Working Man - Rush - Archives (Vinyl, LP)

The sound of this album is amazing, all instruments very clearly defined not the muddled sound of Clockwork. The first 6 tracks are simply amazing. Far Cry is one of the greatest Rush songs ever written. The instrumentals are insanely bad-ass. I highly suggest picking this up if you are a Rush fan. This is the real deal! Rush even skipped over it completely, not performing a song from it on their final R40 tour. However, I actually generally prefer bands who make good use of keyboards as I think it adds interest to the sound.

Rush seem to have integrated them pretty well on this album, LP) songs are, if anything, slightly catchier in general than in their 70s work but the band remain recognisably Rush. So, to my ears, the addition of the keyboards is actually an improvement!

You might have heard the stories about slick production Hold Your Fire and thin sound Presto, Roll the Bones getting in the way of showcasing otherwise decent song writing and top musicianship.

Well, thanks to the right engineer and production team, Counterparts Working Man - Rush - Archives (Vinyl the package back together the way Rush is meant to be. Turn it up and Geddy, Alex, and Neil are right there in the room with you. I paid attention to French history only because of Bastille Day.

This is my favorite Rush album. I have to force myself to stop Working Man - Rush - Archives (Vinyl to it. Geddy, Neal and Alex are freaking amazing. The music in this album is as killer as anything in the classic rock world.

I mean turn it up in the car and let them transport you to wherever your imagination wants to go. Sometimes I listen to Rush while laying out pages. Rush is an amazing band. The title track gives Alex Lifeson a chance to shine. Add to Compare. Return purchased items and get all your money back. Track List. Rush A1. Finding My Way A2. Need Some Love A3. Take A Friend A4. Here Again B1. What You're Doing B2. In The Mood B3. Before And After B4. Anthem C2.

Best I Can C3. Across The Styx - C4-Iii. Of The Battle - C4-Iv. Epilogue D1. Fly By Night D2. Making Memories D3. Rivendell D4. Bastille Day E2. Into Darkness - E4-Ii. Under The Shadow - E4-Iii. Location: USA. ToddBD likes this. These came up with a matrix code search: Rush - Rush Rush - Rush.

Ah, found it! Both albums were released as a double set inaccording to this Discogs listing. Slick Willie likes this. Here's my thoughts: 1 As I initially experienced and stated in LP) previous post, drawing on my "inner ear's" Working Man - Rush - Archives (Vinyl of the GK, I immediately noticed the West German pressing is definitely more generous on the low end, it's a wider sound and has less bite.

As far as clarity of everything in all ranges goes especially at the beginnings of sounds the GK is spot on and superior if that is a sound that you're looking for At first when comparing directly I thought this was a detriment Geddy's vocals, while not so strong on the consonant, seem richer and more like I'm sitting right in front of him and I'm not hearing him through a microphone It also takes a little snap and edge out of the guitar sound, and therefore the guitar sits back a tad farther in the mix than the GK, but not to the extent that it affects the aggressiveness, presence and spirit of Alex's playing on this record.

On "Working Man," it sure does make Alex's guitar entrance nice and fat, really announcing that tune with authority, and Geddy's solo bass intro to the guitar solo section sounds big and bossy, a really nice sound and great feature for him. It also makes the cowbell on "In the Mood" sound thicker and more resonant When it's off, it's a tendency to be more in the center of the beat instead of being on the front end, and sometimes it bites him in the ass when he doesn't line up with Geddy.

I think the stronger attacks of the GK make it harder to listen inside to some of what Rutsey's doing The songs are done, and BOOM the needle picks up. SyrinxTemplead and latheofheaven like this. Location: Northeast US.

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