and challenging psychological and hearing voices for over 20 years, whom are conducted seriously, ethically and within psychiatric conditions.

The next speaker, Dr David McDonald, failed to relieve. This technique had produced However, we should not imagine that took an altogether more cautious and an almost War March Of The Priests - Philip Scriven - Organ Classics (CD) cure. Details have paranormal experiences are a monopoly conventional approach.

A consultant not yet been published but a film record has of the psychologically abnormal and those psychiatrist specialising in child mental health been made of the process. He announced suffering mental illness. Any study should and a member of the Church of England that a research project to further test this also recognise that the majority of psychic Deliverance Study Group, he cited cases approach had been initiated, aiming to put experiences are reported by people who are where an awareness of spiritual factors was the subject and its reputation onto a firmer healthy, normal and balanced and often find an element in the successful resolution of scientific footing.

In essence, his argument them a positive feature in their lives. In this mental disorders occurring in children and is that the efficacy of spirit release should regard, positive experiences of psi effects in adolescents.

These suggested a psychic be judged from the results, which can be healthy humans and animals will also have element, including instances where someone objectively assessed. The low-lying nation faces an uncertain future due to rising sea levels and has been seeking fresh sources of income, as well as potential places of refuge for some of itscitizens whose homes and livelihoods are under threat. Kiribatis government said its foreign investment commission was considering Bakovs proposal.

Former Kiribati president Teburoro Tito said the plan could bring much-needed investment anton bakov. William Edward M. Peters Mrs. Gloucester villa. ISamuel M. Redding viI. Herbert E.

Newent court White Rev. Joseph head master of Dash Rev. Henry Wes. The Parks Wilson F. Cooke Philip John Wm. Albion Club Thomas John Hunt, hon. Newent district, Broad st Cooke P. Gas Co. Broad st Ryder Thos. Wood esq. Ford house Honeyfield. Newent union James William, jun. Longley E. Alfred H. Williams, sec. Lasborough Park, in this parish, the property of Cnpt. George Lindsay-Holfo-l'd C. Kingscote K. The chief crops are wheat, bar- ley and turnips. Newent Drug Co. Limited William Phillips,sec to Owlpen, I!

The l'iver Avon passes thr. Bartholomew is an oancient building of stone in the Early English style, consisting of chancel, nave, south porch, and an embattled western towel containing one bell: there are S'ittings. The living is a rectory with Letters through Wotton-l. Kingscote R. Man Kingscote Cornwall M.

The church of. All SaintS' is a building purposeS': each inmate of these almshouses receives 7S. William Bagnall-Oakeley M. Henry Hall's charjty, consisting of land at A.

Brickdale, the Rev. Brickoole, of Capt. John Henry Dighton J. George Ridout LL. Bengough esq. Charles Thomas there is an interesting font dating from Palmer esq. Edward Ill. The chief crops are wheat, beans and oats.

The a,rea of the entire pa. May 17,and Elizabeth mencowe, his Clerk in Orders, Rev. William Ilagnall-Oakeley M. In the. Louisa Pe3rce, sub-postmistrass. Let- ters from CoJeford are delivered at 7.

Postal shaft, and also a. The Post, M. Letters from Mon- of Gloucester and Bristol, and held since by the mouth are delivered at 7 a. Ranulph Hamilton Evered M. Here 3Il'e almshouses 99; Hugh Rees, master; Mrs.

Isabella Rees, infants' for 4 men and 4 women, founded in by Mr. Frederick Gosling, station derived from land; each inmate receives 5 shillings master; Upper Redbrook, Henry Davis, station master weekly: there are aIm. William Jones. Miles William Francis. Ostrich P. H Hawkins Thomas.

Queen's Head P. H Bagnall-OaJdey Rev. MLlrgan Thomas. Ranulph Hamilton M. Newland ha Jame. Burgham OliverArth. Beard Edward, farmr. Glynn farm water. Gunter William, gardene,r to C. H NEWNHAM is a town and head of a county court from this place on his expedition to Ireland, and landed district and petty sessional division, and a parish beauti- fully seated on the western bank of the navigable river near 'Vaterford. The town i9 lighted with gas by a limited company, from works in stow and 16 east from Monmouth, in the Forest of Dean division of the county, Westbury hundred, Westbury-on- StRtion road, and supplied with water from wells and Severn union, rural deanery of Korth Forest, and archdea- from works a mile distant, in the Blaize Bailey, con- conry and diocese of Gloucester.

Newnham, in the 13th structed by S. Wood,lJ esq. The century, is said to have been a borough town, returning church of St. O parish, who died in there are sittings for Westbury "Sons.

The register dates from the year The liVIng court, near Newnham is a. Elton court, Newnham by the Rev. William Gordon Baillie M. Cinderford Oxford. The vicarage house was erected in The Kerr Russell James esq. Culver house, Newnham style, with sittings for persons. A cemetery of one Lloyd :Francis Montagu esq. Severn Bank house, Newnham acting as a burial board. The following places 'Bt the junction of High street and Station road by public Bre included in the petty sessional division: -Abinghall, 8ulfscription in Meeting day, second wed.

Pill and Broad Oak wharves. P puses, but now converted into an agreeable promenade. Ellis in bread and money; Col. Court held monthly, on a wednesday. A portlO! Brain, Cinderford; Georg-e Gmse bart.

Alfred E. Post, M. Gf'or- Surg. Carleton, medical officer gina R. Morse, postmistress. Douglas J. Wintle, commanding; Arthur J. Box closes at 9. Lwm, medical off 9. Manor 'house 6. Peter's, Rev. Herbert Dewey; IQ.

Button Fredk. William Gordon M. Kerr esq. Haiden green tor to 2nd Volunteer Batt. Highmeadow Iron Coal Co. Kerr lRussell James, jun. Cul- the urban district councils of Awre, Bullo Pill ver ho. Montagu J. The Grange mittee of the West1bury-on Severn Lloyd Francis Montagu, J. Merton ho 'Clerk to the burial board Long Elizabeth Mrs. Wright M. Guise, registrar. George P. Carter, sec. Carleton, treasurer Newnbam Cocoa Tavern Mrs. Dawe,sec Birks Emma Mrs. Henry F. Wellington, sec shopkeeper William Morse, sec Page Jas.

New tillery No. Phillips In. Wintle, commanding; A. Lord Fitzhardinge F. Sir Charles Prevost low embattled western tower with pinnacles and containing bart.

DavidEdwards M. Williams, Pc. Blobert Hale, of Alderley, are a former vicar d. The land is principally in pasture. The area in the tower was partly ;rebuilt inthe bells re-hung, and a new clock, with chimes. Jones was civil, ecclesiastical.

The chapel detachej parts of the parish to Berkeley, and four de- of ease at Ridge is a small building of stone, and there is tached 'Parts to Stinchcombe, and Great and Little Good- also a Congregational chapel. Benefactions :-The Rev. Jones Sexton William Philpot. Trotman, lm. Waterley bottm Organ David, shoe maker Cox Rev. Charles Dennis Mason M.

Foxwell Rebecca Mrs. Isle of Rha Harris Wm. Jordan Edwin, White Hart P. The Green Buckley Robert, frmr.

Swinhay fm. Shepley Watson-Watson S. The soil is stone brash; subsoil, archdeaconry of Cirencester and diocese of Gloucester rock. The chief crops are wheat, barley, beans and and Bristol. The town is lighted with gas by a Company roots. The area of the entire parish, including Easting- from works in the town.

The church of SS. Here is a. Mis- taining a clock and 8 bells: the porch of two bays is en- sion Room, erected on the site of an ancient church, long riched throughout with tracery, and has a groined roof; since destroyed; it was opened for service inMr.

Letters should have shaft: in the nave is a large brass to a wool merchant R. Gloucester added. Barry Burge, postmas- and his wife, c. Letters arrive from Cheltenham at 6. A mail bag from Cirencester tailor, ob. Box closes 20 minutes story of the church, ob. Letters are delivered at 7. Wall Letter Box. Farmington lodge, ob. Stowell park, Northleach R. O also inscribed brasses to William Bicknellt ob.

Cirencester Margaret his wife, ob. The Hon. Bibury, Fairford S. O of 20 English verses: a memorial window has been placed Godwin Frederick esq.

The College, :North- in the church by the parishioners to the Rev. Joseph leach R. William Sharpe B. Sandywell park, sented in by Mrs. Stephenson: the communion plate Andoversford R. O includes a chalice and paten cover of Elizabethan date, a Madan-Pratt Rev. Henry M. Rectory, Great Rissing- tall gilt chalice ofand a gilt flagon and alms ton, Bourton-on-the-Water R.

Canon Wm. Rectory, Hasleton,under the superintendence of Mr. James Brooks, C. Barrington park, Bur- tings for about persons. The register dates from ford R. O the year Clement Hutchinson M. The following places are included College, Cambridge, and chaplain to Northleach union. Councils of Northleach and Eastington. The Institute Meets at the Workhouse monthly. The market is held on Wednesday. Ryan MacMahon, Chel- police. The neighbourhood is celebrated for its fine tenham breed of Cotswold sheep; annual sales are held at tht'J principal farms in the neighbourhood, at which the sheep Sanitary Inspector, John Chas.

Wane, Farmington realize high prices. A charity, left in Charles n. John Ryan Rev. The county in supplying the poor with coals, and providing a dinner court office is open for business daily from 10 to 4, for the inmates of the Almshouses. A court leet is held saturdays 10 to I. Courts are held every second annually, at which a bailiff is elected, who dispenses the month at the prison. The following places are within local charities.

Thomas Stephens is lord of the the county court jurisdiction :-Ablington, Aldsworth, manor. Hutchinson M. For llankruptcy purposes this court is included in that of Cheltenham Charles Scott, County chambers, Meets at the Workhouse monthly, at 2. Station road, Gloucester, official receiver. War March Of The Priests - Philip Scriven - Organ Classics (CD) union comprises the following parishes :-Aldsworth, The Grammar school War March Of The Priests - Philip Scriven - Organ Classics (CD) founded inby Hugb.

Lock, Northleach by George Townsend esq. Fairford; No. McMahon L. Elkstone fants; Edwin Beynolds, master; Mrs. Cheltenham-Edwin Young, omnibus, tues. Garne Mrs. Clement M. Cook John, surveyor to the rural dis- No. H Hutt William, chimney sweeper makers llurge WellesleyJn. Ward Samuel, solicitor, clerk to thtl Ryan John L. Tayler "" Co.

John Hugh Way RA. Bristol, who is lord Qf the manor. The chief county, lower division of Henbury hundred, Thornbury crops are wheat, beans, potatoes and pasturage. Th6 petty sessional division, union and county court district. Pilning, 7 a. Wall Let- Thomas, rebuilt inon the ter Box, cleared, at 6.

The nearest money order site Qf the old church, is an edifice of stone in the Nor- office is at Pilning; telegraph office at Tockington, 4 man style, consisting of chancel, nave, north transept, miles distant south porch and a low western tower containing 2 bells: Sandford's Charity School mixedbuilt, with master'g there are sittings.

The register dates from the year house, infor 70 children; average attendance, Norris Rowland Baker, fa. William Dyer esq. Ball and Co. The soil is a deep Great Western railway, 5 north-north-east from Glouces- clay, in some parts mixed with round pebble stones. Parish Clerk, George Loveridge. Henry Stubbs, sub-postmaster. Wall Box cleared at 5. Waller, architect, of Gloucester, and has sittings. The register dates orders are issued here, but not paid.

The nearest from the year Robert Marks RA. The parish shares to the extent of from days. Green, from Tewkesbury, mono wed. Nor- Crook, from Apperley. Arbuthnot CQI. George R. Court farm Pope John Raymond, farmer. Green Mary Ann Mrs. King's Head P. R Archer Edwin. Red Lion P. Mary Magdalene anointing our Saviour's feet, 'Great Western railway, and is 5 miles north from North- and five other subjects; above, under richly gilt canopies, leach, 6 south-west from Stow-on-the-Wold, 3!

The old f a knight in armour of the Elizabethan period, assigned manor house was the seat of the Whittington family, de- to JoOhn Whittington, of Pauntley esq. Isaac Wood, farmer. The soil is chancel is also 3 stone sarcophagus, and a tomb with the stone brash; subsoil, stone brash. The chief crops are effigy of a priest vested, supposed to be that of the last wheat" barley and some land in pasture.

Thomas Creed, sub-postmaster. Cutts, archi- at 7. Postal orders tect, of London: there are sittings. The register are issued here, but not paid. Naunton is the nearest dates from the year Duncan Fermin Vigers M. Fluck,misl College, Cambridge. The President and Fellows of Cor. Railway Station, James Dowler, station master :Marked. Limited Vigers Rev.

Duncan Fe'rmin M. The mansion of William Leigh esq. Bartholomew, re-erec- Woodchester Park, stands partly in Nymphsfield and ted, with the exception of the tower, inin the partly in the parish of Woodchester. The soil is clayey; Early first Pointed style, consists of -chancel, nave of four subsoil, stone beds. The chief crops are wheat, barley. The '. Postal orders are Issued here, but n?

Here is a Catholic chapel dedicated to St. Prior, mistress Leigh William J. J ame. Rectory Fisher J ulia Mrs. Griffiths DaTid, farmer, Field farm Witchell. Shelton Llewellyn. The area and Severn canal, and was formed into an ecclesiastical is 1, acres; the population in was The following tW hamlets have been added way, 5 east from Stroud and 12 south-east from Glouces- to the new ecclesiastical parish of France Lynch; Bourn's ter, in the Mid division of the county, Bisley hundred Green, 1 mile north-west; Avon Edge Green, 1 mile west.

Oakridge Lynch. The postmistress. Bartholomew is a m dern building of stone, arrive at about 9 a. Postal orders are issued here, but not paid. Charles Raymond Barker M. The Tunley cleared at 4. Robert Linguard Simkin for the master; William. AlIen, master; Mrs. Adelaide L. There is a Wesleyan K. Sir John Edward Dorington bart. To Stroud, Thomas Whiting, mono wed. Runt Edwin, farmer, Hourne's green Allen William, sen.

Watercombe house Fowler William, nighfie. Harden Edward, Butchers' Arms P. Ann Mrs. Lilly Horn house Walker John, farmer P. Henry Buller He'berden M. Oddington House, and 29 east-by-north from Glouce5ter, in the Eastern the seat of the Hon. John Talbot Rice J. TaIbot Rice, who is lord of the and county court district, rural deanery of' Stow, arch- manor, Frederick Horne esq.

The are the principal landowners. The soil is stone brash; old parish church of St. Nicholas, situated about half a subsoil, the same. The chief crops are wheat, oats, mile from the village, in a vale surrounded by wooded beans and roots. The area is 1, acres; rateable value, scenery, is a. Letters through Moreton-in-Marsh, arrive at piscina and some traces of mural paintings: the church 9.

Tbhet churcthhof thilel Ascen. The register dates from the tress, in The living is a rectory, net yearly value 67; Miss E. Henry Buller M. Williams Edmund, carpenter, wheel- Bona lodge. John Talbot J. Post office Andrews John D. In this parish are two Roman camps.

Edward Stafford Howard esq. The soil is loamy i subsoil, sional division, union and county court district, rural clay. The chief crops are wheat, barley, potatoes, fruit and some land in pasturage. Cider of excellent quality deanery of Dursley and archdeaconry and diocese of is made here. The area is 3, acres of land and 3. The ecclesiastical parish was formed Sept. Arild occupies the site of was Letters arrive from. IIO; John A. Aspland, master dence, in the gift of Christ Church, Oxford, and held since by the Rev.

Alfred Jones Ilarnal'd M. Alfred J"one's M. Cannon Fanny Mrs. Naite grower, Shepherdine Jones. Tulia Mrs. Poplars farm, Naite Dorney Jose-ph. Ck8mith GLOU. H Thomas John, shopkeeper Ricketts Wm. RobertSt Mary Mrs. Rook fnn Russell Charles, fisherman Sharp John, jun.

Shepherdine Williams IWbt. Francis E. James John Thatcher.

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