Phosphorent Cavern

Phosphorent Cavern

2. Phosphorescent Cavern: The walls in this cavern glow an eerie yellowish colour. The putrid smell is strongest in this cavern. It seems to eminate from the yellowish fungus that is growing all over the cave walls and ceiling. The fungus is concentrated in the centre of the cavern.

 · Glowworms Cavern, New Zealand. The Waitomo area in New Zealand is famous for its limestone cavers. In these caverns, you can find one of the most magical insects in the world: the glowworm. Glow worms emit a phosphorescent glow that lights up the cave .

 · INTRODUCTORY. When Charles Williams died in he left two works unfinished. One was a long lyric cycle on the Arthurian legend of which two instalments had already appeared under the tides of Taliessin through Logres () and The Region of the Summer Stars (). The other was a prose work on the history of the legend which was to have been entitled The Figure of Arthur.

A black pyramid, whoze zmooth zurface iz zo reflective, waz found in a cavern that waz revealed by a rezent planetary quake. When we approached the Pyramid, it ztarted to hum. Squeezing the Symbiote causes several large phosphorent globs to shoot out from the open end. The globs burst into flames upon striking any surface. To activate the.

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